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Geoff Baker covers the Mariners for The Seattle Times. He provides daily coverage of the team throughout spring training, and during the season.

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April 5, 2008 8:17 PM

Bedard scratched for tomorrow

Posted by Geoff Baker


A look at the fans filing out of Camden Yards after the Mariners were beaten, 6-4, by the Baltimore Orioles.

Some surprising news downstairs that Erik Bedard won't make his scheduled start tomorrow. He's got what John McLaren termed as "a little inflammation of the hip" and has been pushed back to Tuesday. Felix Hernandez takes tomorrow's start, then Carlos Silva goes on Monday.

"It's Felix's regular throw day and it's Carlos's regular throw day after that, so he won't miss a beat,'' McLaren said.

McLaren said "throw day" but meant "start day" obviously.

McLaren says Bedard has had this type of problem before. The pitcher first felt it earlier today, while playing some pre-game catch.

"He felt something when he was pushing off.''

The team hopes Bedard will be ready to start on Tuesday at Tampa Bay.

"If he's not, we'll have to make an adjustment Tuesday,'' he said.

Hear what McLaren said in this audio clip.

That decision to go with only 11 pitchers is now looking more dubious by the day. Only two starters out of five have gone more than five innings. The team had hoped that all could go six or seven. Batista had been breezing along until that Yuniesky Betancourt fielding error in the fourth. Raul Ibanez making the throwing error on the same play -- allowing an unearned run to score -- also didn't help. Batista went on to throw 25 pitches in that frame after needing only 45 in his first three innings.

Batista was having some problems with his arm slot and release point after that. He kept trying to adjust and missed his spots throughout the fifth inning. His rhythm was thrown off as a result. Kenji Johjima tried to settle Batista down and get his to re-adjust his rhythm, but it didn't help.

"I think he just started to rush,'' Johjima said. "That's what I saw.''

Batista was not pleased with himself.

"I lost my rhythm in that inning, that's what happened,'' he said. "That's the only reason we lost. That's unacceptable.''

It's been a tough past few days for the M's, losers of three of their last four. A good time to have Hernandez on the mound. The trick now is not to lose this series. Seattle has been dealt a bit of a body shot here after starting the year by taking two of three from the Rangers. The M's have to ride out this rough patch with J.J. Putz and hope Bedard is not hurt more than a couple of days. Bedard did the right thing going to trainer Rick Griffin right away. So, M's fans will have to cross their fingers.

Yes, the team is only 2-3 and looked bad at times booting the ball around tonight. For Adam in the comments thread, the team isn't going to use Lowe -- the de-facto closer -- when trailing in a game. Putz isn't used that way either, only in extreme cases. It's the first week of the season. You don't pitch Lowe just because the team's had a day off. He's still coming off elbow surgery, don't forget. Has to be handled with care. Not used in a game the team is probably going to lose.

Nice to see the two Joses -- Lopez and Vidro -- collect some more early home runs. But the middle of the order has to get going, especially with all of the mound uncertainty happening. We'll see what they can do tomorrow.

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Posted by downinthegroove

8:25 PM, Apr 05, 2008

Wasn't there a song somewhere about how if we trade our future we are only a Bedard away.....

And wow. That bullpen strength is really looking good without ole' Greg "I rack up my saves against Seattle."

One front line pitcher was all we needed.

Posted by oregongal

8:29 PM, Apr 05, 2008

Thanks for the update. At least it's the beginning of the season, and Felix and Silva should be fine. But starting and throw day are not really the same.

The major caveat some of us had before the trade was Bedard's injury history. Hopefully, this will be just another small one.

Posted by JP

8:34 PM, Apr 05, 2008

"But starting and throw day are not really the same."

This would be Felix's regular "start" day... there was an off day, so this would be he regular rest...
I think that is what Geoff was saying.

Posted by oregongal

8:36 PM, Apr 05, 2008

Thanks, JP. There's been so little to remember in the last two games, I forgot the day off.

Posted by Poe

8:45 PM, Apr 05, 2008

GEEEEEEEZ!!! this blog is filled with a bunch of over analyzing WHINERS!! what do the 1st four letters of the word analyze spell? ANAL! It's the 5th game of the year! Get over it!

Posted by Walla Walla Girl

8:49 PM, Apr 05, 2008

It didn't take long for the Mariners to sink to .400 ... how disappointing.

I'd like to see more of Morse (in the outfield or at first), and less of Sexson and Wilkerson until (?) their bats heat up.

And I agree with previous bloggers who complained that we leave pitchers in too long and don't use our bullpen efficiently. Our guys are getting rusty waiting for their shot. What a waste.

Ever the optimist, though. Go M's!

Posted by Adam

8:51 PM, Apr 05, 2008

Fine - if McLaren wants to religiously stick to bullpen roles, that's his perogative. If he's going to do that, however, he had better think about switching to a seven-man bullpen.

This isn't Putz we are talking about - it's Mark Lowe. If we need a good arm in the game in a certain situation, there's no reason not to use him. However, if McLaren is going to limit Lowe's use only to the ninth inning when the team is ahead but only by three runs or less, he had better understand that he's going to have to make do with five other arms.

BTW, anyone think Sherrill wasn't a big loss?

Posted by Adam

8:54 PM, Apr 05, 2008

And another thing - if Lowe still needs to be handled with caution, why in the world do you NOT use a seven-man pen?

Honestly, it's not even funny how bad McLaren is with a bullpen.

Posted by Bum Knee McGee

8:57 PM, Apr 05, 2008

GEEEEEZ Poe, I thought we were being good. Only a couple of mentions of Richie's Hat Trick tonight.

Posted by Lance

9:01 PM, Apr 05, 2008

McLaren's gaffe, albeit small, is just an indication of a man already letting his job cloud his thinking.

On his post-game intervioew on TV he looked like a man who got spooked. His body language wasn't good. He's already looking weary.

And, why is anyone even thinking about increasing the pitching staff to 12? Baek has thrown one inning in five games, Lowe two-thirds, Rowland-Smith one-third. That's half your pen. If Mac has no confidence in them THEN GET RID OF THEM!

It's quality folks, not quanity. It's just lame excuses. And, poor managing.

At least the pitching and Bedard's owy frees Mac from having to talk about Richie Sexson's performance.

I was sure Richie was going to hit a homerun in the eight inning after striking out three times. But, alas, he did not. Then I remembered the M's were only down by two runs. Not five, which is the requirement for a late game Richie Sexson homerun.

On a positive note isn't Lopez doing a bang up job hitting second? Glad I thought of it. Last May.

Posted by downinthegroove

9:04 PM, Apr 05, 2008

I agree. Lowe is a poor man's Morrow as in low draft pick comparatively.

While I am not in panic mode the truth is this team was built for no one to be injured and/or have a decline in production. If you count Lopez, Sexson, Wilkerson and Felix this team was comprised based upon singular improvements.

The depth is already hurting this team.

And that includes the lack of depth (experience) in managing a bullpen.

Posted by downinthegroove

9:06 PM, Apr 05, 2008

What's scary is how once again it may seem that the organization has overvalued it's depth of pitching.....

Of course if McLaren is not a reflection of their scouting....

Posted by Walla Walla Girl

9:07 PM, Apr 05, 2008

Yes, Lance, I LOVE Lopez batting second ... and Yuni batting ninth. They are off to a great start.

Posted by Choska

9:12 PM, Apr 05, 2008

This would be hilarious if it wasn't so tragic. Ironic that the rumor was that Jones had the bad hip.

So far this season we are seeing the fruits of Bavasi and Armstrong's decision making.

1) Trade the farm for a guy with an injury history who will mss his SECOND start. (And the day he did manage to take the mound he looked like a guy who was trying to remember how to pitch, which isn't what you want from your "Ace."
2) Go with 11 guys in the pen, and then watch your starters get lit up like a Christmas Tree.
3) Watch Sexson, Ibanez, Vidro, and Wilkerson absolutely suck. They look lost up there. And the fact that this was entirely predictable doesn't make this bitter pill go down any easier.

We are under .500 against two of the worst teams in league. But that isn't what is troubling. The issue is that we look terrible, with a bunch of old guys who seem better suited for Church League Softball rather than Major League Baseball.

Sadly, the process that got us to this point isn't likely to change any time soon.

Gonna be a long summer.

Posted by John

9:15 PM, Apr 05, 2008

I'm with Adam on the bullpen. I was horrified that we went with a seven-man pen, and it's looking more and more like a horrible decision, especially early in the season. O'Flaherty is certainly no Sherrill, and it's very clear this is going to be a problem much of the season. Combined with a weak offense, I have a feeling it's going to be a big struggle this year. No one is throwing in the towel, obviously, but it's very frustrating to see how long it takes people in charge of this team adjust to what is an obvious problem.

Posted by Adam

9:16 PM, Apr 05, 2008

Mac has no idea how to use his pen now that Putz is down. NONE. Personally, I've always been of the belief that you use your best reliever in the most important spot of the game (rather than Rick White).

But even if you want to anoint a guy as closer, and only pitch him in the ninth inning of games where the team is ahead by no more than three runs, you still have to have a plan should said closer, or anyone else, get injured.

There's nothing wrong with bringing in Lowe when you are down by one or two runs if he's the right guy. There's no reason why RRS can't pitch more than 1/3 of an inning in the first five games - especially when you've only got six relievers.

And again, if you have any doubts, health-wise or otherwise, about any of those six, it wouldn't kill you to add a seventh guy. Especially since we haven't barely seen Cairo, Bloomquist, or Jimerson.

And one more thing - remember in 2006, we had Putz, Soriano, and Sherrill at the back end of the pen. Lights out. Bavasi has done a great job of creating a cheap, young, and effective pen over the years, but I wonder if it's going to his head. Losing Soriano and Sherrill in consecutive years has really hurt the bullpen. Let's hope Lowe comes back, O'Flaherty continues to improve, and Putz is healthy.

But even so, the bullpen is no longer a real strength of this team.

Posted by downinthegroove

9:25 PM, Apr 05, 2008

And kiss Morrow goodbye ever starting......

We have had some studs in the pen. Adam, I may be wrong but I think Bavasi inherited Soriano with a blown-out arm year one and then traded him soon after he returned...Time frame...

Sherril really came into his own last year so we dumped him.

These moves are really gonna hurt due to the fact the bench is so thin as is the lineup with power.

And how about letting Broussard go?

Posted by Lance

9:26 PM, Apr 05, 2008

"If you count Lopez, Sexson, Wilkerson and Felix this team was comprised based upon singular improvements." ---downinthegroove

Say what?

I'd also like to put in a word of defense for Batista. I have no don't that by the fifth inning he was simply out of gas. A result of having to come in to save the game a few days earlier, throw day or not.

These guys work on rythmn, as Miguel alluded to after this game. His was off by the fifth because simply throwing on the side is not the same as pitching in live action.

Which is why Miguel should either be the closer until J.J. returns (my vote), or shouldn't have been used out of the pen in the first place.

Mac talks about sticking to roles. He also talks about a bullpen-by-committee. Aren't those contridictory terms? Watching and listening to Mac makes it seem he's a manager who doesn't know if he's coming or going.

Posted by John

9:30 PM, Apr 05, 2008

Absolutely, Adam. Aside from the idiocy of having three players who are basically the same guy sitting on the bench ... to not have someone like Dickey up here just seems stupid. I agree that this bullpen is no longer a strength on this team. I do think it can avoid being a weakness if both Morrow and Lowe are healthy, and Putz comes back full strength in a couple of weeks. But I think we'll have trouble against tough left-handed batters this season, and it's going to cost us a game here and there.

I think the offense will come around (Beltre looks great, and it certainly appears like we may finally get breakout seasons from UBet and Lopez). Bedard, Felix and Silva will be formidable up front. Batista will do better, and Washburn will be average at best. I think Washburn should go to the pen, because he is tough on lefties, and Dickey or Baek should be the fifth starter.

Just a thought.

Posted by Rasmus

9:37 PM, Apr 05, 2008

Guys its not time to panic about the pen... yes we definately need another arm to come up. The 5 man bench is worthless. seriously, outside of Morse, none of these guys have even played outside of a couple pinch running opps..

We need to call up Dickey or Huber or Rhodes. Corcoran is garbage, and Baek isnt a reliever.

The pen right now should be Dickey, Baek, Rowland Smith, Huber, Green, EO, Lowe..

Time to give Rowland Smith a bigger role. He was very good last season, had an ERA under 1 in ST, but he's pitched 1 inning in 5 games. What the heck is McLaren doing with him?

As for the status of the pen coming into the yr. Lets remember that right now we're down two men.. two big late inning guys.. JJ is out, and Morrow turned into a mess half way through ST..

The pen was ideally gonna be:

Dickey, Rowland Smith, Green, Lowe, OFlaherty, Morrow, Putz.

That is a very good bullpen. Unfortunately we have had the JJ injury and Morrow regression. Not to mention the ridiculous idea of a 6 man bullpen.

My bigger concern right now is the terrible performance from many of our hitters.

Yuni, Lopez, and Beltre are the only ones holding their own right now.

The middle of the order is horrid with Sexson, Ibanez, and Wilkerson looking hapless..

It also doesnt help that Ichiro and Johjima havent found their strokes yet

Posted by Chris from Bothell

9:51 PM, Apr 05, 2008

Nothing to add around the bullpen woes, and I refuse to get antsy about Bedard yet.

Decent offense would have overcome tonight's starting pitching woes. But Ichiro, Joh and Raul haven't gotten started. And Sexson and Wilkerson show no signs of getting started. And Morse isn't getting played on the right days. Perhaps it should go Ichiro-Lopez-Yuni-AB in the 1 - 4 slots? :) :) :)

A faster left fielder would have probably gotten a couple of extra outs as well.

Nifty play by Morse to overcome Green's throwing error and get an out anyway. Why aren't we seeing him in the outfield more often? Mm, right, he sucks at defense, I seem to recall that from somewhere. Hmph.

If we're collectively wringing our hands now, I can't imagine how much bile and angst this blog will spew if the Ms lose next weekend's series with the Angels, or (pun not intended) heaven forbid, get swept.

Posted by Lance

9:55 PM, Apr 05, 2008

Rasmus - why so down on Corcoran. 2.2 IPs. No hits, walks or runs. So, to you that makes him garbage?

And, who's panicking over the pen? Outside of Mac . As evidenced by his using half of it for a grand total of 2 innings. And then trying to blame it on the fact there's only six of them to go to, not seven (where did you come up with seven, John?).

Posted by JJ

9:57 PM, Apr 05, 2008

I'm wondering how long this ...."well it's still early" excuse is going to be used for this pathetic team. Also wondering why nobody seems to be talking about Bonds? Is it really that crazy to think he could anchor this joke of an offense?

Posted by Rasmus

10:03 PM, Apr 05, 2008

Im down on Corcoran cause his stuff is below average, and he's never shown an ounce of ability to be an MLB pitcher in his career..

He got out of a jam tonight.. but this isnt a guy who should be run out there in close ball games..

Posted by Lance

10:18 PM, Apr 05, 2008

Good grief, Rasmus! Nobody said Corcoran should close. He's Jeff Harris redux. But, hey, if that helps the team some this season so what? Doesn't mean he's garbage. If he does a credible job until J.J. returns then he's done his job.

It takes at least 30 players to help a team have a successful season.

Posted by Batter Up!!!

10:20 PM, Apr 05, 2008

Geoff, Bottom of the 2nd Lopez made a great effort on the ball but it was Morris that picked it up and made the out at 2nd. Niehaus scored it Lopez, Morris, Yuni; 4-9-5. As did the Seattle MLB site. Lots of errors and little rhythm for a lot of folks tonight. Morris played a decent game in the field tonight, unfortunately no hits. He needs all the credit he can get.

The real problem is Bedar.......d. If he is broken Bavasi needs to be sent out of town on a rail. It must be a bad dream that is telling me that we signed this guy with a bad hip and gave away the franchise and the guys who kicked our *ss tonight to get him! What a fiasco!

Posted by oregongal

10:21 PM, Apr 05, 2008

I'm not giving up on the season yet, but it would be nice to see a few more things clicking. Silva was a pleasant surprise, so I'm OK with starting pitching, assuming Bedard comes back on Tuesday.

But the offense and defense aren't working yet, except for a few standouts. Last season taught me not to trust Mac with the bullpen; it's a hard habit to break and I haven't seen a reason to yet. Hard to believe he was a bullpen coach for 2 years.

I'm the first to say it's early. Like I said before, I don't usually watch the first month because it's still not good ball. Our problem is we've got those pesky Angels out there who are likely to get better pitching in the next month or two. If we take 2 from LAAAAAAAAAAA (which should be do-able, given our starting pitchers), I'll feel much better.

Geoff, this darn blog is addictive!

Posted by Batter Up!!!

10:35 PM, Apr 05, 2008

Sorry, it was Morris that picked it up and made the throw to 2nd......

Like I said , little rhythm, lots of errors.

Posted by downinthegroove

10:44 PM, Apr 05, 2008



I am stating that this team was built upon marked improvements from those players. If they fail to improve and you suffer any injuries this team is going to spiral in down in a maelstrom.

Seattle has been rudderless since they got rid of the Pilots!

Posted by James from Walla Walla

11:09 PM, Apr 05, 2008

Richie Suckson and Wilsuckson!!

These last few games have made me happy I didn't
buy any tickets to watch this pathetic team!! How many walks & how many errors!! Good thing we have all these fancy coachs to help us play this way! If it were not for Vidro & Lopez we'd be

At least the Orioles show up and play good baseball.

What happens when we play a really good team??
Like Red Sox's, Yankee's, or A's.

Posted by Morse Code

11:11 PM, Apr 05, 2008

Batter Up !!!, It's Morse, not Morris.

Posted by Nat

11:12 PM, Apr 05, 2008

I'm not worried about Bedard either. We can take him at his word and expect to see him pitching again soon, I think. Too bad though b/c we had tickets for Fri.ís game with the angels to see him pitch and that isnít going to happen now.

"I lost my rhythm...that's what happened," Batista said and he isn't the only one - the team also looked like it lost its rhythm tonight. It was hard to watch this game - somehow I knew the 2-0 score wasn't going to hold up, nor the 4-2. But I wonít overreact at this point because there are moves that can be made - all of which have been tossed around many times on this blog. Whether or not BB and MacLaren make any moves, well, that's up to them. I suppose they'll tweak the lineup here and there for awhile until we're already down 5 or 7 or 9 in the AL West.

One thing I do know for sure- whenever anyone says the M's should be able to whip all these so-called weak teams they just can't seem to do it. Something about counting your chickens before they're hatched...? What are you gonna doÖ*sigh*

Posted by Swung On And Belted

11:14 PM, Apr 05, 2008

James, I like it, though I prefer Suckson and Whifferson.

Posted by scrapiron

11:17 PM, Apr 05, 2008

They need to find a suitor for Baek asap. He's only ever started before, and isn't used to his new role. He's not going to start for the Mariners unless there is a serious injury. Meanwhile, Dickey with his rubber arm would be a perfect fit for a tired bullpen, and is fine with that role. He also could fill in nicely as a fill in starter as well. Trade Baek for a minor prospect and call up Dickey.

We need to call up Rhodes or Morrow, whichever one is closest to being ready. To make room they'll have to put Jimerson on waivers. I think he'll clear and they can then send him to Tacoma. We just can't afford a defense/speed guy that McLaren doesn't use.

Posted by Bill

11:32 PM, Apr 05, 2008

I honestly don't get why MacLaren took Corcoran out of the game for O'Flaherty. Corcoran came in, faced 3 guys, and got all of them out. Why not send him out there for the next inning, in a game you're already losing...when you have a depleted bullpen. Does that make sense?

Posted by James from Walla Walla

11:54 PM, Apr 05, 2008

Hey Belted,

Nice! Whifferson it is! Kick him to the kirb!

I have seen enough, bring up Reed from AAA!

And, while you are at it bring up Greg Norton to
platoon with Suckson! Let Cario go down.

Posted by FuKell

12:18 AM, Apr 06, 2008

a shitty team with a dumb ass manager is not going to get it done. Now it's even worse-badard hurts. Oh joy! Now we all even out with the Angels (pitchers wise) Let's see how soon Mc gonna get fire after the Angels beat the shit out of us when they come to town.

Posted by dart

1:02 AM, Apr 06, 2008

RIchie Sexson has got to be benched!

I know it's been said before, but we fans need to create such an uproar that the front office has to listen. McLaren and Bavasi are only still playing Sexson because to bench him would be an admission that they made a colossal mistake in signing him to a long term contract. Sexson just has no clue when he goes upto the plate. Having a big black hole in the middle of the lineup is really hurting us. I'd take Clement or Balentein over Richie even if those young guys are going to have a learning curve.


Posted by Pete

2:44 AM, Apr 06, 2008

"But the middle of the order has to get going, especially with all of the mound uncertainty happening..."

Unfortunately, the middle of the order includes two hitters that don't belong in the middle of the order of a major league ball club.

Beltre is the only middle of the order hitter on the team, and he's in a good spot at 5. Ibanez and Sexson hit 3-4, and they belong at 6-7 or 7-8.

Posted by Jeff

4:44 AM, Apr 06, 2008

Having 12 pitchers on the staff wouldn't make the 11 already there not suck. Correlation does not necessarily imply causation.

Posted by scottM

4:46 AM, Apr 06, 2008

My question on Bedard, so we might know whether to be concerned or not, is if he would be pitching today if this were a playoff situation? I'm glad the team is being cautious in April.

How much concern should we have over our team's offense right now? Last year we averaged 4.9 runs per game. This year, in five games, we scored 5,4,4,4 and 4 runs. I like the consistency here, but even with more reasonable production from the middle of the order (Sexson, Wilkerson, Johjima, Ibanez) this team would likely only be 3-2 instead of 2-3. The only game the M's should have won offensively is the weird game two against Texas featuring Richie's ugly whiff and JJ's blown save.

Why the loses:
JJ's blown save, poor clutch hitting in game 2
Horrible bullpen, game 4
Errors and weak bullpen, game 5

Too early to panic. Look for Felix to pitch a gem today, with solid mop up by RRS and Lowe.

Posted by PRchef

6:26 AM, Apr 06, 2008


Thanks for all the videos. The funny one reminds me of this blog. It was hilarious.

Let's hope Felix can get this week started on a good note and we can gain some momentum for the upcoming series with the Angels.

As bad as things may seem, I still believe this is going to be a good team. Sexson being the biggest concern right now. And I do not like what I have seen coming form the bullpen. It seems like in years past the early bullpen work set the tone for the rest of the year.

Hopefully the injury bug will not stay around for too long.

What is your impression as to how long they are willing to give Richie to perform? Mac has talked him up so much this year I have a hard time thinking the leash is actually short.

Posted by Lap Dog

6:41 AM, Apr 06, 2008

IMO, the logic for a 12th pitcher has less to do with adding a "better" pitcher than the current 11 and more to do with avoiding early season fatigue in the pen so that IF we are in the division race come August, we don't have blown out arms in the pen. We haven't seen it yet, but there will be games where we are up/down 4+ runs in the 5th or 6th and we need a true long man to eat up innings. I don't think Baek fits the bill for all the reasons many have mentioned.

Posted by Quinault

7:40 AM, Apr 06, 2008

The off season moves that I still do not understand were: Wilkerson (when Morse was out of options), Cairo (when Lopez will remain the starter), keeping Jimerson (while Willie sits on the bench), signing HoRam (remember - then letting him go [after paying him]) and having Reed in AAA. We went from the possibility of young and talented (but unproven) to old/injured/slow. I still think that adversity will pull a team together and this team realizes that they are a better team than the ones they have lost to. They just have to play like a team - dispite the on-the-job-training of McL. Maybe it is management by committee in there. Who knows? I think Baek should be the 5th starter, so that shows you how much I know! Perhaps the one month rule to see how a team pulls together is a good analogy, but we cannot wait - we are fanatics! But we can rest assured that the walk years of Raul, Richie and others will not go unnoticed. They have to play to earn their future pay. The time to get out front is now! The schedule will not get any easier. Right now, I am just happy that 2 games in BLT have been played so far. I do not want a repeat of last year. My pre-season prediction was 90 wins. I will stick with it. Get well JJ!

Posted by Frankie

7:43 AM, Apr 06, 2008

I've been sayin it for the last 4 games. Bring up Rhodes and/or Morrow!!

I do not like what i've seen from O'Flaherty and Green. Also, I do not like what I have seen with McLaren's decisions in using the bullpen. I honestly do like what I have seen so far in Roy Corcoran. If you wanna say that he's pitching good because he's not facing a real team, then fine. But while he is pitching good, everyone else is blowing leads. I think he deserves to stay up here until he proves he can't handle a close game. Because we all know how much we need bullpen help.

As for the offense, I'm more concerned about Wilkerson than I am with Sexson. Don't ask me why, because I really don't know. I just have this feeling that Sexson is gonna be a much better producer in the near future. As for Wilkerson, all hope is lost. Mac needs to realize that Morse needs to take over that position ASAP.

After the first 5 games, I'm not liking what im seeing. The only positive thing coming from this first week of the season is Jose Lopez' nice offensive start. Hopefully it will last.

I'm also impressed with our top 3 starters, and I hope Bedard is only missing this one start

Posted by Batter Up!!!

7:58 AM, Apr 06, 2008

Morse Code......Opps! Another error, Thank you!

Posted by AndruV

8:01 AM, Apr 06, 2008

It is too early to panic. But it amazes me that anyone thought this was going to be a great team this year. One strength -- starting pitching (or at least two great starters and three so-so ones). and man y glaring weaknesses --- defenses (especially outfield defense) and offense (where two through seven is probably as bad as any team in the majors). Running the team out of innings is no real solution offensively. and hoping Wilkerson gets his career back on track is nice as is hoping Sexson has found the fountain of youth in the offseason and regains batspeed and hand-eye coordination. The bullpen --which was a great asset last year -- is now below average, and without Putz it is scary. Hopefully Putz will be back soon, as will Bedard. But this has never been more than a 500 team, and I really don[t see how anyone thought otherwise.

Posted by tallahassee-mariner's fan

8:06 AM, Apr 06, 2008

Our offensive is downright pathetic. Seriously, Sexson is about as intimidating batting cleanup as a girl scout selling cookies. Maybe if we could let him hit off of a tee he'd do ok. And Wilkerson? Why oh why did they bring this guy in?

I agree with JJ: time to give Bonds some serious consideration. 50 HR's and 100 RBI's just sitting there. This offensive has a few guys who can hit singles, but we need to bring in someone opposing pitchers actually fear.

Posted by Morse Code

9:26 AM, Apr 06, 2008

No problem, Batter Up!!!

Posted by clinta27

1:04 PM, Apr 06, 2008

McClaren should hear about the dumb decision to lift Felix after 97 pitches and your closer on the DL.
Rookie manager.

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