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Geoff Baker covers the Mariners for The Seattle Times. He provides daily coverage of the team throughout spring training, and during the season.

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March 13, 2008 1:07 PM

Giants at Mariners: Game thread

Posted by Geoff Baker

bigisland08 014.jpg

San Francisco Giants (4-11):

28 Rajai Davis CF
57 Eugenio Velez 2B
2 Randy Winn RF
5 Ray Durham DH
14 Fred Lewis LF
19 Kevin Frandsen 3B
21 Justin Leone 1B
50 Eliezer Alfonzo C
22 Ivan Ochoa SS
32 Kevin Correia RHP

Other Pitchers:

22 Alex Hinshaw LHP
34 Steve Kline LHP
37 Jack Taschner LHP
43 Billy Sadler RHP
54 Victor Santos RHP
64 Merkin Valdez RHP
80 Sergio Romo RHP

Seattle Mariners (6-8):

51 Ichiro Suzuki CF
3 Jose Vidro 1B
28 Raul Ibañez LF
44 Richie Sexson DH
6 Brad Wilkerson RF
9 Jeff Clement C
13 Miguel Cairo SS
23 Tug Hulett 2B
12 Mike Morse 3B
56 Jarrod Washburn LHP

Other Pitchers:

20 J.J. Putz RHP
41 R.A. Dickey RHP
46 Sean White RHP
48 Roy Corcoran RHP
58 Cha Seung Baek RHP
62 Cesar Jimenez LHP

bigisland08 040.jpg

4:09 p.m.: No dice today, I'm afraid, as the M's strand a runner in the 10th after a Jamie Burke single. Miguel Cairo rocketed a ball right at the third baseman for an out. The game ended soon after on a Tug Hulett groundout. So, a 3-3 tie today. Ichiro gets his first hit of the spring, Cairo his first home run since Rudy Giulliani was still a presidential hopeful. The players are gathering their gear and heading off the field to the clubhouse.

bigisland08 034.jpg

3:55 p.m.: We're heading on into the bottom of the10th after pitcher Roy Corcoran survived a double in the top of the inning. They're only going 10 today, so if the M's fail to score here, the game ends in a 3-3 tie.

The Mariners had a pair of baserunners thrown out trying to steal second in the bottom of the ninth. First, it was Jeremy Reed, who'd been hit by a pitch. Then, after a Greg Norton single, pinch-runner Juan Diaz got gunned down by a mile and a half at second. Not pretty.

J.J. Putz breezed through a perfect ninth, fanning one. The photo above shows a good part of the crowd today, an impressive 9,125. The Giants usually travel well, but the M's are also up there in Cactus League attendance. They began the day fourth and could move up to third. Bedard trade? Good weather? Who knows?

bigisland08 017.jpg

3:29 p.m.: R.A. Dickey came on to pitch the seventh and yielded the tying run on a double to left by Emmanuel Burriss. Dickey had started the inning by hitting Fred Lewis with a pinch. Travis Denker pinch-ran for him. After notching a groundout and popout, Dickey surrendered the double and it's still a 3-3 game heading into the ninth. Dickey worked two innings, giving up the lone run. J.J. Putz is now on the mound for Seattle.

Down in the clubhouse, Ichiro was cracking wise about his hit. Talked about how he was "planning to keep the ball and send it to Cooperstown'' but could not get it from the Giants.

3:02 p.m.: Still 3-2 for the Mariners as we head to the seventh. Ichiro grounded into another fielder's choice in the sixth, leaving him 1-for-25 on the spring. He was pulled from the game after that in favor of pinch-runner Charlton Jimerson. Anyone concerned yet? You are? Go stand in the corner.

2:45 p.m.: Mariners go 1-2-3 with two strikeouts in the bottom of the fifth. That's six strikeouts on the day by Seattle hitters thus far. Jarrod Washburn has been replaced by Cha Seung Baek to start the sixth. Washburn allows just the one earned run on six hits through five.

2:39 p.m.: Jarrod Washburn just picked off his second baserunner of the day in the top of the fifth, nabbing Eugenio Velez as he leaned too far off the bag. Velez was later thrown out at second. So, it's still a 3-2 game, Mariners in the lead. A good job by Washburn today in limiting the damage with runners on base. Sort of what Carlos Silva did yesterday, minus the pickoffs.

2:17 p.m.: Spoke to soon on Miguel Cairo. Mr. Clutch just cranked a home run to deep left center. A very well-hit ball. What makes this significant, other than the 3-2 lead it gave the Mariners in the bottom of the third? Cairo has not hit a home run in his last 556 at-bats. That's the second-longest drought in the majors behind the 722 homerless at-bats for Juan Pierre.

Ichiro came up with Mike Morse on second after a walk and a botched pickoff move led to a stolen base. But alas, after nearly stroking an opposite field double down the left field line, a ball that landed foul, the Mighty Ichiro shattered his bat at the handle on a routine groundout to second. Make it 1-for-24. Anyone care? Should I keep counting or not?

By the way, the Cardinals, either a shrewd or desperate team, depending on how you view replacement-level pitchers, just signed Kyle Lohse. Looks like Jeff Weaver is running out of lives.

2:00 p.m.: We're throught the top of the third, with Jarrod Washburn helping himself out a bit after yielding a two-out single by Fred Lewis. As Lewis took his lead off first base, Washburn fooled him with a pickoff move and the runner -- forced to keep moving forward -- was easily thrown out at second by first baseman Jose Vidro.

1:54 p.m.: The Mariners have tied the game 2-2, heading into the third, but appear to be following a pattern. First, it was Raul Ibanez again driving in the run with a single lined to right field. But with the bases loaded and one out, Richie Sexson took a called third strike from umpire Mike Everitt. Sexson was not happy as he headed back towards the dugout. Brad Wilkerson then went down swinging. So, that's one run for the M's on three hits and a walk in the inning. M's have left the bases juiced twice in two frames.

For Jay in the comments thread, you'll be happy to know -- or maybe not -- that Ichiro just began a new streak of futility. He grounded into a fielder's choice at third base. So, make it 1-for-23. You're right. I've put my bubbly away.

1:38 p.m.: Jarrod Washburn is through the second inning, still down 2-1. Washburn gave up a single to Eliezer Alfonzo, but again wasn't helped by his infielders muffing a double-play chance. This time it was second baseman Tug Hulett having the ball trapped in his glove as he tried to pivot and complete a 6-4-3 double-play grounder by Ivan Ochoa. Instead of the inning being done, Ochoa was safe at first and promptly stole second. Washburn then walked Rajai Davis to put two on, but Mike Morse snared a chopper from Eugenio Velez and stepped on his bag at third to end the frame.

1:28 p.m.: Call off those Ichiro burials. He notched a hit in his first at-bat. An infield single that probably would have been a routine 4-3 groundout had first baseman Justin Leone (yes, him) not gone wandering 20 feet off his bag for no good reason. Anyhow, it's a hit. We can stop tracking this silliness. Ichiro is now 1-for-22 this spring and even has a run scored, since he came racing home on a Raul Ibanez single that cut the Giants' lead to 2-1. A two-out single by Brad Wilkerson put runners at the corners and a walk drawn by Jeff Clement loaded the bases for Miguel Cairo.

Could "Mr. Clutch" from yesterday do it again? Uh, no. Cairo flied out to right center. So, it's 2-1 for San Francisco after an inning of play. But the entire free world as we know it will be thrilled to hear that Ichiro did not forget how to hit over the winter.

I should add that Mariners trainer Rick Griffin appeared to call out from the dugout to ask Giants pitcher Kevin Correia for the ball. Correia, apparently not aware of the (sigh) significance of the event, looked at Griffin as if he was crazy. Guess this is a Seattle sense of humor thing.

1:12 p.m.: San Francisco just scored a pair in the top of the first inning off Jarrod Washburn, with a big assist going to Mike Morse at third base. Morse bobbled what looked to be a possible inning-ending double-play grounder by Randy Winn. It might have been tough to double-up the speedy Winn, but the ball was hit quite hard. Probably why Morse failed to squeeze it. That left two on with one out and successive singles to right by Ray Durham and Fred Lewis brought the runs home. One run was earned, one unearned in the inning, which ended with a 6-4-3 double-play grounder by Kevin Frandsen.

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Posted by reality3

1:25 PM, Mar 13, 2008

GEOFF, Has anyone seen REED? Hasn't played in a game since Sunday? Injured?

Posted by Get Griffey

1:32 PM, Mar 13, 2008

The streak is over!

Posted by Get Griffey

1:34 PM, Mar 13, 2008

It was fun while it lasted ^__^

Posted by jujay

1:34 PM, Mar 13, 2008

hate to see the bases getting left loaded

Posted by Jay

1:38 PM, Mar 13, 2008

I understand (and mostly agree with) the sarcasm. But that said, reaching on an apparent misplay of an infield grounder, whether it was scored a hit or not, is hardly cause for celebration...

Posted by oregongal

1:40 PM, Mar 13, 2008

Well, you know Ichiro said he kinda wanted the streak to go on, but he knew he also had to produce, so maybe this is the perfect compromise.

Posted by Brian

1:45 PM, Mar 13, 2008

Your updates are nice and all, but when can we expect to see some live spring training action on tv?

Posted by Get Griffey

1:52 PM, Mar 13, 2008

And why is it only sometimes on XM radio?

I mean right now they have four channels for spring games but all of them say the next game will be some other day, so none of today’s games are on.

and only like three M's games have bean on at all!

Posted by BavasiBooster

1:57 PM, Mar 13, 2008

Interesting that Morse is batting 9th...

Posted by EvilLemon

2:11 PM, Mar 13, 2008

All you have to do to find out if they're on TV is go look on the schedule page on Not terribly tough.

The ones that say "FSN" on the calendar days mean that the game will be on FSN. First one is the 16th.

Posted by NateDawgUS

2:21 PM, Mar 13, 2008

Atta boy Cairo. I'm liking the Washburn pickoff move too.

Posted by Jared

2:30 PM, Mar 13, 2008

Maybe Weaver and Horacio can move in together and start a reality show " two broken down ball players trying to make it in the bigs".

Posted by BavasiBooster

Posted by blah

2:40 PM, Mar 13, 2008

So maybe sometime in another 556 at bats Cairo will hit a homerun. I know, why don't we send him to AAA for 555 at bats!

Posted by scrapiron

2:50 PM, Mar 13, 2008

Hate to rain on the Mr.Clutch parade, but the homerless drought doesn't stop or start based on spring training games. That's 556 regular season at bats, and will continue for MC when the season begins...

Posted by daddydriz

2:51 PM, Mar 13, 2008

As I look out of my window at the dreary and rainy Puget Sound I just have to say:

Geoff, your pictures are KILLING me!!! Oh, to be in the sun eating dogs, drinking beer and watching baseball.

Posted by Jay

3:12 PM, Mar 13, 2008

To add to what DaddyDriz is saying, what makes it worse is that when you drag your mouse over the pictures, the tag that pops up is "bigisland08", which reminds you that Geoff has spent his last four weeks shuttling between sunny Arizona and tropical Hawaii while I've been stuck in rainy Seattle. I'm in the wrong line of work...

Posted by Pete

3:16 PM, Mar 13, 2008

If Ichiro 0-fers the rest of Spring Training, I still won't be concerned. Because I could totally envision him doing exactly that... and then ripping off 15 hits during the first week of the season.

...just because he thought that might be hilarious to do.

Posted by daddydriz

3:18 PM, Mar 13, 2008

Jay, I didn't notice that. But thank you for adding to my misery.

Posted by oregongal

3:22 PM, Mar 13, 2008

On the other hand, Geoff gets to do things like spend almost a week in Texas in July, along with other mind-numbing humidity factories throughout the summer.

Pete, I'm with ya on Ichiro.

Posted by markus

3:32 PM, Mar 13, 2008

crap, Morse scorches the ball all spring, but now Cairo has done enough (all he probably had to do was tie his shoes) to make the roster. What's with the Mr. Clutch? The guy killed plenty of rallies while Geoff was in Hawaii. and he will kill plenty more. Free Morse!

Posted by AKMarinersFan

4:04 PM, Mar 13, 2008

Geoff - The Mariners are always 3rd or 4th in spring training attendance. Don't think Bedard has anything to do with it.

Posted by Pete

4:17 PM, Mar 13, 2008

oregongal -

Yeah, haha, I wouldn't put it past him. ...Another possibility, I can hear a quote that goes something like this:

"I feel that by recording as many outs as possible, I can better understand what it truly means to make a hit."

Posted by Get Griffey

4:18 PM, Mar 13, 2008

OK Markus, who said that “now Cairo has done enough”?

Geoff is just reporting, not deciding opening day rosters!

Glad to have you back Geoff!!

Posted by Charly

4:25 PM, Mar 13, 2008

I know no one is concerned about Ichiro but what about our man Richie. He is hitting his stride, now batting .185 this spring. Why does anyone think he is going to turn it around.

Posted by Batter Up!!!

4:31 PM, Mar 13, 2008

Mike Morse had another big day with the bat. Niehause is sure on his bandwagon. I hope the error at 3rd doesn't ding him too hard.

Posted by oregongal

4:41 PM, Mar 13, 2008

Larry Stone had a nice piece on Sexson today. He specifically says Sexson doesn't use injuries as an excuse for last year. But I don't understand why they would be. If you're playing that badly because you're injured, you shouldn't be playing. There's an argument to be made about whether the player or manager should make the call, but it should be made. After all, if you're injured, you can get treated and get better. Injured or not, I don't care. He shouldn't have been playing. We'll see what happens this year.

Posted by Get Griffey

5:16 PM, Mar 13, 2008

Batter Up!!!
Please tell me how to listen to the games!! How did you? My XM only has four spring games a day and they are almost never ours!

Posted by scrapiron

5:23 PM, Mar 13, 2008

Get Griffey - you can listen to the games online at It costs $14.95, but it's good for the whole year. I'm an XM subscriber, so I'm annoyed by this too, but it's the only way for now.

Posted by Get Griffey

6:03 PM, Mar 13, 2008

thanks scrapiron!

Posted by markus

7:22 PM, Mar 13, 2008

I was just refering to McLaren talking about Morse like he's still waiting to see some things, but that Cairo is a vet and 'has been through the wars'

My point being that if Cairo gets a job that he hasn't earned and we lose a guy that's playing well then I will be ticked. But it looks like no matter what Cairo is a lock. bleh

Posted by Batter Up!!!

7:40 PM, Mar 13, 2008

Get Griffey,

I live in the Seattle area and listen to the games on KOMO 1000 AM Radio.

Posted by jones

4:12 AM, Mar 14, 2008

Man I cannot wait any longer ...bring on march 31st already!!

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