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Geoff Baker covers the Mariners for The Seattle Times. He provides daily coverage of the team throughout spring training, and during the season.

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April 6, 2008 12:43 PM

Mariners at Baltimore Orioles: 4/6 game thread

Posted by Geoff Baker

orioles3 004.jpg

12:43 p.m.: Felix Hernandez is pulled after eight innings of scoreless, five-hit ball with six strikeouts. Two of the first three hitters due up this inning are lefties, so the M's have Erik O'Flaherty out there to try to nail it down. Hernandez was at only 97 pitches. If this blows up on the Mariners, expect John McLaren to hear about it for weeks.

Listen to this part of the national anthem played here earlier. When they get to the "Oh say does..." part, the fans here tend to do something a little unique. What do you think about it? I tend to have mixed emotions. Part of me thinks it's OK, the other part thinks it's not cool to appropriate your team name into the Star Spangled Banner. I don't like having to stand for anthems prior to games with players from a multitude of countries. And I think, if you're going to make people honor America, you should honor it by sticking to the anthem the way it was supposed to be played. I mean, if not, why not just play the team fight song? But the other part of me doesn't care, because I don't take this anthem thing all that seriously. At hockey games, they'll start clapping and cheering all the way through the anthem if it's a big game. What do you think?

In case you missed it last night, here's a look again at Camden Yards and the pressbox, filmed yesterday when it was much warmer and the sun was out. Enjoy for now.

orioles3 002.jpg

11:50 a.m.: Jeremy Guthrie did indeed come back out for the sixth after the M's let him slide by in the fifth. But Guthrie made a mistake on an 0-2 pitch to Raul Ibanez and saw it swatted into the right field seats. Ibanez's first homer of the season makes it 2-0 for the M's heading to the bottom of the frame. Felix Hernandez enjoyed a 1-2-3 fifth inning and starts this frame at only 52 pitches. Remember Jarrod Washburn on Friday night? He was at 61 pitches through two. Big difference.

12:12 p.m.: Felix Hernandez walked a pair of batters in the sixth, but Kevin Millar lined out to shortstop Yuniesky Betancourt. Hernandez threw 22 pitches that inning, but is still at only 74 and should get through at least seven innings today. What a lift for his team. Still a 2-0 game as we finish off the seventh-inning stretch and the playing of God Bless America. No "O's!'' cheers during that rendition. The Mariners went 1-2-3 in the seventh against Jeremy Guthrie, who recovered nicely after that first inning of 30+ pitches. How he got through seven is anyone's guess, though the free-swinging M's did help a bit.

11:38 a.m.: Felix Hernandez logged his fourth strikeout to start the fourth inning, then, after a single up the middle by Aubrey Huff, got a 3-6-3 double-play from Luke Scott to carry his 1-0 lead into the fifth. Good outing by Hernandez so far. Just what his struggling offense needs. This could be Jeremy Guthrie's final inning. We'll see if the M's work the count on him.

11:34 a.m.: Another leadoff runner gets wasted as Brad Wilkerson draws a walk, then gets thrown out trying to steal second. I'm going to guess that it was a hit-and-run play, though Jose Vidro did not make contact in whiffing on what looked like a ball over the plate. Wilkerson got the green light with two strikes the other night and was thrown out on a similar play. But it was a first-pitch attempt this time, so we'll stick with the hit-and-run theory. Vidro flied out to left and Jamie Burke grounded out to end the inning.

Felix Hernandez had a 1-2-3 third, so it's still 1-0 for Seattle heading to the bottom of the fourth.

11:20 a.m.: Well, the M's broke the scoring ice in the third inning and lead 1-0. It looked like they'd find another way to mess up a two-on, none out situation after Ichiro and Jose Lopez opened things up with singles. Raul Ibanez then hit into a 4-6-3 double-play and Jeremy Guthrie seemed poised to be let off the hook. But Richie Sexson then lined one into the left field corner for a double to open the scoring. Adrian Beltre lined a sharp one to right after that, but it was right at Nick Markakis.

11:12 a.m.: Felix Hernandez gave up a pair of singles in the second inning, but a nifty 6-4-3 double-play turned on Guillermo Quiroz, the former M's farmhand, got him out of trouble. Three strikeouts for Hernandez thus far. On the offensive side, a two-out single by Jamie Burke went for naught as Yuniesky Betancourt flied out to right. Still scoreless heading to the third.

10:57 a.m.: A wasted first inning by the Mariners as Raul Ibanez notches a two-out single, followed by a Richie Sexson walk. But Adrian Beltre struck out to end the inning in a rather poor-looking at-bat. I wouldn't want to miss to many more early opportunities against Jeremy Guthrie today. He can make teams pay if they let him off the hook.

Felix Hernandez gave up a two-out single to Nick Markakis in the bottom of the frame, but struck out Kevin Millar to end the threat. Hernandez's second whiff so far keeps it scoreless heading to the second.

10:36 a.m.: A cool, windy, wet day here so far. Temperatures are only expected to reach a high of 50, but it feels much lower than that today. a light rain is still falling. They announced a gametime temperature of 52, which is ridiculous. Weather sites say it's 47 and feels like 45 with the wind.

Erik Bedard supposedly feels better. He must, since he threw a bullpen session about an hour ago. We'll have an update ln his progress after the team evaluates him. But he isn't going today, as you know. No changes to the lineup, other than Brad Wilkerson being back in right field and hitting sixth. Jamie Burke also gets the nod over Kenji Johjima, since it's a day game after a night affair. The M's have to start hitting today. Their last 12 runs have come via homers. The situational hitting has lacked at times.

To answer Lance in the comments thread, the back-to-back lefties will be a temporary situation. Manager John McLaren said this morning that he will try to remedy that as soon as an opportunity presents itself, like an off-day or a guy needing some extra rest. For now, though, you're right, it's going to be an inconvenience.

The lineups:


51 Ichiro (L) CF
4 Jose Lopez 2B
28 Raul Ibanez (L) LF
44 Richie Sexson 1B
29 Adrian Beltre 3B
6 Brad Wilkerson (L) RF
3 Jose Vidro (S) DH
15 Jamie Burke C
5 Yuniesky Betancourt SS

34 Felix Hernandez RHP


1 Brian Roberts (S) 2B
6 Melvin Mora 3B
21 Nick Markakis (L) RF
15 Kevin Millar 1B
17 Aubrey Huff (L) DH
30 Luke Scott (L) LF
16 Jay Payton CF
24 Guillermo Quiroz C
2 Luis Hernandez (S) SS

29 Jeremy Guthrie RHP


HP Tom Hallion
1B Brian O'Nora
2B Paul Nauert
2 Jerry Crawford (crew chief)

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Posted by mike

9:34 AM, Apr 06, 2008

Hey Geoff just wanted to let you know that neither Arthur Rhodes nor Brandon Morrow is in AAA Tacoma. Rhodes is in extended spring, and Morrow is at AA West Tenn. Morrow pitched back-to-back games Thurs and Fri. Your notebook today says both players are in Tacoma.

Posted by Lance

10:22 AM, Apr 06, 2008

Now Bedard is going Tuesday, with Silva on Monday. Very odd. If this is permanant not only does that move Erik to the #3 hole. It also puts our two lefty starters back-to-back. Do we really want that?

Unless Wash is moved to the #5 spot. But Miguel won't be ready to pitch by Wednesday.

It all sounds rather muddled to me. Not a part of Mac's master plan he revealed on the first day of ST. That lasted how long into the season? A week?

Why not just let Bedard miss a turn unless you've already decided he's not your ace.

As for aces this is a big start for Felix. A great chance to show that he's grown into our stopper. He can show everyone a lot, today.

Posted by Chris from Bothell

10:31 AM, Apr 06, 2008

Happy Felix Day! Let's hope we get 7+ innings out of him, because the season's not even a week old and already the bullpen is a confused mess... and today would be a great day for the #3, 4 or 6 hitters to go even 2 for 4 with an RBI or two.

Posted by Chris from Bothell

10:36 AM, Apr 06, 2008

Lance - 2 lefties back-to-back doesn't matter b/c they're going against different teams. :) :) Bedard at BAL, Carlos for TB.

I'm betting that Bedard is flopped that way so that he can be back into a somewhat regular rhythm in time to be the starter for the opening of the Angels series. I.e. pitch tomorrow, 3 days of games of not pitching, then go on 4 days' rest and resume the pitching rotation from there.

Better than having Bedard try to go after the Angels on a week+ of inactivity. If there's ever a time that we need the Felix-Erik-Carlos trio to work as advertised, it's that series... the Ms own advertising department is selling as "April baseball, October intensity", so don't tell me the boys don't feel a bit of pressure to have that one go well.

Posted by Chris from Bothell

10:37 AM, Apr 06, 2008

OH duh - you meant Erik and Wash, not Erik and Carlos, esp. b/c Carlos is a righty and Wash a lefty. Gah. Need coffee.

Posted by oregongal

10:42 AM, Apr 06, 2008

How odd to be more hopeful when Jose Lopez comes to bat than anyone else on the team. On one hand, I'm delighted at his year. The other hand has been well covered by other posters.

Posted by al22

10:44 AM, Apr 06, 2008

Hi Geoff, with our inconsistent bullpen, are there any chances M will pick up Red Sox’s Kyle Snyder (who designated for assignment today because Red Sox need to activate Josh Beckett). Snyder is a middle reliever who pitch pretty good last year and opponent hit him only .223. If M want to pick him up, do they need to trade for him or they can just claim him?

Posted by mark logan II

10:50 AM, Apr 06, 2008

Posted by Lance

11:00 AM, Apr 06, 2008

Even though Adrian leaves two guys on in the first it was a very nice offensive first inning for the M's. They made Guthrie throw over 30 pitches which should bode well for the future.

Niehaus is saying that before the game Bedard came to McLaren and said he could start after all. McLaren didn't bite and stuck with Felix.

However, I'd be curious to see if Erik will go with Bedard tomorrow. Or, will he stick with his original decision.

Posted by Matt

11:05 AM, Apr 06, 2008

Screaming "O's" at the National Anthem is a tradition and it has been done since the 60's at Memorial Stadium.

I mean, it's the only thing we have, as our baseball team isn't much to talk about. Let us have our pride.

Posted by mark logan II

Posted by Lance

11:11 AM, Apr 06, 2008

To answer your question al22 the M's would have to trade for him within ten days, or he goes onto the waiver wire. M's could then put in a claim for him IF no one claims him first (based on an order of 2007 standing with worse teams getting the first chance).

Only a trade would guarantee any DFA player can come here.

Posted by BobLoblaw

11:12 AM, Apr 06, 2008

No issues with the anthem thing. Don't the Braves fans do something with the "... home of the brave" portion? Assume they do.

Posted by Lance

11:20 AM, Apr 06, 2008

OG, you're right about Lopez. But, remember, the issue with him has not been his first halves. It's his second halves. So, we won't know if he's a changed man until after the ASB.

Posted by couger

11:22 AM, Apr 06, 2008

bedard is ALREADY injured and our line up has a black hole in the sexon and BUSTre spots that would be sweet to have AJONES in the line up rather than crap overpaid 1b 3b.

Posted by good guy fan

11:25 AM, Apr 06, 2008

re. the anthem and home of the brave. back when i went to braves games over 10 years ago, there was a lot of early cheering and screaming at that line, but since it is the last line, it really didn't seem that disruptive.

the more politically incorrect fan activity at that time was the "tomahawk chop" and accompanying chanting. do they still do that ?

Posted by bdrum

11:32 AM, Apr 06, 2008

This whole running thing has gone too far. Wilkerson thrown out again! I understand vidro is a contact hitter behind him, but wilkerson is slow! This team is slow! And for a team that is struggling to create runs we can't throw away runners on base

Posted by Lance

11:46 AM, Apr 06, 2008

Too bad for Yuni. That ball should have been out but the stiff wind blew it back.

He leads the team in hits, so far. He too good for the #9 hole. I hope someone realizes that some day.

Felix is on his game. Which is always a beautiful thing to watch.

Posted by tallahassee-mariner's fan

11:48 AM, Apr 06, 2008

anyone else get the feeling we're watching a future hall of famer in hernandez? lets lock this guy up for the next 10 years.

Posted by Al

11:51 AM, Apr 06, 2008

Geoff can you ask Felix if he's using a new bigger breaking slower curve?

Posted by Lance

12:01 PM, Apr 06, 2008

Wilkerson grounds out and is hitting around .075. How long do we need to put up with thus guy? It's not like he should be able to get going soon like known quanities Ichiro or Raul. He hasn't gotten it going in three years. The last two just were not with us.

And, in case no one has noticed there's a good fielding left-handed hitting outfielder batting around .330 with Tacoma right now. Yes, it's early, but he hit around .300 last year in AAA, as well. Jeremy something.. He'd make a nice RF tandem with Morse.

Posted by couger

12:13 PM, Apr 06, 2008


Posted by M's Fan in Oahu

12:28 PM, Apr 06, 2008

Piss poor positioning by Wilkerson on that fly ball. Granted it was probably a double anyhow but man did he look clueless out there.

And can someone tell me why that guy is even playing??

In his best year he picks up 13 SBs but caught 6.
In his best year 4 years ago he hits 32 homeruns but since then has hit 20 once.

His average for a season when he gets into 140+ games and 500+ ABs is only .259 and he hasnt done that in 3 years!!

Ok I am NOT a fan so far as you can see.

Posted by Mr. X

12:34 PM, Apr 06, 2008

This should be interesting. Let's rank the following players by their OBP at the end of this game. No prize for whoever gets this correct:

Ichiro, Wilkerson, Sexson, Vidro.

No peeking, just take a stab at it.

Posted by PRchef

12:38 PM, Apr 06, 2008



Posted by Lance

12:39 PM, Apr 06, 2008

I sure hope Mac lets Felix come out for the ninth, because if he doesn't I think it'd be a BIG mistake. It would make me very, very nervous with only a two run lead. With the way EO has been pitching and the fact that Lowe hasn't been.

Posted by PRchef

12:40 PM, Apr 06, 2008

Ichiro, Vidro, Sexson, Wilkerson?

Posted by dave @ ussm

12:41 PM, Apr 06, 2008

why would you advocate potentially blowing out felix's arm? dont u know what happens once you break the 100pitch barrier? Unenlightened dross.

Posted by PRchef

12:42 PM, Apr 06, 2008

Oh no!

Why not let Felix finish it off?
What's his pitch count?

Posted by Resin isn't Cheating

12:43 PM, Apr 06, 2008

Wilkerson .067 average=slowbat speed, long swing, typical Bavasi veteran free agent signing.

Posted by Resin isn't Cheating

12:46 PM, Apr 06, 2008

Fire McLaren if we lose this game. Yes, fire him a week into the season. lol.

Posted by good guy fan

12:47 PM, Apr 06, 2008

Felix is only at 97 pitches ? seems like the obvious choice would be to leave him in and let him finish the great game that he started. I'm starting to think that McLaren doesn't always go with the obvious

Posted by Scott

12:48 PM, Apr 06, 2008

What happened to Mclaren saying that he was going to let our starting pitchers get after it and throw more pitches this season?

If I were Felix, I'm an unhappy camper right now. I mean, how often do you get the chance at a CG shutout? Not often.

Posted by hcoguy

12:48 PM, Apr 06, 2008


Posted by Dignan

12:52 PM, Apr 06, 2008

Kind of suprising he chose Eric O' here since most of his appearances this season (spring and regular season) he gives up at least 1 run. Not sure if I've seen an appreance yet by him this season where he didn't allow the first hitter to reach base.

Posted by tallahassee-mariner's fan

12:52 PM, Apr 06, 2008

if felix had been kept in, this game would already be over. now adam jones is about to do us in- stupid, stupid decision to pull felix.

Posted by bt

12:52 PM, Apr 06, 2008

Or hey - how about Lowe. Or Baek. It seems dumb to complain about using your bullpen too much when half the guys have hardly pitched at all. It seems that the real problem is McLaren's bullpen management - not that they have too few guys out there.

Posted by stango

12:54 PM, Apr 06, 2008

Good call on RRS. EOF just pitched last night.

Why not leave Felix in.

Let's hope it doesn't hurt us...

Posted by DC

12:55 PM, Apr 06, 2008

"If this blows up on the Mariners, expect John McLaren to hear about it for weeks."
...and deservedly so. I don't care if O'Flaherty closes it down--I still hate it.
I hate it because I loathe how the "closer" has become such a part of baseball that its almost obligatory to pull a new pitcher into the game when the lead is less than 3 runs just so someone can be credited with a save. Why can't the starter "close" the game? Especially when he's thrown 97 pitches??

Posted by PRchef

12:57 PM, Apr 06, 2008


So much for the great game from Felix

Posted by Resin isn't Cheating

12:58 PM, Apr 06, 2008

Luke Scott hit lefties as good as righties last year, but MCLaren brought in the inferior pitcher in Eric Oflaherty in the 9th, because Ohlaherty is a lefty. Mac believes all lefty-lefty match-ups favor the pitcher. Lowe should have started the ninth. Now, Lowe comes in unprepared mentally and is rushed to warm-up in the pen to come in the 9th with a man on first. The fact that Lowe is struggling here should surprise no one since he hasn't pitched in nearly a week.

Posted by couger

12:58 PM, Apr 06, 2008


Posted by tallahassee-mariner's fan

12:58 PM, Apr 06, 2008

why be a fan at all? why subject ourselves to this? it just doesn't make sense at all to root for a team that doesn't care about winning...

Posted by Thomas

12:58 PM, Apr 06, 2008

hahahaha what a joke! great job of managing McLaren! you just wasted a great performance by Felix.

Posted by bt

12:58 PM, Apr 06, 2008

So Felix has yet to allow an earned run this year and yet he doesn't have a win.

Posted by good guy fan

12:58 PM, Apr 06, 2008


Posted by Thomas

12:59 PM, Apr 06, 2008

Bavasi....118M payroll and you're going to get swept by the Orioles! hahahaha I wonder what Rafael Soriano is doing.

Posted by Eric

12:59 PM, Apr 06, 2008

Unbelievable, this could have a huge negative impact on Felix for the rest of season. Big mistake by Mclaren.

Posted by M's Fan in Oahu

1:00 PM, Apr 06, 2008

OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are DOOMED!!!!

Posted by stango

1:00 PM, Apr 06, 2008

colossal. Thanks Mac.

How could Felix not be mad about this?

Posted by Kyle in Kentucky

1:01 PM, Apr 06, 2008

Wow...that's unreal. But really it's not. That has to be the stupidest decision McLaren has made in a long line of stupid decisions. Just ridiculous

Posted by Chris

1:01 PM, Apr 06, 2008

Nice work McLaren. Take out an ace with only 97 pitchers.

Posted by Scott

1:01 PM, Apr 06, 2008

Don't even try telling me this is about the bullpen! This offense SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is no excuse for Felix giving us 8 shutout innings and losing. Fewer than 4 runs per game isn't going to cut it. Stop making excuses for this team, stop trying to defend the Bedard trade, just admit that this offense is a joke.

Posted by Eric

1:02 PM, Apr 06, 2008

I agree this is a fireable offense. A huge loss, HUGE!

Posted by fortheloveofsexson

1:02 PM, Apr 06, 2008

McLaren is a total idiot. Unless Felix was gassed or hurt ....

Posted by Casey

1:02 PM, Apr 06, 2008

Wow... What a joke

Posted by Bill

1:03 PM, Apr 06, 2008

Does this constitute "going through the wars?"

Mac is doing nothing different than Hargrove did last year.

Who cares if someone has been "through the wars" when they lose "the wars."

If Mac ever got into a chess match with a manager like Sciosia, Mac would lose every time.

Posted by Neil

1:03 PM, Apr 06, 2008

When I saw him put O'Flaherty in I knew this was going to blow up. It was such an obviously wrong decision. The bullpen is shaky and you have a power pitcher under 100 pitches completely dominating. Mclaren doesnt have what it take to manage a MLB team. Let's get soneone who does.

Posted by dc

1:03 PM, Apr 06, 2008

You pull Felix at 97 pitches when he's been lights out. EO and ML looked like little leaguers out there. This loss is on McClaren's shoulders. What a f'in joke.

This team better get its %&%$# together. The bullpen guys look like they have no game plan and the hitters are hackin. Wilkerson's a failure and Ichiro refuses to run. There's only a couple of people on this team who are actually performing. I am absolutely pissed. Felix should have finished this game.

Posted by Jon

1:05 PM, Apr 06, 2008

John McLaren is a supreme idiot. Hernandez was only at 97 pitches. Me thinks he could have pitched the ninth and won. Weren't the M's in the exact same situation last week where Hernandez could have picked up a CG but McLaren went to the pen? We should be a 4-2 ballclub right now instead of at 2-4. McLaren has already cost the team two wins. Idiot.

Posted by helpFelix

1:05 PM, Apr 06, 2008

MARVELOUS GEOFF...You wanna explain why they yanked Felix in the 9th when he was throwing a gem with only a 97 pitch count??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ESPECIALLY with the Bedard issue, and Batista barely making to 5 innings last night...we need our starters to go as far as possible!

Leaving Felix in would of been a flippin CG shutout!!!

So when does O'Flaherty get sent down with his 14 ERA?


Posted by M's Fan in Oahu

1:05 PM, Apr 06, 2008

I am beside myself...this is simply one of the most absurd decisions I have ever witnessed a manager make. The kid has not given up an earned run and has NO WINS!

Can this rediculous excuse for a manager get dumped now!?!?!?!?!

Posted by Resin isn't Cheating

1:05 PM, Apr 06, 2008

John McLaren should be giving Baltimore a curtain call and awarded Orioles impact player of the game. This is what happens when you are fixated on a 3-man bullpen of O'Flaherty-Green-Corcoran. The other guys in the pen need game action so they can be sharp.

Posted by Mark WS

1:05 PM, Apr 06, 2008

What a beautiful choke jobe! Back to AAA with that bunch. Should have let Felix face them until the tying run came to the plate, unless he was begging to get out.

Posted by tallahassee-mariner's fan

1:05 PM, Apr 06, 2008

do you think felix will start asking to get traded to boston or ny immediately, or will he wait until the off season?

Posted by BobLoblaw

1:05 PM, Apr 06, 2008

not sure whether to puke or cry. Why, M's? Why?

Posted by Scott

1:05 PM, Apr 06, 2008

The kept showing JJ on the bench, but I wanted to see Felix's mug when this was all blowing up.

This one is squarely on Mclaren. You have a struggling bullpen. You've lost 2 in a row to Baltimore and need a win. A pitcher who has dominated through 8 and hasn't even thrown 100 pitches and you pull him? I hope someone in the media gets in McLaren's grill on this one.

Posted by Buschleaguer

1:06 PM, Apr 06, 2008

Ouch! That's gonna hurt!
Mac definitely deserves the criticism on this one.

I am firmly in the "not letting Felix start the ninth was a dumb decision" camp on this one.

Very interested to hear Mac's reasoning on this. Or rather lack of it.....

Geoff, your thoughts?

Posted by Lance

1:06 PM, Apr 06, 2008

I'm not even going to comment on how this game ended..

Posted by CDUB

1:07 PM, Apr 06, 2008

one of the wort managerial decisions I have ever seen..... nice job Mac

Posted by spacemuse

1:07 PM, Apr 06, 2008

Why Mac? Why? Felix had this game in the bag, why would you pull him when the bullpen is already stretched thin? I'm not buying the "Felix and his injury last year" excuse. You're not Lou, stop trying to manage the bullpen like he did. We don't have that kind of pen right now; Felix had this game over. This "L" goes to you Mac.

Posted by Faceplant

1:07 PM, Apr 06, 2008

Wow. Just... wow.

Thanks Mac. There is no reason Felix couldn't have finished that game. He was cruising. At the very least, you should have given him a shot at getting a 1-2-3 inning, and if he runs into trouble then you pull him. And this is the same guy that lets Carlos Silva throw 116 pitches in seven innings.

My vomit bucket is getting full.

Posted by Al

1:07 PM, Apr 06, 2008

Hey now it's only the 6th game of the year and the M's only have little things to work out.

I mean besides the horrible defense, horrible offense, horrible bullpen use, horrible managing and the suspect starting pitching besides Silva and Felix so far, these things aren't really issues that should concern anyone 6 games into the season. Right?

Seriously why bring in O'Flaherty to close the 9th when he threw 26 pitches last night and then bring in Lowe in a high leverage situation who hasn't pitched since 4/1.

Posted by SpokaneFan

1:08 PM, Apr 06, 2008

Wow. That's all i can say. Great game by Felix and it's given away. 3 in a row to Baltimore...BALTIMORE. And we're expected to compete? I know it's early but if this is a sign of things to come for our offense and 'pen, we are in SERIOUS trouble.

Posted by good guy fan

1:09 PM, Apr 06, 2008

"Don't even try telling me this is about the bullpen!"

really? look at EO and ML's ERAs

13.50 !!!
there's nothing wrong with that ?
if it is a "pitching duel" your bullpen needs to have their act together

Posted by helpFelix

1:11 PM, Apr 06, 2008

What makes it even 10 times worse?

Felix is on my fantasy league, including Bedard. I was excited going into the 9th "thinking" with a 97 PC I would get not only the Win, but a CG Shutout!

I get 10 points for the Win, and 5 add'l points for the CG.

Mac you not only costed us another game this year, but you costed me a flippin 15 points...AND worse yet my opponent is ONLY 4 points below me at the present with NO MORE pitchers running.

MAC you "might" even cost me my opening week in fantasy land...NOW I'M PISSED!

Posted by Dignan

1:12 PM, Apr 06, 2008

Wow...speechless here. I have no speech. LOL

I realize the FSN guys essentially work for the M's but sometimes these guys reach so far to find excuses for poor decisions like the one we just witnessed. Sometimes Blowers is absolutely comical in his constant apologetic, excuse-making state. That's his job I guess...but it's borderline insulting.

Posted by Resin isn't Cheating

1:13 PM, Apr 06, 2008

why would you advocate potentially blowing out felix's arm? dont u know what happens once you break the 100pitch barrier? Unenlightened dross.

Who's the unelightened dross now.

Facey, do you have a spare vomit bucket?!

Posted by Faceplant

1:16 PM, Apr 06, 2008

"really? look at EO and ML's ERAs

13.50 !!!
there's nothing wrong with that ?"

Total IP between the two is like 3.2. 3.2 innings doesn't tell us anything other than they haven't pitched well for a couple innings.

I think the real conern is John McLaren's horrendous bullpen usage. Just terrible.

Posted by Kevin

1:17 PM, Apr 06, 2008

Should have been a W for Felix.
Note to mgmt: while no JJ and game not over and less than 110 pitches and no runs scored against, keep sending him out.

Posted by mitch

1:17 PM, Apr 06, 2008

Fire McLaren immediately. There was a reason the "long time baseball man" had never been promoted before. He's in over his head. Pulling your ace when your closer is on the DL is insanity. A lot was lost here today. Mark this one on your calendars.

Posted by Faceplant

1:22 PM, Apr 06, 2008

"why would you advocate potentially blowing out felix's arm? dont u know what happens once you break the 100pitch barrier? Unenlightened dross."

Of course research has shown that it's not the total number of pitches that one throw that increases the risk for injury, but the context in which those pitches are thrown. High stress situations put more stress on the body as well. Felix was cruising through this game. At 97 pitches Felix was showing no signs of fatigue. There was no reason he couldn't have gone back out there.

Posted by Mark WS

1:28 PM, Apr 06, 2008

Unitil Felix speaks, I assume he was out of gas for the ninth (or had temp amnesia that JJ wasn't in the pen). It's too early in the season to: a) blow up a young ace's arm with too many pitches in April; b) have the necessary arm stregnth to go over 100 in his case.

Hate to see Felix not get credit, but I wouldn't want to risk a stupid injury in April also. Guess that Sherill deal came back to bite eh?

Posted by Ebenezer

1:28 PM, Apr 06, 2008

Hargrove let Hernandez throw way too many pitches when he was 19 and the M's were awful. That said, Felix will be 22 on Tuesday. I would let him get to 110 pitches and see if he can finish it out. In a way I'm surprised that Mark Lowe is in there at this point of his comeback, but the M's bullpen is pretty thin.

It's too early to judge the Bedard trade, but the M's don't have the depth in the bullpen of last year. The M's traded away key parts of their future to win now - if they end up around .500, it's a sad deal (not to mention it'll be eleven years that Bavasi's been a GM and failed to go to the playoffs once).

Posted by Lance

1:29 PM, Apr 06, 2008

dave@ussm said that the idea of bringing Felix out to pitch in the 9th after 97 pitches was "dross".

Says something about dave@ussm.

BTW, did anyone also see Mac's final bad move of the game? Game tied, two outs, winning run (Jones) on second base. Mac calls the OFers to move in in the event of a single. Hernandez golfs one to the RF gap. Ichiro could have easily had that one and send the game into extra innings had he not been re-positioned.

Every button Mac is pushing is the wrong button.

Posted by James from Walla Walla

1:36 PM, Apr 06, 2008


What a waste of a great effort!

Mac use to be a bull pen coach??? Go figure?

Why did he pitch O'Flarherty? He pitched yersterday, 29 pitches. We have Rowland-Smith, for pete-sake use your whole bull pen.
Leave Felix in, he truly deserved the win!

Oh, I thought we were going to platoon Whifferson? Why not at least pinch run for him?
Because all he does is get thrown out!
That is why we have all this speed on the bench!

We deserve last place! And, at this rate we had
better get used to it.

Posted by Lance

1:40 PM, Apr 06, 2008

Those who say Felix was at risk coming out in the 9th are mistaken. He was perfectly capable of going 110 in this game.

It's not like last year when he was hurt in his first start after a complete game start in a freezing Boston. The elements in Baltimore weren't near as bad as they were that day in Boston. Felix was warm, loose and had had no high inning pitch totals. He would have been fine.

Posted by Scott

2:27 PM, Apr 06, 2008

I will say it again, the bullpen should have done their job, but the real problem is this offense. When Felix gives you eight shutout innings, the game shouldn't be in doubt. This team wasn't good enough and they ignored the offense in the off season, that is the problem and it won't get better any time soon.
The M's are averaging less than 4 runs a game against Millwood, Padilla, Jennings, Trachsel, Loewen, and Guthrie, what is going to happen when they start facing good pitching?

Posted by tvdpdx

8:55 AM, Apr 07, 2008

FYI...from a long-time O's fan now living in PDX:
Yelling "O" during the SSB begain in 1979 in Section 34 of Memorial Stadium. Wild Bill Hagy, a Baltimore cab driver (who died last year) was an icon who would lead the whole stadium in screaming O-R-I-O-L-E-S while spelling out the letters with his body.
There were lots of mass cheers that came from his section including the "O" during the SSB.
It beats the hell out of the corporate-led cheering at Safeco. It was organic and I'm happy it still happens. For more info on Wild Bill here's a TV story I did for Evening Magazine in Baltimore in 1979.

Posted by Young Oldtimer

9:36 AM, Apr 07, 2008

As a Baltimore area native and one with fond memories of the good times at Memorial Stadium even pre-dating the "O" and the "roar from 34", I feel a bit propriotory over the national anthem. After all, it was written in Baltimore when we stopped the Brits...:)

Posted by O's own M's in 2008

10:27 AM, Apr 07, 2008

Yelling O during the national anthem is a Baltimore tradition. Dont like it? Then stay out of our stadium, its as simple as that.

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