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Geoff Baker covers the Mariners for The Seattle Times. He provides daily coverage of the team throughout spring training, and during the season.

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July 20, 2008 1:05 PM

Mariners-Indians game thread

Posted by Bob Condotta

IT'S A FINAL --- Clevelans wins 6-2 as Cliff Lee goes all the way in improving to 13-2. Mariners got two on in the ninth but the rally again ended in a Betancourt pop out. He swung at four straight pitches before finally putting one in play that was caught by the shortstop. M's are now 22 games under --- their season-worst was 23 three games into the Riggleman era before the team went on a little "tear.'' M's are now 13-13 under Riggleman.

6-2 ENTERING THE EIGHTH ---- Mariners got three loud outs in the eighth on fly balls hit well into the outfield, but ultimately tracked down by Cleveland outfielders, so they trail by four entering the final inning. Mariners are 0-52 this year when trailing after eight innings.

A LITTLE, BUT NOT ENOUGH --- Mariners got one run on three hits --- two singles and a triple --- in a frustrating attempt to get back into it. After singles by Lopez and Vidro, Johjima hit into a DP that elicited some boos. Miguel Cairo followed with a triple to right to make it 6-2. But Betancourt then popped up to short on the first pitch to end the inning with Cleveland still comfortably ahead 6-2.

GOOD FIRST INNING FOR PUTZ --- It's 1-2-3 for Putz in the top of the seventh. He hit 96 MPH in getting a ground out to second from Jhonny Peralta and then hit 96 again in eliticiting a swinging strike three from Shin-soo Choo.

PUTZ IN GAME --- J.J.Putz has entered the game to pitch the seventh inning, getting the safe landing the team hoped as he makes his first action since June 11. He has been on the DL since June 13 with a hyperextended right elbow.

BELTRE GROUNDER KILLS THREAT --- The Mariners had a chance to get back into it here with two oh and two outs in the sixth, but Beltre --- who earlied clubbed a double that led to their only one of the game --- hit a grounder back to pitcher Cliff Lee for the final out. Lee has been a strike-throwing machine --- 28 of his first 33 pitches were strikes.

LOTS OF TICKETS LEFT FOR RED SOX --- Given the draw of the Red Sox, you might think those games would be sold out already. But the Mariners report there are quite a few tickets left --- 10,000 for Monday, 11,000 for Tuesday and 6,000 for the Wednesday matinee.

WHOOPS --- I'm just realizing this hadn't been published, so none of you could read it, even though I've been writing it. Oh well, you haven't missed much, either reading this or watching the Mariners, who aren't doing much to keep the crowd into this one today. It's 6-1 Indians in the top of the sixth.

M'S STILL POPULAR --- The M's may be on their way to losing another one. But they are still a draw here in Seattle. Consider that today's attendance of 32,230 gives the Mariners a total of 112,669 for the three games against the Indians, a matchup of teams a combined 33 games under .500.

NICE DAY, BAD GAME --- It's a gorgeous day here at Safeco, which at the moment is the only saving
grace of this one as the Indians now lead 6-1, tacking on two more runs against Roy Corcoran in the fifth. So far, this is the kind of game that makes one think this team really could lose 100 games.

SILVA LEAVES WITH TIGHTNESS IN BACK ---- Carlos Silva left the game in the top of the fourth after allowing a 3-run HR to Kelly Shoppach with tightness in the back. It's 4-1 Cleveland.

M'S UP 1-0 --- Nice double by Adrian Beltre leads to a Mariner run in the bottom of the second and a 1-0 lead. The hit continues a good recent stretch for Beltre, who came into the game hitting .345 (40-11) the last 29 games.

BATISTA TO START AGAIN --- Forgot to mention that Jim Riggleman announced before the game that Miguel Batista will remain in the rotation despite his shaky outing yesterday. Riggleman noted that Batista was moved up in the rotation and that the team didn't play real well behind him. "We didn't give him much of a chance yesterday,'' Riggleman said, adding he hopes Batista will respond to regular rest and a bullpen session.

GAME ABOUT TO START --- This is Bob Condotta, the Husky (as in team, not my build necessarily), filling in for Geoff Baker. I'll try to add a few things during the game but likely won't be as exhaustive in my commentary as Mr. Baker. But glad to have any of you that stop by.

As mentioned in the earlier post, we could see the return of J.J. Putz today as he is back on the active roster. However, Jim Riggleman also pointed out that Sean Green has not pitched since before the break and needs to get in the game, as well, and with Morrow still the closer, there may not be an opportunity to get all those guys in depending on how long Carlos Silva goes.

Silva, however, has gone six innings or fewer in four of his last six starts so odds are the Mariners will need a f ew pitchers today.

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Posted by ChrisK

3:08 PM, Jul 20, 2008

If fans continue to buy this terrible product, why would they drastically change their organizational philosophy? No wonder they are one of the least innovative, slowest moving organizations in professional sports.

Posted by jim

3:14 PM, Jul 20, 2008

why the heck isn't clement playing today? i thought he was supposed to get the bulk of the catching. 1 of 3 games?

if hes supposed to be the future everyday catcher.....why sit him against lefties? his development will be stunted if the m's keep this up.

Posted by Dave from the coast

3:55 PM, Jul 20, 2008

"Oh boy", opposing pitchers must think when they're playing the M's..."I'll bet I can get a complete-game victory out of this"...and that's what happened today. My conclusion? Safeco field must be sitting on top of some old graves; the M's are hexed. That's the only explanation that makes sense. Nice to see J.J. back, although as soon as he gets back on track, he won't be used unless the M's are winning. That's winning with a W.

Posted by Scanman

3:59 PM, Jul 20, 2008

The saddest part of this whole woeful season is the fact that 30,000 plus of you keep telling the FO. how great they are doing and how you agree with how they run this team by showing up to the games. It makes it look like all the bloggers donít know anything and we are definitely in the minority. Thanks for all your support and for backing us up.

Posted by Dave from the coast

4:07 PM, Jul 20, 2008

Ironic that RRS gets sent down the same day that Silva has to come out early. Honestly, the way this season's turned out for the M's is fast becoming a comedy...a dark, doomsday-kind of comedy.

Posted by Ziasudra

4:12 PM, Jul 20, 2008

Did Silva have tightness in his back before or after the 3 run HR?
What a loser. . . .

Posted by con fuzed

4:13 PM, Jul 20, 2008

ho hum...another dreary loss, this team continues to spiral downward and what does the FO do? Send one of their better pitchers (RRS) to AAA and keeps their worst on the roster....ho hum
I didn't even watch the game.

us fans should just let the Red Sox fans have Safeco field, might just show the FO something. Doubt it though, they still think Vidro is a meat of the order guy.

Ho hum what a joke the season has become

Posted by Bagheads

4:38 PM, Jul 20, 2008

Mariners-Indians game thread huh Bob, Oh Yeah July 20 was already taken.

In his 3:59 post the Scanman NAILED it!

Posted by Gimme a Bag!!

4:40 PM, Jul 20, 2008

When is the next baghead night? It can't be soon enough!

Posted by GripS

5:15 PM, Jul 20, 2008

Here's the deal:

Batista starts = guaranteed loss
Silva starts = guaranteed loss

I totally agree with Ziasudra here. Oh really Silva? All of a sudden your back hurts? Maybe if you were in shape you wouldn't have these kinds of problems.

Posted by Steve

10:46 PM, Jul 20, 2008

WHAT ARE THEY DOING???? The season is over yet we see Jojima behind the plate, Willie in CF and every other lameduck player STILL playing. This is the time to play the young guys and that means call people up, sit Willie and play Reed as the full-time starter in CF and get Morrow ready for the starters role. Reed is hitting .285 which means he's hitting better than nearly every player on the team, we don't need a closer because we don't ever have the lead in the 9th so start building for the future and see what you have and Clement continues to be stunted in his growth.

Can some say they have yet to fire the right people, Lincoln and Armstrong. What a joke!

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