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Geoff Baker covers the Mariners for The Seattle Times. He provides daily coverage of the team throughout spring training, and during the season.

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March 6, 2008 9:37 AM

Sunglasses at night

Posted by Jose Romero

UPDATE: OF Jeremy Reed was scratched from today's lineup and replaced by Bronson Sardinha because of a bruised right knee. He is day-to-day. Might have been from a slide in yesterday's minor-league game, I am told. Also, DH Jose Vidro will hit off a tee tomorrow and could play Saturday, and P Miguel Batista will throw a bullpen session tomorrow and is scheduled to make his next start Sunday in a split-squad game at Milwaukee.

C'mon all you 80s music junkies, I know you get the reference. The reason I use it is because Corey Hart (the same name as the guy who sang "Sunglasses at Night") is starting in RF for the Milwaukee Brewers today in their spring training game against the Mariners.

My favorite line in the song: "Don't mess around with a guy in shades, oh no....I can't believe it."

So it's on to the Phoenix borough of Maryvale this afternoon for the game. Felix Hernandez is the scheduled starter for Seattle.

3B Adrian Beltre has rejoined the team after going to Mexico for a personal matter earlier in the week, and he is in the lineup today. Manager John McLaren intended to let Beltre decide when he wants to play after Beltre returned from a dealing with a death in his wife's family, and apparently Beltre is ready to go now.

McLaren said utility players Miguel Cairo and Willie Bloomquist "mirror each other," and Cairo moves to SS today after being used at 3B in previous games. McLaren said Cairo will play in the outfield soon, "just to see what he brings."

McLaren wasn't specific as to which OF position for Cairo.

Let's take a look at today's lineups:

Mariners (3-3)
Miguel Cairo SS
Bronson Sardinha CF
Greg Norton 1B
Adrian Beltre 3B
Bryan LaHair DH
Wladimir Balentien LF
Mike Morse RF
Jamie Burke C
Willie Bloomquist 2B

Felix Hernandez RHP
(Other scheduled pitchers)
Ryan Feierabend
Sean White
Roy Corcoran
Jake Woods
Cesar Jimenez

Milwaukee Brewers (4-3)

RIckie Weeks 2B
Mike Cameron CF
Prince Fielder 1B
Ryan Braun LF
Corey Hart RF
Joe Dillon 3B
J.J. Hardy SS
Matt LaPorta DH
Jason Kendall C

Ben Sheets RHP

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Posted by BubbaFan

8:52 AM, Mar 06, 2008

I only saw Cairo in the outfield once. He got one ball to field. He caught it...but the look on his face afterwards was hilarious. He looked like he couldn't believe he actually caught the ball. :-D

Posted by scrapiron

9:29 AM, Mar 06, 2008

If by "mirror each other" he means that Cairo and Bloomquist are the same type of player, I agree. Which is why we don't need both of them on the roster. Cairo and Bloomquist are utility guys with speed, Morse is a utility guy with power. Pick one of Cairo/Bloomquist and keep Morse on the roster. Having two light hitting utility guys doesn't make much sense.

Posted by Zorro

9:49 AM, Mar 06, 2008

We should have signed Colon, made him the #5 starter, moved Batista to the pen, Morrow to AAA to work on becoming a starter:

Was this not an option? I hate to get caught up in the coulda/woulda/shoulda, but this seemed like a good idea at the time and is starting to look like a bargin for the BoSox.

Posted by scrapiron

9:57 AM, Mar 06, 2008

Zorro - I think (hope) Colon was an option if the Mariners didn't get Bedard. Many scouts in the off season watched Colon and he couldn't even hit 90 on the gun. That scared off most teams from him, which is why he accepted such a minor deal with Boston. It looks now like a good deal for the Sox, but very few people thought Colon had anything left.

Posted by zusu

10:23 AM, Mar 06, 2008

Re: the M's vs. Angels ST game yesterday: once again the Angels got a good laugh at the Mariners expense. Why can't Mac just shut up and watch the team play, and let the M's play speak for itself?,1,5826099.story?ctrack=2&cset=true

Just another area where Mac's inexperience rears its head.

Posted by Donovan

10:28 AM, Mar 06, 2008

I'd challenge anybody to show me a team that looks to their utility infield sub for offense. That being said, the idea that we don't need two light hitting, versatile gloves on the bench makes sense. Mac's statement today could be construed to mean that Willie and Cairo are competing for the same roster spot, which would be an interesting competition. Willie had a nice game in the field and at the plate yesterday, but Cairo is hitting better overall and is thought of as a better glove, at least in the INF. Both are smart baserunners.

So, if you take one of those guys, plus Morse, who gets the last bench spot? I confess to knowing almost nothing about Norton. He did very little last year in 75 games for TB.

Posted by Merrill

10:28 AM, Mar 06, 2008

Wow, Jose, I always thought that was Eurythmics... what's-her-name, Annie Lennox. Thought it was a female singer...

Looking forward to reading that link, zusu/Nat, thanks.

Posted by Adam

10:33 AM, Mar 06, 2008

Zorro - If you really want to play the woulda/coulda game, think about this:

If we had not traded Soriano for HoRam, Morrow would have spent the 2007 in the minors, starting, and he very well "coulda" been ready to take a spot in the rotation this year. Meaning we "coulda" dodged having to pay Silva a ton, or we "coulda" got rid of Washburn.

And I'm glad McLaren admits Cairo and Willie mirror eachother. The next step is to explain why it makes any sense whatsoever to have the two of them on the roster.

Finally, here's hoping for a good, healthy year from Sheets. I'd love to get the guy in FA (if healthy).

Posted by Merrill

10:36 AM, Mar 06, 2008

Nat, Bedard only started because it was his turn. The LA Times writer made it seem like wanting to beat the Angels was the reason Bedard and the Seattle regs started.

Yeah, Mac ran his mouth a bit, but he tends to do that, doesn't he?

The Seattle regs (some of them) started for the same reason as the Angels' guys: To get their work in, on schedule. Had it been their big pitchers' turns, they would have pitched.

Goodnight, folks, have a good day in the past...

Posted by zusu

11:02 AM, Mar 06, 2008

Merrill, I realize that Bedard was starting on his regular turn and that the writer was making some presumptions. But the writer reacted to what Mac said because Mac felt it necessary to make a statement like that in the first place. Otherwise, it would be no big deal.

Btw, Merrill, I thought what you said about Bedard brought clarity to his behavior and insight on the difference between introverts and extroverts, which was phrased in a very succinct and gracious way. IMO people way overreact to Bedard's 'shortness' with M's reporters as well. Let him be, sheesh...

Posted by Patrick

11:30 AM, Mar 06, 2008

Bedard is not a bad clubhouse guy. I know a pitcher on the O's staff and he says Bedard is a nice guy with no ego, he just doesn't like talking to the media. He said he's a good teammate and doesn't cause problems. People should a) relax. it's not a big deal and b) get used to it. he's going to be short with reporters during his whole time here.

Posted by Donovan

11:41 AM, Mar 06, 2008

Zusu - Mac's comments are not a big deal to anybody who doesn't have a column to fill. If the LA sportswriters want to create drama out of a few clumsy statements he made, fine. It affects nothing and nobody. Mac isn't going to win any awards for extemporaneous speaking.

There really is nothing substantive to report at this stage of the season, other than the physical condition of the players in camp. Beyond that, dissecting team official quotes and speculating about roster decisions is all that there is. The press are in a tough position, because fans are hungry for real news and there isn't much. Everything a manager says is going to get blown out of proportion, but so what? I couldn't possibly care less what anybody in LA thinks about Mac or the M's. In fact, if he annoys or amuses them, that's great. Glad we can spice up their day. All I care about are the games that start next month.

Posted by scrapiron

11:51 AM, Mar 06, 2008

The LA Times article also neglected to mention that the Angels did the same thing in a spring training game against the Mariners in 2002. McLaren remembers that and had his chance for a little payback.

Posted by scrapiron

12:00 PM, Mar 06, 2008

Donovan - Norton is a veteran pinch-hitter. Decent role player for that one at bat a game, but I don't know if he's worthy of a roster spot for an A.L. team.

I'm not sold on the outfield defense of Bloomquist, Cairo or Morse, so I'd give my final roster spot to an outfielder. Jimerson seems to fit the bill. Good defense and speed. All things being equal I'd keep Reed, but Reed has options left and Jimerson does not.

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