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Geoff Baker covers the Mariners for The Seattle Times. He provides daily coverage of the team throughout spring training, and during the season.

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July 22, 2008 4:30 PM

Bedard gets an MRI

Posted by Geoff Baker

manny0722 012.jpg

Take a look at the pitchers above, taking some pitchers' fielding practice, and try to figure out which one isn't there. Well, the title of this post kind of gives it away. Yes, Erik Bedard is absent. He's getting a magnetic resonance imaging scan done on his shoulder. We should know the results in a couple of hours.

From what I've been told, Bedard had a cortisone shot over the weekend. It was hoped that he'd feel well enough to start throwing again yesterday. But he couldn't even repeat the mild throwing he'd done in an indoor batting cage on Sunday. The Mariners figured enough was enough and it was time to figure out what the problem is.

"He didn't really feel up to throwing yesterday, so we're going to have him take an MRI,'' Mariners manager Jim Riggleman said. "Hopefully, the news is good on that. He was throwing the ball the other day in the cage and made a little progress. But not enough, really.''

Riggleman said Bedard's shoulder woes were not an immediate concern. After the July 4 outing by Bedard, he said, it was merely a question of some minor soreness. The DL move, remember, was more a pro forma thing that wasn't originally going to set Bedard back in his next start. But as the days went by and Bedard's arm showed no signs of improving, the team grew more concerned. That's apparently why it took up until now to get that MRI done.

"The more days of that,'' Riggleman said, "it just became apparent that, let's see if we can clear his mind that there's nothing structurally wrong there.''

But the line of the day goes to Bosox manager Terry Francona, who, when informed of last night's jaywalking by Manny Ramirez, quipped: "OK, that's the last straw. I'm not playing him.''

Ramirez is indeed in tonight's lineup as the DH. He'll match up, rather well, I might add. Ramirez's response to the jaywalking story? "It's OK. Don't worry about it!'' he said, raising his hands. You can see him below, no doubt talking to his agent about all the fuss.

manny0722 032.jpg

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Posted by aaron

4:44 PM, Jul 22, 2008

Isn't this supposed to be one of the first things done when a pitcher has pain in their shoulder? It seems that countless other teams (well, 29) use MRI's for precautionary purposes right from the onset of some discomfort. Again, the way the Mariners is handled is not something in which one should take much pride.

Posted by joebbaseball

4:45 PM, Jul 22, 2008

A cortizone shot? From waht i've heard that really sucks, and something you really shouldn't do, especially if you don't want to even pitch. maybe I was wrong about this guy. He maybe trying to pitch to get out of here, but either way, this would lead me to believe he really wants to pitch.

Posted by Faceplant

4:45 PM, Jul 22, 2008


Posted by fred

4:46 PM, Jul 22, 2008

This testifies to the stupidity of Mariners management. They have made a huge investment in Bedard and thus should have a strong interest in knowing just what is or is not wrong with him physically. After all these weeks of startup and shutdown, it apparently has occurred to them that an MRI should be done. Why would they give him a cortisone shot without first doing an MRI to know if it was wise to do so?

Just plain brain dead.

Posted by Chris from Bothell

5:00 PM, Jul 22, 2008

Why will they not simply put him on the DL for the rest of the year, and give his slot in the rotation to RAD? If they'd just commit to something rather than hem and haw and pick and drag their feet, they could have more predictability and stability in the rotation, and thus a better chance of a well-rested and usable bullpen.

They're not going to sell Bedard by the end of the month. They might as well keep him around for next year, or get lucky this offseason and dump him somewhere for 2 or 3 prospects. And if they're going to keep him, why risk re-injuring him, to the point that he's unusable AND untradeable through next year?


Posted by Ben

5:03 PM, Jul 22, 2008

.....I don't think it's a mismangement on the M's part....

...I think they're calling Bedard's bluff...which is why it took so long to get the initial MRI.

Posted by dave

5:09 PM, Jul 22, 2008

think he is lying and not actually hurt? Intriguing idea, maybe the mariners can demand him to get surgery on it and see who blinks first...

Posted by oink

5:11 PM, Jul 22, 2008

I think we should all chip in and buy Erika a boquet of flowers and a nice yummy box of chocolates.
Get well soon lil bussy

Posted by Ben

5:21 PM, Jul 22, 2008

It's not that I think that he isn't feeling 'something'....

...rather, I think what he's feeling is usually considered very feeling normal soreness.

The M's have one of the MLB's best trainers in Rick Griffin....they would've put him through an MRI right away if the injury called for it.

Posted by Choska

5:27 PM, Jul 22, 2008

People say Peter Angelos is a pain in the ass when it comes to trades.

Perhaps in the future we should be too.

The Bedard trade crippled us. It was true when I wrote it in March. It is true now.

Posted by dave

5:28 PM, Jul 22, 2008

i think i remember reading oriols trainers got mad when he wouldnt pitch after stuff like bruising his back or cutting his foot or something. that could make sense, our trainers are excellent and have diagnosed batista, beltre and silva spot on quickly and treated em right. bedard has one hang nail after another.

Geoff, have you ever seen anything like this guy in your time in sports covering??? its utterly insane!

Posted by Stat Prof

5:35 PM, Jul 22, 2008

Maybe, just maybe he was injured all along and the Ms (BB) managed to pay a whole lot for damaged goods.

Posted by JayR

5:51 PM, Jul 22, 2008

Bedard is a sally.

Posted by Batter Up!!!

5:58 PM, Jul 22, 2008

Bill Bavasi, the gift that just keeps on giving. What an ass! Total lack of due diligence. Armstrong has responsibility here also.

Ramirez is a jerk. Get me a 12 tickets Manny or I will have Geoff bitch slap you for ignorance.

Oh yea, and throw the chew away dimbo!

Posted by batura

6:31 PM, Jul 22, 2008

Actually, I suspect that they didn't want to MRI Bedard in case they found something that would force them to shut him down. You notice that whenever Putz or another long-term team assest has soreness, an MRI is immediately taken to protect the future.

With Bedard, there probably isn't much of a future, so in the club's eyes, the less they know, the better as they are less liable.

Posted by Tek Jansen

6:39 PM, Jul 22, 2008

Bedard is not faking any sort of injury. If he is hurt he should not pitch. The results will be bad for him and the team, both in the long run and and short term. Just look at what pitching through pain did for Batista. In fact, I would rather have players do what Bedard has done (tell the team he is not physically right) then do what Batista did.

When you trade five players for one, this is always a risk, which, of course, is why a team should never take that big of a risk. Direct your anger at the M's FO. All, including Pelekoudas, Armstrong, and LIncoln, were on board with the trade.

Posted by rbuzby

6:53 PM, Jul 22, 2008

Ramirez is a talented ball player, but his behavior went well over the line.

Knocking down someone 40 years older than you, after they tell you they may not be able to get you a couple dozen last minute tickets to a sold out game, really shows the character of a person.

There was zero provocation, and no imaginable excuse. The worst any reasonable person would have done is said some bad words in frustration. But to shove an old man down to the ground because you cant get some free tickets? Thats a pathetic character.

Thats the person Manny Ramirez is.

Posted by Faceplant

7:12 PM, Jul 22, 2008

The 4:45 post was by one of our resident losers without a life. It was not posted by me.

"...rather, I think what he's feeling is usually considered very feeling normal soreness."

Of course you have absolutely nothing to back that up. Bedard is injury prone. He always has been. That's why it's pretty ridiculous to hear the people who were clamoring for Bedard now complaining about how much he's getting hurt.

Posted by Faceplant

7:15 PM, Jul 22, 2008

This is a team that values pitching through pain. A practice which can be disastrous, and is almost never smart. Don't get mad at Bedard because he isn't as stupid as Miguel Batista.

Posted by Patrick F.

9:15 PM, Jul 22, 2008

I supported the Bedard deal, but it's looking more and more like we got fleeced. This guy is fragile and doesn't seem to give one hundred percent at all.

Hopefully we can deal him for something. It seems like the M's would be better off dealing him in the offseason, when free agency begins. More teams would be more likely to deal for Bedard then.

Posted by Full Count

10:20 PM, Jul 22, 2008

Who is the team doctor? MRI should have been done months ago! Has the whole organization just lost its common sense.
I guess protecting a investment like Bedard was not first priority for mariner management. Idiots.

Posted by WeNeedChange

10:59 PM, Jul 22, 2008

Hey, Adam Jones just found Bedard's nuts while playing centerfield back in Baltimore.

Posted by Ben

10:22 AM, Jul 23, 2008


eat crow....did you see the results? It's normal shoulder soreness.

The issue with Bedard is his heart....he doesn't have one.....which is my point.

It's foolish to think our trainers would treat any of the team's assets (whether you see them as short term or long term) differently in terms of medical treatment....think about it.

PS....why the name calling?

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