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Geoff Baker covers the Mariners for The Seattle Times. He provides daily coverage of the team throughout spring training, and during the season.

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June 15, 2008 12:42 PM

Game thread, June 15, Mariners vs. Nationals

Posted by Larry Stone

Hello, Larry Stone here. Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there. And to all those who attended the USS Mariner event yesterday, thanks for all the good questions and thoughtful discussion. It was a lot of fun.

This is the first game I've covered since the team came back from their road trip, and it appears that the losing is continuing to take a toll on John McLaren. He really looked haggard when he met with the media before the game. It's understandable, however. I would have to think that if they get swept at home by the Nationals, perhaps the worst team in the National League, there will be major repercussions. Of course, I can't count the number of times over the past three years I've felt the Mariners had reached a breaking point where heads were going to roll, and nothing happened.

McLaren's most interesting comments today were about Erik Bedard's status as pitcher who pretty much is done at 100 pitches.

"I think that's basically what he is,'' Mc"Laren said. "That's the way he was in Baltimore. Basically, he's programmed to go 100 pitches.

"There's not an easy way to put it. I'd love to see him go further, but if he's not capable, he's not capable....There's no use dwelling on it. It is what it is. He's a 100-pitch pitcher."

Here at the lineups, which has McLaren pulling out all the stops: Bloomquist at shortstop and Cairo at first. No, Betancourt was not benched for his decision to bunt on his own with two strikes last night, McLaren said.


Cristian Guzman SS

Elijah Dukes RF

Lastings Milledge CF

Dmitri Young DH

Jesus Flores C

Ronnie Belliard 3B

Aaron Boone 1B

Felipe Lopez 2B

Wily Mo Pena LF

Tim Redding P


Ichiro CF

Jose Lopez 2B

Raul Ibanez LF

Adrian Beltre 3B

Jose Vidro DH

Kenji Johjima C

Jeremy Reed RF

Miguel Cairo 1B

Willie Bloomquist SS

Jarrod Washburn P

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Posted by Beelzebub

1:16 PM, Jun 15, 2008

If getting swept by the Nationals will produce repercussions, then it is time to become a Nationals fan.

Go Nats!

Posted by Beelzebub

1:20 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Nice work WashBUM. keep it up and lets embrace the repercussions.

Go Nats!

Posted by oregongal

1:23 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Hi, Larry, always nice to have you here.

Too bad Mac didn't realize last year that Washburn was a 90-pitch pitcher. Not sure he's even that this year.

Posted by Mr. X

1:28 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Oh, a USS Mariner event? Two quick questions. How many "F bombs" did Dereka drop, and how many lickspittles (total) were in attendance?

Posted by Old Nick

1:33 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Beltre's first line drive in five games, I suppose his LD& will jump exponentially. But it is all too late and too little to be of meaning this year, trade him, he is not untouchable.

Posted by Beelzebub

1:35 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Go Nats!

Repercussions in the wind!

Posted by step up

1:35 PM, Jun 15, 2008

bottom line...M's hitters simply miss the mistakes from opposing pitchers, while every other team hits our pitcher's, M's foul off every "good pitch to hit"

what this means is we have weak-minded hitters, which maifests itself in our lack of offense

Please blow up this team. It is the only option, unless of course you don't care about winning.

Posted by Old Nick

1:39 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Blow up this team, except don't let Bavasi near the plunger!

Posted by Maui Mariner

1:42 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Hey oregongal, howzit?

Too bad about this season but it happens.

Just too many times for M's fans these days!

Posted by step up

1:43 PM, Jun 15, 2008

yes, very good point. By "blow up this team", I mean for BavASSi to be included in the group that goes.

Posted by Beelzebub

1:50 PM, Jun 15, 2008

There is the promise of repercussions waiting in the wings of this game, let not do anything to spoil it. We don't need this game so much as we need Bavasi and McLaren gone - lets hope these bums are the impending repercussions. Wake-up Armstrong, Lincoln and Mr. Y, you've got a sour lemon, lets find a way to make some lemonade.

Go Nats! We need repercussions in Seattle!

Posted by Anything Can Happen

1:54 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Hmmmm...Reed, Cairo, and Willie batting 7-8-9. Whatever will poor Mac do without his speed off the bench?

I just don't understand MacLaren--he seems to forget he has players on the bench (Willie did not play at all from May 23 to June 7, even when it might have made some sense) and then implies that he wants to save either Willie or Cairo on the bench just in case they're needed as pinch runners (or pinch-hitters for Richie...). He also seems to forget about half his bullpen and then suddenly remembers he has RRS or Sean Green and pitches them 5 games in a row. Okay, that's a bit exaggerated, and I know I'm preaching to the choir.

Posted by Old Nick

1:55 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Permission to talk to Wendy in Cleveland, bring her in to blow this mess up. Maybe she can sweet talk some of the other GMs and pawn off some of the vets for some prospects. Bring on the repercussions beginning with Bavasi and McLaren, get with it Armstrong, Lincoln and Y.

Posted by nature

1:57 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Go Nats!

(I doubt losing every game for the next two months will make changes happen)

Posted by Paper bag Fan

2:01 PM, Jun 15, 2008

How does the Mariners take 2 out of 3 from Boston and get swept (Probably) by the Nats??

Time to take the towels and more away from these

I am so ashamed!! Oh, I'll take another Prozac!!

Posted by Martin

2:03 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Do any of you find the humor in the commentary by Dave and Mike when they describe the road woes of the different teams throughout the league.

I think underneath it they would love to ridicule this pathetic bunch of losers but they know that they would probably get in hot water for it.

No team is as terrible on the road as our mariners and none at home either

Posted by Old Nick

2:03 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Since the day the Pilots moved and the state went to court with the AL fighting for this team, I have been a Mariners fan all the way, but I cannot stomach this $117mm debacle, Bavasi has got to be held accountable. You are nothing as business men, that includes you Y, Lincoln and Armstrong, if you cannot see this glaring failure. Save some face and get rid of this bum Bavasi, do it today, bring the misery to an end.

Posted by Anything Can Happen

2:04 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Seems Richie didn't take his pick-off bad luck off the field with him; now Cairo's got it too. I guess some of you are right--there's just a whole lot of bad luck swirling around this team...

Posted by Beelzebub

2:06 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Way to go Beltre, let the runner die on third, we need the repercussions. Love that LD% buddy, its like Geoff's hair, so pretty.

Posted by Beelzebub

2:09 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Can't even count on the Nats for help. we need the repercussions, get it together Nats! Remember we have Fluffy WashBUM on the mound, there's still hope - Go Nats!

Posted by The Ancient Mariner

2:11 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Beltre is a Jonah - throw him overboard.

Posted by Paper bag Fan

2:13 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Hey Adam,

Another Beltre failure to get the runner in from 3rd.
No 100RBI's for him this year!!

Maybe we can trade Beltre to the White Sox for Crede?? He is a free agent at season end so they might deal??

Oh, we still get a run on an 2 error! They may be a worse fielding team than the Mariners.

Posted by Chris from Bothell

2:15 PM, Jun 15, 2008

NO, Larry, 'pulling out all the stops' would be a) outright saying that WFB for Betancourt is benching Betancourt for his bunting problem yesterday, and b) putting in Reed in CF, to bench Ichiro for getting thrown out at third. :)

Posted by Sounders

2:18 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Hey Larry. Good to have you with us. Wanna join Baghead Nation?

Posted by Paper bag Man

2:18 PM, Jun 15, 2008


I will give Beltre his due!! He sure can play Defense!! Maybe another Gold Glove??

Posted by The Ancient Mariner

2:21 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Ah, the lad can play defense, ergh, he still cursed with bad luck me harties - a Jonah, I tell you. Keel hole him!

Posted by Neophyte

2:25 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Where is Novice when you need him? Nice play Ichiro.

Go Nats!

Posted by The Ancient Mariner

2:28 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Lost cap! Jonah, i tells ya.

Posted by Sounders

2:29 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Baghead Nation releases the following message:

Howie and Chuckie and Billy and Mac must go.

Defy us and you will know pain, my friend

Posted by Mindless

2:32 PM, Jun 15, 2008

How could anyone mismanage something so golden as the M's?

Posted by The Ancient Mariner

2:40 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Strike out! Jonah.

Posted by BrianL

2:41 PM, Jun 15, 2008

I see that 4 at-bats is now considered to be a large sample size.

Posted by The Ancient Mariner

2:43 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Sample size be damn - a Jonah is a Jonah.

Posted by BrianL

2:44 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Your analysis is impeccable.

Posted by The Ancient Mariner

2:45 PM, Jun 15, 2008

You labeled him unlucky - You Jonah sucker!

Posted by BrianL

2:47 PM, Jun 15, 2008

I also said that over the last two weeks he's been pressing with RISP. Although really, if anyone believes that Beltre is the biggest problem on this team than there's really nothing I can do.

Posted by Beelzebub

2:47 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Come on Felipe, runner in scoring position, we need the repercussions.

Go Nats!

Posted by The Ancient Mariner

2:49 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Beltre = Jonah, friend, bad luck is bad luck! Keel hole 'em.

Posted by Beelzebub

2:52 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Who would think a team might make Fluffy look like Cy Young? We really need to lose to these guys for the sake of repercussions.

Go Nats!

Posted by The Ancient Mariner

2:57 PM, Jun 15, 2008

The Jonah always presses with risp, it is his career history and chronic bad luck, throw him overboard.

Posted by BrianL

2:58 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Has anyone here ever taken a look at Beltre's career numbers, or do they just pigeon hole him as a terrible player?

Posted by The Ancient Mariner

3:00 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Forget about it idiot, he is a Jonah!

Posted by Beelzebub

3:02 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Repercussions are hinted, dare we dream of a dismissal of the most responsible parties - Bavasi and McLaren.

Get some runs Nats!

Posted by Old Nick

3:04 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Nice defense, Raul! Keep up the good work in left!

Posted by Batter Up!!!

3:05 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Adam Jones would have had that one.

Posted by Nick T

3:08 PM, Jun 15, 2008

He's a 100 pitch guy, that's it???!!
What the bleep is that all about?? They had to know this...
This Bedard is pulling their collective chains..He wants out asap and he'll say anything..
I mean this is nuts , ain't it?? The guy is definitely going to start "RANDYING(not a word) pretty soon.. You can substitute he's pulling a "UNIT" !!!
He's the biggest quitter they've had since that 6'10" a____hole left town in 1998..


Posted by BrianL

3:09 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Ladies and gentlemen, that's why you don't have a DH play in the biggest part of the outfield every day.

Posted by Old Nick

3:11 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Tell to Johnny Mac, who says Raul is no defensive liability.

Posted by Beelzebub

3:13 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Every body safe, go Nats!

Posted by Beelzebub

3:15 PM, Jun 15, 2008

It is difficult to imagine another team could be as bad offensively as the M's, but we may be looking at them today.

Way to get that run, Go Nats!

Posted by BrianL

3:16 PM, Jun 15, 2008

But Raul is a grizzled veteran who plays the game right.

Everyone knows that being a grizzled veteran trumps talent.

Posted by Old Nick

3:18 PM, Jun 15, 2008

At least that's Johnny Mac's theory, forget about his 1B / DH potential.

Posted by BrierDawg

3:21 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Where would the Mariners be without Bavasi?

You have to give Bavasi some credit for signing Bentancourt, and Johjima, while no Miguel Oliva, is certainly better than any catcher they've tried to develop. Other than that, if Mariners had no GM since 2003, these would be the players they'd have to work with:

Relief Pitchers - RH Rafael Soriano (2.00), LH Ryan Rowland-Smith(2.33), RH Ryan Franklin (2.45), LH George Sherril (2.83), RH JJ Putz (5.21)

Starting Pitchers - RH Felix Hernandez (2.81), LH Matt Thornton (2.70), LH Jamie Moyer (4.12), RH Joel Pineiro (4.41), RH Cha Seung Baek(5.01), RH Gil Meche (5.25)

Catcher - Kenji Johjima (.230)

Infielders - 3B Carlos Guillen (.300), SS Yuniesky Bentancourt (.284), 2B Jose Lopez (.295), 1B Greg Dobbs 1B (.353)

Outfielders - Raul Ibanez(.263), Ichiro Suzuki(.293), Randy Winn(.302), Shin-soo Choo (.308), Adam Jones (.257)

Note, only Johjima and Bentancourt were not already in the Mariner organization when Bavasi came in.

Note: Morrow is not on the roster, because I think Bavasi should get the credit for puting the Mariners in a position to be able to draft him (or Tim Lincecum for that matter).

I think there are three things that can be concluded from this.

1. Don't look for the trade deadline to make things better.
2. Nobody could have done the job Bavasi has done.
3. Perhaps Bavasi should be replaced by nobody.

Posted by Neophyte

3:22 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Celebrate Johnny Mac, a manager who knows the limitations of his talent,

Posted by BrianL

3:24 PM, Jun 15, 2008

A lineup that features Vidro, Cairo, and Bloomquist has trouble scoring runs? Surely no one saw this coming.

Posted by Beelzebub

3:25 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Nobody for GM!

Go Nats!

Posted by BrierDawg

3:28 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Can bumber stickers be far away?

Posted by BrierDawg

3:29 PM, Jun 15, 2008

err, that would be bumper stickers.

Go Sonics! (and take the M's with you)

Posted by Beelzebub

3:30 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Nobody for GM!

print 'em up, add it to your bags, go bagheads!

Posted by Beelzebub

3:31 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Well Dawg, they are bummers anyway!

Posted by headliner

3:33 PM, Jun 15, 2008

BILL BAVASI proudly presents HIS 2008 SEATTLE MARINERS with HIS hand picked manager, JOHN MCLAREN. HEEHAW

Posted by idiot patrol

3:34 PM, Jun 15, 2008

hey brian i posted this yesterday but you didn't have a response. so here you go again. here's a sample size for you. career numbers as members of the mariners.

4 seasons.
sexson: .244 avg, 103 hr, 314 rbi
beltre: .261 avg. 84 hr, 305 rbi

how's that for beltre's run production? are you telling me that he has been un-lucky for 4 years? you complain about people not looking at his "career numbers." or a "small sample size." well as a mariner he has not delivered big run production for us. and if you STILL think he is than you have to say that sexson is too because he's produced more in seattle than beltre has.

Posted by Beelzebub

3:34 PM, Jun 15, 2008

R-E-P-E-R-C -U-S-I-O-N-S

Go Nats!

Shut up McLaren!

Posted by macdoubter

3:34 PM, Jun 15, 2008

The only thing that will change things is when the turnstiles quit turning. Money talks.

To that I will agree. Problem is, people won't stop coming no matter what the real baseball fans think. For many persons, the whole experience--the ballpark, the food, the memorabilia, the goofy promotioms, the between-innings distractions of bloopers, dancing hams and a wheelie-popping moose, etc.--is really no different than the circus.

Just because the big dopey elephant at first base drops a big turd on stage every night, or the half-man half-woman "ace" is let off stage early by the old stupid clown who wears glasses but can't see anything, doesn't mean the show won't go on or that people won't pay to be a part of it.

And if that's not enough, soon add bagheads to that mix, too. Do you really think the bald ringleader cares whether the hand that that feeds the dollar is attached to a baghead or not? its still a dollar.

Aren't most the people who are talking about showing up in bags the same people who are so disgusted that they've decided to not support the team by staying away from the ballpark???? The goal should be driving down attendance, not increasing it!

Bagheads have it all wrong. They need to do what the unions do and picket/protest outside the gates. That will receive more attention and will cause some folks to stay away who won't want to deal with crossing a protest. As it is now, all safeco has to worry about is having enough mariner dogs on hand to feed the extra (baghead) customers!

Posted by BrianL

3:36 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Your using home runs and RBIs as a "useful metric."

I'm not even going to start with how that's flawed.

Posted by idiot patrol

3:36 PM, Jun 15, 2008

oh by the way, beltre has had 296 more at bats entering today's game than sexson.

Posted by Prince of Darkness

3:37 PM, Jun 15, 2008

BrianL get a magnifying glass to check YOUR sample size!

Posted by macdoubter

3:37 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Buy that Nat a beer!!!

Posted by BrianL

3:39 PM, Jun 15, 2008

A double entendre, I see what you did there. Very creative, I commend you for your efforts.

Posted by BrierDawg

3:39 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Wouldn't it be cool if there was replay.

you know for those of us watching at home on TV.

That would be cool technology.

Posted by BWare

3:40 PM, Jun 15, 2008

There will be an announcement tomorrow...

Posted by idiot patrol

3:40 PM, Jun 15, 2008

brian you are rediculous. RBI's don't matter? that's how you measure run production. what matters more than rbi's? you score runs you win games. you're right brian we should be looking at "USEFULL" stats like number of times he wiped his forhead with his wristbands. rbi's don't matter? i have to say i thought it was worth the time to debate you until you said that. now i just know you aren't worth the time. maybe you should take over when bavasi is fired. you'll fit right in with that logic. holy cow brian.

Posted by MLG

3:41 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Is there a reason FSN isn't showing a replay of that home run? Good lord, does it cost extra to show replays of big plays?

Posted by Prince of Darkness

3:41 PM, Jun 15, 2008

BrianL, Is that a flawed member you have in your hand? Amazing you could find it with such a small sample size.

Posted by Sounders

3:42 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Sweet. I go away for five minutes, come back and we are DONE. Let the repercussions begin. Hoi-ohh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seattle fans are actually booing. Dig it.

Posted by BrianL

3:42 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Using RBIs as an evaluation metric is even more flawed than ERA and BA. I'd write up an explanation, but I have a feeling anything I post would be completely ignored.

Posted by BrierDawg

3:45 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Boy FSN was right on top of that eh

Same day replay

will wonders never cease

Posted by hawksandmsfan

3:47 PM, Jun 15, 2008

WTH, why no replay of that so-called home run? Dang, I was watching on the TV without the DVR! Was it or wasn't it? What, is FSN under orders to not show controversial plays on TV now, just like they don't show them in the stadium???? What garbage.

Posted by macdoubter

3:47 PM, Jun 15, 2008

But FSN is the best rally fry fan spotter! Isn't that what really matters!

Posted by Prince of Darkness

3:47 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Ignored, BrianL, which is the same root for ignorant and you might add fool to that. Throw away your calculator!

Posted by idiot patrol

3:48 PM, Jun 15, 2008

using runs scored is a flawed. the mariners are actually winning this game because i got out my calculater and found a stat that will support my bogus theory. Watch the games brian. beltre has not delivered when the team needed him to. PERIOD. i've watched the games, i've seen it myself. Open your eyes and put down your calculator. Is it cold in your mom's basement?

by the way "prince of darkness" that was awesome.

Posted by Neophyte

3:49 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Where are the rally fries? Maybe that is our problem!

Posted by Babu

3:53 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Wow. A potential sweep by the Nats, who haven't won a series since early May and are by their own admission, a team of AAA call-ups in the midst of desperate rebuilding. They play awful baseball (I know, I watch 'em a lot), so this is an amazing commentary on just how bad the Mariners (who are, on paper, way better) are playing.

This will be the highlight of the Nats' season ... and should be the spark that finally changes things for the M's, I hope.

Posted by Top pick in 09 draft

3:55 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Getting swept by the worst team in the NL in your home stadium means their should be some major "sacrifices" made tomorrow and not just a bench player or coach. I am hoping for both Armstrong and Bavasi as no point in firing Mac until the new GM comes on who will then select Mac's replacement. With KC winning today, we now are up by 3.5 games in the sweepstakes for next year's top draft pick - SP Stephen Strasburg of SD State. By the time interleague play is done, we should have a comfortable lead in this race regardless of any Sept. winning streak during MLB garbage time.

Posted by Beelzebub

3:56 PM, Jun 15, 2008

In case, lets put a cheer in for the next opponents - Go Fish!

Posted by village idiot

3:57 PM, Jun 15, 2008

38k+ at the game today. Why would anyone expect changes from the FO when the stands keep getting filled??

Posted by Sounders

4:03 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Clubhouse reaction, oh goody. More interesting than the game. Look, all those fans behind home plate bailed. hahahah

Mac:" was hot today. Lowe said the sun got in his eyes. He's undergoing a tantric massage as we speak."

Posted by Beelzebub

4:04 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Bring on the R-E-P-E-R-C -U-S-I-O-N-S!

and just in case, Go Fish!

Spin it Johnny Mac!

Posted by cvstry

4:08 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Seriously, what would it take for there to be a front-office shake-up?

If nothing happens after this sorry weekend, it never will.

I just don't understand it. How much worse could it possible get with different leadership?

Posted by jk

4:11 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Time to fire Lee Elia, that should fix it.

Posted by Beelzebub

4:13 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Chuckie, Howie, Y how shameless are you guys? You have no honor!

Posted by BrierDawg

4:21 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Nobody for GM!

Posted by Bums

4:23 PM, Jun 15, 2008

I think we should stop talking about repercussions until we actually see some repercussions. Things will stay status quo because people keep coming to the park.

Posted by macdoubter

4:26 PM, Jun 15, 2008

"We're still trying to get the offense going...see good pitches, and what not..."

Mac's words of wisdom of the day. What a joke!

Posted by EDGAR

4:29 PM, Jun 15, 2008

And to think the Mariners got their run by the National RF droppin the fly ball.

I say send the Mariners to Triple AAA Tacoma and send the AAA team up here to compete.

On second thought......Maybe Clay Bennett should just take the Mariners to OK and leave the Sonics.

Posted by Beelzebub

4:30 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Perhaps we should begin a campaign of shame - dishonor Mr. Y - it might appeal to his cultural conscience. It that way, he might be moved to make the necessary changes. Let us put our heads together and come of with some collective ways that will bring shame on Mr. Y, of course, we need to get his intention. Think about it in lieu of repercussions.

Posted by Swung On And Belted

4:30 PM, Jun 15, 2008

I wouldn't read too much into the 38,000 in attendance. It's Father's Day. A lot of people probably wanted to take Dad to a game. They don't fully understand the situation. As for the rest of the games though, a statement needs to be made.

I think Macdoubter makes a good point re: this circus atmosphere at the ballpark. What are you gonna do? I don't think you're going to find much more than a handful of fans willing to picket outside the stadium everyday, so I do think Baghead Day is a great idea. Make the financial statement by NOT going to games until then. Then on July 19th everybody should come out with their bags and make a statement on national TV.

Posted by macdoubter

4:34 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Good point swung on.

What about doing both inside and outside demonstrations?

Posted by Beelzebub

4:36 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Mr. Y, the Mariners bring shame on you.

Posted by Swung On And Belted

4:37 PM, Jun 15, 2008

I'm all for it. I just hope people will actually do it, and not just talk about doing it. For this to work, it's going to take all of us getting involved.

Posted by Sounders

4:38 PM, Jun 15, 2008

We should make our own Baghead Bobbleheads and get them on tv somehow

Posted by xarmyguy78

4:41 PM, Jun 15, 2008

just an interesting article I found yesterday in the Oregonian newspaper, just thought I would share to get your reactions

Posted by DH Schmginsky

4:43 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Bring an extra bag or two with you on Baghead day. That way you may be able to convince some of the casual fans to wear them too.

Posted by macdoubter

4:45 PM, Jun 15, 2008

I think those who want to demonstrate outside should know ahead of time where they may lawfully protest so they know their rights and can stand their ground and protest to the fullest. And big huge signs, posters, megaphones, etc . All the posters not allowed into safeco. There really are a lot of opportunities outside that the creative bagheads can take advantage of.

Posted by macdoubter

4:48 PM, Jun 15, 2008

And advertise ! Get the seattle police all nervous about using extra crowd control officers in anticipation of a big rally. Spread the word. All the prople who are disgusted with the team can join and rally outside safeco.

Posted by ethan

4:49 PM, Jun 15, 2008

why is baghead day on July 19th?? why the hell do you wait so long??

Posted by Anonymous

4:50 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Get rid of mike blowers and his idiotic "rally" fries and the 'curse of the rally fries' will be removed.

As soon as the idiotic "rally" fries are mentioned or trotted out, that is when the OTHER team rallies and is what seals the Mariners fate.

Nice for those who blame the pitchers - although the hitters are the ones who are suppose to "rally" behind the idiotic "rally" fries --- getting two runs is NOT a RALLY.

It looks like the curse will remain the entire season since the Mariners will do anything EXCEPT what is required to remove the curse.

Posted by Chuck

4:51 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Blame this one on Washburn or Mclaren. he who should have begged off after six innings, or McLaren who sent him out in the seventh. For heavens sake--don't blame the reliever that gave up the 3-run homer. (with deep sarcasm of all the blame heaped on E. Bedard for his telling McLaren he was out of gas after 6-innings yesterday.)

Posted by Andrew

4:53 PM, Jun 15, 2008

It is kind of funny they even still do rally fries. I mean really, what's the point?

Posted by macdoubter

4:53 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Ethan, I wondered tat too. I think b/c its a national tv game.

But that's ok actually. A big outside rally-protest is what this needs. Having it July 19 allows time for advertising, coordination, planning, mobilization, etc.

Posted by Anonymous

4:54 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Go "Rally" Fries!!!

PS - the "rally" fries works for the Mariners OPPONENTS

As long as blowers and the idiotic "rally" fries are on the Mariners TV broadcasts, I will root for the Mariners opponents (ie: the "rally" fries)

Posted by E. Lois

4:54 PM, Jun 15, 2008

"38k+ at the game today. Why would anyone expect changes from the FO when the stands keep getting filled??"

1. A lot of these seats were bought before the season started
2. It's Father's Day
3. It's the Nationals, an NL team that has never visited Safeco

Wait and watch until a Monday/Tuesday night in the summer against the likes of Kansas City, Texas or Minnesota.

Posted by Anonymous

4:56 PM, Jun 15, 2008

If the mariners want the 'curse of the "rally" fries' removed, then blowers and the "rally" fries need to be permenently removed from the TV broadcasts.

The opponents rally as soon as the "rally" fries are mentioned or trotted out. They will seal the Mariners fate for another loss every time they are mentioned --- and as long as blowers is a TV announcer

Posted by rcc

5:51 PM, Jun 15, 2008

I am so glad that the M's managed to get swept at home by the 2nd worst team in the major leagues. The sooner the M's fail, and have no ability to spin even the smallest success will lead to the "potential" for serious change.

Lincoln, Armstrong, and Bavasi all must go. That is the only redeemable goal for this season. To all M's fans....stop going to the games. These clowns recognize only the bottom line, and if you want change you must do more than cheer for the stop attending in person.

Posted by GripS

6:25 PM, Jun 15, 2008

It's really too bad.... My company has some really nice seats and i've gone to only one game this season and had planned on going to more. Not anymore....

Sports gods: PLEASE let the Seahawks be good.... I need a team to root for that can actually win.

Posted by GripS

6:32 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Enough with the stupid comments that Blowers and the Rally Fries being the reason for losing. The team sucks and are not playing up to their potential..... It's really that simple.

Posted by new school thinker

7:34 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Anyone that ignores the fact that Beltre has been unbelievably unlucky this season with his LD%, and still uses ancient tools such as RBI/BA is not worth talking to. They don't want to take 15 minutes to learn a much more useful stat that might enlighten them, and help them to understand the game of baseball. Pitiful.

Posted by Dave from the coast

12:09 AM, Jun 16, 2008

Some observations:

1. Evidently, this is not one of those "refuse to lose'"seasons.

2. Mike Hargrove must've had a crystal ball that said, "leave NOW before you lose your soul."

3. Someone should put a HEX on the M's. They're so bad this year that if someone hexed 'em, they'd probably start winning.

4. Other teams welcome the prospect of playing the M's with open arms. After all, it's a chance to fatten batting averages and get easy wins.

5. Ichiro oughta start teeing off about how bad his team-mates are. He has demurely expressed disapproval in the past. I bet he's about ready to pop his cork.

6. The M's are noteworthy in that they've managed to reach 21 games BELOW .500 in one-third of aseason. Ain't that amazing?

7. Perhaps the M's are actually lifeless space aliens, re-configured as humans but without any sort of competitive fire whatsoever.

8. Rally fries are important, for nothing else, then they keep the fans in a good mood while the team melts down on the field in front of them.

9. Ted Williams, who's presently stuck in a cryogenics lab in Florida, could still outhit anyone on the current Mariners' roster.

10. Rumor has it that Hollywood wants to make a Movie of the '08 Mariners season, sort-of a sports version of "Apocalypse Now".

Posted by Dave from the coast

12:32 AM, Jun 16, 2008

Scenes we'd like to see:

BEDARD: "Coach, my arm is tired. I've almost thrown 100 pitches."
McLAREN: "Shut up, you crybaby, and dammit, YOU LEAVE THE GAME WHEN I SAY YOU LEAVE THE GAME!"

Posted by Dennis

3:32 PM, Jun 16, 2008

The true "logistic idiot" was fired today!! Bavasi finally got demoted to his level of competence!! Why did he EVER want Silva (Bedard is questionable).?

Posted by brian199511

5:51 PM, Jun 16, 2008

Larry, Bedard didn't really start pitching real innings until college right? Far after us US guys. He is a strikeout machine, a head-case and has a lot of miles left on that arm. Isn't that a recipe for success? Utilize him based on this history and we may have an ace in the making. I am hoping we can some return on the investment and believe a guy with his stats coupled with some good management could develop a gem of a pitcher.

Posted by Rick

8:38 PM, Jun 16, 2008

Why does Mac claim that Bedard can only go 100 pitches? He routinely went over 100 pitches last year with Baltimore. We don't need a manager who makes excuses for his players.

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