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Geoff Baker covers the Mariners for The Seattle Times. He provides daily coverage of the team throughout spring training, and during the season.

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March 1, 2008 8:52 AM

Getting set for Game 2

Posted by Jose Romero

The Mariners (1-0) have yet to play their spring home opener, even though they are playing in Peoria at their complex today. The San Diego Padres (0-1)are the home team. It's Felix Hernandez vs. Randy Wolf.

Before I continue, let me say that I will not be putting up video or audio or photos on the blog because I'm not equipped to do so. I know a lot of you enjoy that aspect of this blog and it very much enhances it, but all the "cool' stuff will take a hiatus until Geoff gets back. I appreciate your understanding.

Anyway, let's look at the starting lineup for Seattle today:

1. Ichiro CF
2. Jose Vidro DH
3. Greg Norton 1B
4. Adrian Beltre 3B
5. Brad Wilkerson RF
6. Mike Morse LF
7. Jose Lopez 2B
8. Jamie Burke C
9. Willie Bloomquist SS

Horacio Ramirez is expected to be the first pitcher out of the bullpen to relief Hernandez today. He's trying to make the team as a long reliever now that his spot in the starting rotation is gone for now.

"He's going to get a lot of opportunities," manager John McLaren said. "We're going to give him every opportunity to see where he fits on the staff. He's going to get a chance to pitch on a regular basis and he'll get some innings."

Another note: Mark Lowe, who is coming back from arm surgery, said he is throwing to live hitters tomorrow.
Chris Reitsma and Arthur Rhodes will do the same in the next couple of days.

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Posted by -j.

10:16 AM, Mar 01, 2008

Where'd Geoff go? Is he still reeling from the media butt chewing handed out by Mac?

Posted by -j.

10:18 AM, Mar 01, 2008

BTW, better hurry and get your opening day tickets. Went on sale about 20 minutes ago.

Posted by AKMarinersFan

10:24 AM, Mar 01, 2008

You don't need to hurry this year. With all of the season tickets that they DIDN'T sell there will be a lot of empty seats at Safeco this year.

Posted by oregongal

10:28 AM, Mar 01, 2008

Bienvenido, Jose. I think while Geoff's gone, you should get your picture on the top of the blog so we can see who we're abusing. :)

Even though it's only spring training, even though I know he doesn't have a rotation spot, just seeing Horacio Ramirez expected to pitch sends a shiver down my spine. I sincerely hope he has a good year this season, but it'll take a while for my Pavlov reaction to his name to change.

Posted by AKMarinersFan

10:31 AM, Mar 01, 2008

Prediction HoRAM goes 1 INN, 3 BB, 3 HITS, 1 HR, 4 ER. Any McLaren statement about "how he was encouraged by the performance". Possibly with tears in his eyes.

Posted by Jeff

10:39 AM, Mar 01, 2008

Well, the worst DH in baseball is hitting second. Woohoo! Soriano for HoRam...looking like a better deal every *cough* day *cough*

Posted by Frank Rizzo

10:41 AM, Mar 01, 2008

AK - If you think there are going to be lots of empty seats on Opening Day, your nuts! But I love the positive thinking! You must be a big time Ms fan!

Posted by AKMarinersFan

10:48 AM, Mar 01, 2008

and positive thinking is what this franchise is all about. If we really really believe that the team will be good well...they will probably suck AGAIN....but at least the fan base tried. Talent is overated.

Posted by downinthegroove

10:53 AM, Mar 01, 2008

We have a minor league manager trying to handle big league problems. He should expect to answer these questions. Those that quickly show AJones struggled by posting links should be accountable to the fact that Bedard struggled.

This was a huge trade to win now and those that don't think everyone will be gone or should be without a winning season (i.e. playoffs) is not seeing clearly. We made a move to win now. No room for error and they set themselves up for scrutiny from day one.

This is going to be a long season. And those writers have to ask those questions or why the hell are the papers wasting the money to send them out there?

Here's a question for Bavasi: "Bill, how do you plan on affording Bedard, Felix, and Morrow when contracts are due? Especially if you have to overpay for HoRam, Bautista and Washburn?"

Mac is in over his head and hoping to gawd that the experience around him will bail him out. If this is rough then I hope he walks around NY with his hand over his wallet and his eyes staring at the ground!!

Sorry had to work late and try to get a relevant point or attempt at one...

P.S. Even the Marlins will sell out opening day!

Posted by Adam

11:47 AM, Mar 01, 2008

"He's going to get a lot of opportunities," manager John McLaren said. "We're going to give him every opportunity to see where he fits on the staff. He's going to get a chance to pitch on a regular basis and he'll get some innings."

Not sure what he's done to earn those opportunities, but ok...

Posted by Adam

11:48 AM, Mar 01, 2008

Jeff - Amen. And have you considered the effect the HoRam trade had on Morrow's development?

Posted by Batter Up!!!

12:09 PM, Mar 01, 2008

Jose..... No stills or video??? Geezzzz!!!

Too bad, would have really enjoyed seeing and listening to Mac all stressed out answering questions regarding our new ace's debut.

The M's better come out of the gate winning or Mac will be a basket case by May Day and we'll all to pitch in and buy him a red truck for Fathers Day.

Posted by downinthegroove

12:29 PM, Mar 01, 2008

Wonder if Ramirez is going to bump one of the guys that are out of options...

Posted by JohnnyBeisbol

12:30 PM, Mar 01, 2008

I agree with mac.. go to watch the interview with Bedard.. these writers just kept asking the same question over and over and over again..

Definately made too big of a deal out of one silly ST start.. Bedard was obviously sick of answering the questions, and i couldnt believe how the Seattle writers kept badgering him with the same stuff about.. "What are u looking to accomplish" "How did it go" "What was working today" "How do u know when you arm is right" "How do you assess your peformance today" "What do you have to work on"

Just on and on, over and over again.. i felt bad for Bedard watching that interview

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