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Geoff Baker covers the Mariners for The Seattle Times. He provides daily coverage of the team throughout spring training, and during the season.

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July 29, 2008 7:16 PM

Mariners at Texas Rangers: 07/29 game thread

Posted by Geoff Baker

suzuki0729 025.jpg

Ichiro takes a lead off first base after needing just one pitch to hit a flare to left center for a single and the 3,000th hit of his professional career in both the major leagues and Japan. He got a nice round of applause from the crowd when the milestone was announced. Just had a chat with Nolan Ryan, moments after the hit. Yes, that guy. The new Rangers team president. He'd stopped by the press box for a glass of water, so I tapped him on the shoulder as he headed for the elevator.

I asked him the same question we've discussed all day. About the legitmacy of the 3,000 hits given that a huge chunk of them came in Japan. Ryan is a Hall of Famer. As you've seen, many of those players care about milestones and legitimacy of numbers.

"I think 3,000 hits is 3,000 hits,'' Ryan said. "It doesn't matter what league he did it in. For him to come out here and do what he did right away is a remarkable accomplishment. It's a tribute to him as a player that he's been able to do it for so long. When you get to the stage of 3,000 hits, that's an accomplishment and I don't care where he did it.''

suzuki0729 023.jpg

We've got a ballgame going here in the seventh, as Jose Lopez and Bryan LaHair just hit back-to-back solo homers off Jamey Wright to make it a 9-8 game, the M's still trailing. Seattle scored three in the sixth, aided by a wild-pitch and some sloppy fielding. Can they get Carlos Silva off the hook? We'll see. It's the first time this season the Mariners have hit back-to-back homers. Only took them 106 games. What a night.

Just got done talking to interim GM Lee Pelekoudas, who said he's involved in all kinds of discussions about a multitude of players. But he reiterated that he's not going to engage in salary dumps. He wants value in return for players. He mentioned, as we discussed on the blog yesterday, that in some cases, he can wait until after July 31 to make some deals.

Pelekoudas kept repeating that he will only make deals that will make the club better. I asked him at that point whether taking $10 million in salary off the books for next year would, in theory, make the club better by freeing uo funds to go after better players.

He agreed that, in theory, it would. But then he countered that, in practical terms, a team does not always make itself better by subtracting certain players who are contributing. He reiterated that some money moves -- or moves involving players who earn a lot -- can be made at a later date, either in August or at the winter meetins in order to reap a better return than what's now being offered.

He agreed with me when I asked whether there's a developing trend by GMs not to give away top prospects in deals. But he said it wasn't a new trend. That it's been unfolding for several years. By the same token, he added, winning teams also need established proven players who can produce and there is value in that. Of course he's saying that, mind you, since that's what he has to sell.

The Brewers were here last night to scout Arthur Rhodes, and also Eddie Guardado. Don't know if the Marlins and Tigers were here as well, but we hear they're also following the lefty.

6:29 p.m.: So, we're in the fifth inning, with the Mariners getting hammered 8-3. Carlos Silva gave up a five-spot in the third inning and was yanked with only one out. Bet his back is sore. At least his neck, from snapping it around to watch all those extra base hits off him. Marlon Byrd tagged him for a three-run homer to end his night.

Seattle got three back with a two-out rally in the third. Jose Lopez, Bryan LaHair and Miguel Cairo singled to load the bases, then Jamie Burke notched an infield hit. Third baseman Ramon Vazquez then threw the ball away, allowing a second run to score on the play. Yuniesky Betancourt added a single to left to make it a four-run game, but then the Rangers added one off Roy Corcoran in the bottom of the frame on a Josh Hamilton single and a Milton Bradley double down the right field line.

5:23 p.m.: The Mariners got runners to first and third with nobody out in the first inning, but could not get the run across. Raul Ibanez lined into a fielder's choice out at second, Ichiro holding at third. Adrian Beltre then grounded into an inning-ending double play.

They now trail 2-0 in the bottom of the third inning after Carlos Silva gave up doubles to Milton Bradley and Marlon Byrd in the second and an RBI single by Gerald Laird. The Rangers had runners at the corners and were looking for more, but Silva escaped further damage.

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Posted by Batter Up!!!

5:33 PM, Jul 29, 2008

Well we got that out of the way early. Congratulations Ichiro!!! Great personal accomplishment.

Bottom line: MLB is MLB. The only hits that count toward a MLB record are the ones hit in MLB.

Posted by Pirata Morado

5:37 PM, Jul 29, 2008

That's the Beltre we all know and love, typical GIDP.

How much are we paying Silva to suck this much?

Posted by GripS

5:39 PM, Jul 29, 2008

Silva is unbelievable. I mean..... can you at least have a couple good games during the season? How in the world did this guy get paid so much money?

Only way we win this game is if we go to the bullpen where the real pitchers are.

Silva needs to get sent down to the minors until he shows some consistency.

Posted by John

5:45 PM, Jul 29, 2008

Silva is truly awful. I've never seen anyone (other than a few other M's pitchers over the years) consistently throw so many pitches over the middle of the plate.
The fact that we are stuck with him for at least another year just sucks.
There are so many average to below-average players on this team it's just unbelievable. I'm glad Pelekoudas is holding out for quality, but, my god man, it can' t take much to improve on the crap we have now.

Posted by Walla Walla Girl

5:46 PM, Jul 29, 2008

I wish to chime in late on a previous thread (Ichiro's 3,000 worthy?). I am in agreement with ken (12:56), scrapiron (1:16), M's Fan (1:28), scottM (1:33), OlyHomer (3:02), and scrapiron again (1:40).

scottM and Frankie: Perhaps our Society is due for a revival?!

Congratulations on #3,000, Ichiro!!!

Posted by Obvious

5:52 PM, Jul 29, 2008

This is ridiculous.

Carl Silva is obviously not 100% and Riggleman even mentioned pregame that he was close, but not quite there.

Why does this team not put players on the DL, especially ones that are struggling, ie: Batista and Silva.

There are pitchers in AAA that are healthy enough to do this job.

Posted by cesame

5:54 PM, Jul 29, 2008

The "DP twins" sure suck at turning DP's. Christ. That's 3 in the last days I've counted that they've been too slow turning it.

Posted by DTM

5:56 PM, Jul 29, 2008

Since May 1, Carlos Silva is 1-12 with a 7.12 ERA. (And this is with the "improved defense" to help him out...). Could this be the worst FA pick-up any team made this past off season? I'd claim it's the M's worst except I've been around long enough to remember Speizio.

Posted by DC

5:56 PM, Jul 29, 2008

Did you all see Marlon Byrd's face before that homer? Dude didn't just look comfortable facing Silva, he looked downright ecstatic! It's like he knew exactly what was coming and knew he was going to hit it out. WTH!

Posted by obvious

5:57 PM, Jul 29, 2008

Finally, it is time to release Vidro and bring up Victor Diaz.

The guy hit another HR this evening. I know he has been average with his short time with the Mets the past few years, but hell this team needs a jolt of power.

Posted by Adam

6:00 PM, Jul 29, 2008

Carlos Silva was worth 3 million a win. Ouch!! He is horrible

Posted by John

6:01 PM, Jul 29, 2008

I can see this being one of those 15-3 beat-downs.

BTW ... I think Bavasi completed the rare trifecta by pulling off the worst trade and the worst free agent signing in team history in the same season.
Congrats, Bill.

Posted by JP

6:02 PM, Jul 29, 2008

How the hell does Pelokudes knowwhat trends are going on in the GM realm. The guy was the freaking traveling secretary and this is the FO handed the rains over too? My god we are going to have the same starting five pitchers next year now.

I literally can't take this anymore. If we do not make any legitamate cost saving smart moves this year i am officially done with this team.

Ok i will be done for the rest of this year, and then of course get suckered into the hype going into next year.

New Mariners promo. Hi I'm Brian Lahair, and I'm Jeff Clement. Come out and watch us ride the pine in 09. 09 Mariners. Catch the mojo, on the bench!

Posted by BrianL

6:03 PM, Jul 29, 2008

So if Carlos Silva is still hurt, and that's part of the reason he allowed 7 runs today it goes to prove something I've been saying for a while.

Pitching through pain is stupid.

Posted by daveblev

6:07 PM, Jul 29, 2008

Victor Diaz would be way better than Vidro. I saw Diaz when he was in the Mets system in my hometown Norfolk Tides, not a bad player..I'd make the move.

Posted by Grey

6:09 PM, Jul 29, 2008

John at 6:01 PM

"I think Bavasi completed the rare trifecta by pulling off the worst trade and the worst free agent signing in team history in the same season."

What's the third leg of the trifecta?

Rare indeed if his trifecta only has two legs-Tri=3

Posted by EricD

6:15 PM, Jul 29, 2008

Just saw that Aubrey Huff is hitting .300 with 70 rbi's.

The M's could have had him a couple of years ago for a song.

Posted by rcc

6:34 PM, Jul 29, 2008

I propose a new contest: name the worst signing and the worst trade of the Bill Bavasi era. Jerrod Washburn has the signing of Carlos Silva to thank for putting him off the leaderboard.

Posted by David Gee

6:37 PM, Jul 29, 2008

Yeah, except that Huff sucked last year and Vidro was...plausible. Now Vidro is horrible and Huff is having a sold season. Just NOTHING is going right for us this season. Nothing.

Posted by FatAssSilva

6:40 PM, Jul 29, 2008

If I wasn't so F'ing fat, maybe I could pitch. Thanks for the millions Seattle. Enjoy working your dead end jobs while I live like a king in my mansion. I like to give up a load of runs early, so I can get into the clubhouse faster and beat the rush at the buffet table. I got 50 mil for being a lazy fat ass HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH SEATTLE!!!!!!

Posted by tko

6:41 PM, Jul 29, 2008


Posted by Tom

6:41 PM, Jul 29, 2008

So now that Ichiro got 3,000 hits, can we just trade his butt now, please?

I'm so sick of him and Johjima clogging up this roster and creating jealousy and spite in the clubhouse while they sit in their corners and refuse to speak English to the Seattle media and fans.

Posted by BrianL

6:44 PM, Jul 29, 2008

Tom - I love the baseless accusations that Ichiro is a clubhouse cancer. It usually comes down to:

A) He uses an interpreter
B) He has his own pre-game stretching routine.

Posted by Tom

6:52 PM, Jul 29, 2008


B) Yes, he has his own pre-game stretching routine, EVERYONE has their own pre-game routine.

But he doesn't INTERACT with his teammates the same way guys like Edgar Martinez, Jay Buhner, or even the biggest stars like Ken Griffey, Jr. did.

And does anyone ever call Ichiro out on it? Nope.

And why is that? Because he is ICHIRO and people around here have apparently gotten brainwashed into thinking that a regular singles-hitter on the decline getting paid all that money while the team is about to lose 100 games is a good thing.

Yeah right.

Posted by Nat

6:52 PM, Jul 29, 2008

Another game in which a rookie pitcher looks like Cy Young against the Mariners. Sigh...

Posted by BrianL

6:55 PM, Jul 29, 2008

Tom - Do you speak Japanese, Tom? Are you aware of the incredible amount of nuances between the languages? Do you want to accidentally mis-translate something when talking to the media?

Furthermore, you have no proof that Ichiro doesn't talk to his teammates in English. Do you have a pre-game pass into the clubhouse?

Have any of his teammates (other than Carlos Silva) ever complained about him?

All you've got is baseless conjecture.

Posted by BrianL

6:57 PM, Jul 29, 2008

Furthermore, Tom, you also have no proof that Ichiro is on the decline. His defense is as good as ever, his contact rates are up, he's taking more walks. The only difference is that his BABIP is down from his career norms.

Posted by Batter Up!!!

7:06 PM, Jul 29, 2008

Trade Ichiro for Manny.

The slap hitter for the power hitter.

Tom @ 6:52 RIGHT ON!

Posted by BrianL

7:09 PM, Jul 29, 2008

Batter Up!!! - Yes, trading a gold-glove right fielder who has consistently been one of the best hitters in the game for a designated hitter in his contract year is a good baseball decision.

Absolutely irrefutable logic.

Posted by Fortrans

7:11 PM, Jul 29, 2008

Wow, that guy Tom is such a douchebag. He doesn't mind $48 Million Silva sticking up the joint, but he hates the guy with one of the highest batting averages in this team?
He blames accuses Ichiro of lacking leadership, but he doesn't mind when nobody else provides leadership either.

Posted by Tom

7:12 PM, Jul 29, 2008

I actually do think it has been documented somewhere though that Ichiro is a pretty private person and some teammates don't even know what he likes to eat for lunch for instance.

And while Carlos Silva is one of the only ones that has complained about his sitting in the corner, maybe there is a reason for that because I think players aren't allowed to say anything bad about them.

Yes, Ichiro goes about his business, and in that sense he is like every other player, but he doesn't open himself up to anybody. And if there ever was a guy who could help a Jose Lopez and Yuniesky Betancourt develop into being great players, it's Ichiro but he doesn't do it.

Yet, he has a bullet-proof shield against any criticism that's dished towards him because he is Ichiro. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if I found out that there is some instruction from Howard Lincoln and Chuck Armstrong given out every year directed towards the players that they aren't allowed to diss Johjima and Ichiro publicly in the media when players have beefs against him for P.R. purposes and to appease the Japanese based ownership.

I'm not saying that is true and I know everything about the Mariners clubhouse, but it wouldn't surprise me if that was the case.

And yes, while his walks are up, his on base % is down nearly 30 points this year. So while he is still a good player, and an all-star player, if he isn't starting to be on the decline yet, he will be at some point and right now he is only a SINGLES hitter.

And that's simply not good enough in the American League if you are more comfortable playing in the corner outfield. Period.

Posted by Pirata Morado

7:12 PM, Jul 29, 2008

More Beltre "bad luck"

Posted by Tom

7:13 PM, Jul 29, 2008

And btw, no, I don't appreciate the fact that Silva stinks and it was a waste of money for the Mariners to sign him.

Posted by BrianL

7:14 PM, Jul 29, 2008

Tom - So let me understand this...

Because his teammates doesn't know what Ichiro eats for lunch, because Ichiro is a generally quiet guy (hey, so was John Olerud), and because Ichiro uses a translator, he's a clubhouse cancer and a horrible teammate?

You are grasping at straws.

Posted by bpeto

7:15 PM, Jul 29, 2008

Ah, I get it. SILVA complained about Ichiro.

I see, the Pillsbury Doughboy of mound sound is in position to help some of you establish your opinions.

Nice to know. In case those so critical of Ichiro care to notice, nobody on this team is a leader. The only player who will speak frankly with the press is Bloomquist, probably the least liked by all Mariner forum goers.

Ah, I take that back. Burke seems to be willing to contribute...not that he gets much chance to.

Posted by Tom

7:16 PM, Jul 29, 2008

And yes Fortrans, you are absolutely right. More players could step up and be accountable for their bad performances in the clubhouse and be angry about them and more players could show more leadership. Others could do more of both.

It's just Ichiro is just merely one person that could be and should be more of a leader and do more for the younger players we have here.

Posted by MYM

7:17 PM, Jul 29, 2008

Oh no Ichiro is a private person! If only he was more outgoing and gregarious the Mariners would be a 100 win team instead of a 100 loss team! As for teammates not knowing what he eats, does that really matter? He eats curry, by the way. If I know this, why can't his teammates figure it out?

Posted by Alex

7:18 PM, Jul 29, 2008

I bet Tom was Ichiro's number one fan when the Mariners won 116 games. You can tell by the way he just throws things around, like "I'm so sick of him and Johjima clogging up this roster and creating jealousy and spite in the clubhouse while they sit in their corners and refuse to speak English to the Seattle media and fans." He clearly has no appreciation for the game or Ichiro's abilities. Name another player who has in first 7 major league season garnered 200 hits, 30 steals, and won a gold glove? None, because zero have ever done that. There is not a clubhouse cancer. There is plenty of cancer on the field, but Ichiro is not one of them. Please refrain from speaking. Your inability to speak intelligent baseball talk, is creating a blog cancer.

Posted by Tom

7:27 PM, Jul 29, 2008

omg, I'm not saying he is a horrible teammate, and it sounds that way, it's not what I meant.

What I'm saying is because Ichiro is Ichiro and because he is a star, he could do a lot more to help the younger players on this team (especially if we are going to have a youth movement in the next couple years here).

Or, if he does communicate with younger players, we certainly haven't heard about he taught Jose Lopez what it takes to put together a full 162 good performance, or him telling Yuniesky Betancourt how to improve his at-bats, or him taking Jeff Clement and Bryan LaHair out to dinner when they arrived in Seattle?

Who knows, maybe he has done more behind the scenes than I realize. But if what I read is right in that he is incredibly private and doesn't interact with his teammates that much, then he isn't what we need here right now. We need a Jay Buhner much more than we need a Ichiro right now.

I mean, he could go into a situation where there are veterans tomorrow like a Boston or Chicago Cubs and do fine the same way he came here on a veteran team in 2001 and did fine, but he's not what we need right now with a team of young guys if he really does sit in the corner.

Obviously he has incredible talent, he should be a HOFer, he should have his number retired here, and if the Mariners trade him, they should expect a lot back, but if he doesn't want to interact more with the young players in this clubhouse, he needs to just go somewhere else.

Posted by Fortrans

7:36 PM, Jul 29, 2008

Look at how Tom accuses ONLY Ichiro of failing to do all those wonderful "leader" things, like teaching everybody how to bat, everybody how to throw, and sharing intimitate details of their personal life.

That's how you can tell that somehow has an agenda of HATE. They blame one person, and one person only, for things that a lot of other people aren't doing either.

You know what else Ichiro doesn't do? He doesn't invite me to his house for dinner, nor does he advertise my website for free, nor does he let me have his bmw. What a selfish jerk!

Posted by Batter Up!!!

7:40 PM, Jul 29, 2008

"I mean, he could go into a situation where there are veterans tomorrow like a Boston or Chicago Cubs and do fine the same way he came here on a veteran team in 2001 and did fine, but he's not what we need right now with a team of young guys if he really does sit in the corner." Tom

No one is saying the man does not have a great talent. We need power not a slap hitters. You are right though Brian, we need to throw in Vidro to get the deal done.

Pretty quick inning...

Posted by Pirata Morado

7:43 PM, Jul 29, 2008

More Beltre bad luck

Posted by Tom

7:44 PM, Jul 29, 2008

Wrong, I don't have an agenda of hate here.

I love the way Ichiro plays, he is a Hall of Fame player, I love hearing about how his training regimen and how he prides himself on his performance and how he has a lot of respect for the game and hearing about how he visits the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown more than any active player.

And if there ever is a day he gets traded, he should get a standing ovation just like Griffey did the first time he came back.

BUT, if he is not going to open himself up to the younger players on this team now more and the young kids that will be on this team a year or two from now, then there probably isn't a place for him here.

That's all.

I could easily be wrong about this and there are things he does for young players that don't come out in the paper that I don't know about, but if what I read is true, then Ichiro and the Mariners are probably better off parting ways.

Posted by gohuskies898

7:45 PM, Jul 29, 2008

I'm curious as to why when someone is private and quiet that he is a clubhouse cancer. Just because he isn't buddy buddy with everyone, so what?

He goes about his job as a true professional. At least he isn't being rude, sarcastic and taking the team down.

Not everyone on the team needs to be best friends. Griffey wasn't, Bonds wasn't and I'm sure many others. There doesn't seem to be a lot of hate for them. Griffey had his own set of rules here and thousands of people want him back. What's the difference?

We need to get rid of the underachievers and cancers, not the stars who put butts in the seats.

Posted by Bruce

7:46 PM, Jul 29, 2008

Sorry if this got posted already. Angles just traded for Tex. What a 1-2 combo with Vlad and Tex. Ouch. The best team in baseball just got much better.

Posted by DC

7:47 PM, Jul 29, 2008

I think everyone else's point is that, "We need a Jay Buhner much more than we need a Ichiro right now" is the wrong sentiment. Rather, let's keep the excellent fielder and excellent lead-off batter that Ichiro is and try to find a "Jay Buhner-type" instead of the Reed, Cairo, Johjima, Vidro, and formerly Sexson-types that are clogging up the roster.

Why are you just picking on Ichiro and Johjima? Do you seriously just not like Japanes players? Alot of other players are from other countries too. Grow up and troll somewhere else.

Posted by Ms Fan in Exile

7:57 PM, Jul 29, 2008

Did I miss something? We just put in a .209 hitter to pinch hit for a guy hitting .375, and having a 3-4 night. Yamauchi must have called the dugout, and told Riggleman to get him in the game.

Posted by Village Idiot

8:00 PM, Jul 29, 2008

I would just like to ask how lack of leadership is not intelligent baseball talk? Baseball like the corporate world is built on leadership. If a superstar salesmen were a "rockstar" to new and struggling employees he would be punished no matter how much money he brings in. Ichiro seems immune to anytype of accountablity. His supporters defend him saying that any type of detraction from his greatness is racism or unfounded and not baseball intelligence. But the truth is that he is a good player with a well know skill set that is overhyped and not something that baseball teams are built around. Ichiro is a good player, but he will never be a great player. Great players are Jackie Robinson, Ty Cobb, George Brett, Ted Williams, Babe Ruth and Rickey Henderson. All those men were not only the best at what they did but were also leaders. Ichiro is not a leader hence he will never be great. There are a lot of good players in baseball but not alot of great ones. Thats just the way it is. I require greatness from Ichiro because he is being paid so much. A-Rod and Manny being Manny get the same wrap IMO. Numbers aren't all that determine greatness and if you don't believe that then you aren't engaging in "intelligent baseball talk."

PS: Bloomquist and Burke are 10 times the men Ichiro will ever be.

Posted by z4ec

8:01 PM, Jul 29, 2008

Washburn pinch-running for Joh. 2 days before the trade dead-line.

Somebody please remind Riggleman why Wang was side-lined for most of this season.

Posted by BrianL

8:03 PM, Jul 29, 2008

Well I can't say I've ever seen that happen in an AL ballpark.

Posted by Batter Up!!!

8:04 PM, Jul 29, 2008

Great come back!

Jarrod scores from 1st. MY OH MY!

Posted by Ms Fan in Exile

8:05 PM, Jul 29, 2008

Is he auditioning for a bench role/platoon position with an NL team?

Posted by seattle loliners

8:13 PM, Jul 29, 2008

all i have to say is W.T.F.

Posted by joebbaseballl

8:18 PM, Jul 29, 2008

Why do I know as an average fan that Putz isnt ready for 9th inning duty,yet the F'ing manager doesn't!!!!!!!!!!!! My god, can't these team just shoot us all and put us out of our misery! This is torture!

Posted by Resin isn't Cheating

8:18 PM, Jul 29, 2008

Dave Cameron

"LaHair is not good" -Dave Cameron

"They still shouldn’t be settling for giving at-bats to a player with as limited a future as LaHair, though."-scouting analysis of Dave Cameron at USSMariner

I think Dave Cameron at USSMariner nailed it. LaHair sucks and has a limited future as a Major League baseball player. What do you guys think?

Cameron for GM in '09

Posted by BrianL

8:20 PM, Jul 29, 2008

Resin isn't Cheating - Have you ever heard of a small sample size?

Have you considered that LaHair's home runs have come at one of the most hitter-friendly parks in baseball?

Have you ever considered your irrational hatred of Dave Cameron is mildly amusing to others?

Posted by joebbaseball

8:21 PM, Jul 29, 2008

Why do I, as a casual fan know that Putz isn't 9th inning ready? Yet this F'ing shi&#ty teams manager doesn't!!!!!! My god, can this get worse!!

Posted by Top pick in 09 draft

8:21 PM, Jul 29, 2008

Another heartbreaker with JJ just not looking right - his velocity seems okay but he has no real control in the zone. It's looking more likely that we'll need to keep Morrow in a closer role unless Josh Fields shows he is ready. JJ may be another one who has grown old in a hurry.

Who is teaching guys like Yuni & Kenji how to bunt? They need to spend some serious cage time practicing this fundamental skill; Yuni's attempt in particular on the squeeze was laughable as he made a pathetic jab at the ball instead of just letting the bat catch the ball.

Posted by BrianL

8:23 PM, Jul 29, 2008

Top pick in 09 draft - I wonder how much of JJ's control issues have to do with the time he's missed. Right now it's almost as if he's in extended spring training.

If he's still doing this in September, I'd be worried. For now, I'm chalking it up to post-DL rust.

Posted by Village Idiot

8:24 PM, Jul 29, 2008

Resin where do I begin?

one sentence answer: Dave Cameron is a hack with no ethics or intelligence to speak of.

Lahair has been hitting and is not horrible on D. More than I can say for Clement or Balentine.

Posted by Alex

8:25 PM, Jul 29, 2008

Village Idiot, your name fits. Not every leader runs around firing up the troops. Please explain to me how Bllomquist and Burke are 10 times the men Ichiro is? Gotta love your hard working white guys. Of course like all white guys, they are known for their scrappy tough nature. Not Ichiro though, oh no. He isn't a leader. I mean he isn't running around the clubhouse yelling at the younger guys. Well that is the perspective of a man who cannot possibly understand that the man leads by example, but you wouldn't understand that. You want somebody who wears eye-black and pulls up their socks. Not Ichiro, who always performs, always plays, always works hard, and never is disrespectfull. Please tell me how Ichiro is not held accountable. What does he need to be held accountable for? Damn him for hitting so well. Damn him for playing such good defense. Damn him for playing hard. Damn him.

Posted by Scanman

8:26 PM, Jul 29, 2008

The Victor Diaz watch is on. 2 more homers tonight. How much longer do we have to wait?

Posted by

8:26 PM, Jul 29, 2008

GAWD!!!!!!!!!!!! This is such a sickening disgusting season........did we really have to lose this game. I have never liked PUTTS......even last year, I swear I saw every single blown save Puttttts had, but this is over the top. For the worst team in baseball to come back like they did, and then have the worst closer in baseball BLOW it. What will he say?? "Well, I made a couple of bad pitches, and....." GO TO H*$# PUTTS>>>>>>>>you are NOT ready to pitch ........we all ready have the worst DH, and now the absolute, positively WORST closer in BASEBALL. They make th Sonics look good!!!!!

Posted by Village Idiot

8:52 PM, Jul 29, 2008

Alex, I love hard working guys in general white or not. I base my evaluation of Bruke's character by the people he surrounds himself with and the testimony of his OSU peers. I base my evaluation of Bloomquist's character on the limited relationship a family friend has had with him since HS and my own personal interactions with him as a Major and Minor leaguer. I base my evaluation of Ichiro's character on his lack of leadership and the three or four hours I've spent around in the last 2 years. Now for most people that would be sufficient time to evaluate a person's character but to you I am just a fan and don't know anything about players and thier internal workings. I said Ichiro is a good player which he is with out a doubt but he's not great which was my point. He hasn't been held accountable for his lack of leadership and occasional base running mistakes (running out of the base path, not reading signs right, etc.). You infer racism and prejudice but you haven't seen my Hitler shrine or my film about William B. Forrest and his contribution to society. Now I jest of course and applaude you for you're attempt to be a hard core Seattlite but like Mr. Cameron at USSM and Geoffy here you can't understand how a black (yes I said black) ex-marine can require leadership from an overpaid athlete. But oh well play the racist card and dismiss everything I say because you can't handle the truth. You guys know everything about baseball and I am stupid and a racist right?

Posted by downonstrikes

9:39 PM, Jul 29, 2008

This is fricken unreal. Give me a break!

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Aug 19, 08 - 04:08 PM
Love this cartoon

Aug 19, 08 - 09:08 AM
Nah, on second thought

Aug 18, 08 - 08:56 PM
Same as it ever was

Aug 18, 08 - 04:45 PM
Game thread, Mariners vs. White Sox, 8-18







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