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Geoff Baker covers the Mariners for The Seattle Times. He provides daily coverage of the team throughout spring training, and during the season.

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April 10, 2008 6:07 AM

Batista goes for sweep

Posted by Geoff Baker

rays2 005.jpg

A few hours away from Miguel Batista trying to notch Seatle's first sweep of the season. To answer some questions from the last post: to Mike, nobody asked John McLaren why he put Ryan Rowland-Smith in for the blowout game because the answer was fairly clear. The M's have stated they will try to avoid warming guys up and then not using them this season. When Rowland-Smith began warming up, it was still a three-run game and a save situation. When Jamie Burke's homer blew the game open, McLaren still used Rowland-Smith since he was warmed up in any event.

For TomD, I take all of the photos for the blog. Many of them from the pressbox during the game, others from the field pregame.

Back to Batista, he was busy yesterday giving a ballpark tour to leukemia sufferer Pat Pedraja, organizer of the Driving for Donors campaign to sign up more bone marrow donors across the U.S. You can see Pedraja, his mother, Claudine Andrews and Batista posing for the photo above. Down below, Batisa gives Pedraja some batting tips in the indoor cage here. The two met at a talk show in Los Angeles.

The M's need Batista on his game here today. This has been a tough road trip, but it can end a whole lot better than it began. By the way, if you want to hear the clip from my new weekly Talkin' Baseball segment on KJR 950 AM yesterday morning, here is the link.

rays2 001.jpg

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Posted by Pokenour

7:36 AM, Apr 10, 2008

Batista is a real Renaissance man - artist, author, musician and humanitarian - hats off to him, he is a real asset to the Seattle community.

Posted by thatgirl

8:03 AM, Apr 10, 2008

I admire Batista. Heís a consummate professional who adds class to the sport of baseball. The way he handles himself on and off the field is great to see.

Regarding McLarenís propensity to stick with underperforming veterans, read Seth Koellen in the Seattle P.I. today. Unfortunately I donít see the article posted on-line. However Seth is right on in how Mac could take a page from Leylandís management book on benching guys that donít produce.

BTW Ė Any reason why there was a near miss collision between Ichiro and Betancourt last night? I couldnít see or hear in replays if Ichi was calling the ball (or not) while Betancourt was barreling back for the play in mid-centerfield. Was this nothing at all, or is it the Zen-Masterís way of making a hard play look easy? I love watching both guys play their style, one's passionate, the other is cool, calm and collected.

Letís Sweep !!!!

Posted by Bob Loblaw

8:08 AM, Apr 10, 2008

Really great to see this behind the scenes stuff again, Geoff. Thanks!

Posted by gk13

8:24 AM, Apr 10, 2008

another big up to you for the story and Batista for taking the time...

Posted by thatgirl

8:58 AM, Apr 10, 2008

Took the time to listen to the spot on KJR Geoff. You're as good to listen to as you are to read. You do an excellent job. We're fortunate to have you do the M's blog. Thank you for all your hard work.

...lefties hitting .607 against EOF, wow. ouch. Hurry Arthur, get back soon!

Posted by oregongal

10:29 AM, Apr 10, 2008

I sponsored his baseball reference page because of stuff like this. Keep it coming, Geoff.

Posted by candrews

7:51 AM, Apr 11, 2008

What an amazing man Miguel Batista is and what a difference he made to my son, Patrick Pedraja! Patrick had the time of his life with Miguel at the game. If only more celebrities and sports figures took the time to make the difference in the life of a child!

Thank you to Miguel and the Mariners for giving Pat this experience!

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