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Geoff Baker covers the Mariners for The Seattle Times. He provides daily coverage of the team throughout spring training, and during the season.

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July 6, 2008 5:14 PM

7/6 game thread

Posted by Jose Romero

Top 15
-Burke uncorks a wild pitch and Cabrera goes to third. Deep fly ball to left by Marcus Thames drives in Cabrera, it's 2-1 Detroit.
-Burke is throwing in the low 80s in mph, and Miguel Cabrera just tagged him for a leadoff double. The fans are getting behind him.
-Well it's official, the M's have run out of available bullpen arms. Backup catcher Jamie Burke is now the pitcher. He's the third M's position player in team history to pitch.

Bottom 14
-Clete Thomas, the Tigers LF, just dropped an attempted basket catch in fair territory and Cairo is on at second with two out for Jamie Burke.
-Sexson pops out to first and is now 0-for-6 today.
-Aquilino Lopez, long ago a Mariners minor-leaguer, is now on to pitch for Detroit. Read this from my colleague Larry Stone from years ago, while you wait for the next inning to start (I was Larry's translator for the story).

Top 14
-It's now time for the 14th inning stretch as we head to the bottom of the inning still tied at 1. They're singing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" again."
-Just to clarify, this is NOT Geoff Baker writing this. OK now moving on...this is officially the longest game as far as innings the Mariners have played this season. Jimenez has thrown more than 50 pitches and anything he gives them now is just a bonus. Two outs with a man on second for Detroit. Not a great many folks have left the stadium. That's good to see. Someone is actually starting a "Let's go Tigers" chant.

Bottom 13
-Ichiro walks, but is thrown out trying to steal second. Riggleman comes out to argue but when he sees the replay, he will see that Ichiro was tagged out before his foot hit the bag.Too bad, because Lopez just singled and that might have been the game winner right there.
-Three great innings by Jimenez. Impressive against a very good offensive team. Now the Mariners have to find a way to make it worthwhile.

Bottom 12
-To the lucky 13th we go after a ground out to first. Jimenez back out there for his third inning of work.
-Willie can be the man again, like he was the other night (July 1). Cairo at second with two out.
-I got away from this for a bit, but it's Richie time to lead off the 12th against a new pitcher, Freddy Dolsi. And he grounded out meekly to shortstop. More boos.

Top 11
-Jimenez, the sixth Seattle pitcher, gets it done. The bullpen has been huge today but they will be taxed for the upcoming series at Oakland that starts tomorrow.
-This game was breezing right along until no one could score in the late going. Now Cesar Jimenez is on to pitch for the M's.

Bottom 10
-Betancourt fans to end the inning.
-Bloomquist just fouled off what the Safeco speed gun clocked at a 101 mph fastball. Next pitch was over his ducking head a la Charlie Sheen as "Wild Thing" in "Major League." Willie is fouling off pitch after pitch, and just drew a walk.
-Flamethrower Joel Zumaya is on to pitch for Detroit. Robertson was outstanding...9 IP. 4 H, 1 R, 1 K, 2 BB both intentional.

Top 10
-Sean Green now pitching for Seattle, Batista might yet make that Wednesday start. Green is 5th M's pitcher of the day.

Bottom 9
-Sexson flies out to center, gets a few more boos. We're going to extra frames.
-Ibanez strikes out swinging, and now Sexson gets the chance to atone for the 7th and be the hero after Beltre is intentionally walked. A lot of cheers for Big Richie.
-Lopez executes the sacrifice bunt, Ichiro to second.
-Ichiro leads off with an infield single, typical of the All-Star. Robertson is still in there for the Tigers.

Top 9
-Batista gets through it, and now it's game time. Sun is out, maybe a good sign for the M's.
-Miguel Batista is in the game. If he goes beyond this inning, he probably won't start Wednesday as planned.

Top 8
-Give Corcoran credit. Dude shut down the Tigers in order for two innings, including this one.

Bottom 7
-And as if on command, Sexson hits into the 6-4-3 double play to end the inning, stranding Ibanez after a one-out double.
-The Tigers just intentionally walked Beltre and his .248 average to get to...everyone's favorite whipping boy, that singles machine Richie Sexson.

Top 7
-Roy Corcoran is now pitching for the Mariners on a sleepy Sunday here at the ballpark. Has anyone out there ever won Blowers' Rally Fries? Just asking.

Bottom 6
-Now it's the Pistons, I mean Tigers, playing defense. Beautiful diving catch by the new RF, Joyce, to rob Betancourt of a hit.

Top 6
-Soft fly out to Ichiro ends the threat by "The D," which is what a couple of my friends call Detroit. Still 1-1.
-Lowe walks pinch hitter Matt Joyce with two out and two on, loading the bases. Roy Corcoran now warming up in the pen. Lowe has thrown 35 pitches this inning.
-Five pitches and out for Detroit starter Nate Robertson in the bottom 5. Now Lowe is on to pitch for the Mariners. RRS line: 5 IP, 5 H, 1 R, 3 BB, 2 K, 87 pitches, 56 strikes.

Top 5
-M's get away with just the one run allowed. I could swear Lopez forgot there was one out on that grounder to Beltre. He caught the throw to get the lead runner, but didn't even attempt a throw to first for the 5-4-3 DP. Johjima was running up the line pointing at first, Beltre stood there in disbelief, it looked to me, and Lopez patted himself on the chest as if to say "My bad." But it doesn't cost them.

-RRS up over 70 pitches now, so Mark Lowe is now warming up in the pen for Seattle. And there it goes...a solo HR to LF to tie it at 1. Ryan Raburn goes yard. RRS is on the ropes, it seems, but if he can get out of this, he still should buy his teammates dinner for all the times they rescued him today.

Top 4
-Lights are on here, its mostly cloudy but there is a bit of blue sky.
-More D...Ichiro goes down to a knee to make a sliding catch for the second out. And as I write that, Johjima just threw out Pudge Rodriguez trying to steal second.

Bottom 3
-Mariners on the board when Bloomquist gets an infield hit, scores on Betancourt's double off the base of the left field wall. Betancourt is tagged out off second base but Bloomquist beats the throw home. 1-0 Seattle.

Top 3
-Wicked hard line drive to third by Carlos Guillen is knocked down by Beltre, ball glances to Betancourt, who throws out Guillen after Miguel Cairo scoops the one-bounce throw. M's are d-ing up today so far.

Bottom 2
-A few boos for Sexson as he fouls out to the catcher

Top 2
-Nice diving catch by Bloomquist in center. Keeps RRS out of trouble for the moment after a leadoff single.
-Back-to-back walks loads 'em up for the Tigers, but Adrian Beltre picks up his pitcher with a diving stab of a Placido Polanco grounder to Beltre's left and he throws him out. End of inning. 44 pitches for RRS.

Bottom 1
-Ichiro got a nice ovation after a video tribute to him being named an All-Star was played on the big board here at Safeco.

Top 1
-Rowland-Smith threw 25 pitches but emerged unscathed.

64 degress at first pitch, 1:10 p.m.

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Posted by nature

1:48 PM, Jul 06, 2008

Hey... I have an idea. Take the guy that hit two home runs last night and bench him. And then... take the a that can't hit, don't play him at his defensive position (stick another guy that can't hit there) and stick him at DH.

Poor RSS... no support in the lineup.

Posted by Capo

1:56 PM, Jul 06, 2008

Two fantastic plays by Beltre (the second was more Yuni)........

Terrible baserunning by Yuni on that double......things like that really need to stop.

Posted by Marinersfan04

1:56 PM, Jul 06, 2008

Re: this lineup today. Sometimes conventional baseball wisdom ought to be overthrown and a "daring" move made, in the interests of "shaking things up." Put Clement in the lineup, bench Sexson. Or, are these awful lineup decisions coming from higher up than Riggleman??

Posted by Mr. X

2:16 PM, Jul 06, 2008


Curtis Granderson has better numbers than Ichiro in 21 fewer games. That being said, he doesn't deserve to be an All-Star this year either. Let's hear it for the racist overseas vote.

Posted by wag the dog

2:38 PM, Jul 06, 2008

Ugh. Why bench Clement after he had a good night? How is the guy supposed to get a rythmn when he's jerked around like this? Not saying he would have followed up with another two jacks today, but it seems like one thing young players really need is consistency. Vets probably need it too, but hopefully after a while in the bigs you figure out ways to keep yourself somewhat sharp even if you aren't playing every day.

Why not run Clement out there everyday and see what happens? See if he can find a groove.

Posted by Capo

2:38 PM, Jul 06, 2008

"Let's hear it for the racist overseas vote."3

C'mon dude, I think there are more deserving players as well........but can we drop the "racism" crap....its been played too many times by too many people.

Posted by GripS

2:43 PM, Jul 06, 2008

Could the M's hitters make the game ANY easier on Nate?

Posted by Ziasudra

2:44 PM, Jul 06, 2008

I see the M's are lobbying for another Cy Young award winner today. . . .

Posted by Bums

2:50 PM, Jul 06, 2008

RRS is turning out to be a good starter. Can't question too much Riggelman has done with the garbage he has and the record he has, but Sexson at DH is a head scratcher. Might as well throw Clement out there and see if he can ride his previous night. Understand the night/day thing, but he could have DH'ed. No worse than putting Sexson out there. Hopefully they can pull out a win today. RRS has given them a good chance.

Posted by 11Records

2:54 PM, Jul 06, 2008

Dude - through 6 innings, the Tigers had throw 56 pitches. The Mariners? 135. And it's 1-1. WOW!

And, actually, I don't think that's all all that rare for this club.

Sexson has been really good against LH pitching and he had 3 walks last night. So, ease up on him a little.

If the M's ever get Robertson out of there, Clement will probably pinch hit vs a righty.

Posted by GripS

3:08 PM, Jul 06, 2008

God help us.....Batista's going to the mound.

Posted by Beelzebub

3:20 PM, Jul 06, 2008

Perhaps Batista has found his niche as a relief pitcher, sadly we have had to wait this long for him to level out. Several of us suggested this move back in April, as it was clear he didn't have it together this year. Of course, McLaren kept trotting him out there and this kind of inane management is why he deserved to be fired. Expensive relief pitcher he may be, but at least he is not screwing up games by starting. He has found the level of his expertise/ Go RRS!

Posted by Satan

3:27 PM, Jul 06, 2008

That G guy can't help anyone!

Posted by Nat

3:29 PM, Jul 06, 2008

In close games like this one I'm beginning to feel like the M's still have a good chance to win, which is pretty amazing all by itself! Such optimism from fans is novel in a season like this one.

Bottom of the 9th - Sexson is up, can he do it? I'm open to anything, but...nope! That's asking for too much.

Posted by Miles

3:30 PM, Jul 06, 2008

I can't believe they didn't PH for Sexson.

Posted by The Ancient Mariner

3:38 PM, Jul 06, 2008

Who would you have used to pinch hit for Sexson? It would be against the conventional wisdom to use a left handed bat. What I can't believe is that Sexson is still on this team.

Posted by Miles

3:42 PM, Jul 06, 2008

Yeah, I looked at the situational stats and neither Vidro or Clement looked very good. Oddly, Sexson is supposed to do very well agains lefties.

Not today.

Posted by Nat

3:43 PM, Jul 06, 2008

A brief but excellent read on how the team is doing under Riggleman.

As far as keeping Sexson and Vidro in the lineup. Riggleman is either handcuffed by the FO or has a HUGE blind spot.

Posted by Joe "The Pro"

3:46 PM, Jul 06, 2008

Look, I have nothing against Sexson personally. He's actually a friend of a very good friend of mine.
But his continuing presence on this team is an insult to baseball fans in Seattle. Everyone knows that he is a blind squirrel (i.e. occasionally he will find a nut as he did with his HR the other day.)

He is done. Period. I don't care if you have to pay a team to take him, GET HIM OFF OF THIS CLUB NOW!!!!!!!!!

Posted by The Ancient Mariner

3:58 PM, Jul 06, 2008

Yea, I tend to think it is the FO, who still mistakenly thinks they can get something of value for one of these bums. They are sunk costs, from bad signing and trade, thanks to BB. Riggleman is using his bench and better managing the pitching staff, so he is getting the best of what he has, however, why not get some young hungry talent up from Tacoma to replace the likes of Sexson, Vidro and Cairo.

There are several promising outfielders in Tacoma - Balentien, Diaz, possible Redman and of course Saunders - one of whom might be able to play first, although Raul should move there. While Cairo has played well in stretches and he gives you all he has, he does not have a future with the M's whereas Huglet is hitting well in Tacoma, give him a chance to play some in Seattle, he may have a future.

Riggleman, however, is doing those things which Mac could only talk about but never deliver. So we can now see a bit of a preview of what might have been, had we a manager with ability to begin the season. Hopefully Mr, P is working the wire as we move toward the trade deadline, now is an excellent time to begin improving this team making some judicious trades. Move Ibanez, Beltre, Johjima, Washburn, Batista, Rhodes, Lowe and Putz for some prospects. Accept the sunk costs of Sexson, Vidro and Cairo, so as to make room to audition and develop talent.

Posted by Miles

3:59 PM, Jul 06, 2008

I think the problem is "Who plays 1B if you dump Sexson?"

Vidro? Ibanez? LaHair is the 1B at Tacoma but he doesn't look worth calling up.

Maybe Tug Hullett can play 1B. OF Victor Diaz looks like he deserves a shot at the majors as well while Balentien continues to struggle.

Posted by GripS

4:03 PM, Jul 06, 2008

You can only hold off these guys for so long. C'mon M's.... you need to score this inning otherwise it's over.

Posted by Capo

4:07 PM, Jul 06, 2008

We're working on borrowed time......

With Bedard going 5 innings every time out, RRS good for 4-5 innings, and everyone not named Felix going 5 innings, our bullpen is in real trouble for the long haul.....we can't keep expecting Lowe, Morrow, Green, etc to keep bailing the team out daily, its eventually (and soon, I expect) going to catch up with them.

Posted by The Ancient Mariner

4:12 PM, Jul 06, 2008

Trade that Jonah = AB

Posted by Scanman

4:21 PM, Jul 06, 2008

Thanks a lot for the inning-by-inning blog today Jose Its easy to follow the game on the computer. Any relation to an Anthony in the Denver area? Keep up the good work.

Posted by Nat

4:43 PM, Jul 06, 2008

Wow, Jiminez is pretty impressive. Hopefully, it's not going without notice by the FO and they'll keep him around.

BTW, Jose- Please don't pay attenition to the commentator who told you to knock off the Spanish! I appreciate it, as I've been taking classes and teaching myself Spanish for the last few years. What's hard is learning situational Spanish, since some Spanish, like English, is idiomatic and doesn't translate word for word. So anything to do with baseball in Spanish is fine with me!

Posted by Wall-E

4:51 PM, Jul 06, 2008

Ok so here we are since we last spoke.

Geoff as usual is in a state of panic.

The Ms are at least 10-5 since the maagrerial change.

Not bad considering the far moajority og MLG is far beyond that over the past 2 weeks.

What Geoff and the vast majority of you don't understand is that being a sports fan is really about losing and not winning.

Ask the NY Yankees. This team will not even make the playoffs so why is this team any different then the Seattle Mariners of '08?

Think about it and that includes you Geoff and the emotional Steve Kelly who reacts likes a gerbil.

Posted by The Evil One

4:56 PM, Jul 06, 2008

Best go run on your gerbil wheel for now Wall-E.

Posted by The Ancient Mariner

5:01 PM, Jul 06, 2008

Beltre can play defense, he does keep games close with his glove, shall we give him another t=year while Tui matures in Tacoma?

Posted by Old Nick

5:05 PM, Jul 06, 2008

boo, boo Richie!

Posted by Bums

5:08 PM, Jul 06, 2008

Wouldn't it be great if Clement came in to pinch hit and hit a game-winning homer? I would if he would have done something to help them win.

Posted by GripS

5:10 PM, Jul 06, 2008

OMG WTF!!! Jamie Burke is pitching....guess they don't want to win this game.

Posted by Old Nick

5:12 PM, Jul 06, 2008

There was a perfect opportunity to pinch hit Clement for Burke, but I don't know about this move? Seems like someone wants to give it away.

Posted by Jonathan

5:13 PM, Jul 06, 2008

Lol grip who else is going to pitch? You?

Posted by Ry

5:14 PM, Jul 06, 2008

Well, I guess we know now why Clement didn't hit for Sexson last inning. Oy...

Posted by Nat

5:14 PM, Jul 06, 2008

This is really getting old. Sheesh, even if the Mariners manage to snag a win here they're going to be either a) depleted of pitching tomorrow night or b) exhausted by playing so may extra innings games. Or both.

Jamie Burke?! Does Riggleman just want to give the game away? Very cute, hahaha...not.

Posted by shark2778

5:15 PM, Jul 06, 2008

Why isn't Rhodes pitching??

Posted by GripS

5:16 PM, Jul 06, 2008

@ Jonathan.... Oh I dunno.... how about Arthur Rhodes?

Dickey didn't go that many yesterday...Could have put him in there.

Posted by Grey

5:18 PM, Jul 06, 2008

If this game doesn't end Sexon's stint with the Mariners, nothing will. DH and "O" for freakin Six!

Give me a friggen break!

Posted by Resin isn't Cheating

5:19 PM, Jul 06, 2008

Why didn't the great Ichiro pitch instead of Burke?

Posted by TimsHead

5:21 PM, Jul 06, 2008

Bummer to give up a run, but plenty of Mariners who get paid millions to pitch have done a lot worse than Jamie did.

In other news, did you notice that RSS went five and gave up one run ... just like Bedard did? And one of those people is a reliever, while the other is supposed to be our ace. And fine work by Jimenez, considering he probably wasn't stretched out.

What a crazy game.

Posted by Miles

5:22 PM, Jul 06, 2008

I don't understand why Clement didn't PH for Burke with the runner in scoring position. Even on the radio no one seems to understand why Rhodes wasn't used.

Oh well, Burke did a better job than I thought he would.

Posted by shark2778

5:23 PM, Jul 06, 2008

I bet Rhodes is pissed.

Posted by Ry

5:24 PM, Jul 06, 2008

Maybe Rhodes was dealt tonight?

Posted by Jonathan

5:24 PM, Jul 06, 2008

From all indications of the announcers it sounds like Rhodes is injured.

Maybe you run Dickey back out there, but he just pitched the other day.

Not Riggleman's fault he ran out of arms. His decision not to play Clement against the lefties, I can second-guess

Posted by Nat

5:27 PM, Jul 06, 2008

What a disappointing loss. And costly too since the team is going to be really really tired tomorrow. Bah. Stupid move, putting Burke in there.

Can't WAIT to hear what Riggleman has to say about this, why he didn't use Rhodes or...Dickey?

Posted by BrianL

5:31 PM, Jul 06, 2008

Shame we were out of outfielders on the bench. I would have killed to see Ichiro pitch.

Posted by Dave Lockhart

5:33 PM, Jul 06, 2008

Seattle gave the baseball world "the mendoza line."

I think that it is time that all sports have a word for a person that has no guts, no heart, no desire, a wuss, a puss.

I have come up with such a word. Bedard.

Let me use it in a sentence for you....Last year Shawn Alexander was a bedard.

I am sure that you can come up with others in the sporting world. Good luck and have fun.

Posted by Pilots O' 69

5:38 PM, Jul 06, 2008

Well, a good effort by Burke, but a very poor decision by him to throw a curve ball with a runner on 2nd base.

Posted by Chuck

5:41 PM, Jul 06, 2008

I realize that the manager can't hit for our hitters, but he is the one that makes out the lineup. No clemens--and yes Sexon. Puleeze. And using a back up catcher as a pitcher? That is just rediculous. And why not go for the tie and have Yunie bunt in the 15th? I can't believe the guy ahead of me mentioned Bedard--who wasn't even in the game.

Posted by Dm from UDUB

5:46 PM, Jul 06, 2008

He's a Bedard....I like it?

Posted by Miles

5:55 PM, Jul 06, 2008

Post game interview right now:

- Rhodes "slept on his arm wrong last night" so was shaky, then indicated he wasn't good when they warmed him up.

- the idea of using Burke to pitch was thought up early enough that it impacted whether to PH Clement for him.

- Dickey was the only starter they felt was able to pitch, if they had to.

Posted by scottM

6:16 PM, Jul 06, 2008

Thx, Miles. You're doing a better job than any of the Seattle Times reporters.

I thought Jimenez was a starter down in Tacoma, so I was surprised they didn't try to push him for another inning over trying to use their third string catcher on the mound.

Oh well, I get Burke as our reliever makes as much sense as Vidro in the clean-up spot.

Posted by shortbus

6:23 PM, Jul 06, 2008

How in the name of Jebus do you get through all 15 innings of this game without a single AB from Reed or Clement? That's just freaking stupid.

Posted by I'm Glad to see....

6:33 PM, Jul 06, 2008

I'm glad to see that the M's are so good that they can afford to give away games.

I'm glad to see that singlehandedly winning a game and getting the fans excited wins you a seat on the bench for a 15 inning affair. I'm sure Clement is pumped with encouragement after finding out he's not a better hitting option than Sexson, Cairo or Bloomquist.

I'm glad to see that the rookies, who combined for three extra base hits the previous night, got to sit on the bench and observe how the veterans do it.

I'm glad to see that WFB will pinch hit for Reed when there is even a sniff of a LH, but the reverse will never happen because Reed is just a rookie, and rookies can't help the M's win games.

I'm glad to see, that when Riggleman knew he was out of pitchers, he still chose not to send Clement to the plate to at least give him one chance to end the game.

Finally, I'm glad to see the M's reminding the league that they are unequivocally the laughing stock, and no one does it better. Because I don't believe that I have EVER seen a team just throw away a tied (or even close) game like the M's just did.

Posted by I'm Glad to see....

6:47 PM, Jul 06, 2008

BTW - Brewers just traded for CC. Perhaps, with the best available pitcher gone, we'll a little more action on the Bedard front. Of course, regardless who we pick up, they'll probably just ride the pine while watching the murderers row that is Sexson, Cairo, Burke, and Bloomquist.

Posted by 11Records

6:57 PM, Jul 06, 2008

Honestly, the M's should almost not have even had a shot to be in this game.

And, with the lack of available arms right now, you have to commend Burke for almost getting it done. But - the team needs to make sure Arthur sleeps on his back from now on. Lord...

It's easy to bag on Sexson, but the TEAM combined for 6 hits in 15 innings. So, you can't put all the blame on him.

Gonna be tough in the Oakland series with the relief pitching situation. Maybe on on Felix's side day on Tuesday leading up to his start on Thursday he can pitch an inning or two out of the pen. Because there's no real roster move to be made to get another arm up.

Posted by Jose Canseco

7:08 PM, Jul 06, 2008

Burke pitched "almost" as good as I did.

Just hope his arm wasn't irreparable damaged like mine was after my pitching stint.

Posted by GripS

7:17 PM, Jul 06, 2008

I have to say going into this game (even last nights game) I didn't think we had a chance. Clement pulled off the win last night and it was a bad move by Riggleman to cool off his 2 homer night with a day on the bench.

Good call by shortbus. Reed has been hitting well lately. Why didn't he get a chance up there?

As for Rhodes..... Shall we call you Bedard now? Suck it up and get your ass out there!

Nice try Burke. Had it not been for that wild pitch you might have just retired the side of .300+ batters. Nice job keeping them to one run though. It could have been a massacre.

The Tigers really should be questioning themselves with this win. You almost lost a series to the worst team in MLB and it almost game against the M's bullpen.

Posted by Joe "The Pro"

7:28 PM, Jul 06, 2008

I agree, GripS. If I am a Tigers fan right now, I am so not confident in my team's ability.

I saw a few "Tigers fans" at Bahama Breeze at Southcenter after the game with their bright orange and blue jerseys on (it was sooooo cute! -- ahhhhh), and I just wanted to make some really witty but crude remark about how much their team sucks. But alas, my wife was with me and I didn't want to drop any f- bombs, so I let it go.

What's my point? I don't know. Maybe the M's should start pitching Burke on Bedard's days and make Bedard get out there and catch for him. I'd love to see Bedard try and block a pitch in the dirt, then slump over forward due to heat exhaustion. Just my .02.

Posted by doug

7:31 PM, Jul 06, 2008

frick you riggleman

Posted by Joe "The Pro"

7:32 PM, Jul 06, 2008

Point of clarification: I do not wish any harm on Bedard. I just think it would be a good learning experience for him to see what life is like in the trenches, so we can stop hearing about this 100-pitch crap.

That is all. Carry on!

(P.S. - I was a catcher who suffered from heat exhaustion almost every game.)

Posted by byebyeSexson

9:39 PM, Jul 06, 2008

Mr. 11 Records, in your book what does "really good" mean?

Posted by 11Records

2:54 PM, Jul 06, 2008

"Sexson has been really good against LH pitching and he had 3 walks last night. So, ease up on him a little."

Why does Beltre get an intentional pass whenever first is open? Guess Detroit doesn't know Richie is "really good."

RS is pathetic, he must go, we need the space for the prospect search. Many times Richie not only accounts for his own gaping hole in the lineup, but also he accounts for the out of the poor dude batting ahead of him!


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