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Geoff Baker covers the Mariners for The Seattle Times. He provides daily coverage of the team throughout spring training, and during the season.

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December 11, 2007 7:30 PM

Kuroda hasn't made mind up yet

Posted by Geoff Baker

There is a hot rumor out there on the internet tonight that Japanese free-agent Hiroki Kuroda has made his decision and that the Los Angeles Dodgers are about to announce they've signed him.

Not true.

Just spent the past half hour making a flurry of phone calls and I can tell you that nothing has been decided. In fact, it could be several days more before anything gets done. As of right now, no decision has been made -- to sign with the Dodgers or anyone else. This, despite a report out of Japan on suggesting he was off to Los Angeles, as well as multiple reports that Kuroda has cancelled plans to tour prospective MLB cities this week.

As far as we know, it's still between the Mariners, Dodgers and the Diamondbacks. As of today, the D-Backs upped their monetary offer to Kuroda and negotiations are still in what one source described to me as "a delicate stage" with all suitors. Kuroda does appear to be leaning towards either the Dodgers or Mariners, and the word all day today was that the decision could come down tomorrow.

But even that, as of minutes ago, remains uncertain, as the negotiating continues. This report out of Kansas City tonight suggests the Royals want to fly to Japan for a last-ditch bid to sign Kuroda. Might they be willing to go as high as four years on a deal? Like I said, this saga might continue for a few days.

So, don't start the hand-wringing just yet.

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Posted by HelpFelix

7:48 PM, Dec 11, 2007

Minutes ago it was reported though that the Cubs landed my Fukudome to a 4yr contract &*()$&*#()$&#.
Let me guess...Bavasi out of desperation will go out and sign an aging Brewers platoon player named something like Jenkins, and we're suppose to get excited "if" he now makes that move?!
Geoff, do you have any Japan sources, because according to the reports the Kuroda rumors are coming from Japan!
No Kuroda?!
This is going to be a VERY LONG YEAR just WAITING for next offseason when the Sexson/Ibanez/Vidro $26M is shed!

Posted by HelpFelix

7:55 PM, Dec 11, 2007

2008 will be over before it even begins...BUT...
I would focus on the Bedard trade and make sure that happens, so Bavasi doesn't have to act out of desperation next offseason for SPs...and when $26M is freed up!
I say Bedard now, and then Texeira & Griffey next offseason!
The way it's sitting right now we ended up freeing up a ton of money this offseason:
Weaver $9.5M
Guillen $6.5M
Reistma $4M
That's $20M there, and another $30M from this offseason...heck, the Mariners wouldn't even have to have their attendance #s like last year and they will be sitting with loaded pockets again.
If Kuroda lands with the Dodgers tonight, I will personally guarantee that Bavasi ends up tendering HoRam & Broussard contracts for 2008! No way can he even afford to let HoRam go now...and THATS pretty da&n sad!

Posted by HelpFelix

8:07 PM, Dec 11, 2007

"If" Kuroda is off the table and signs with the Dodgers, we HAVE to get Bedard & sign him to a longterm extension. "If" no Bedard's left?
He's about the ONLY SP out there that I would take a flyer on, that you could probably get on a 1-2yr contract similar to the Weaver deal.
What's really scary about all of this is that Weaver is still out there, and "if" Bavasi knew he was going down why not re-sign Weaver just to give us fans a farewell gift to bitch about?!

Posted by Dr.Naka

8:08 PM, Dec 11, 2007

Sanspo is reporting from a inside source of Hiroshama Carp that Kuroda decided to go to Dogers.

Is this just a rumor?

I think the evidence is that Kuroda has cancelled the tour to Seattle, Pheonix and LA.

Kuroda has been in LA in October, So no tour means that he will land in LA.

Posted by helpFelix

8:18 PM, Dec 11, 2007

Beane said it the best: "If you're not contending for the division & playoffs, then you are rebuilding...there's no in between"...UNLESS you are the Mariners! For 5 years now the M's brass has been trying to entice us Mariner fans on false we can actually go someplace with all of this.
"If" no Kuroda & no Bedard, THEN there's NO WAY we should keep Ibanez in LF either. The Indians want Ibanez for Laffey...YOU DO IT THEN! "If" Sexson comes out ripping the cover off the ball in the 1st half, then you send him packing to the Giants for Lowry (or somebody) and SELL HIGH. Washburn is a pretty precious commodity in this market too, and only has 2 yrs left on his deal for a "reasonable" salary compared to this why not dump him for prospects too?
Then in the mean time with NO Bedard, we see what Jones & Wlad actually have for MLB, and run with them.
Have any of you guys checked out the 2009 FA class? This offseason is the worse I've EVER seen in the history of the Mariners, but next year we have many studs in every position out there!
If no Bedard & Kuroda (yes BOTH)...then I say liquidate & restock, and see what your top prospects really have...and come out throwing money next offseason like the Cubs did last year! Heck now with Fukudome, like they are continuing to this year!

Posted by DT

8:33 PM, Dec 11, 2007

On the bright side, this crappy FA class could help end the Bavasi era! Just because there was no hot seat threat this year doesn't mean a bad record next year wouldn't force some changes. Hopefully there won't be any burdunsome contracts to keep Bills love alive after he's gone.

Posted by bikeman

8:36 PM, Dec 11, 2007

Please NO Laffey. Per Wikipedia his fastball is in the 87-88mph range. I'd rather give Morrow/Baek/Rowland-Smith the chance.

Posted by HelpFelix

8:46 PM, Dec 11, 2007

Well if it's any consolation, Cashman is sick and tired of the Steinbrenners. I honestly wouldn't mind Cashman in Seattle in 2009!
The Yanks had NO farm system 3 years ago, because George traded it all away for allstars at every position over a 5 year period. George still hasn't found a way to win even with a 200M+ payroll and overriding Cashman on EVERY decision!!! Cashman has built their farm system up during this period of George liquidating it completely, and look at 4 youngsters in their rotation Wang/Kennedy/Joba/Hughes. Cashman has been able to go from a $100M rotation down to about an $18M with talent & CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP. So what if they're paying Pettitte $16M/yr!

I'd take Cashman in a heartbeat over Bavasi in 2009! And my gut feeling is that he will be available. Wouldn't that be something: Cashman & Stotelmyre (sp?!) both :)

Oh and did I forget to mention a TON of money to spend next offseason too! So it will make for a HUGE splash with our new GM, and M's fans will welcome him with open arms!!!

Posted by helpFelix

8:51 PM, Dec 11, 2007

Interestly, Cashman & little Hank Steinbrenner are already butting heads on the Santana offer. Cashman was standing his ground against including Hughes in the Santana deal, but ol' Hank overrode Cashman like Georgie and threw Hughes in the package to the Twins.
It just blows me away watching these Steinbrenners over the past 7 years...they don't let the managers manage, and the GM do their jobs either. I'm surprised George S hasn't been in the dugout during every game calling the play by play decisions for Torre over the past several years!

This stuff gets REALLY REALLY OLD to any GM or Manager. Now they've lost Torre, and interestingly their Offer to Torre (with incentives) was like $3-4M more than Torre got with the Dodgers! Torre just got sick and tired of all this crap, and it didn't matter how many WS he's won in the Bronx!

Posted by Dr.Naka

9:05 PM, Dec 11, 2007

NY media getting information from Steinbrenners.
Why does the Seattle media interview Mr.Yamauchi?
Just a trip to Japan and you can get information Geoff-san.
If as reproted in Japan that Kuroda goes to Dogers because he thinks that it's orgasination is superior to Ms, BOD and shareholders of Ms should know that something is wrong with Lincon and FO.
NOA is the major shareholder. NOA is owned by Nintendo.
Mr. Yamauchi is founder and shareholder of Nintendo, advisor and Lincoln must report to him on Japanese palyer signings.

IIRC Kuroda was a palyer Mr.Yamauchi wanted to sign 2006 too.

Posted by mike56

9:07 PM, Dec 11, 2007

Can anyone tell me how to get 290 20 plus and 100 for 5.5 miliion??? Exactly... YOU CAN'T!! So why would you talk about trading your most consistent offensive threat? Especially when Geoff writes that we need offense? I have read some silly things, but wanting to get rid of your most consistent performer and BEST value on the team is absurd! Someone also wrote that Vidro got lucky last year. How does a lifetime 300 hitter get lucky when he hits .320?

Oh and by the way who cares if Laffey throws 87 to 88. There are many great pitchers who do not hit 90. Maddux, Glavine, Moyer to name a few. Just because the Angels look good on paper does not mean they have won. Have none of you ever overcome difficult odds? Winning is a mindset, an attitude, a belief! I mean the Rockies, and the Dbacks??? The Dbacks did not have a 500 slg. pct. if you added their whole team up!! So for God's sake cheer up.

Posted by M's Defender

9:27 PM, Dec 11, 2007

Geoff according to an article in the PI some 2 or 3 weeks back reported one of the two advisors to Kuroda on this jump to MLB has either very close if not direct connection to the Dodgers.
Tho this report maybe untrue but if Kuroda opts for the Dodgers over the M's and D-Backs based on that fact I would suspect possible collision on the part of the Dodgers.

Failure to aquire Kuroda and now with the talk Beard maybe packaged with Tejada.
The chances of Bavasi's working that deal for Bedard alone out are just about nil.
The M's are going to need to shift the effort to the following:
Add a year and maybe another couple mil make the Kuroda contract acceptable to P Carlos Silva
Forget Bedard go after one or two of the surplus arms available from Tampa Bay etc......
Approach the Yankees about aquiring Igewa the Japanese LHP they aquired via posting last season.

HelpFelix Do you actually think Cashman really acts as the GM for the Yankees? Guess what NOT!!!!.
He's nothing but a front he doesn't make any actual decisions or moves those are done and decided by the Steinbrunner.
If he was a true GM Cashman would have been allowed to handle the Santana talks himself and not been overiden by Steinbrunner Jr.and push aside like he was.
He may be heads and shoulders over Bavasi but the years of being overriden and bullied by the Steinbrunners would make him hesitate to make deals expecting to be pushed to the side and told no you will do it this way etc....
If not he may decide to do deals just because he can and that can be just as damaging as Bavasi or worse.

Posted by DT

9:29 PM, Dec 11, 2007

HelpFelix, that would make the bavasi ere almost worth it if we could get Cashman as the next GM, especially with that kind of timing. I'm thinking back in the playoffs no later than '10 if that happens. Almost makes me want to see tha Mariners lose next season. Last seasonI was grumbling about how the winning was keeping Bavasi around a little longer, not that I didn't like it.

Posted by Adam

9:34 PM, Dec 11, 2007

Oh, the humanity!!! We might not spend $40 million-plus on a #4 starter!!! Aaaaaahhhhh!!!!

Lol. Big whoop. Let's just hope this doesn't drive Bavasi to overpay for somebody just as mediocre.

Posted by Jeff

9:38 PM, Dec 11, 2007

Geoff, you jumped into this a bit too soon. We heard all over in Japan today that Kuroda had decided to go to Dodgers. If you don't have a reliable source, don't jump the gun. Obviously you don't here.

Posted by pdxhusky

9:41 PM, Dec 11, 2007

What if Edgar is on the steroids list?

That's my worst case scenario.

Posted by bikeman

9:42 PM, Dec 11, 2007

Moyer is great pitcher? LOL. Maddux hit over 90 mph when he started out. Those soft throwing TOR pitchers are the vast minority. The odds are much lower for Laffey to become a TOR pitcher. Ibanez is still our only regular LH power bat in a stadium that favors LH pull hitters.

Posted by Adam

9:50 PM, Dec 11, 2007

So, bikeman, do you always judge a pitcher by MPH?

Posted by dodgrdog88

9:56 PM, Dec 11, 2007

Jeff - Is it possible that his sources are people within the organization with close knowledge of whats going on in negotiations? Most of these writers don't just turn around and refute a story just to refute it. Dodgers beat writer Tony Jackson of the L.A. Daily News is essentially saying the same thing as Geoff: no deal is done yet.

Posted by byebyeIbanez

10:13 PM, Dec 11, 2007

Adam, totally agree. I hope my prayers are answered and we don't sign this Japanese bum. Constantly adding journeyman pitchers to hold onto a spot in our rotation every offseason only takes away from the opportunities that can be given to our young stars. Morrow, Butler, Aumont and then Tillman are all going to be ready within 2 years. Then there's Rohrbaugh, Baek and Frierabend that can be traded.

Posted by Chris from Bothell

10:25 PM, Dec 11, 2007

bbi - Valid opinion, and Adam's stat posting and anaylsis from earlier today is ringing more and more true. HOWever...

Substitute Sasaki for Kuroda, Pineiro for Morrow, Meche for Butler, etc. and you could have made your same statement about 8 years ago or so.
Who's to say for certain that the Morrow/Aumount/Tillman wave will work out any better than Pineiro/Meche/Anderson did?

Posted by jeff

11:44 PM, Dec 11, 2007

dodgrdog88, my source and I don't even know you can call it source or not since everyone lives in Japan here heard about the news. I live in Japan and I speak Japanese and read Japanese and believe me, clubs don't leak information out unless it is true. It is japanese culture. Geoff is quoting KC star's article which if you are familar with KC you would know always come few days later than anyone else. I love Geoff's blogs but on this, I am sorry, I would have sit on it and tried to confirm it with at least minimum Japanese press before I print something on paper.

But honestly, no big loss. I had watch Kuroda san for the last five years, he is not what he used to be. NL would be kinder to him.

Posted by jeff

11:44 PM, Dec 11, 2007

dodgrdog88, my source and I don't even know you can call it source or not since everyone lives in Japan here heard about the news. I live in Japan and I speak Japanese and read Japanese and believe me, clubs don't leak information out unless it is true. It is japanese culture. Geoff is quoting KC star's article which if you are familar with KC you would know always come few days later than anyone else. I love Geoff's blogs but on this, I am sorry, I would have sit on it and tried to confirm it with at least minimum Japanese press before I print something on paper.

But honestly, no big loss. I had watch Kuroda san for the last five years, he is not what he used to be. NL would be kinder to him.

Posted by Lance

12:03 AM, Dec 12, 2007

I'm surprised you're even wasting your time writing about, not to mention making phone calls, about Kuroda. Like you said, unless we get Bedard the next two seasons will be worthless, anyway. Getting Kuroda means nothing. Getting Bedard is all that matters.

Posted by GLS

12:10 AM, Dec 12, 2007

byebyeibanez said Morrow, Butler, Aumont and then Tillman are all going to be ready within 2 years. Then there's Rohrbaugh, Baek and Frierabend that can be traded.

Assuming they stay healthy, Morrow and Tillman may be ready, but Butler lost most of last season to an injury. Aumont is highly unlikely to be ready in two years. And even if they're "ready", they certainly won't be dominant right away. As for Rohrbaugh, Baek, and Feierabend - those guys don't have serious trade value. They're throw-ins basically.

But, I agree with you about Kuroda. I haven't read anything that convinces me he's worth that kind of money. I think there are better values out there.

Posted by Patrick F.

12:25 AM, Dec 12, 2007

I was just telling my brother the other day, why I thought Kuroda was likely headed to LA. My guess is LA is more desirable in terms of diversity, playing for Joe Torre, playing in a weaker league, and the expectations wouldn't be as high for him pitching in the Dodgers rotation.

We've been hearing good things about this guy for months now, so I would be disappointed if we don't sign him, but also understanding if he opts not to. The National League seems like it would be an easier transition.

If we miss out on Kuroda, I say up the ante for the Bedards and Santanas that are said to be available. Work even more dilligently on the trade front. You could say that just about every free agent pitcher, over the last five years or so, is not worth the money.

Posted by Ben

1:21 AM, Dec 12, 2007

Personally, I think that if we can get the Bedard done deal, or by some miracle manage to obtain Johan Santana, I'd rather have Morrow and Rowland-Smith fighting it out for the 5th spot in the rotation. For one thing, it's going to save you all that money on what could be a potential 33-year old bust from Japan. And two, Morrow and Rowland-Smith are the future of this franchise. Both of them showed that they can pitch effectively in this league last season, and that they could be very special.

Posted by Ben

1:33 AM, Dec 12, 2007

Here ya go Jeff. It took me literally about half an hour to figure out what your sources couldn't.



Posted by GLS

2:21 AM, Dec 12, 2007

Morrow and Rowland-Smith are the future of this franchise...

Future of the franchise? Seems a bit strong.

Posted by GLS

2:55 AM, Dec 12, 2007

Personally, although I like some of the deals for Bedard that I've seen bandied about in articles and blog posts, I think it's a mistake to be so fixated on that one option. There are other options out there, or there should be. But, again, it comes back to Bavasi. Is he really capable of uncovering those opportunities? In my view, he is not.

I wonder, for example, what sort of deals would emerge if Adrian Beltre were shopped around? He has two years left on his contract and his salary (approx. $13 Mil each year) wouldn't be prohibitive for most teams. There was a rumor last week that the Giants would trade one of their young pitchers, Matt Cain or Tim Lincecum, at some point this winter, and they have a great big hole at third base.

Or, if you're willing to trade Jones, Morrow, Clement, etc., why not shop those players around to other teams besides Baltimore and see what's out there? To be fair, maybe Bavasi is doing that. Somehow I doubt it, but you never know. The Rays have a surplus of pitchers and there was even a rumor that they might trade Scott Kazmir. Maybe that's crap. I don't know. Does Bavasi know? Is he in tune with the organizational needs of one of the few teams out there with a surplus of pitching? Again, somehow I doubt it.

Posted by helpFelix

3:58 AM, Dec 12, 2007

It's been shown time and time again that players end up taking the MOST money when available. NOT Kuroda!
Don't think for a minute that being in the NL, and saving his ERA, didn't have anything to do with this decision either. I'm sure he gave that A LOT of thought, and didn't want to turn out to be another Igawa.
NOW, I'll put money on his stats being better than Igawa's in the NL! AND with LADs offense versus the M's!!!
Even though I wanted Kuroda & Bedard as badly as anybody...I was the best decision on Kuroda's part ... sad to say!!! :(

Posted by dan

5:18 AM, Dec 12, 2007

Kris Benson would be a better option if healthy than Bedard. Lincecum would be another good pitcher.
But Sexson would probably be the better option to trade than Beltre. But #1 choice for me would be Santana it would not matter who you had to trade if you could obtain him. Bavasi should have our new pitching coach talk to a few of these pitchers that are available in trade.

Posted by ricofoy

6:12 AM, Dec 12, 2007

Kris Benson? You can't be serious. But I wouldn't mind seeing Anna get a multiyear contract as ball girl.

Posted by ricofoy

6:12 AM, Dec 12, 2007

Kris Benson? You can't be serious. But I wouldn't mind seeing Anna get a multiyear contract as ball girl.

Posted by Bob

6:19 AM, Dec 12, 2007

Signing Kuroda would be a big risk at best. The money numbers going around for him shows the desperation these clubs have for starting pitching.

The Yankees thought they had a winner in Kei Igawa.

Posted by ricofoy

6:22 AM, Dec 12, 2007

Japanese free agent pitcher Hiroki Kuroda appears to have chosen the Los Angeles Dodgers as his new team, baseball sources said Wednesday.
Kuroda informed the Hiroshima Carp front office of his decision on Tuesday night and is expected to leave for the United States as early as Wednesday to sign a contract with the Dodgers.

Bavasi is now in full-blown panic mode..Could a multiyear contract to Josh Fogg be far behind?

Posted by scrapiron

6:42 AM, Dec 12, 2007

If the Dodgers get Kuroda, they are now stuck with too many pitchers for their rotation. Tampa Bay is in the same boat.

I wonder if we could get Derek Lowe or Jason Schmidt from the Dodgers now for a reasonable price?

The Rays have 7 major league ready starters, but they have minor league options left so they aren't desperate. The Dodgers have 6 major league ready starters without minor league options. They would seem to be more desperate to make a move, unless they can convince Lowe to go back to the bullpen.

The Dodgers would also then seem to be out of the Bedard bidding, so that should help the M's. With the Dodgers hanging on to Kemp and Broxton, I would think that their interest in Jones and Balentien would be Lowe. I would think they'd be interested in Clement and Sherrill.

Posted by Resin isn't Cheating

7:58 AM, Dec 12, 2007

Could a multiyear contract to Josh Fogg be far behind?

LOL! I'm laughing but Bavasi did pay $9 million to Weaver due to his "veteran post-season success." So Josh Fogg is a possibility come December 26th.

Posted by Resin isn't Cheating

8:19 AM, Dec 12, 2007

Bavasi is expected by most in the league to release Horacio Ramirez today. This wll essentially seal the deal on the worst trade in M's history. A player that Atlanta was going to release anyways, was traded for by Bavasi for one of the best relievers in baseball in Rafael Soriano.

Ben Broussard could also be released today which represents how stupid it was to trade a top prospect for him in the first place. Eduardo Perez who was dealt for rising star, Asdrubal Cabrera, is playing in Venezuela fighting just for a non-roster invite.

Remember these facts when Bavasi's supporters start defending him again this year.

Posted by eastcoast

9:41 AM, Dec 12, 2007

Uh oh.. no Kuroda. You can almost smell the fear eminating from this blog. I'm not immune either.. I think I justed started to perspire uncontrollably.

You can almost hear the phone call:
McPhail: oh, hey Bill. I hear you lost out on Kuroda. Well isn't that a shame.
BB: Andy, I'm in a real bind man.. we need Bedard.
McP: Yah, I know.. and it's going to cost you.
BB: What are we talking.
McP: Well you remember we had discussed AJ, Balentien and Morrow?
BB: Yah.
McP: Well let's add Clement to that list.
McP: and Sherrill.
BB: Sure.
McP: Oh, and I'm not giving you any window to negoiate a deal with Erik.
BB: Done.
McP: Great, nice doin' business with you Bill.
BB: Hey, Andy. Before you go... do you want Parrish back as well?
McP: No thanks pal, you can keep him.
BB: Thanks.

In other words, the vice grip on our "special area" just got a little tighter. Will BB sell every worthwhile bargaining chip in his farm system for 1 player? Will he avoid signing overpriced, mediocre vets to long term deals? Have we officially entered rebuilding mode?

Stay tuned...

Posted by Chris from Bothell

9:43 AM, Dec 12, 2007

jeff - One flaw in your reasoning is that the mysterious unnamed source got THEIR info from the club. It may be japanese culture not to leak info, and Kuroda's former club, current agent, etc. may have all kept silent. But that doesn't prevent some random yahoo in an MLB office somewhere from spouting off. So again, we don't know.

ben - see above for jeff. You're looking up newspaper stories. Geoff was checking sources who presumably would have more accurate knowledge than a Japanese newspaper that cites only "baseball sources".

RiC - Please don't bring up Asdrubal Cabrera. I cringed every time I heard about him the last couple months, realizing what we missed. Just when I forget about him, someone like you brings him up again. ;)

GLS - I've thought the same thing about Beltre. 2 quibbles though.
A) If you're going to shop him, who internally would replace him? Morse? Bloomquist?
B) If you're going to shop him, who externally would replace him? Who's available, that BB would realistically be able to get given his past trading history?
C) If you're going to shop Beltre, why bother putting him in a package for Bedard when you could put him in a Santana deal instead? The Twins could badly use the defensive upgrade he'd give them.

Posted by Chris from Bothell

9:53 AM, Dec 12, 2007

*sigh* replace "One flaw in your reasoning is that" with "One flaw in your reasoning is in thinking that". And "2 quibbles" with "3 quibbles".

Coffee, please.

Posted by ChrisP

10:11 AM, Dec 12, 2007


How does the O's trade of Tejada to the Astros affect the M's in their pursuit of Bedard? The O's receive outfielder Luke Scott, pitchers Matt Albers, Troy Patton and Dennis Safarte and third baseman Michael Costanzo.

Posted by Jeff

10:21 AM, Dec 12, 2007


It was not someone who made up the story. The same piece of news had been reported on NHK and other japanese chanels. That means it was confirmed or NHK would not have reported it.

Posted by scrapiron

10:27 AM, Dec 12, 2007

ChrisP - I was just going to write about the same thing. I would think the Tejada trade puts the Mariners back in the lead to land Bedard now. The Orioles were trying to package Bedard and Tejada, which put the Mariners out of contention. Now that it's just Bedard the Mariners should be back in it.

Also, the Orioles just acquired two major league ready pitchers in Albers and Patton, so they are now overstocked with pitching. So they actually lost a little leverage in dealing Bedard because the Mariners know this.

Posted by Ann

10:31 AM, Dec 12, 2007

Posted on ESPN just a few minutes ago:

"Several media outlets in Japan and Los Angeles have reported that Kuroda cancelled his U.S. visit and is leaning heavily toward signing with the Los Angeles Dodgers. But Kuroda's planned trip to California to meet with agent Steve Hilliard appears to indicate that he's not as far along in the process as the reports suggest."

Guess Geoff isn't too far off.

Posted by Everett fan

10:33 AM, Dec 12, 2007

I would trade, for Beddard, straight up, one-for-one, Beltre, if given a signing window. For Santana instead, I'd throw in a AAA pitcher, same signing window. That's it.

Posted by Chris from Bothell

10:40 AM, Dec 12, 2007

Ann - Ken Rosenthal over at Fox Sports is saying much the same.
"Reports out of Japan Tuesday night that the Dodgers had reached agreement with free-agent right-hander Hiroki Kuroda were unfounded, sources said. Kuroda remains a target not only for the Dodgers, but also the Mariners, Diamondbacks and Royals. He is coming to the US later this week to discuss his offers with his agents . . ."

Posted by scrapiron

10:52 AM, Dec 12, 2007

Let's understand something about Santana and Bedard. Santana is a free agent after 2008, so there would have to be a signing window in place to assure the Mariners that they get Santana for more than one year. All reports seem to say that Santana doesn't want to sign with a West Coast team long-term, so I'd say Santana should be off our radar.

Bedard is signed for two more years, so you have plenty of time to sell him on the city and re-sign him before 2009. You could make a deal for him now without even speaking with Bedard. That is also why the Orioles are dealing him now when he is still locked up and his value is higher.

Posted by Resin isn't Cheating

10:56 AM, Dec 12, 2007

The AP just reported minutes ago that Miguel Tejada has been traded for a buch of low level players with Luke Scott being the best player(hard to say that with a straight face) to the Astros. Luke Scott, pitchers Matt Albers, Troy Patton and Dennis Sarfate, and third baseman Michael Costanzo. Well, at least Bavasi isn't the only dumb GM in the league. LOL. You'd think the M's could have offered Reed, Morse, and Feierabend to land Tejada?

Posted by dodgrdog88

11:05 AM, Dec 12, 2007

scrapiron, the Dodgers are stuck with too many starting pitchers? That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. You can NEVER have too much pitching. Good pitching is incredibly hard to find, so to have pitching depth is almost a requirement. Why do you think teams are trying to pry away some of these front-line starters from other teams?

Posted by TokyoFan

3:27 PM, Dec 12, 2007

Hi Geoff, I understand the point about not paying $50 million for Fukudome to play in left field. But what about in right field? if management is so keen to move Jones for some starting pitching, that leaves a gaping outfield hole to be filled.

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