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Geoff Baker covers the Mariners for The Seattle Times. He provides daily coverage of the team throughout spring training, and during the season.

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July 8, 2008 11:23 AM

Bedard on Philly radio

Posted by Geoff Baker


A great morning here in San Francisco as I peer out my hotel window in the Nob Hill section of town. That water you see out there is the bay, where the Golden Gate bridge is off to the left, out of view of the camera. Beats downtown Oakland, which is a 20-minute train ride away. It's a million light years away from Marshalltown, Iowa. For those of you who keep writing in, please, stop. I know, I know. Jeff Clement is from Iowa and not Indiana, as I accidentally wrote in my newspaper notebook. My mistake. My apologies. That's what happens when you're trying to do 10 things at once with a deadline looming. The first casulaty, once in a while, can be the truth. But I do know Iowa from Indiana. Iowa has the potatoes, right? Kidding.

Erik Bedard went on Philadelphia radio with the local ESPN affiliate yesterday, as rumors continue to swirl about the Phillies now itching to land him in a deal. He didn't say anything overly inflammatory, other than blaming the media for his image troubles, insinuating it makes stuff up. Well, uh, only when we try to pass off Indiana for Iowa. Other than that, well, maybe if Bedard feels he's being unfairly portrayed, he can speak up and set the record straight before some potential misperceptions get out of hand? Just an idea. But he chose the path he now finds himself on. To imply otherwise seems a bit silly.

Anyhow, back to the interview. He didn't openly welcome a trade to Philadelphia, saying all the politically correct things. Then again, he didn't exactly turn it down either. I think if he gets criticized for this interview at all, it will be for actually going on the air in a city where the team is thinking of trading for him.

Don't get me wrong. I have no problem with players giving interviews. I think they should do it as often as possible and be far more open and honest than they usually are. But let's get real, here. Bedard usually puts total effort into steering as far clear of the media as he possibly can. He turned down the entire Toronto press corps during a visit to that city last month. Now, he's granting a radio interview in the city rumored to be his hottest landing point in a trade? I don't think it would be unfair for some to speculate that he may be greasing the skids for a deal out of town. Either that, or he's decided to turn over a new leaf. If it's the latter, good on him.

Anyhow, here are some of the interview snippets.

On whether he'd like to play for a contender: "Oh, yeah, definitely. Any time you're with a contending team, it's more exciting. (You're) more prepared. I don't know. It's just more fun.''

Problems with teammates and media?

"I never had a problem with teammates ever in my life. Maybe the media, yeah.''


"Just because they say what they want and stuff like that.''

How's he been pitching?

"Not bad, I'm just not going that deep into games.''

No, he's not. As we spent most of yesterday discussing, we'll have to see how that impacts his trade value.

ADDITIONAL NOTE (11:33 p.m.): For Chris from Bothell in the comments thread, yes, extremely jealous. We would have run off an extra edition yesterday had he given us those quotes. We had the Pulitzer committee on standby.

For Resin in the same comments thread, Bedard has been standoffish with the Seattle media since spring training, so no, that part didn't sway me on anything recently. What did is that this team fell off the map contention-wise, Bedard has become a five-or-six-inning pitcher and he will only be in Seattle one more year after this one. If a team wants to deal for him now, and offers real value, it makes sense to seriously look at a trade. Just like it makes sense to deal Jarrod Washburn, a guy who has been great with the media.

To fire_chuck, yes, a new GM might like to have Bedard around to build off. Or, he or she might want to be rid of any lingering contract/trade issues and start fresh.

For ScottM, about what you asked in the prior thread, we did ask Jim Riggleman about Cesar Jimenez going any deeper in Sunday's game. Turns out he hadn't been stretched out all that much in Tacoma. His highest pitch count had been in the 40s and he was well beyond that on Sunday. Also hadn't gone in back-to-back games, or pitched more than two innings. This time, he went four innings. So, there's the answer to your question. Hope it helps.

For MyMariner, try to stay on-topic, please. As one of you pointed out, we are linked to across the country every day, so there are tens of thousands of people who find this stuff interesting even if you don't. What would you like us to do, not link to the radio spot? Should we pretend it didn't happen and talk about something else? Like what? Mariner Moose? If you aren't interested, go someplace else.

No, killer_ewok (what kind of handle is that, anyway?). What I'm saying, in clear sentences, is that Jarrod Washburn's dealings with the media have zero impact on whether I think the team should trade him. Please read before commenting.

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Posted by Chris from Bothell

11:29 AM, Jul 08, 2008

Jealous, much?

Posted by Resin isn't Cheating

11:37 AM, Jul 08, 2008

Bedard clearly wants out of Seattle.

It took Geoff half the season, and Erik's shots at the Seattle media, to finally jump on board the consensus opinion regarding Bedard.

Posted by fire_chuck

11:50 AM, Jul 08, 2008

Let's say the Ms trade him this summer, at that point aren't you losing out on a lot of GM candidates who would (presumably) like to have him as a player to either build around or try to trade themselves?

Posted by scottM

11:51 AM, Jul 08, 2008

So who does Philly have for Bedard? The M's will ask for 87-year-old Jamie Moyer and Chris Snelling who is batting .500, slugging 1.500 and .500 OBP. (Forget that it's only with 4 at bats).

Can anyone say deja vu?

Bedard for Ryan Howard, who's down this year, would get me salivating, though.

Can anyone say dreamer?

Posted by JI

11:51 AM, Jul 08, 2008

I honestly don't care whether he he never talked to the press or whether he was at his locker after each game ready to do an entire monologue.

I tend to agree that if the media as a whole asked players better questions that he might be more inclined to give better answers.

Posted by Ry

11:53 AM, Jul 08, 2008

"Oh, yeah, definitely. Any time you're with a contending team, it's more exciting. (You're) more prepared. I don't know. It's just more fun.''

What would Bedard know about playing for a contender?

Posted by Brad

11:54 AM, Jul 08, 2008

I'd say Bedard never wanted to come to Seattle in the first place. Not many players do. Looks like he doesn't want to hurt himself playing for the worst team in the league. I can't say that I blame him, really.

Still, I think we need to be talking Bedard up and not pointing out his negatives. I have seen links to Geoff's blog all across the internet on rumors. You want Phillies fans reading all of this negative stuff and then going to town on their radio shows? I don't think so. Maybe the M's FO doesn't pay attention to its fans, but I bet other teams' FOs do.

Posted by Bircher

11:54 AM, Jul 08, 2008

No, we need to keep Bedard and give him a chance.

He's going to be a stubborn bum with the media wherever he goes, so that shouldn't be the reason we deal him away. We aren't gonna get a Adam Jones-type prospect in return for him anyway.

He's a solid #2 pitcher on our staff that will help us mightily once we are in contention. Then, I bet we see him for 7 innings more often (as long as he fixes those back problems of his.

Posted by Brad

11:57 AM, Jul 08, 2008

Geoff, make sure you make it to the Top. That is, if the fog hasn't rolled in yet.

Posted by MyMariner05

11:58 AM, Jul 08, 2008

Another day, another BEdard thread.. with a couple cheap shots from Baker..

You are a baby Geoff..

Give it a rest.. even your loyal followers here seem to be getting bored to death with your act..

The man does not have to talk to you. And your notion that if he doesnt like what your saying, than he should speak up, through the media, is a joke..

I hope he boycotts you and the other clowns in the Seattle media, who have decided with a team 19 games under, there is only one way to sell papers and get blog visitors.. and that is if u create controversy..

Bottomline.. Erik Bedard gets along fine with his teammates.. and isnt a clubhouse problem.. therefore, i could really care less how he treats you..

Posted by Oly Mike

11:59 AM, Jul 08, 2008

Ok we all have our ideas and opinions and most are feasible. The bottom line is we just can't read the future. So what do we know?

1. They can't blow up the whole team. Or at least the Mariner management won't do it.

2. There are obviously some players that need to go, regardless of contract stipulations, amount of money they are being paid and whether they get something of value in return. No matter what they just need to go for this awful team to get any better.

3. From what I have read on this blog the players that need to go are what I call the infamous six (6)-Sexson, Vidro, Johjima, Washburn, Silva and Batista. Strong arguments can be made for disposing of other players. But I don't think they should go.

4. Bedard still has a chance to help this team win if he is healthy and the team starts winning which might motivate him to achieve what he is potentially capable of. If he is to be traded it probably won't occur until the off-season.

5. Beltre, Betancourt & Lopez are not spectacular so far this year but they as a group could improve and be very solid for next year. I say this because there is no guarantee that any one the Mariners would get to replace them would be any better. In fact they could be worse.

6. The outfield? Well that depends on whether Reed and Balentien continue to improve. It is obvious that Raul will be headed for DH/ 1st or traded in the off-season. Ichiro isn't going anywhere no matter how much some of you may want it. So if new outfielders are not obtained via trade now or in the future through Free Agency Reed and Balentien must improve.

7. Felix with Bedard form a solid nucleus for a good starting rotation. Felix as # 1 and Bedard as #2 or #3. Remember the Mariners paid $48 million to have Silva as a #3 so Bedard in that position doesn't look that bad. The other starters could come from pitchers already on the team- Dickey, RRS, Morrow, and Jimenez, developing minor leaguer or someone garnered via disposing the infamous 6 as noted above.

8. Bull pen. A shining spot on a bad team. Depending on who becomes a starter and who gets healthy and stays that way will determine what happens in the Mariners pen. Putz back healthy and Josh Fields could allow Morrow and RRS to transition to the starting rotation. Good management of the pen and its members are used is what is needed. The personnel are fine and should not be altered significantly.

9. Bench. The mariner Bench has done an admirable job. I know there are those that blame the bench for the Mariner's woes. But, that is ridiculous. Up until recently they haven't got into the line-up enough to significantly affect anything. In fact if you have watched the Bench's recent performance it has been pretty good. Even Cairo. However, I do agree with a new 1st baseman, the installation of Reed as the permanent centerfielder and the improvement of Balentien Cairo could be traded.

So what is the point of these 9 points I will take the Bavasi approach: " With the addition of a couple of key players 1st base, left or center fielder and a #2 starter we will be able to contend for the AL West in the 2009 season".

Posted by killer_ewok18

12:03 PM, Jul 08, 2008

What you're saying then, is that Jarrod Washburn's media friendliness impacts his trade value?

Seriously, any competently run baseball team doesn't care how polite its players are, and they sure don't listen to the media concerning whether or not a player should be traded.

Posted by lateadopter

12:10 PM, Jul 08, 2008

I thought this was an interesting article relative to the last few years where the Mariners were teetering on the edge of success. The fans, as I recall, we pretty mad at management for not making a blockbuster trade. From the article - "So what's the moral of that story? If you're a flawed team when you make that "perfect" trade, one guy -- no matter how big a name -- rarely fixes all your problems." - that certainly sounds like the M's.

Posted by kujo

12:13 PM, Jul 08, 2008

IIRC, his last in depth interview was with ESPN (aside from the mandatory FSN stuff). Maybe he jus does not trust the local rags.

Posted by Tacoma Rain

12:22 PM, Jul 08, 2008

Bedard only cares about money.
If the Mariners offer enough, he will sign here.
Save face for the Mariners Lee, and sign Bedard NOW!!!

Posted by ~MARINER 4 LIFE~

12:23 PM, Jul 08, 2008

Ok, we all knew we were getting a pansy when we traded for Bedard in the first place. The Orioles shut him down (or did he just stop throwing) last September with back/hip issues, right?

He has like 1 complete game in his MLB career. We knew that too.

Of his 126 starts (to date?), Erik has gone into the 7th inning only 49 times, and into the 8th inning 14 times, the 9th... once.

We knew all of this before the trade, yet advocated for it by contending that he has the "stuff" to be a #1 guy. He was the #1 guy a team pretty similar to this last year... any coincidence?

It is dually noted that he is not much of a positive clubhouse presence.... and this clubhouse has a bunch of INDIVIDUALS trying to play a TEAM game. He fits in just fine... no?

Trade him, and hope we get back 60% of what let go for him (in terms of talent). There has to be something worthy in that Philly system... or that LAD system? The Cubs dont seem too high on Felix Pie anymore... hmm.

Posted by Chris B

12:26 PM, Jul 08, 2008

Or he doesn't likethe Toronto rags either? In his home province? Where they run stories about him all the time, as, you know, local boy made good?

Bottom line is that he obviously doesn't like talking to the media. Fine. But then he cannot go and say he doesn't like the media portrayal of him - they can only go by what they see and what they hear. What they hear is nothing. So, what do we see - he is a 5 inning pitcher right now.

Posted by ricofoy

12:28 PM, Jul 08, 2008

My God, can you imagine Bedard in Philly? The fans will eat him alive and the media will spit him out. I'd love to see that but I sure as hell don't want McLovin pulling the trigger on any trades..particularly with Dumb and Dumber signing off on it. On the other hand, Gillick is sitting back there licking his chops at the fleecing that will surely come.

Posted by Nat

12:31 PM, Jul 08, 2008

After listening to the radio interview with the Philly guy, as well as the interview with Brad Adama part I and II, I don't have any sense that Bedard wants to leave Seattle. I've read a lot of the anti-Bedard comments here and I don't buy into it. Nothing in any of his statements tell me that. He says it's fun to contend. Duh. Does that mean he's asking to be traded? No, he's responding to a question.

He seems like a self-confident, small-town guy who is comfortable with himself in one-on-one interviews - which is very different than addressing the media as a whole. Maybe he's not particularly confident in his ability to articlulate well in the spotlight with microphones and cameras shoved in his face. Not a big deal.

People read way too much into everything he says and does.

Posted by xarmyguy78

12:31 PM, Jul 08, 2008

Posted by Oly Mike -
4. Bedard still has a chance to help this team win if he is healthy and the team starts winning which might motivate him to achieve what he is potentially capable of. If he is to be traded it probably won't occur until the off-season
I think it's funny you should mention this Mike, I just have to ask why a winning team would matter to Bedard, exactly how many winning teams did he pitch for in Baltimore???

Posted by Full Count

12:32 PM, Jul 08, 2008

Don't let the door hit you in the ass Bedard........
Thanks for nothing Nancy boy, you think media or fans are tough in Seattle, good luck in Philly, jerky.

Posted by matt

12:45 PM, Jul 08, 2008

Isn't it problematic to pull off a Bedard trade with Philadelphia given that (a) we have an "interim" GM, and (b) the conflict of interest linking Gillick with a Seattle return? Would Philadelphia want its GM trading prospects to a team he may be helping to run next season?

Posted by scottM

12:51 PM, Jul 08, 2008

Isn't it problematic to pull off a Bedard trade with Philadelphia given that (a) we have an "interim" GM, and (b) the conflict of interest linking Gillick with a Seattle return?

Maybe this will make an Utley/Howard/Burrell/Hamels for Bedard/Washburn/Vidro/Sexson trade work in our favor!

Posted by Mighty Mariner

12:55 PM, Jul 08, 2008

I think the M's have to deal their veterans if they can get young talent and blue chip prospects. However, is that going to be done with an interim manager in place? Seems like the time is now to deal Bedard (among others) so hopefully the Mariners have their tackle in order.

Posted by Nat

12:57 PM, Jul 08, 2008

Good point, Matt. Unless, there is no truth to the rumor about Gillick being interested in the M's.

Posted by ghph

12:58 PM, Jul 08, 2008

"I think it's funny you should mention this Mike, I just have to ask why a winning team would matter to Bedard, exactly how many winning teams did he pitch for in Baltimore???"

One of the reasons why Baltimore traded Bedard was b/c his agent let mgmt know that the wanted to play for a winning team. That meant that he would not re-sign with the dysfunctional O's unless they threw crazy money at him.

Posted by scrapiron

1:00 PM, Jul 08, 2008

To Erik Bedard:

"Your shower shoes have fungus on them. Think classy, you'll be classy. If you win 20 in the show, you can let the fungus grow back and the press'll think you're colorful. Until you win 20 in the show, however, it means you are a slob."
-Crash Davis

Posted by bill

1:04 PM, Jul 08, 2008

you media people are the most antogonistic people , you are liars , make up things and never print the WHOLE truth...if Bedard or anyone else doesnt want to talk to you, ......and I dont blame them one bit...then dont cry about it....oh yea, I people have never played a sport in there life ...they dont understand feelings at all...and they are cry babies

Posted by scrapiron

1:12 PM, Jul 08, 2008

Randy Johnson used to think he had problems with the Seattle media until he played for the Yankees.

Posted by Capo

1:16 PM, Jul 08, 2008

Jeff, sorry to see you stuck in San Francisco......being born and raised in the area i can say its one of the more overhyped cities I've ever seen. you should really try to catch a cab down to the plaza where the Federal court House'll definitely be shocked......hundreds of homeless, dirty syringes all over the park......yuck.

Anyway, Bedard is a typical pampered movie stars or any other celebrity they don't really see the world the same way we do.......its always someone elses fault, always someone elses responsibility, etc.......If Philly or LA is still really sold on him, and wants to give us a decent return, fantastic....otherwise, lets just keep the little bitch and get the two draft picks after he leaves next year

Posted by Lance

1:17 PM, Jul 08, 2008

If the Mariners can pry P Carlos Carrasco and OF Greg Golson from the Phillies, along with a third player, for Bedard I'd do that deal in a minute.

Carrasco would be a more than adequate replacement for Chris Tillman. Golson would be a nice replacement for Adam Jones, who can replace Ichiro as a leadoff hitter should they move him within a year. They tried to turn AJ into a leadoff guy but that didn't work out well.

There's no replacing what they traded in George Sherrill, but Cesar Jimenez is looking awfully good so they might be able to fill that slot in-house, anyway.

Posted by William2

1:18 PM, Jul 08, 2008

IIt appears that everyone has an opinion on Bedard -- go or stay? However, on the issue of media relations, there are a couple of points. He was brought here as an ace of the SP. He was given a large contract with high expectations attached. At the very least, he could show some respect for the media by courteously making himself available and responding in a reasonable manner, not with antipathy. As a public sports figure he has an obligation to be civil.

Posted by matt

1:20 PM, Jul 08, 2008

Who knows whether the Gillick-Seattle rumors are true, but for me it just highlights the difficulty we find ourselves in. We have an "interim" GM at the helm during the window of time this season when trades for future roster construction need to be made.

Posted by Capo

1:21 PM, Jul 08, 2008

If Bedard goes to Philly, it would most likely be for Carlos Carrasco and Antonio Bastardo.....a decent return, but not nearly equal value for what we gave up for him

Posted by Capo

1:25 PM, Jul 08, 2008

"Seriously, any competently run baseball team doesn't care how polite its players are, and they sure don't listen to the media concerning whether or not a player should be traded."

You guys really cannot be this stupid....seriously. I know some of you think you know a lot more than you actually do, and some of you obviously cannot understand the term "rational thinking"......but do you for one second believe that Bedard only acts this way with the media? I mean, a little research, and a little common sense tells you he not only has a problem with the media, but any coaches who have worked with him, some teammmates, and the FO people who have had to deal with him.....
Seriously, you Kool-Aid drinkers from the USSM, you guys definitely need to learn how to think for yourselves....."The Interview" is simply an ass, not just to the media, but to most everyone around him

Posted by Capo

1:28 PM, Jul 08, 2008

One last thing about the media issue.......up until Geoff hit the scene, most every sports fan blasted anyone covering the M's for being too "buddy-buddy" with the team and the players....calling them mouth pieces, you have a guy who is covering the team in an unbiased way, and giving us a forum to discuss his work, as well as the team.....and I'm flabbergasted by the way some of you are treating Geoff, and this board........some of you are even ones who cry when people question your knowledge or call you clowns........c'mon guys lighten up.

Posted by jab

1:33 PM, Jul 08, 2008

Geoff your a joke... you columns are more stale then an old bag of chips...Bedard doesnt talk to you cause your an idiot

Posted by ghph

1:36 PM, Jul 08, 2008

One thing that comes to mind, Geoff, maybe you can interview Perlozzo sometime about Bedard, if you haven't done so yet. Sammy was with the O's the entire time that Bedard was there, the last year and half as manager.

As manager, it seemed to me that Perlozzo was protecting Bedard in the media; on some level, he was obligated to do so. Perhaps Sammy would be willing to be a little forthcoming now...

Posted by scrapiron

1:45 PM, Jul 08, 2008

Capo: Good point re: Bedard and coaches. We discussed here his label as "uncoachable" by the Orioles staff. We thought Mel Stottlemyre could get through to him. We were wrong.

Bottom line, he's a loner and wants his privacy. He'll speak when, and to whom, he wants to.

Once he wins 20 games in the show, we'll all think he's colorful.

Posted by ken

1:54 PM, Jul 08, 2008

If Bedard is traded, which all signs seem to point to, I hope the team pulls Washburn off the table in trade talks. Bedard has much more trade value at this point because he has shown the ability to be dominant for 5-6 innings which a playoff team having a good bullpen can ride. Washburn is showing some guts and ability to adapt recently that we hadn't seen since he came to the M's. Maybe he is like Jamie Moyer and has learned to make adjustments for declining velocity by trying to actually pitch & think on the mound. Every good rotation needs a veteran lefty and we don't have anyone else who fits the description once Bedard is traded.

Posted by Tommyfoutball

1:54 PM, Jul 08, 2008

I think RS is here until the end of the year, out of pride or some darned thing.

Posted by scottM

2:12 PM, Jul 08, 2008

Other than the flamers/trolls/multiple-personality-types that honor us with their presence like a regular bowel movement, this blog has made following the Mariners far more fun than it ever was before. Also, I think it's read by the real decision-makers and players far more than they would ever admit. (Novice IS Willie Bloomquist).

I can't believe how many newcomers immediately jump on GEOFF for being a patsy for the M's. Plenty of us have jumped on GEOFF for boldly stating opinions we disagree with, but he's always his own man. Respectful disagreement and armchair managing/general managing drives this blog.

For example, I REALLY did want to know why Riggleman didn't pitch Jimeñez in the 15th inning. The fact that the question was asked after the game shows me that the beat reporters, including GEOFF, were scouring to find out if Riggleman had exhausted all options before resorting to the use of Jamie Burke, the catcher.

This decision, frankly, tells a great deal about our interim skipper, and the resolve of a team in a season that's lost. At 10-5 before that loss, the situation seemed to indicate whether a culture of winning was beginning to prevail.

As with Bedard not going more than 100 pitches, there is no way to know whether Arthur Rhodes was too hurt to appear. I understand not wanting to risk Dickey. I understand that this is all fallout from Felix getting hurt.

Bottom line, I appreciated that GEOFF––who has the ability to ask questions that we bloggers can't––was professional and independent enough to explore the question of whether Riggleman gave that game away unnecessarily. Anyway, thanks for following up on that, GEOFF.

OK, I'll give Riggleman a pass on that loss. I'll even give Rhodes a pass, but this incident makes me hope the Mariners include him near the top of players they're willing to trade. Better him than one of the youngbloods in the pen.

Posted by Chris from Bothell

2:14 PM, Jul 08, 2008


So who are the best people to hope for from Philly (or from any other contender who might be looking for Bedard)?

Would be nice if the Ms were disciplined enough to hang on until they could get a truly good deal, for once, rather than self-created pressure to move someone. Just b/c the Ms are sellers doesn't mean they have to jump at the first (or even only) offer out there.

It gets old - even for a whiner like me - to constantly be talking about the people we need to get rid of. Would be nice to get into who to go get... or who to look at in our own system. E.g., if the roster space could be made, why not get an early look at LaHair or Chen now?

Posted by Scott

2:20 PM, Jul 08, 2008

If Bedard thinks Seattle media is bad, just wait until he has to deal with the Philly media!

From what I understand, the Phillies have a ton of good prospects, but I didn't see a power hitting 1B as one of them.

Posted by scottM

2:21 PM, Jul 08, 2008

So, Chris of Bothell:

Jealous much of my 11:51 post so you had to ask the same question? :=)

Shoot, when you opened with that question, I thought, what with your genius status in here, you were going to give us the best/most likely Phillies' prospects.

Actually, I totally concur that we keep Bedard UNLESS something VERY attractive comes along.

Posted by PayClayBennett

2:31 PM, Jul 08, 2008

I'd take a couple of cheese steaks and a picture of the Liberty Bell for Bedard - that dude is worthless, even on this club. Love Ry's comment: What does Bedard know about playing for a contender? Exactly - he should have deferred that question to 87-year old Moyer. 5-6 ips, tops - yes, he is a bulldog, but he's weak. Sooner or later the weak dog gets pounded. He is a series of injuries as well, never know one week to the next if he strained a testicle or not. Don't let the door hit him in the rear on the way out....getting anything for him may prove to be wise.

Posted by Bruce

3:07 PM, Jul 08, 2008

As someone else mentioned, I like to see Bedard dealing with Philly media after a rough outing. Seattle media is a pussy cat by comparison!

It's not often that we end up on the right side of trades (Randy's trade being one of the few exceptions.) I hope we don't get taken here. To give him away after giving up the farm to get him would be a disaster. He may be aloof and a jerk, but he's a top of the order pitcher. And a lefty. Who knows, if things hadn't gone south here things may have turned out differently. If we're hell bent to trade him, please make sure we get equal value in return. Otherwise, keep him.

Posted by iriebuff

3:19 PM, Jul 08, 2008

Get JJ healthy and a few solid outings prior to the deadline and deal him the Rays. They still have a highly-regarded minor league system with a few young starters who are close to being ready. Given the 1st rd. pick this year of a power reliver who could setup w/Morrow as the closer getting a young sp projected as MLB ready by next year and whatever else bounty they could squeeze could be appealing. Have to think JJ would be something the Rays would consider giving up some talent for, an intimidating presence to close games for a young team, much better on their end than rumored talks for Fuentes. Honestly outside of Bedard the only true blue-chip player I think the team could offer.

Posted by Carlos

3:21 PM, Jul 08, 2008


nice rant, save iit for for your shrink, Oprah, Dr. Phil or someone who gives a damn. Ya self righteous prick. I come on here to read about baseball not read some ninny's whine fest. You're worse than the trolls. At least the trolls have an excuse: they're retarded. What's your excuse Mr. Holier than Thou?

If you love Geoffy so much buy him a box of chocolates. Otherwise save your bitch rant for your mother.

Posted by Brett in Bonney Lake

3:23 PM, Jul 08, 2008

I just gotta say, I don't know if there is a single thing that makes me smile more when reading forums and blogs when than when someone says "your an idiot" or "your a moran" when trying to insult someone.

Posted by PhilliesFan

3:45 PM, Jul 08, 2008

I'm a Phillies fan and found a link to this page on a Phillies forum in the web site of a Philadelphia-based media outlet. I'm actually in Illinois, so I don't have the pulse of the Philadelphia media to know any word-on-the-street info there; I simply wanted to post a comment and say that it's very cool that you post responses to the comments left by readers after posting the story. I've left a few comments after reading various stories, and even emailed the writers a couple times, but more often than not, it seems those communiques disappear into some black hole in cyberspace. It's very cool to see the Internet being utilized by a media outlet in this manner, where the discussion is actually a two-way street.

Posted by NB

3:46 PM, Jul 08, 2008


I'm sorry man but just because you aren't blogging specifically about how much you dislike Bedard and want to trade him doesn't mean that you aren't displaying a profound anti-Bedard bias. Jarrod Washburn has (repeatedly) thrown his Catcher under the bus for his own shortcomings and yet not a word of criticism is written here on that topic. Yet every time Bedard refuses to speak to the media or is standoffish we hear about it. Now he's getting crap for TALKING to the media? Listen I understand your frustration, you're trying to do your job and he isn't making it easy. But don't pretend like you don't care. It's insulting to me and your other readers.

Posted by Capo

3:58 PM, Jul 08, 2008

After seeing what the A's just got for Rich Harden (A.K.A. Mr Glass), it just makes you wonder about this FO......Look at the Harden and Haren deals, and its no surprise the A's are liught years ahead of the M's when it come to talent evaluation.......Please, please give us a good GM who understands the game!!!!!

Posted by Top pick in 09 draft

4:02 PM, Jul 08, 2008

I agree with Iriebuff's post that JJ & Bedard are the M's only real trading chips; Raul could get a mid-level prospect however a healthy JJ could get a very good return from a team in need of a proven closer with a relatively low contract. If TB would offer David Price for a package of JJ & Bedard, I would hop on that one as a good trade for both teams. TB looks like a team that could take it all with the right moves (good closer & another decent starter) and we're in need of a dependable top of the rotation guy to go along with Felix. Morrow has a Papelbon-type closer written all over him. Geoff: Any word on progress in signing Josh Fields? Other teams are starting to sign their #1 picks and the M's #2 pick is looking like a good one so far.

Posted by Trufan

4:06 PM, Jul 08, 2008

Just a thought:

What are the chances Gillick overpays for Bedard?

Chances are good that if Gillick wants to be in Seattle next year, he will be. Maybe he'd like a few extra pieces he knows well waiting for him here.

Again, just a thought.

Posted by bruce gavins

4:08 PM, Jul 08, 2008

If Bedard is having problems with the media in a laid back sports town like Seattle, then maybe it isn't such a good idea that he comes out here to Philly. Has anyone seen the complaining we do 24-7-365 about our other whiny stars (McNabb, Hamels, Iverson) and the ones that have a derogatory view of the media and problems talking to them (Schmidt, Iverson again, McNabb again). He would be eaten alive out here. Instead of a team physical pre the trade, maybe he should have a 10 minute sit-down with a Billy Wagner or a Scott Rolen and then see if he stills want to head out here to the City of "Brotherly" Love.

Muck The Fets!

Posted by Batter Up!!!

4:11 PM, Jul 08, 2008

Interesting that Bedard would agree to an interview on Philly radio. If he's been on Seattle radio or TV I missed it. Heard him speak more today than I have since he has been here. Sure sounds like he wants out of here.

It would be a huge mistake to allow this trade to happen unless it was very heavily weighted in our favor. He still has a year to go and he is a top level lefty. I do not believe he is 100%. If he is and he's dogging it, that's another story...

I cannot remember a year in which we have had so many pitchers working through injury...

Posted by Henry

4:13 PM, Jul 08, 2008

Big Trade off the wire:

Harden/Caudin for Gallagher/Murton/Patterson and Donaldson.

Does this add more value to Bedard in a trade or does it limit the suitors for a trade?

Posted by BrianL

4:30 PM, Jul 08, 2008

Henry -

If that's the market for top-flight pitchers this year, then we had better keep Bedard.

Posted by brett b

4:33 PM, Jul 08, 2008

Nah, the Cubs weren't looking at Bedard anyway.

Posted by brett b

4:36 PM, Jul 08, 2008

By the way, anybody hear Kim Ng on Softy's show today? I thought she came across great. She actually used words like "metrics" and "data analysis" in how she evaluates talent. I think she would be a great GM here.

Posted by Miles

4:36 PM, Jul 08, 2008

What's the point of having a sports blog if the fans know big news like the Harden trade first, even though our blogger is in Oakland right now?


Anyway, the Harden and Sabbathia deals can't but help the M's, especially since they've happened so early. As we get closer to the deadline, the value of starting pitchers should go up. I could see the M's getting more value for Bedard than these two guys once it becomes clear he's the best remaining available acquisition. That's when you get bidding wars going.

Posted by PayClayBennett

4:44 PM, Jul 08, 2008

Miles is right on - maybe we can move JJ, Wash and Bedard for some young, cheap studs

Posted by Nat

4:44 PM, Jul 08, 2008

AN fans NOT happy about that trade:

Sure hope if the FO does trade Bedard we get something better than the equivalent of what the A's are getting.

Posted by 6killer

5:00 PM, Jul 08, 2008

If the A's can get such a good return on Harden who is Mr. Injury himself, the M's should be able to do well for Bedard. The list of top of the rotation starting pitchers is dwindling and now Bedard moves to the head of the class.

Posted by Nat

5:09 PM, Jul 08, 2008

Quantity does not equal quality.

Posted by mistadoc

5:29 PM, Jul 08, 2008

Hey geoff I love your work, and you do a great job. I don't post here much, but I had to ask this favor. if you can remember can you please ask riggleman why he insists on batting vidro 4th? I don't understand the logic behind that move. Am I missing something?

Posted by bhammariner

5:37 PM, Jul 08, 2008

So, we clamor for a # 1 starter for how many years? Get one, and want to give up on him after 4 months? Hmmm.

Personally, I'd keep Bedard unless our socks are knocked off.

GEOFF - What does Philly have to offer? What are the rumors?

Trade: Washburn he is hot. Move him now.

Posted by Faceplant

6:15 PM, Jul 08, 2008

"You guys really cannot be this stupid....seriously. I know some of you think you know a lot more than you actually do, and some of you obviously cannot understand the term "rational thinking"......"

As opposed to not understanding reality.

"but do you for one second believe that Bedard only acts this way with the media? I mean, a little research, and a little common sense tells you he not only has a problem with the media, but any coaches who have worked with him, some teammmates, and the FO people who have had to deal with him....."

Two Mariners coaches said negative things about him, I can't find a single teammate that's ever said anything bad about him (an ESPN article even stated that his teammates revered him). In Baltimore nobody but the media disliked him.

"Seriously, you Kool-Aid drinkers from the USSM, you guys definitely need to learn how to think for yourselves....."The Interview" is simply an ass, not just to the media, but to most everyone around him"

Really? That's funny because I actually did the research and this is what I found.

From Larry Stone,

"Bedard came to Seattle with a reputation as a difficult personality, particularly for us ink-stained wretches. However, when I was in Orioles camp in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., a couple of weeks ago and asked his former teammates about Bedard, they seemed to genuinely enjoy his company. Of course, they never had to stick a tape recorder in his face and ask him to evaluate his outing.

"He's a different kind of cat, for sure," Orioles outfielder Jay Gibbons told me. "Definitely a quiet guy. He's a good guy, He just doesn't like the attention, I think."

And from ESPN,

"That brusqueness ends, however, once reporters put down their notebooks or turn off the red light. Unlike Red Sox outfielder Manny Ramirez, whose abstention from the media is nearly unmatched, Bedard will gladly engage in conversation as long as it's not for posterity. He suddenly morphs into the self-described country boy he is. The one from small-town Lambert, just outside Ottawa, who throws in his uncle's freezing chicken barn during the winter and once said he'd probably be an elevator mechanic if baseball didn't pan out."

""He's very, very private," O's manager Dave Trembley says. "He's not a [bad] guy. He just doesn't like people asking him obvious, stupid questions."

Erik Bedard has never been a problem in the clubhouse, and those who say he has are either lying, or don't have the slightest clue what they are talking about. The only people he has had a problem with are the media, and with all due respect to Geoff, I couldn't possibly care less about the interviews he gives.

Posted by Ms Fan in Exile

6:27 PM, Jul 08, 2008

To my way of thinking, although not exactly ethical, would be for Gillick to overpay for Bedard, knowing that if our minority owner takes over, then he becomes Club President. Hence, he would be giving himself a better product (possibly) in the future. Heck, if we could swing it somehow:

J. Lopez + R. Sexson + E. Bedard + 2 Prospects (Mid Level)


C. Utley + R. Howard + C. Hamels

Now, that would be setting himself up for success here!

Posted by zDawg

6:30 PM, Jul 08, 2008

If Washburn stays on a roll, will we actually be able to get something for him? While his record here is poor, I will admit his run support has at times been horrendous.

I just hope the M's go big on trades instead of picking up midlevel parts that seldom pan out.

Foppert was just another bust, the catcher lasted less than a season, but Winn plays to this day. These kinds of trades need to be avoided like the plague.

Posted by Faceplant

7:38 PM, Jul 08, 2008

Oh, I haven't wieghed in on the Washburn has been as productive as Bedard over the last seven starts nonsense but I'm going to now. It's horse crap. He hasn't, and Geoff you should really know better than to look at the results superficially without putting them in context. GM's (generally) aren't that stupid.

In terms of Runs scored, the offenses that Jarrod Washburn has faced in his last 7 starts ranked 9th, 13th, 15th, 9th, 16th, 13th, and 11th in there respective leagues.

The offenses that Erik Bedard faced in his last 7 starts ranked 7th, 15th, 9th, 16th, 2nd, 11th, and 2nd in their respective leagues.

Bedard has faced significantly better competition than Jarrod Washburn. The context DOES matter Geoff, and the VAST majority of major league teams are smart enough to figure that out.

And as far as Bedard only throwing a hundred pitches, I don't want to hear it. Erik Bedard has always tired around a hundred pitches, yet it's YOU Geoff, one of the biggest supporters of the Bedard deal, who are now complaining about something that everyone knew beforehand. It didn't seem to be a problem then, why is it now? Tell me who benefits when a tired pitcher sucks for another couple innings? Jarrod Washburn hurts the team when he pitches past a hundred pitches or so. Yet, you think Bedard should follow his lead? No thanks.

Posted by Inferior Vena Cava

8:18 PM, Jul 08, 2008


Really sorry that you have to spend a few days in "The City." I agree with the guy born and raised, to say it's overrated is being nice.

I doubt you're paying for the overpriced hotel, but whoever is should really try and put you guys in the East Bay and save some dough. Pleasanton is probably the closest and most realistic location. Ok, so it doesn't have the retail and restaurant that the city does, but do you really enjoy the sot-so-sights and smells THAT much?

FYI - the Bay Bridge is off camera to the right and the Bay Bridge is directly behind you when you're looking out that window.

Posted by C,J.

3:10 AM, Jul 09, 2008

The reason Bedard gave that interview is because he lobbying to get traded in an underhande way.If he get`s some goodwill in aninterview with philly gillick and company will see him as that much more of attractive aqusitition.
That`s obvious.

Posted by mike

9:27 AM, Jul 09, 2008

as a philly fan I'd give you Jason Donald (a very good AA prospect at SS and maybe our second or third best pitching prospect. Not Carrasco). take it or leave it. Its a shame Bavasi still isnt' there becuase he'd probably make that deal!

Posted by PHILLY FAN

9:44 AM, Jul 09, 2008

As a native Philadelphian who stumbled onto your site, I'd love to have Bedard on the Phillies, but if he's got a problem with the Seattle media, he'll go crazy here!

I'd be more than willing to deal Moyer and his rocking chair back to your horrible city

Posted by Ed

7:20 PM, Jul 11, 2008

I said from the beginning that Erik wasn't going to be a good idea he didn't want to leave Baltimore. and he is a person with an attitude . Seattle doesn't need that.. GROW UP MR. Bedard and be a man not an a hole. Yes you are an ahole and in need of an attitude adjustment . CRY BABY You SUCK

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