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Geoff Baker covers the Mariners for The Seattle Times. He provides daily coverage of the team throughout spring training, and during the season.

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January 30, 2008 4:34 PM

Hear the Adam Jones interview from Venezuela

Posted by Geoff Baker

Tick, tock, someone get Peter Angelos a clock. The days and hours continue to tick by since the Mariners thought they had a deal with the Baltimore Orioles for pitcher Erik Bedard. There are tons of rumors flying around. We've debunked the ones from yesterday, that Mariners trade chit Adam Jones had a degenerative hip condition. As for the ongoing talk that the O's are trying to land a contract extension with Bedard? That one's been flying around since Monday. Remember, Bedard gave an interview to the Baltimore Sun on Friday, suggesting he would have been open to an extension had the O's bothered.

Then, on Saturday, M's GM Bill Bavasi telephoned Jones in Venezuela to tell him he was going to the O's as the "centerpiece" of a Bedard deal. Jones was to fly to Baltimore on Monday morning, pass a physical, and the deal would be complete. At least, that's the impression Jones left everyone with when he gave an interview to Diario Panorama and reporter Augusto Cardenas on Sunday. I've now obtained an MP3 copy of that interview to play for you on the blog. You've already read the quotes. But I think it's important to hear how certain Jones was that the deal was done and he was off to the Orioles (pending the physical). He talks about meeting his new teammates, about how Bavasi told him he was the "centerpiece" of the deal. Talks at the very end about how all his winter league teammates "know that I've been traded" and were congratulating him. There is no ambiguity in his voice. This is all important context in figuring out exactly what has gone on since.

When you hear Jones speak, you can't help but assume that Jones, Bavasi and the M's felt an agreement had been reached. We do know, from everyone we've talked to on this, that Orioles owner Angelos was furious on Sunday night when news of the trade was leaked. Did he call off the Jones physical in Baltimore? Somebody did. My theory? Angelos was miffed and put the deal on-hold, both to make everyone sweat -- or "pay" if you will -- for the leak, while possibly taking a last-ditch shot at signing Bedard. Whether or not he truly thinks an extension can be had, the delay lets everyone know he didn't appreciate a 22-year-old spilling the beans on the deal. Hey, that guess is as good as any I've heard. Other teams getting involved? Not very likely.

Listen to the taped interview right here. The audio is not the greatest, it's a second generation recording from an actual tape out of Venezuela. But it puts things, as they say, into proper context. We try to get you as close as we can to what's happenening. The first voice you hear is interviewer Cardenas, asking: "How do you feel about this whole situation...'' meaning, that he has to leave his winter ball team in the middle of the Venezuelan championships. Listen away from there. Yeah, the whole thing stinks. It stinks for Jones, who was obviously trying to help Cardenas out by being honest. It stinks for Bavasi, who's now on pins and needles. And it stinks for baseball fans in two cities who are being held hostage, whether you're pro-trade or anti-trade.

Can't wait to see what other excuses are conjured up for why this hasn't happened yet. Remember, Bavasi telephoned Jones on Saturday. It's now four days later.

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Posted by Joof

5:11 PM, Jan 30, 2008

Wow, Jone's voice is much different then I imagined it would be. I would have thought it would be a bit higher pitched then that.

Posted by Frankie

5:19 PM, Jan 30, 2008

Well, I didn't listen to the audio (my computer doesn't load it for some reason), but I can tell you that this whole waiting game is really starting to get to me.

I don't understand what Angelos is waiting for. Hopefully, Bedard will be smart enough not to sign an extension, and Angelos will finally pull the trigger. He has been a real pain in the --- the last week and it is completely pointless. I hope he is enjoying his time in the limelight because after this thing is over, no one is gonna want anything to do with the Orioles.

Here's hoping for Bedard in a M's uniform tomorrow!!!

Posted by shamm

5:20 PM, Jan 30, 2008

Angelos is coming off as an unbelievable megalomaniac in this whole deal. As much as I b___ about M's management, at least we might luck ourselves into winning with the current leadership. There's no such hope for fans of the Orioles. Which is sad considering what a proud tradition that franchise had prior to Angelos.
Geoff, has any journalist done a big detailed expose on the ways that Angelos has ruined that frachise? If not, it needs to happen.
I'm critical of the M's a lot, but tonight I am going to take a deep breath and appreciate the fact that I'm not in Baltimore. What a disaster.

Posted by redgum

5:21 PM, Jan 30, 2008

His voice is higher pitched now, after the reaming he got after spilling the beans...

Posted by stinkfeetmcgee

5:28 PM, Jan 30, 2008

How does this situation stink for Bavasi? I see how Jones made an honest mistake but it's Bavasi's fault for not telling Adam to keep his mouth shut. Honestly, don't you think Adam would have honored Bills request to keep quiet until the press conference.

And how can you be 100% sure that is Adams voice? Maybe its just the skeptic in me but there has to be a shadow of doubt that it could be someone playing a game.

Posted by tntoriole

5:33 PM, Jan 30, 2008

The Baltimore Sun is reporting that Andy Macphail categorically denies that Peter Angelos has vetoed
any trade.,0,3229734.story

Andy Macphail has no idea what he got himself into with Peter Angelos- the Orioles slide down the hill began in 1997 (the last time the Os were in the playoffs-Cal,Raffy (presteroids),Roberto alomar, Mike Mussina,etc.) when Angelos fired Davey Johnson (a lifelong Oriole who had taken the Os to the playoffs) and then ran off Pat Gillick after vetoing one trade too many.
I hope Macphail resigns if indeed Angelos is in the way...As an Orioles fan since 1966, I know that this will never change until Cal buys the team someday...

Posted by Texas M's Fan

5:38 PM, Jan 30, 2008

I'm curious Geoff, and maybe I missed it on an earlier post... did you have a second source for this deal before it got posted?

Posted by mookiewill

5:38 PM, Jan 30, 2008

I'm curious if there are already other MLB
owners who refuse to deal with the Orioles and
Angelos now and in the past. This guy must be
the biggest control freak.

Posted by Resin isn't Cheating

5:42 PM, Jan 30, 2008

There's the smoking gun.

Hey Geoff, I've been reading and it sounds like the O's may actually be working on an extension now.

Posted by Donovan

5:43 PM, Jan 30, 2008

tnt - Yeah, and notice how nobody else believes MacPhail in this case. Does Ripken have any formal relationship with the O's today? As much as that man is loved in MD, I never understood why he wasn't in the organization, even just for appearances. I know he has said he'd buy the team in a heartbeat if it was for sale. He'd bring some class to the whole league as an owner.

Posted by scottM

5:54 PM, Jan 30, 2008

Yeah, that's it, StinkfeetMcGee. GEOFF went down in the Times mailroom with the crappiest tape recorder he could find and had one Latino dude and a black cat read from a script he'd prepared for them.

And TexasM'sFan: GEOFF was snoozing two days earlier when Bavasi announced to the world that he was on the verge of trading for a TOR pitcher. How's that for a first source?

Angelos has every right to conduct physicals on potential players and to negotiate extensions with existing players, but sh*tting on the head of his GM to do so is infuriating to not only the GM but to those on the other side who had already been told the deal was done.

The angle in this that's been overlooked is the one where Bedard's agent is telling Bedard to see just how much the Ace might be able to extract from the O's on a multiyear deal. That can only benefit Bedard if the M's decide to extend his contract in the immediate future (in the event this deal happens).

How many more episodes to this Soap opera?

Posted by Frankie

5:56 PM, Jan 30, 2008

Im curious.

Who honestly thinks that Bedard will sign an extension with the O's??

Posted by Bill813

5:57 PM, Jan 30, 2008

Angelos pulling out the rug is no surprise to Orioles fans. For example, at the trade deadline in July 2006, his twin GMs Beattie and Flanagan saw Angelos kill a deal for AJ Burnett that they had been working on for a couple weeks. He still boasts of how he killed the proposed trade of Brian Roberts to the Braves last offseason. Ever since Angelos vetoed Gillick on trades of Bonilla and Wells back in 1996, Angelos has always considered his baseball acumen on a par with his GM. It seems the Mets (because of former asst. GM Duquette) and the Cubs (through Angelos' long-term friendship with MacPhail) are the only two teams left that will pick up the phone when the Orioles name shows up on the caller-ID. Bavasi's learning first-hand the hard way what it's like to deal with the AngelO's

Posted by tntoriole

6:15 PM, Jan 30, 2008

Cal and Billy Ripken operate Ripken Baseball which promotes youth baseball around the world and they also own two minor league affiliates- Aberdeen Ironbirds is the Orioles A affiliate in Aberdeen, MD (the town in MD where Cal grew up). They built a great little ballpark there for their hometown.

Cal is too classy to talk negatively about Angelos, but it is commonly felt that he never forgave Angelos for the firing of Cal Ripken, Sr. in 1988 after a six game losing streak at the start of the year. (The orioles went on to lose 15 more to set the record for most losses to open a year- 21). He also has watched/seen the problems with the organization and I don't think will ever get involved until the team is sold.
As a Dad who was lucky enough to take both of my kids to Memorial Stadium and Camden Yards, Cal signed for kids after each and every home game he played for twenty years-never let any kid go home hanging in all that time.
Hang in there with us, Mariner fans. True Orioles fans (and I have been to every World Series the Orioles have ever played in- 1966, 1969,70,71,79,83) have been appalled with this garbage for ten years and the declining attendance at Camden - from 3.7 million to 2 million last year reflects this and will fall even further with new DC park opening this year.

Posted by Nat

6:16 PM, Jan 30, 2008

I'm curious, who thinks the Mariners will actually end up getting Bedard?

Posted by stinkfeetmcgee

6:20 PM, Jan 30, 2008

scottM, maybe you misinterpreted what I was trying to say.....

Hypothetically, say some hispanic accent guy calls up the Times and claims to be from Diario Panorama in Venezuela. As a hoax he plays a recording of SOME GUY claiming to be Adam Jones. My question is at what point do you take evidence and run with do you verify it was really him?

If I can impersonate Bill Bavasi's voice and call up Geoff and tell him I just traded Ichiro for a can of Dapper Dan, does he run with the story?

AGAIN, I'm not saying Geoff or Augusto are making anything was just a question of when do you believe what you hear?

Posted by Frankie

6:22 PM, Jan 30, 2008


I honestly don't think they will get Bedard...

Posted by Bill813

6:24 PM, Jan 30, 2008

"Cal is too classy to talk negatively about Angelos, but it is commonly felt that he never forgave Angelos for the firing of Cal Ripken, Sr. in 1988 after a six game losing streak at the start of the year."

Angelos wasn't the owner for another six years, so he's innocent of this charge

I'm highly skeptical of this story put out on Pieper's request for 7/$100M for Bedard. Bedard cried the blues over the weekend about being on the trade block. (,0,7793023.story) It smacks of a CYA drill to explain to the fanbase why they sought to trade Bedard in the first place.

If you're Bavasi, and Bedard's opening salvo in the negotiations is 7/$100M, do you think twice about making the trade for him?

Posted by BB44

6:26 PM, Jan 30, 2008

If the M's front office wanted to keep the trade quiet, why didn't Bavasi just tell Jones not to say anything to the press until the deal was finalized. I think Jones was hurt by the news. That might've been the reason why he said what he did.

Posted by Faceplant

6:26 PM, Jan 30, 2008

"If you're Bavasi, and Bedard's opening salvo in the negotiations is 7/$100M, do you think twice about making the trade for him?"

There isn't a chance in hell that I give Erik Bedard 7 years. None.

Posted by mama

6:38 PM, Jan 30, 2008

Wow! You should be ashamed of yourself! Why are you so hellbent on putting Jones in his place? He is a 22 year old kid!! He made a rookie mistake. Get over it!! This does not clear anything up or 'put things into context'. You are making yourself look like an A**!!
Jones is not to blame for this mess. And if you want to keep trying to rub his nose in it or imply that him leaking info out is part of this fiasco, then maybe you should get a good whiff as well. This was YOUR source!! As soon as you heard it, you posted it for the whole world to know! You couldn't wait to be the person to break the news! You are supposed to be a seasoned journalist. Maybe next time you should check with multiple sources before you relay anything!!
Maybe you should start pointing fingers at Bavasi or Angelos! If Bavasi told Adam not to say anything, he wouldn't have. And if Angelos is that damn picky about info being leaked, he needs to get out of MLB. Let's be real here. Everyone in the business knows that Bavasi is on the hunt for Bedard and is willing to do whatever it takes to get it done to save his own skin!!This is yet another ploy for Angelos to get what he wants and make anyone in his way 'pay for it'. Bavasi should grow some and tell them to take a flying leap!!

Posted by tntoriole

6:38 PM, Jan 30, 2008

Sorry, my memory failed me (it always seems like forever when talking about Angelos)...the issues were in fact related to additional consideration of an enhanced role for Ripken Sr. after Angelos purchased the team which never came about...

Posted by luke

6:46 PM, Jan 30, 2008

hey geoff, im sure you found this already, but there is a new article at the baltimoresun with mcphail denying angelos has had any impact on the bedard trade.,0,3229734.story

Posted by AZ FAN

6:47 PM, Jan 30, 2008

The key to "opening salvo" is OPENING. Any GM who gives someone their opening offer is an idiot. If they are asking for 7 years hoping to settle on 5 yrs / $70M then maybe that's worth exploring. If the front office truly believes he is top of the rotation worthy, that becomes a steal in this market, IF he stays healthy.

Posted by Bill813

6:54 PM, Jan 30, 2008

If Pieper started with 7/$100M, after MacPhail talked "conceptually" about a 3 year deal, then, at a minimum, he was setting himself up for long protracted negotiations and ran the risk of alienating the Orioles entirely.

Posted by Kyle in Kentucky

6:59 PM, Jan 30, 2008

Great stuff as always Geoff. That's why you're the best. I've been enjoying the blogs all winter but haven't had much time to give my input. I was thinking about this situation earlier today. Do we know for sure that Angelos even knew about the trade when Adam Jones gave this interview with Cardenas? Could it be that MacPhail had done this on his own and was going to tell Angelos but hadn't been able to yet? That would explain why MacPhail so quickly denied there being any deal done. He needed to save his hide with his own organization. Just a thought. It really is a shame though, as you say, for the fans of both teams...and just for baseball in general. Hopefully cooler heads will prevail. Keep up the great work!

Posted by Lucas718

7:10 PM, Jan 30, 2008

Greetings from Baltimore! Friends, that frustration you're feeling from getting "Angelosed" is the same thing we've been feeling in B-more for about 12 years now. He lets his GMs work for weeks on trades and then steps in at the last minute to kill the deal. This is how he operates. At times it appears he has no real interest in improving the team. The only reason he ever approved trading Tejada was because he embarrassed the franchise by voicing his frustrations to the media. Angelos is a petty, vindictive little person. It's entirely possible that he will veto this trade simply because Jones spilled the beans.

Posted by josh

7:42 PM, Jan 30, 2008

if i was bill bavasi i would make them regret not taking this trade proposal and back out immediatly... then in 3 years when bedard is on the DL and jones is an all star, they can all sit and scratch there head wondering what might have been.

Posted by Lance

8:21 PM, Jan 30, 2008

After reading Geoff's blog entry I feel compeled to make this announcement.

I have this from reliable sources.

Erik Bedard has a degenerative arm.

Posted by Donovan

8:24 PM, Jan 30, 2008

Guys - Stop looking for conspiracies here. This is a simple case of mindless egomania. There was never any reason for anybody involved to keep this deal a secret. None at all. Adam was no doubt excited to know his destiny and eager to get to the show. No harm there. Bavasi had no reason to hush Adam up. Everybody in the world knew this deal was in the works. The circus only started because of Asbestos King Angelos. He wigged on the deal, like he always does, and freaked out his new GM. MacPhail called Bavasi and panicked him. Bavasi then told Adam to zip it. Adam's only mistake was to lie about his earlier interview - a forgiveable mistake for a 22 yr old. I feel bad for him. I'm sure he just wanted to make everybody happy.

There was never any reason for secrecy here. Angelos is just a paranoid control freak, and he makes everybody who deals with him look bad. He's always been this way.

Posted by Frankie

8:29 PM, Jan 30, 2008

Well, it looks like my dream of having Bedard in a Mariners uniform will stay a dream...

According to ESPNNEWS, the O's have offered Bedard a multi-year contract extension.

Posted by Josh

8:30 PM, Jan 30, 2008

At this point I don't care what the reasons are anymore. Is this deal going to happen or not? That's all I want to know.

Posted by Lance

8:48 PM, Jan 30, 2008

Maybe it's wishful thinking (ok, it's wishful thinking) but I believe Angelos is trying his darndest to sign Bedard to a long-term contract, knowing that Bedard is open to it.

But, even if that fails, he'll realize there's no need to rush right now, that he can go through the same exercise a year from now, and nix any deal.

Posted by KemoSabe

9:05 PM, Jan 30, 2008

Bavasi needs to learn to act like he's been there before...even if he hasn't! He was so excited that he finally made a deal, that he couldn't keep his mouth shut. A deal isn't a deal until it is signed, and given the history of dealing with Baltimore, he should have been extra cautious. There is no reason to talk about any transaction (including Adam Jones) until it is signed. If this gets screwed up he only has himself to blame.

Furthermore, it didn't help matters for you, Geoff, to make a big production out of it... trying to get the first scoop. You could also act like you've been there before!

Posted by Htownm

9:07 PM, Jan 30, 2008

KemoSabe..... you sir.... are an idiot.

Posted by Zach C

9:19 PM, Jan 30, 2008

Who looks like an a** mama?

Posted by Lance

9:20 PM, Jan 30, 2008

Kemo, if anything Bavasi's mistake ws not telling AJ to keep things under wraps. Had he done so from the start I'm sure Adam would have.

But, I'm glad he didn't.

Posted by KemoSabe

9:27 PM, Jan 30, 2008

Lance... If he was going to say something, I agree that he certainly should have asked Adam to keep it to himself. But his stated policy is to not discuss trades until they are final. Obviously, this one wasn't final and he opened his mouth.

Posted by Lance

9:38 PM, Jan 30, 2008

Bavasi's policy applies only to public consumption. Internally, I'm sure just about everyone knows what's happening. They're just supposed to keep clam. That includes players (obviously George knows how it all works). AJ is just too young and inexperienced to know any better. Bavasi needed to emphasize the point to the kid. He didn't and now this is where we're all at.

Posted by Mariner Pete

9:54 PM, Jan 30, 2008

This whole debacle is a hard lesson to learn for the media. It is already competetive to get the story out before the other guy does. The internet itself has been used as a vessel to spread speculation and rumors. I think we all agree that what Geoff heard from Jones was what he heard. What I think Geoff forgot to add was that he wrote the story based on what one side said and not from any sources from the Orioles side. Knowing Angelos' history of nixing trades should have been taken into account. I think that the media needs to be more careful about getting both sides of the story before they print it.

Posted by Lance

10:07 PM, Jan 30, 2008

I'm sorry, Pete. What exactly did Geoff say that was inaccurate?

Posted by joe

10:25 PM, Jan 30, 2008

Bavasi ought to redirect his attention elsewhere and tell the whole schizoid O's organiztion to take a flying FU...

Posted by ~Mariner4Life~

10:40 PM, Jan 30, 2008

This story has burned me out on Bedard. This weekend he goes to print saying he is not wanted and a trade might be the best thing, now in typical pro-sports fashion his nose is stuck directly where the money is? Bullpucky.

Bavasi: TAKE YOUR BALL & GO HOME! Check that. Take your ball and go to Pittsburgh, PA. Go get us Ian Snell and Jason Bay for the same players you had on the table in Baltimore (or save us George Sherill and bring this home).

On a positive note: TUMS has just announced that 4th quarter profits are up in both the Seattle and Balitmore markets. Stocks are up and investors seem very happy with the tactics McPhail/Angelos are using...

Posted by Donovan

10:41 PM, Jan 30, 2008

I've yet to hear any justification for the secrecy policy. Other teams announce tentative deals, pending physicals all the time. If the guy then fails a physical or the deal falls through, then it's off, and you announce that. So what? How is a team harmed by this, especially if they rejected the player they were to get for a good reason? There is no excuse for this crap, and no reason to expect a player to lie or cover up his status. I doubt anyone on the M's side felt there was any reason to hide anything until Angelos started monkeywrenching things. I can't believe people are spouting off that the M's or the media are to blame for the mess. It's one guy and one guy only to blame here, and he's a lunatic. The media has only one job - print the facts. I for one do not want Geoff or anybody else to filter the facts because of what might or might not happen.

Posted by Mariner Pete

11:35 PM, Jan 30, 2008


Most of everything Geoff said was accurate from the Mariners side. However, from the Orioles end of things, it wasn't, as evident from what is currently going on. My point is, don't jump the gun on a story until everything is confirmed from the top on down. That is my point.

Posted by Chris from Bothell

11:38 PM, Jan 30, 2008

I still say Bavasi should cite the Santana deal as resetting the market, take Jones off the table, replace him with Balentien and Clement, and give McPhail... excuse me, Angelos... until Friday 5pm PST to accept, or the M's walk.

Angelos is looking worse and worse the longer this goes on, and that a good faith deal was 95% of the way there only to turn into contract extension talks, shows that Bavasi doesn't have to keep the price as high.

I'll say it again: trade or no trade, half of Seattle will like it, half won't. No trade, and Baltimore will flip out and practically burn Angelos in effigy on opening day. The O's are the ones in the weaker position now, and Bavasi should take advantage of it.

And, either way: it's slightly less than 2 weeks until pitchers and catchers. No matter who the players are, and who the clubs are, changing cities is a major stress on the players involved in the trade, and their families. A lot of moving, packing, introductions, orientation, etc. is involved. Both Bavasi and McPhail... sorry, I keep saying him when I mean the guy with real power over there, Angelos... both Bavasi and Angelos really need to respect the players, buy resolving this in SOMEthing resembling enough time to let people adjust.

Posted by Wolfie

12:05 AM, Jan 31, 2008

The longer and longer that this "supposed" trade doesn't happen, the less and less likely I think that this trade will happen. I mean sheesh, you have had a framework in place since last weekend.

I'm almost wondering if someone in the Orioles organization is trying to save face with the Bedard extension offer. If he was truly offered 7 yrs./$100 million, Bedard would be a fool in turning it down.

Posted by Jon - Bleeding Blue and Teal

1:27 AM, Jan 31, 2008

I believed you all along Geoff!

Posted by Mr. X

7:04 AM, Jan 31, 2008

"I still say Bavasi should cite the Santana deal as resetting the market"

Why, so he can be laughed off the phone? Not that it would be the first time.

Posted by Greg K.

7:29 AM, Jan 31, 2008

Read a good overview of the 2008 Angels team! No M's one yet over there, but the Mariners do get some props!

Posted by scrapiron

7:56 AM, Jan 31, 2008

Donovan - you hit the nail on the head. Deals like this are always announced "pending physicals" or "pending final ownership approval". Then the players involved are notified and the process continues. That's exactly how the Santana deal went down. The only reason this Bedard trade is an issue and Jones is being shown in bad light is because the Orioles have an egomaniacal owner that wanted to hold the press conference and take full credit for the deal.

Angelos is despised in Baltimore and he saw the Bedard deal as a way for him to take the credit and tell the city, "I'm a great owner. Look what I've done for your team." Then the news leaked about the deal and stole his thunder.

Posted by baltimore perspective

7:56 AM, Jan 31, 2008

bedard is an underrated lights-out stud who is cheap and under contract. seattle has NO leverage. none. maybe, just maybe, angelos has left no impression on this “delay” save for his tacit support of mcphail and mcphails hardass ways -- dude has stuck to his guns ever since the winter meetings, rebuffing the same fleecing minnesota inexplicably agreed to. maybe, just maybe, bavasi gave jones too much info too soon, before a hand was shook -- such a scenario would certainly rankle a hardass. if so, why would mcphail not bluff re other interest post-santana, not hold out for morrow & more (ala a haren deal)? worst case: the os have arguably the best starter in the al through 09. mcphail has waited this long, im sure hed be ok with letting seattle walk. i mean george sherrill? camon.

Posted by Rudy L

8:03 AM, Jan 31, 2008

We believe Jones said what he did. The issue is whether this was sufficient to make the claim that the Bedard trade was imminent. And whether running the story had an effect on the negotiations.

It's clear that your blog has driven this whole story. It's not clear whether it was the right call to run with the story based on the Jones interview.

Posted by scottM

8:21 AM, Jan 31, 2008

from Chris in Bothell: "The O's are the ones in the weaker position now, and Bavasi should take advantage of it."

I think this is true only from the standpoint of the Orioles' fans who seem to favor the trade much more than the M's fans.


1) Angelos doesn't seem to worry too much about public opinion (or the opinion of his GM).

2) If the O's can extend Bedard at a price they deem reasonable, Angelo's knows that, once the season starts, this whole news story will be old news and irrelevant. Truth is, the deal with the M's was NOT consummated at the time Adam Jones was scheduled to fly to Baltimore.

3) Angelos acting angry about Jones spilling the beans is probably more hyperbole, and letting the world think this, buys him and the O's time and one last chance to extend Bedard.

4) If the O's do extend Bedard, MacPhail and the O's organization will save face. It may make other MLB teams cautious about dealing with the O's in the future, but in this mercenary sport, if the O's are looking to trade players in the future, and another team wants that player/players, then nothing happening now will stop that.

5) Bavasi completed a recent trade with the O's in '07, so he probably felt comfortable in announcing an impending trade last week at Media Day in Safeco.

6) Oh yeah, that specific trade worked out great for the M's. Remember an O's pitcher named Parrish. He was as worthless as a reliever named White.

7) I still like the trade, but Bavasi should set a deadline beyond which the offer will be rescinded. If that happens, then I'm ok with the deal not happening. There is a threshold beyond which the M's will be tying their own hands on other potential transactions, and where the morale of the organization will suffer, if it hasn't already.

8) If the deal falls through now, at the most 10% of the blame falls on Bavasi's head, and 90% on the Orioles organization. Sorry, a premature announcement of an agreed on deal will not be the reason the deal fails. At worst (or best in the eyes of the anti-trade folks) the current fiasco will be the thing that gets Baltimore and Bedard to the table to talk extension.

9) Remember, a negotiation of an extension would not hurt Bedard no matter what happens, so he and his agent aren't sweating the delay.

10) If this trade doesn't go down, do you think Adam Jones and George Sherrill will enter the season with the M's on a sour note. Do you think this crazy trade will have impact on the morale of the M's as a whole if it doesn't go down?

Posted by further baltimore perspective

8:41 AM, Jan 31, 2008

90/10 baltimores fault?! the only verifiable inconsistencies have come from the west coast. mcpahil from day one says no deal has been reached.

bedard signs extension, os win.
cincinnati offers jay bruce, os win.
bedard nets jones and morrow, os win.
bedard starts opening day, traded for whomever at deadline, os win (figuratively of course, woe are the os).
bedard gets hurt, os lose.

if the deal does not go down, after everything ive read about bavasi hoping to secure a no 1 starter, ms lose.

Posted by ~Mariner4life~

9:06 AM, Jan 31, 2008

And wheels keep turning!!! From the Baltimore Sun Blog this morning....

Looks like we have more fuel to the fire.
Mark Pieper, who represents Erik Bedard and Brian Roberts and has become a household name around here, just sent out an e-mail to Sun reporter Jeff Zrebiec and a few others, disputing the story posted last night that said the Orioles contacted Bedard late Sunday night about signing an extension and learned that the left-hander is seeking a seven-year, $100 million deal.

“The report that appeared yesterday regarding Erik Bedard on is wholly inaccurate and contains nothing factual. Quite honestly, that type of journalism is irresponsible and reckless.”

Posted by eastcoast

9:14 AM, Jan 31, 2008

I understand the concept of posturing, but this goes well beyond. Now we are just being jerked around. Whether it is intentional or Angelos is just mentally out to lunch, it has officially gotten on my nerves. Does anyone else think that we should pull our 4th player off the table, or substitute that 4th player for Sherrill.

The problem is that, when it comes to trades, it always feels as if the other team is in the position of power. There has to be some reason why that always occurs. Does BB show his hand too early? Or get too focused on one individual? This trade looks like it will cost us 1/4 top prospects - so I should be happy. But it sure appears that we will be paying more for Bedard than the Mets for Santana, the Tigers for Willis/Cabrera. Geoff - what's your opinion of this proposed package in comparison to the Haren deal?

Posted by ~Mariner4life~

9:16 AM, Jan 31, 2008 is reporting this now a rules issue:
"When Jones was quoted as saying the deal was completed, this created a rules question, sources say: If the Jones went for his physical examination, would the Orioles then be beholden to accept him, even if the physical exam did not go well.

The Orioles have asked the Mariners for written language that Seattle will submit Jones and Sherrill for a physical examination by the Orioles -- and if they pass physicals, then and only then will Baltimore be obligated to finish the trade. The inherent risk for the Mariners is that if either Jones or Sherrill were to flunk their physicals in Baltimore, then the respective value of the players would be diminished within the industry."

Posted by even more baltimore perspective

9:21 AM, Jan 31, 2008

re the suns report that no extension has been discussed with bedards agent:

theory holds -- febrile speculation swirls whilst mcphail sits stone silent at the table waiting for seattle to go all in.

again, worst case, os rebuild with more pieces late july or next winter. well. unless bedards arm falls off.

Posted by Shane-O

9:21 AM, Jan 31, 2008

Buster Olney is reporting that it's close. He did nail it on Tuesday with Santana so maybe he's on to something.

Posted by Chris from Bothell

9:31 AM, Jan 31, 2008

Mr. X - None of the 4 players in the Mets/Twins deal are the equal of Adam Jones. Neither do they have the ML experience of George Sherrill (discarding how limited his role has been, debates about him only being a LOOGY, etc.).

Santana deal absolutely lowers the bar for getting an ace.

Posted by Chris from Bothell

9:34 AM, Jan 31, 2008

"further baltimore perspective" - I can set up much the same thing, though admittedly not to the same extent.

jones and sherill stay - m's win (right field solution, solid 7th / 8th inning guy, rotation still a couple years away but might trade at midseason if contending)
bedard comes over - m's win (rotation set, can compete with angels now)

Posted by Donovan

9:38 AM, Jan 31, 2008

eastcoast - Baltimore is in the position of power here. They always have been. That's because their guy has a two year shelf life (unlike Santana), no veto rights (ditto) and their needs are not for '08. The O's are going to suck this year no matter what, and their fans all know it. They have no urgency to make a deal at all. Baltimore perspective is right about that, though I can't imagine how he thinks this debacle is the M's fault. Whatever failings he may have, Bavasi does not have a history of talking prematurely about trades. He's a bit of a secrecy freak himself. He obviously thought he and Macphail had a deal that was far enough to move on. As noted previously, it is common to announce deals pending a physical. That's usual stuff.

The pressure is all on Bavasi in this deal, because his fanbase (many anyway) believe this trade will put us into contention this year. I don't buy the theory about how Angelos needs this trade to pacify his fans. It's too late for him. They will hate him no matter what happens here. You can't undo 10 years of ineptitude with one talented rookie and a situational lefty. I don't think you can pin our lack of leverage on Bavasi.

Posted by Mr. X

10:40 AM, Jan 31, 2008

"None of the 4 players in the Mets/Twins deal are the equal of Adam Jones. Neither do they have the ML experience of George Sherrill"

And that has nothing to do with a possible Erik Bedard trade.

"Santana deal absolutely lowers the bar for getting an ace."

No it doesn't, because of it's special circumstances. Just like the Schilling deal to Boston and the Griffey JR deals had no bearing on any other trade. I suggest you ingest a little ipecac, and get rid of that kool aid you've been getting from some other websites.

Posted by Zach C

12:40 PM, Jan 31, 2008


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