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Geoff Baker covers the Mariners for The Seattle Times. He provides daily coverage of the team throughout spring training, and during the season.

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March 24, 2008 1:02 PM

Sights and Sounds: Mike Morse

Posted by Geoff Baker

To keep with the theme of the Mike Morse love-in found on this blog's comment threads in recent days, we've devoted our entire video feature today to this one jack-of-all-trades. The first sequences will see Morse taking grounders at third base. After, we see him working the outfield under the tutelage of onetime Mariners great Jay Buhner. To say Buhner gets up-close with Morse is an understatement. He's practically right on top of his back during some of the shots. All the outfield work was done after the team's regular workout, which is why there are no other players around.

As in past days, if you want to comment on the video, use the thread in this post. But for other stuff, please revert to the game thread, which I will be updating throughout the afternoon. Thanks! By the way, J.J. from the comments thread phoned in sick today. But we expect him/her to be sending in our daily video at some point this week. Get well soon, J.J.

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Posted by NB

1:28 PM, Mar 24, 2008

People that play defense like Mike Morse do not qualify as a Jack-of-all-trades. It's more like Jack-of-sort-of-being-ok-at-hitting-but-not-much-else-of-trades.

Posted by reality3

1:28 PM, Mar 24, 2008


Saw mention of Jeremy Reed getting traded to Padres in a S.D. Tribune article dated 3/21. Have you heard anything there about that?

Posted by scottM

1:44 PM, Mar 24, 2008

Seems that the fact Jay Buhner is spending one-on-one time tutoring Morse, is a hint that the M's want to keep him on the 25 man roster for his bat, and are willing to work with him to get a serviceable glove in the outfield.

Posted by markus

1:49 PM, Mar 24, 2008

it's not really a Morse-love fest, more a "why is a guy like Cairo a lock on the team even though he can't do anything very well and a few things poorly and a guy like Morse who can play 3 of the 4 IF positions and hit decent have to fight his way onto the roster by playing positions that aren't natural to him?"

I know that Morse isn't a potential all-star, or even a starter, but he is a pretty good option off the bench for a back up infielder. You have Willie to play 2b, you don't need another crappy bat and another backup for guys that don't sit very often anyways! If Lopez fails, you have guys in AAA that can't do any worse that Cairo, and probably do better, so why just hand the stinkin' job to Cairo? I've said it before, but the M's philosophy breeds complacency, and that breeds crappy, heartless baseball. Having both Willie and Cairo on the bench is stupid, plain and simple.

Posted by AKMarinersFan

4:18 PM, Mar 24, 2008

It would be interesting to hear what the Bone thinks of Morse. I would bet a lot of money (say $800K) that he would be much higher on Morse than Cairo.

Posted by Swung On And Belted

5:07 PM, Mar 24, 2008

You almost sound like your ready for another vacation. J.J.'s comment was way out of line. I guarantee just about everybody here appreciates what you are doing.

The M's TV crew interviewed Bone the other night and he was high on Morse. They didn't ask him about Cairo. Bone said that Morse has a cannon for an arm. I took this to mean something coming from Bone, who had the Cannon of all Cannons.

Posted by Batter Up!!!

6:20 PM, Mar 24, 2008

The fact that Mike Morse had a Bone up his butt all day today is a good thing for MM. One on One with the Bone, what's that worth to improving your game? Sure looks like they want him on the team. Didn't he set the All Time M's Batting Average Record for ST this Spring? Oh, that's right, ST means nothing??? So he's not a Pete Rose @ 3rd (Keep an eye on him in Vegas, he may have some traits). I like the kid; he has heart and can hit the ball. Yes, he has made several glaring errors, but I see him as a gamer. Especially as a late inning pinch hitter!!! Free Morse!!!

They have absolutely wasted Jeremy Reed's talent and given him zero chance this year. Not smart!

Geoff, what is up with all the worthless video??? Man I love this sights & sounds stuff. Next best thing to being there!

Posted by JJ

10:11 PM, Mar 24, 2008 was I 'way out of line' with my critical comment? It's called freedom of speech. I thought the video was lame, so what?? Geoff, you have proven to everyone here that you're just bored out of your mind down there. Your little quip to me yesterday was cute....but to go out of your way yet again today and continue it, just shows what you're really made of. Just flat out insecure and smug. What's wrong Geoff ? Still whining and insulted over a blogger who wasn't kissing your ass over a lame video?? You can't seem to take any criticism can you? I make one little negative comment, and you fall apart and get nothing but flustered. True pro Geoff. True pro. That's probably why your stuck as a Mariner ball boy, instead of being on the actual team. Sorry your dreams of actually making the big leagues didn't come true Geoff...but don't take it out on bloggers you don't even know. I have every right to criticize anything on the move on huh?...get over it

Posted by Get Griffey

10:54 PM, Mar 24, 2008

And that is way you are at home blogging at our computer and why Geoff is being paid to be a professional writer and run this blog on the side.

None of us have any "freedom of speech" to post on this blog, that is why there are block out features and he has the power to kill any comment he wants (which he does not abuse).

All of us should remember that Geoff did not respond like some dictator by killing JJ.

Posted by hr2434

1:28 AM, Mar 25, 2008

Sounds like it's a good thing we have Morse too play third. That injury Beltre has doesn't sound good. He may be able to play great defense with it, put with the shortage of power we already have a bad hand is not what we need.

Posted by Swung On And Belted

1:55 AM, Mar 25, 2008

I agree that you should be able to criticize, and I do think Geoff overreacted a bit. But he's down there working his ass off. If it was me, I'd have gotten upset too. I also agree that Geoff showed he's a true pro by not killing your comment. Just my two cents.

Posted by K-Man

8:51 AM, Mar 25, 2008

JJ is a troll. Please don't feed the troll.

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