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Geoff Baker covers the Mariners for The Seattle Times. He provides daily coverage of the team throughout spring training, and during the season.

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April 16, 2008 4:32 PM

Morrow called up

Posted by Geoff Baker

3:28 p.m.: Just arrived at the ballpark. Will have video of the trip for you in a bit. But first, Brandon Morrow is indeed the pitcher who's been recalled to fill Erik Bedard's roster spot. Morrow had yet to regain all of his command down in Class AA West Tennessee. We'll know in a real hurry whether or not he's ready for the bigs (hint: see whether he can throw strikes).

In other news, Charlton Jimerson cleared waivers and has been signed to a minor league deal. No word yet on which affiliate club he'll be playing for. Assume it will be Tacoma, but who knows?

4:32 p.m. (UPDATE): Just talked to Morrow in the clubhouse. Says he feels better than at any point this year and did plenty of work on a third pitch -- a changeup -- that he can use to keep lefties off-balance. That was a problem for him last season. He tells me he has enough confidence in the pitch to use if often.

Also spoke to J.J. Putz, who is almost certain not to be activated until after this road trip is over.

Putz threw a bullpen session today, lasting eight minutes and 41 pitches. Says he feels good and will throw a simulated game on Saturday in Anaheim. After that, it's anyone's guess.

"You don't want to push it,'' he said. "You just want to stay the course and see what the training staff has for you.''

The team still might opt to send Putz out on a minor league rehabilitation assignment.

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Posted by Joof

3:39 PM, Apr 16, 2008

To quote Bender: "We're boned."

Posted by -k

3:41 PM, Apr 16, 2008

All of these things are good news for the Mariners. 3 fresh pitchers in the pen (well 2 actually, since Dickey is our spot starter) plus Jimerson getting a minor league deal.

Now lets look at what should happen in a week or so:
Bedard actiaved off DL
Dickey to Pen
Baek removed

But while we're making a wish list:
Baek traded along with Reed and (we can only dream) wilkerson for a solid corner OF
Cairo DFA, and Jimerson recalled. Both their bats suck, but jimerson's base-steeling and outfield defense gives him more value than Cairo.

Posted by 9k

3:53 PM, Apr 16, 2008


Great segment on KJR this morning. You were correct in that Vidro and Wilkerson need to step it up. Thanks for making the point this morning.

Also, I was pleasantly surprised that Sexson was able to have a productive weekend.

Let's go M's!

Posted by Ben

3:54 PM, Apr 16, 2008

In other news, Jeff Weaver gets $1.25 million dollars for a contract this year... hmm... seems a bit down from the 7 million we gave him...

Maybe other clubs just don't know how great he truly is...

Posted by Adam

4:02 PM, Apr 16, 2008

And the purposeful destruction of Brandon Morrow's career continues...

He walked 6 in 7 1/3 IP at West Tenn. He's coming off a season where his K/BB ratio was a weak 1.32. No pitcher in baseball had a higher walk rate with more IP than Morrow last year. There is no evidence that he's mastered his fastball, let alone any secondary pitches.

With Mark Lowe, Sean Green, Baek, Dickey, and hopefully JJ soon, the Mariners are not hurting for RH relief help. This was a perfect opportunity for them to stretch Morrow out and start the process of making him a pitcher, which they still claim (dishonestly?) is their intent for the #5 pick in the 2006 draft. A draft, I might add, where they passed on Tim Lincecum, Andrew Miller, and Clayton Kershaw.

So I'm guessing it could be 2010 before we see Morrow in a big-league rotation. Look for Morrow to continue to throw his fastball % of the time, be wild, and neglect his secondary pitches. And as such, there's no reason to believe he'll luck his way into a 4.12 ERA again.

This move doesn't make the team better now, it hurts them in the future, and Morrow continues to fall behind.

All so Bavasi and McLaren can save their necks...

Posted by Adam

4:04 PM, Apr 16, 2008

Oops - make Morrow a "starter", not a "pitcher", and he'll throw his FB 80% of the time.

Posted by Rizo

4:08 PM, Apr 16, 2008

Adam - If "This move doesn't make the team better now, it hurts them in the future..." how is this saving Bavasi and McLaren necks?

Im just curious. Personally, I think its the best thing we can do for the time being. If JJ and Bedard weren't injured I would think it would be stupid, but at this point I think they are at their last resort.

Posted by Ben

4:10 PM, Apr 16, 2008

I say we get Parish back on the team! He was fantastic! oh wait...

Posted by Alex

4:12 PM, Apr 16, 2008

Right now we have 24 on our roster. I want to know what everyone thinks about how it will look when: putz, bedard, and morse return.

The way I see it is: Baek goes, Morrow and Putz replace them. With the way Dickey has pitched there is virually no way that he will once again clear waivers. Then who does Bedard take out of the lineup? Is it Corcoran who has pitched well?

Here is who the 12 pitchers would be:
Bedard, Felix, Silva, Wash, Batista
Putz, Green, RRS, Morrow, Dickey, Rhodes, Lowe

or does Corcoran take someone else out?

Posted by putzy

4:13 PM, Apr 16, 2008

Morrow pitched in relief at CAL and in the Cape Cod League. Why does making him a reliever not a pitcher ? Is JJ Putz not a pitcher because he is a closer ? Is he less of a ball player ? The beauty of Brandon's fastball is the speed and the late movement. I've heard this by many but I don't understand it and know one explains it. I can name a million guys who have bounced back and forth between the pen and the rotation. so what ?

Posted by oregongal

4:15 PM, Apr 16, 2008

Adam, you've got it exactly right. It's sad to watch.

Posted by Ben

4:16 PM, Apr 16, 2008

John Smoltz being a pretty good example of a pitcher going back and forth between starter and reliever.

Heck - even Zach Greinke - the guy the mariners lost to a couple days ago bounced between the pen and the rotation.

Posted by putzy

4:17 PM, Apr 16, 2008

I mean wrecked his development...

Posted by Adam

4:18 PM, Apr 16, 2008

Rizo - Who ever said that Bavasi and McLaren are intelligent human beings?

That's a bit harsh, but I really get angry when I see the way they handle Morrow. Last year, when Bavasi was on the hot seat with Hargrove, they got all giddy about Morrow because he has good stuff. Never mind his control or lack of secondary stuff, or that they supposedly drafted him to be a pitcher, they acted out of desparation. (Remember, that thanks to the HoRam trade, Rafael Soriano was no longer with the team)

And so Morrow never got to develop as a starter. This year, even though Mark Lowe is back, they nevertheless have resisted the logic of moving to make the #5 pick in the 2006 draft a starter, as they have claimed they want to do. Why? Because they want to win at all costs and secure their future in Seattle.

Perhaps, just perhaps, Morrow develops as a starter quickly in the minors and is ready to start by August. He'd be an upgrade over Batista or Washburn, no?

Or if they want to limit his innings and put him back in the pen come August, for a stretch run, that's great too. Putz, Lowe, and a better Morrow is pretty good at the end of games at the end of the year. AND, Morrow is that much closer to winning a rotation spot in 2009.

But NO. For some irrational reason, they think they and Morrow would best be served by tanking his development, bringing him up now when he's not 100% and no better than he was last year, and adding him to a bullpen that really doesn't need him too much right now.


Posted by Adam

4:20 PM, Apr 16, 2008

putzy - I meant "starter," not "pitcher."

Ben - HUGE caveat - Smoltz and Greinke both had extensive experience starting before they left the pen and returned to starting. You can't just take a reliever and plop him into the rotation. It's not the same skill set.

Morrow isn't close to being a big-league starter. Not that the Mariners care...

Posted by Alex

4:22 PM, Apr 16, 2008

Johan Santana pitched his first two years in the pen to develop...I'd say he developed pretty well. He started something like 41 of 117 games to start his career. The rest was as a reliever.

Adam Wainwright who is now the Cardinals ace and has pitched well at the end of last year and to start this year also started in the pen

Posted by Adam

4:22 PM, Apr 16, 2008

And putzy - name one big league reliever who successfully moved to the starting rotation without any starting experience as a professional.

Posted by putzy

4:24 PM, Apr 16, 2008

the guys that get paid the most will play. Batista and Wash are not going anywhere...why does making Morrow a reliver hurting his development ? Please explain. Why does he have to be a starter ? The Man was at a four year school. Now one year in the bigs. He's a man not a pimple faced kid out of high school

Posted by tallahassee-mariner's fan

4:26 PM, Apr 16, 2008

"Is JJ Putz not a pitcher because he is a closer ? Is he less of a ball player ? "

Putz is great. A shut-down bullpen arm is clutch, but quality starting pitching is probably the single most important position in the game. If you have a guy who can go that route and be amongst the best, I think it would be a waste of his talent to use him in the pen. The possibility of developing into an ace is the holy grail in baseball- I hope we don't deny that to Morrow.

Posted by putzy

4:26 PM, Apr 16, 2008

Morrow's wildness is something that makes him effective. It's hard to dig in when a guys' throwing 97 with all the movement. In the back of your mind your thinking I might get plunked...

Posted by Adam

4:27 PM, Apr 16, 2008

Alex - Santana made 57 starts in the minors, Wainright had 135 starts in the minors. Morrow has 4, and those were all in the rookie league and none of those went longer than 3 innings.

Morrow virtually has no experience starting as a professional.

Posted by Alex

4:28 PM, Apr 16, 2008

Braden Looper has thrown in 572 games as a reliever and now he is a starter and doing pretty well

Posted by Adam

4:31 PM, Apr 16, 2008

He started all of 24 games in three years at Cal - so let's dismiss the idea that he has any substantial amount of experience starting games.

He's never gone through a big-league lineup more than once. He threw his fastball 80% of the time last year. He doesn't know how to work more than three innings. He has little control over his fastball (and that's not a good thing, even if you want to call it "effectively wild"). He has no command over secondary pitches. He's got a horrible BB rate.

Why would anyone think he's anywhere close to being a good starter?

And before you say: "He knows how to get big-league hitters out," two things:

1. I'd disagree. He's an all or nothing pitcher.
2. Getting outs as a reliever is not the same as getting outs as a starter.

Posted by Adam

4:32 PM, Apr 16, 2008

Looper had a 4.94 ERA in the NL last year. Do we want Morrow to end up like Looper?

Posted by putzy

4:33 PM, Apr 16, 2008

Wainright and Santana never went to college

Posted by Alex

4:35 PM, Apr 16, 2008

I do not disagree that he needs to learn to throw his fastball more effectively and that he needs to develop his secondary pitches but he can do that with the big club too and we traded away several guys this offseason to get bedard because they want to win now and morrow gives them a shot at winning now. Its all or nothing but I will take that because in Seattle its always just been nothing. We are finally going for it and if we get third in the AL West it was a bust but at least we are taking a shot

Posted by alex

4:38 PM, Apr 16, 2008

Looper is not as quality of a pitcher as Morrow and he threw 572 games before starting. If Morrow throws that many before starting than its not a good thing. Also Looper may have a better year this year because he spent 8 years as a reliever and had to learn how to start again. He has jumped out the gates pretty well

Posted by putzy

4:38 PM, Apr 16, 2008

tons of guys would give their left testical to have Morrow's MPH and can't teach that...

Posted by gar fan

4:40 PM, Apr 16, 2008

Even though it was a blow-out, it was good to see Rhodes in there last night. Now all we need is Jeff Nelson and Norm Charlton to un-retire.

Posted by Adam

4:41 PM, Apr 16, 2008

putzy - so what?

One more thing about Looper - he was a reliever in the bigs for 9 years before he started. Morrow has one under his belt.

Glad to see he got a whole 12 1/3 IP (AA plus spring) to work on that change - I'm sure it will be lights out.

Posted by putzy

4:42 PM, Apr 16, 2008

dude is exciting...dude has panache...grande Pelotas...

Posted by putzy

4:46 PM, Apr 16, 2008

to quote Sweet Lou:

get someone up here that can throw the d** ball and get someone out !

Posted by bt

4:48 PM, Apr 16, 2008

I can't believe they wasted the #5 pick on a reliever. You pick up relievers in the 15th round, not the first 5 picks. Pathetic.

Posted by putzy

4:49 PM, Apr 16, 2008

dude spent a year in the bigs...what are you going to do send him down ? for a year ? forever ? he's a big leaguer...give the kid the ball and send him out there and see what he'll do ! One more fireballer in the bullpen ! yea baby !

Posted by alex

4:52 PM, Apr 16, 2008

putzy i am glad your bullpen went well

Posted by bt

4:53 PM, Apr 16, 2008

They should have never brought him up last year to begin with. And since they did that, no, they likely won't ever send him down. Which is too bad for him - even marginal starters make more money than good relievers.

Posted by Chris from Bothell

4:54 PM, Apr 16, 2008

Adam - They sent him to winter ball to stretch him out as a possible starter.

Whatever they saw, during winter ball and spring training, it's wasn't enough to determine that he was a better starter than Batista / Washburn. It must not have been enough to determine he had starter potential either.

You say yourself:

"He walked 6 in 7 1/3 IP at West Tenn. He's coming off a season where his K/BB ratio was a weak 1.32. No pitcher in baseball had a higher walk rate with more IP than Morrow last year. There is no evidence that he's mastered his fastball, let alone any secondary pitches."

Where's the evidence that a year in AAA will fix all of that, to the point where he's a legit #5 or better starter? You see Lincecum. The Ms org sees Baek.

Anyway - assuming he should be molded into a starter, which reliever should be up instead, while stretching Morrow out as a starter for September 2008 / March 2009?

Posted by Number14

4:57 PM, Apr 16, 2008

Experience is experience, no matter what level. Morrow will grow before our eyes, and there will be some points that will probably be painful. Remember he has Stottlemyre as a coach, who has done great things with young pitchers, i.e. Mariano Rivera, Andy Pettitte, etc.

Curt Schilling, Carlos Zambrano, Roy Halladay all began as relievers as well. Smoltz is another great example of who goes back and forth.

People who have actually pitched before know that your main objective is getting the batter out, and that is it. You don't pitch differently, the situation is the only thing that will change.

If Morrow only has two pitches that work, it's better that he is a reliever. Think of Sasaki who had two pitches (splitter, fastball), Papelbon, etc. He is in a spot he belongs in and can get help from MAJOR LEAGUE coaches instead of Minor League instructors.

Calm down people...

Posted by Zach C

5:21 PM, Apr 16, 2008

you just knew I had to get my two cents on this, looks like you've had this argument before there adam. ;)

What about Lowe? Why aren't you guys mad about his development. Looks like hes got better stuff than Morrow, more experience, more pitches. Is it cuz hes fragile? Is it really about a draft pick (what pick was lowe anyway?)...get over it.

he will settle down eventually, thats just a matter of time. and his pitches will come around, thats also a matter of time. and if it takes him 3 years (think he'll be around 26), fine, thats usually when pitchers come around. Who said he had to be above average and ahead of schedual?...don't fret, it will be ok

Posted by Zach C

5:25 PM, Apr 16, 2008

i havto say that im very disapointed in you...since when is ERA a reliable stat for a pitcher's performance? how many times have I read your rants about that? or am i confused

Posted by Pokenour

5:26 PM, Apr 16, 2008

Concerning the Morrow controversy, it should be clear at this point he will never be an effective starter for two reasons: first, he is wild which may work for him in short relief experiences but without command, he cannot expect to pitch long stretches necessary for a starter; second, he has only one pitch, ala Washburn. One pitch pitchers seldom make for anything more than a mediocre starter, just as Washburn manifests a overpriced middling starter who wins less than he loses.

Earlier someone was playing the trade game when considering the pitching staff following Putz's return from the disabled list. The suggestion was to trade Baek, Reed and Wilkerson for a descent right fielder. Nice fantasy, but Wilkerson has no trade value, he either makes it or he doesn't. All along, I have thought the M's were seeking to trade Reed and Baek,however, even it they manage to do so, it is unlikely that they could even begin to get a quality outfielder for these two. At best, Reed and Baek might bring some AA or A ball prospects, nothing more. As for Wilkerson, he either performs or its dfa and the M's bite the bullet with his salary. For might part, they could begin biting that bullet any day now.

As for Morrow's health problems, has anybody thought that winter ball may have fatigued his shoulder? Seems obvious, but I suppose I don't have enough information or the insight of a Bavasi/McLaren on such matters. How about that Bedard hip injury, the U-tube video and the doctor's analysis via earlier blog don't look so good for the future. Back to the trade rumor - who had the bad hip? - and why couldn't these baseball men see the problem with Bedard's delivery? It looks like we bought damaged goods. Seeing Baltimore with Sherrill, Jones and company, particularly Tillman, in the years to come reminds me of Boston with Lowe and Veritek all over again.

When will these guys - Bavasi and McLaren - ever learn?

Posted by Zach C

5:30 PM, Apr 16, 2008

I think washburn's WS ring would like you to prove it...

Posted by Pokenour

5:34 PM, Apr 16, 2008

A middling starter, Washburn's numbers prove it, he has nothing but losing seasons since joining Seattle. One can be middling on a good team and still get that WS ring. What has done for us lately? He is still a one pitch pitcher and one good outing doesn't erase two loosing seasons.

Posted by Zach C

5:39 PM, Apr 16, 2008

but what if washburns 1 pitch (ur the first person ive ever seen call him a 1 pitch pitcher) was a 97 mph fastball? hmmm...

I guess im saying that comparing washburn to morrow is not very convincing in my mind. my post was more of a joke than anything tho...

Posted by Alex

5:43 PM, Apr 16, 2008

pokenour are you a mariners fan or a little trading card popular among little kids and friends with jigglypuff? Looking at your excellent and brilliant analysis I think it the latter..

Posted by Pokenour

5:45 PM, Apr 16, 2008

My point with Morrow is that he cannot consistently throw strikes. with that 97 mph fastball that might work for short relief stretches but it will not carry him through sufficient innings necessary to be a starter. In the sense of style and speed of their fast ball, there is no comparison between Washburn and Morrow, however, they still are one pitch wonders and major league hitters soon catch up with such pitchers so that they cannot last several times through the batting order without getting lit up.

Washburn's WS ring lol - ha, ha, I like the humor Zach

Posted by Alex

5:48 PM, Apr 16, 2008

You are really calling Brandon Morrow a one pitch wonder....haha. Brilliant small mythological creature you are

Posted by Pokenour

5:50 PM, Apr 16, 2008

Sticks and Stones...

Posted by oceandoug

5:56 PM, Apr 16, 2008


How many relief pitchers have the Cardinals used this year and last to have one of the best records in baseball. Life is not written in stone. Wake up.

Posted by putzy

6:01 PM, Apr 16, 2008

in 2007, early in April, the M's were playing a divison team. It was a close ball game. The game meant two games in the standings...I thought they might bring morrow along slow, but what does grover do but throw him right in there in like the sixth or seventh or eighth or was like morrow's first or second appearance...I almost wrecked my car listening on the radio...I pull over to the nearest bar and ordered a beer...morrow pitched out of trouble...threw him to the wolves and he survived...yea baby !

Posted by Adam

6:04 PM, Apr 16, 2008

oceandoug - Huh?

Alex - right now, Morrow is exactly that: A mediocre one-pitch wonder. Yes, I just called Morrow's fastball mediocre. Velocity isn't everything.

Number 14 - Schilling, Zambrano, Halladay and Smoltz all were brought up as starters, and had starting experience in the minors. Morrow doesn't.

Further, getting outs as a reliever is not the same as getting outs as a starter. It's just not.

Posted by Pokenour

6:10 PM, Apr 16, 2008

Yes Morrow pitched brilliantly early in the 2007 season with his 97 -98 mph fastball, but later he grew fatigued pitching more innings than he ever imagined in college, by August he was wild and burned. He did make some late season comeback, but then the M's brain trust sent him to winter ball to make him a starter - talk about inviting arm fatigue - by mid-spring training he reported dead arm syndrome. So what is the solution, send him to AA ball and let him walk as many innings as he pitches. Ya think this is going to help the kid recover from the arm fatigue? And now he is back in the majors with no visible sign of recovery. How is this going to make the M's better?

Posted by putzy

6:11 PM, Apr 16, 2008

Alex - right now, Morrow is exactly that: A mediocre one-pitch wonder. Yes, I just called Morrow's fastball mediocre. Velocity isn't everything.

Number 14 - Schilling, Zambrano, Halladay and Smoltz all were brought up as starters, and had starting experience in the minors. Morrow doesn't.

Further, getting outs as a reliever is not the same as getting outs as a starter. It's just not.

1st, obviously you've never watch morrow throw....there is more to his fastball than mph and his fastball is not mediocre...

2nd, getting outs as a reliver is not the same as getting outs as a starter ? what does that mean ? what's the point ? one is more important ? one is more difficult ?

It's okay to crawl away from the computer once in awhile and watch a game...


Posted by putzy

6:15 PM, Apr 16, 2008

everyone goes through dead arm is nothing new...they just never made a big deal out of it and it didn't have some fancy name...

Posted by adam=wrong=pokenour

6:16 PM, Apr 16, 2008

How can you call morrow a one-pitch wonder? He is actually a 23 year old who in his first year of professional baseball had a 4.12 era in 63.2 innings while striking out 66. Any team in the major leagues would salivate over him. He is working on his other pitches and they are coming along as will his control. Oh yeah, did I mention he is 23..

Posted by Adam

6:17 PM, Apr 16, 2008

Putzy - Honestly. Morrow has a high-velocity fastball with late life. That's nice, but he can't control it. Velocity alone does not make a fastball great. I think most scouts would agree with that.

And let's see, a starter has to face the same hitters more than once. A starter has to throw 80-120 pitches, rather than 20. A starter has to develop at least one good secondary pitch. A starter often has to change strategy when going through a lineup a second and third time.

When, exactly do short relievers such as Morrow have to do anything remotely resembling those things?

Now quit with the childish and empty insults (the fact that they are all you've got in rebuttal is telling) and explain why relieving is just like starting...

Posted by Brad

6:18 PM, Apr 16, 2008

I think what is meant by it is harder to get people out as a starter is has to do with exactly what Batista said after he got his save. When you are a starter you can't give every batter everything you got because you have to face them again and you can't let them 'figure you out.' Also, you can't exert all your energy because you don't want to burn out your arm by the 4th inning.

Posted by Adam

6:19 PM, Apr 16, 2008

He also walked 50 hitters in those 63 IPs...

Find me a team that wouldn't consider than an issue.

Posted by Pokenour

6:19 PM, Apr 16, 2008

On Morrow, he was obviously inept during spring training due to injury - arm fatigue - because of his ineffectiveness he was sent to warmer weather - in AA ball - to work through it, but he did not exactly lit it up there. So I suppose his is ready to return to Seattle.


Posted by Adam=wrong=pokenour

6:23 PM, Apr 16, 2008

There isn't a team that wouldn't have an issue with the walks....but they would drool over his stuff and what he has already shown he can do with control problems...and then you both call him a one pitch wonder?

Posted by putzy

6:24 PM, Apr 16, 2008

And let's see, a starter has to face the same hitters more than once. A starter has to throw 80-120 pitches, rather than 20. A starter has to develop at least one good secondary pitch. A starter often has to change strategy when going through a lineup a second and third time.

an out is an out dog ! sure starters go longer in the game...that is no big are these outs more difficult or more important ? they are can not answer that...come in the ball game with the game on the line in the 7th with only one pitch a mediocre 97 mph fastball with late movement and try to get someone out....ho hum...everyone's got one

Posted by Adam

6:25 PM, Apr 16, 2008

Yes, because his best pitch just isn't that good yet. Velocity is only half the battle. He's got to control it.

Isn't that basic baseball?

Posted by joe

6:25 PM, Apr 16, 2008

Maybe we could send Morrow back down, and condition him to be a hybrid set-up man. Like an old school reliever. Get Morrow to the pont that can pitch effectively for 2 to 3 innings. Gossage and Fingers did it back in the day. Wouldn't it be cool if Morrow could log 125 ip in relief. Well cool if he was effective that is.
That would eliminate the need for all these mediocre middle men and also save the team some cash. Eventually Morrow could slide into the closer role.
Just thinking outside of the box here, probably a million reasons you all can come up with that this idea sucks...

Posted by Adam

6:27 PM, Apr 16, 2008

Putzy - you don't think getting 20 outs is more difficult than getting 3 outs? Really?

And in the bigs, yes, there are plenty of relievers who throw hard. Yet not all of them are successful. I wonder why?

Posted by Brad

6:27 PM, Apr 16, 2008

Putzy- Please, an out is an out? Obviously, but how you get someone out changes throughout the course of a game for a starter. Its called pitching for a reason, not throwing. They don't just throw their stuff across the plate and hope for the best. They take different approaches, and like it or not relievers and starters ARE different.

Posted by putzy

6:29 PM, Apr 16, 2008

when will you learn that he has more than mph ?

again, feel free to watch him pitch sometime...

Posted by adam=wrong=pokenour

6:30 PM, Apr 16, 2008

Isn't what just basic baseball? The fact that he is 23 years old with amazing stuff and already a pretty solid season under his thats not basic baseball...thats remarkable and he will continue to develop, whether he does it at AAA, AA or where he is the major leagues. It worked so well devloping Clint Nageotte and Travis Blackley in the minors didn't it? They weren't "one-pitch wonders," because they never could pitch 63.2 innings and finish it with a 4.12 era

Posted by Pokenour

6:32 PM, Apr 16, 2008

No one called Morrow's fast ball mediocre, what i said is that with on a one pitch selection, albeit a 97 mph fastball with late movement, he cannot expect to be more than a reliever. As has been pointed out, you must as a starter face the same hitters several times through the lineup. Major League hitters adapt and soon even a 97 mph fastball can be hit besides if you only through this one pitch and you have no command, your pitch count climbs and soon you tire again ML hitters catch up and thrash the ball.

Do we need the "dog"?

Posted by putzy

6:34 PM, Apr 16, 2008

dudes, you are now telling me how to pitch ? He's not a starting pitcher ! okay ! I feel like I'm at the first day of kindergarten...this is the alphabet...this is the letter Aa,,,,come on !

Posted by joe

6:34 PM, Apr 16, 2008

There should be a side Blog for these guys to flirt with each other in...

Posted by putzy

6:36 PM, Apr 16, 2008

who cares if he walks a guy once in awhile ?

Posted by Pokenour

6:39 PM, Apr 16, 2008

Yes, as it has been argued here, Morrow is not yet a starting pitcher - that has been the point all along. He also, however, has not shown that he has recovered from his arm troubles, which make his call up a risky proposition at this time. Every one says go slow with Putz's recovery, so why not with Morrow's. Let him get his command and recover from the arm fatigue.

Posted by FuKell

6:51 PM, Apr 16, 2008

I'm watching Red sox and Yankees game. All offense. If M's offense can be half as good as Red sox's orYank's, we'd be a legit contender. Good offense can really help pitchings-especially when our best pitchers on DL. Look how Angels' offense keep them in the race when their Aces are on DL. very consistent. So step up offense!!! time to take care of business.

Posted by kingk

5:27 AM, Apr 17, 2008

Well let's see.This pitcher in his first year 41 innings
28 walks 30 k's era 3.02 Next year 58 innings 29 bb 30K's 4.91 era 2 years later with basically still only 1 pitch became a starter 158 innings 105 walks 131 k's era 4.48...That pitcher was Sandy Koufax Please stfu about Brandon Morrow 1 terrific season so far

Posted by Adam

7:55 AM, Apr 17, 2008

LOL. If you think Koufax had only one good pitch, you know nothing about him...

Posted by kingk

12:37 PM, Apr 17, 2008

Sorry, one pitch early on is what i meant , because that's what he relied on and no cointrol of his fastball at all, then developed the great curve...I am sure I know way more about him having seen him pitch live a ton of times...point being Morrow is fine and he has more tan one pitch If you think he doesn't then you know nothing about him

Posted by kingk

12:42 PM, Apr 17, 2008

also there were times he threw only his fastball...In the 65 WS game seven his curve was not working so from the 3rd inning on he ONLY threw his fastball...So at times he was a 1 pitch pitcher lol...But truly he had the best 12 to 6 curve I ever saw...Point being everyone getting on Morrow is premature at this point...Questionong the M's handling of him is something else though

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