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Geoff Baker covers the Mariners for The Seattle Times. He provides daily coverage of the team throughout spring training, and during the season.

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December 12, 2007 9:07 PM

Ben Broussard traded to Texas

Posted by Geoff Baker

The Mariners shipped Ben Broussard off to the Texas Rangers within the past hour, receiving minor league infielder Tug Hulett in return. Hulett spent last season in Class AAA at age 24, playing second base as his primary position despite also seeing action at third base as a minor leaguer.

The M's bid farewell to reliever John Parrish, but did tender a contract to lefty pitcher Horacio Ramirez.

"I'm just in a state of disbelief right now,'' Broussard said moments ago from his home in Texas, about two hours from where the Rangers play. "I get to play two hours from where my wife and kids live. This is a dream. It's like getting to play for the hometown team.''

Broussard had been quietly seething throughout 2007 about a lack of playing time. But he praised the Mariners for making the deal they did and getting him the chance to play more often with the Rangers.

'It seems like they took care of me,'' he said. "I wasn't going to get a chance to play often up there so they did what they could for me.''

Broussard mentioned that the July 31 trade deadline had been tough on him and his wife, who was preganant with their second daughter at the time. "I kept dreading that I might get traded,'' he said. "I had my wife and daughter back home and that was bad enough. But then i thought I might wind up in Boston, or someplace else. With this here, it's a great outcome because I'll be real close to my family.''

I agree with those of you who say the team kept Ramirez partly because of uncertainty over whether or not it will sign free-agent Hiroki Kuroda or trade for Erik Bedard. Both those fronts remain unresolved as of tonight.

The acquisition of Hulett also appears to send a clear message to Jose Lopez that he'll be expected to pick up the pace in 2008. Hulett played most of his games at second base last season, hitting out of the No. 2 spot.

He does know how to draw walks and had a .357 on-base percentage, which is loads better than what Lopez did -- albeit one was at Class AAA ball, the other in the majors. Still, it's an interesting "push" to give Lopez. Hulett is only 24 and can also play some third base, so he'll be vying for at least a backup infielder's job at spring training. If he does some special things down in Peoria, he might even push Lopez for playing time.

Does this mean Lopez will be traded? I don't see that happening right away. Hulett was a minor leaguer. It's not like he had an on-base-plus-slugging percentage of .900 or anything that would beg he be thrown in there. Like I said, this smacks of a "push" move towards jumpstarting Lopez.

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Posted by Maui Mariner

9:19 PM, Dec 12, 2007

Hmmmm, midnight action............or at least midnight back there.

So is HoRam gone? And who will backup 1st base, Morse?

Posted by Kyle in Illinois

9:22 PM, Dec 12, 2007

Doesn't look like HoRam is gone. John Parrish is the only player non-tendered. Broussard trade seems kind of silly to me. 1) to a team in the division 2) not very big returns?? Odd.

Posted by Adam

9:22 PM, Dec 12, 2007

Tim Hulett - 3B, just a backup infielder at the big-league level.

Meh. I guess getting something for Broussard rather than non-tendering him is a win.

Why hasn't Horacio Ramirez been sent packing yet?

Posted by Ken

9:23 PM, Dec 12, 2007

Very interesting development. Morse is even more versatile but isn't he right handed? It would be interesting to see Morse play more steady. He gets average but the powers that be do not seem impressed.

Posted by Adam

9:24 PM, Dec 12, 2007

Don't worry guys - Broussard isn't the type of player who will make us rue the day we traded him to a division rival.

And it looks like HoRam is still with the team. Just another reminder of why I hate being a Mariners fan...

Posted by oregongal

9:24 PM, Dec 12, 2007

The page only has Parrish listed as nontendered from the M's (the page was updated at 12:06, but I don't know if it's complete).

I honestly don't know if I can watch a game with Ramirez in a Mariners' uniform. And if they really think he's the best pitcher they can find for that spot, I give up any eency, weency hope I had for next year.

Posted by Maui Mariner

9:28 PM, Dec 12, 2007

Yes Oregongal, a sad day in Muddville.

Wait, maybe Mel can straighten him out? One can only hope.

Posted by Adam

9:32 PM, Dec 12, 2007

Stottlemyre gets waaaay too much credit as a pitching coach. He's not a teacher, he's a caretaker. It's easy to look good when David Cone, David Wells, Pettite, Clemens, Rivera, etc. are taking the bump.

Ramirez is a lost cause. Obviously, Bavasi isn't man enough to admit that he made a mistake.

Posted by BayAreaMariner

9:36 PM, Dec 12, 2007

I see on that Mark Prior was non-tendered by the Cubs. If HoRam's back, why not take a flier on Prior???

Posted by mab

9:38 PM, Dec 12, 2007

We have nothing to lose with HoRam. Maybe
Mel can do a miracle! Trading Broussard..
big deal. I see it as an oppurtunity for
Morse to finally get an oppurtunity to play.
He has always hit at the big league level.
Plus Broussard could only hit righties...
Morse could hit both lefties and righties.

I just wish we could find a taker for Sexson.
I'd rather see him traded..move Raul to first.

Don't forget.. the Mariners are good guys..
we let Broussard be with the fam! Isn't that
what it's all about.
Who needs a championship when you can reunite families!!

Posted by mab

9:39 PM, Dec 12, 2007

We have nothing to lose with HoRam. Maybe
Mel can do a miracle! Trading Broussard..
big deal. I see it as an oppurtunity for
Morse to finally get an oppurtunity to play.
He has always hit at the big league level.
Plus Broussard could only hit righties...
Morse could hit both lefties and righties.

I just wish we could find a taker for Sexson.
I'd rather see him traded..move Raul to first.

Don't forget.. the Mariners are good guys..
we let Broussard be with the fam! Isn't that
what it's all about.
Who needs a championship when you can reunite families!!

Posted by Big Ebu

9:44 PM, Dec 12, 2007

Well the Mariners must believe that Stottlemyre can work some magic on HoRam. I wonder how much they will offer him in arbitration. I think he made $2.6M in 2007, so the minimum they can offer him is around $2M. But I don't think he is worth even that.

I agree with Adam that Hulett looks like a utility infielder type. Willie Bloomquist with a bit more power. Would have hoped that Broussard would have been worth more than that.

Posted by Publicbulldog

9:46 PM, Dec 12, 2007

Not even Mel can make chicken salad out of Chicken poop.

Posted by Adam

9:58 PM, Dec 12, 2007

Holy crap do I loathe HoRam.

Unbelievable that Bavasi would tender a contract to that waste of air...

Posted by mike

10:00 PM, Dec 12, 2007

I think losing out on the Japanese pitcher caused Bavasi to tender Ramirez. What other choices does he have. The free agent market seems to be filled with those types of pitchers

Posted by Jim Thomsen

10:03 PM, Dec 12, 2007

Let's read between the lines here, folks:

1) The Broussard trade sends the message that the Mariners are stuck with the untradeable Richie Sexson at first base in 2008. Broussard would have done nothing but cut into the M's desperate hopes that Sexson can rebound -- and he would have done it far more expensively than a grab-bag replacement-level backup.

2) Keeping Ramirez sends the message that the M's aren't convinced they'll land Hiroki Kuroda (or Erik Bedard, for that matter). As a result, they want as many "experienced" arms in spring training as possible. And maybe they believe their own BS about Mel Stottlemyre's alleged ability to resurrect Ramirez.

That's how I see it, anyway.

Posted by bikeman

10:03 PM, Dec 12, 2007

Josh Towers was non-tendered. If the Mariners don't get Kuroda, I'd like the Mariners to sign Towers providing that the asking price isn't too high.

Posted by Jim Thomsen

10:08 PM, Dec 12, 2007

Josh Towers would be a poor fit for Safeco. Even though the park hurts right-handed power hitters, you're asking for trouble by putting an extreme fly-balling righty in the rotation ... especially if you're planning to put Raul Ibanez back out in left field.

And he'd get killed on the road.

Posted by oregongal

10:08 PM, Dec 12, 2007

I do wish Broussard well in his new home. He did what was asked of him here, even if he wasn't used very well. He was never an integral part of the M's future.

Posted by bikeman

10:12 PM, Dec 12, 2007

Ya, but could it be worse than HoRam? With Stottlemyre preaching pitching inside, I wonder if we shouldn't shift Ibanez to RF, if he has to play the OF.

Posted by bikeman

10:18 PM, Dec 12, 2007

Jim, I think you're mistaken that Towers is a fly-ball pitcher.

Posted by JH

10:27 PM, Dec 12, 2007

Ben is a bum. All he did was cry all year about playing time, and he's worthless. Hope he rots in Texas

Posted by Fish

10:29 PM, Dec 12, 2007

I just read on ESPN that Mark Prior has become a free agent. I would take a chance on him in a heart beat.

Posted by jk

10:30 PM, Dec 12, 2007

Did the front office watch the 07 season? Ho Ram???
And we only had 1 first baseman that could hit last year and his name was not Sexson....I do not care who the pitching coach is next year, HoRam is horrible and we gave him the entire year to prove it! Now the front office is letting us down once again. Thanks Chuck and Bill I cannot wait for another 70 win season!

Posted by Joyce

10:32 PM, Dec 12, 2007

Maybe we put Jones in Center Field and let Ichiro pitch.

Posted by oregongal

10:35 PM, Dec 12, 2007

If I'd have had to watch Sexson playing all last season instead of me, I'd have complained louder than Broussard did.

Posted by Jay

10:41 PM, Dec 12, 2007

We traded a GOOD back up for a guy that has numbers no better than Lopez AT the AAA level???..and plays the same does this "push Lopez?"....I pray this was a salary dump to free up room to offer Kuroda a 4th year in the 12th hour...because non-tendering Ben would have been as silly as giving Guillen a 500k buy out...Oh wait, we did that.

Posted by Jon

10:49 PM, Dec 12, 2007

I am about sick of hearing how much poeple want to ship Richie Sexson out of here. Noone appreciates his defense and his defense has saved many runs. He is a proven run producer and players have off years, especially when the fans are all over him from swing one. I am glad he only has one more year but I am glad we have him. i am looking for a big year from him and I think it is a legitimate expectation from Richie and the Mariners.

That said, I thought the trade of Ben was great. A young fielder in exchange for a guy we would not have tendered. Everyone knew he was unhappy here. Its the FIRST trade that I think Bovasi did that didnt screw anything up and then he ruins everything by tending HoRam.


Posted by Jay

10:59 PM, Dec 12, 2007

I agree that the "ship Sexson" crap is getting old....he took less money to play for his home town team because he wanted to be here....Arizona was willing to exceed the M's offer and traded away a ton of talent to the Brewers just to get the chance at signing him to a long term deal....people that boo him are the same ones that spout off about players having no loyalty..give the guy a break!

But I disagree that we got value for Ben. I hope there's a couple draft picks in there. Middle infielders are probably the M's deepest position in the minors.

Posted by Jonathan

11:36 PM, Dec 12, 2007

Is there any chance of the M's making a run at Mark Prior? The Cubs didn't tender him. Even if he isn't 100%, if he's 80% it's still better than HoRam... whom if you do remember was coming off an injury when the M's signed him last year...

Posted by damon

11:55 PM, Dec 12, 2007

Holy crap sick of the "ship Sexson crowd" What in the world has this guy shown, even before this guy got here? Wow the M's need more loyal washed up below .200 average home run sluggers. This guy is a whinny rally killer who can't take the pressure of the always harsh Seattle fans. Hey Sexy needs a hug!!! Its funny but has anybody else noticed that his stats have gone down every year since this whole league steroid thing came to light. I'm not saying... i'm just saying.

Posted by helpFelix

12:07 AM, Dec 13, 2007

I really don't think Kuroda will be here...OR Bedard will be shipped off! MEANING I would take the flyer on Prior, and try and sign Colon to a 1yr $10M with a 2nd year option.
Both injury risks, but a LOT of upside EACH! I actually wouldn't mind Towers as a minor league signing with a Spring invite.
Hey, did you see that the Angels non-tendered McPherson? And the Rangers Osuka? ... WOW BOTH those moves are shocking to me. In 2006 Osuka was one of the top closers that led the Rangers towards he "willingness" to trade Fransisco Cordero away to the Brewers. Osuka did get hurt last year, BUT he's received a clean bill of health as of late. I would DEFINITELY grab him as an awesome RH RP!!! McPherson was one of the Angels top prospects over the past several years, and everyone had high hopes for him.
And NOW Prior is available too?
There is actually some pretty decent names that became FA's tonight by the nontendering that went on!!!

Posted by OUCH

12:14 AM, Dec 13, 2007

Bill BavASSi is a TOOL! Hmmmm what MLB team should I root for this year?

Posted by jon

12:23 AM, Dec 13, 2007

Im just saying People always say our park is a pitchers park until you discuss Richie and apparently it doesnt apply to hime and apparently he should be doing the same 45 dingers he did in Milwakee. He hit 39 and 34 in this park. Coincidentally he was hurt in 04 with Ari and now his stats decline in a pitchers park and you think it is roids. You said it yourself, he is a little whimpy and he doesnt even remotely look like a person on the juice. but you missed my point, he is a gold glove caliber first baseman and I think many are not paying any attention to it nor giving him the credit he diserves. With only 2 errors last yr and his fielding percentage of .998 is only .002 off the gold glove Youkles.

Posted by helpFelix

12:36 AM, Dec 13, 2007

Seattle would of paid Broussard $4M in arbitration this year, so this move not only frees up an add'l $4M from our payroll, but it also frees up another spot on the 25-man roster.
I don't even think Hulet was on the 40-man roster, so this gives the M's an added space there while the Rangers had to do something on their roster to fit Broussard in.
So now Seattle has freed up:
Weaver's $9.5M
Guillen's $6.5M
Reistma $3.M
Broussard $4M (his 2007 salary was $3.65M I think, but would of hit $4M in arb)
So based upon my calculations, give or take a little, our payroll should be down to approx $82M as we sit right now!!!

Posted by Damon

1:20 AM, Dec 13, 2007

Wow Richie is such a great defensive player he more then makes up for the total black hole he creates in the power hole. When he he got injured and was replaced did our defense at first go to hell? I don't think so. Does Sexy look like a guy on roids? No! He looks like a guy that is no longer on roids and can no longer hit. (Brett Boone anyone.)

Posted by GLS

1:21 AM, Dec 13, 2007

Just looking at his numbers, this Tug Hulett guy looks like he might be able to play a little bit. Plus, he hits from the left side, which is always good. I hope they at least give him a chance in the spring. He's probably twice the player Willie Bloomquist is.

Posted by Casey

2:56 AM, Dec 13, 2007

Just thought some might like to know that you can have a pretty good idea of what names will be in the Mitchell Report if you go to That site lists the 64 players that have been mentioned in some capacity or another since roughly 2000 and has a breakdown of how they were linked. All in all it's a pretty interesting site.

Posted by Wolfie

3:40 AM, Dec 13, 2007

mab wrote:

"We have nothing to lose with HoRam."

...yeah, except maybe more baseball games.

Posted by sign him now

5:24 AM, Dec 13, 2007

sign otsuka now!!! please. he has to be the best available among the non-tenders that came up. everyone should be calling his agent right about now....

he is the man seattle needs to pounce on to shore up that bullpen in the advent of a trade involving morrow, etc. i just think it would be one of the best moves bavasi could make at this point.

go get the dude.

Posted by Everett fan

6:18 AM, Dec 13, 2007

Ben went out with class - a marked difference from Turner. Best wishes to Ben.

Posted by ricofoy

7:17 AM, Dec 13, 2007

Several prominent Yankees in the Mitchell report including Roger Clemens.
I love it! Let the backtracking, denying and lying begin.

Posted by Mr. X

7:22 AM, Dec 13, 2007

And so ends the era of the "Best Mariners Lefty Power Hitter Since Junior" era. This not only improves our team, but now we'll be able to turn some "easy outs" into triples next year versus Texas like Brad Wilkerson did last year while Broussard was manning first. Hopefully he didn't leave any pairs of those special "50 lb cleats" in the locker room for someone else to pick up.

If anyone is still counting, that's three trades with Cleveland with nothing to show for it except a guy who is being compared to Bloomquist.

Posted by byebyeSexson

7:23 AM, Dec 13, 2007

I say shift Ibanez to STARTING PITCHER. I say shift Richie to the Mud Hens. BB was the best first baseman we had. I'm OK with Morse and Ibanez if he doesn't work out as a starter.
Please shift Richie now. He will not help us this coming year.
Go M's

Posted by mitch

7:56 AM, Dec 13, 2007

Truly, the Mariners will go as far as HoRam takes them! Welcome back!

Posted by MD

8:25 AM, Dec 13, 2007

I wish Broussard well in his new role with the Rangers. He did a good job when he was with the Mariners and I hope he gets that chance to start like he wanted. I am looking forward to see what we got from the Rangers in the trade. One thing about the Rangers is they have some pretty good prospects in their farm system and you never know what you get untile they make their debut in the big leagues. I also understand the move of tendering Horacio a contract because you never know what Kurda is going to do and you never know what the Oirles are going to do. But there had to be some one better that we could have got form what the other teams non tendered than Ramirez. I also thought maybe he is going to come out of the bullpen and be the long reliever. But it should be interesting.

Posted by slcard

8:50 AM, Dec 13, 2007

Let's see... We traded Ben away to get a backup second baseman so there is pressure on Lopez. And, With Ben gone there is now no pressure on Richie to do whatever it is he does???

The only time Richie played up to expectations last year was when he was under threat of the bench. Now that threat is gone. Who does he have pictures of, behind the barn, with ... Richie should be on the bench. Paying his salery and having him in the batters box with runners on is a double negative.

Posted by slcard

8:50 AM, Dec 13, 2007

Let's see... We traded Ben away to get a backup second baseman so there is pressure on Lopez. And, With Ben gone there is now no pressure on Richie to do whatever it is he does???

The only time Richie played up to expectations last year was when he was under threat of the bench. Now that threat is gone. Who does he have pictures of, behind the barn, with ... Richie should be on the bench. Paying his salery and having him in the batters box with runners on is a double negative.

Posted by Chris from Bothell

9:34 AM, Dec 13, 2007

Geoff - I thought Yui Chi Chen was supposed to be the pressure on Lopez...?

Bear in mind, folks - HoRam is not being kept around as a starter, he's being kept around for the bullpen. Assuming we get Kuroda, it's Felix-Batista-Kuroda-Washburn and then RRS or Morrow (assuming Morrow stays). If we land Bedard, we have our starting 5 w/o HoRam.

IIRC, HoRam was one of those "one bad inning" sorts of pitchers - looked fine for 2 - 3 innings, blows up for 4 or 5 runs, then dies off before the end of the 6th. I'd think that that would be alright to have in the pen to eat innings in a blowout, or to get you to your 8th inning guy. So HoRam still here is unfortunate but not unworkable, as long as he's nowhere near the starting rotation.

As for Ben - I'm one of the "trade Sexson" crowd, but even I concede that Ben wasn't knocking people's socks off in his playing time last year. So if the club philosophy is to try to rely on Sexson having a more typically average year instead of repeating last year, then Ben would get even less playing time. So this is good for him, and not a rampaging loss for us.

And Sicard - I suspect no one could put more pressure on Sexson than Sexson. Being threatened with benching a) never seriously happened last year and b) didn't do anything when he did get platooned. Given the thin free agent market, better to risk one more year with him than to possibly throw more money after a questionable replacement.

Lastly (good lord I'm long-winded this morning), I would understand completely why the M's wouldn't give Mark Prior a shot, given his um, Prior injuries. Same for Colon. Just because there's more recognizable names on the free agent market, doesn't mean you go after them.

Posted by Adam

10:01 AM, Dec 13, 2007

Guys - Hulett is not going to push Lopez. This is a guy who can't get his OPS over .800. A .758 OPS from a 24 year-old in AAA Oklahoma? No, he's not an answer.

And Sexson sucks.

Posted by dr

10:22 AM, Dec 13, 2007

Good luck to Ben Broussard. He was, as some already said, a class act. And when he was given an extended opportunity to play (more than 3 or 4 days in a row), he found his rhythm rather quickly. No, he didn't "knock people's socks off", but then who the heck did for this team? It was inevitable that he'd be gone this offseason since he wanted an opportunity to play everyday, he deserved it and the Ms weren't going to give it to him. We liked ya, Ben.

It appears those folks who have been championing the Ms playing their AAA studs and accumulating more prospects for the "future" may well get what they want. The more I think about it, I'm starting to agree, in part, with "Adam" that we aren't going to really compete with LAA in '08 even with Bedard and Kuroda. I'm less optimistic that we will land both/either of them at this juncture. Maybe we do need to let our AAA-to-big league guys play EVERYDAY and see if we can be the next Oakland, Minnesota, Cleveland.

Yes, this will take a few years, but at least it would look like we have a vision as opposed to right now where the team, via Bavasi and ownership, looks like the last kid picked to play on the gym b'ball team. We don't seem to generate much respect among other clubs' FO guys, and I'm increasingly not confident there is anybody out there, either by trade or FA, other than MAYBE Bedard (if we wrap him up for more than the existing 2 years on his contract), worth giving up AJ, BM, etc. We almost always give up too much for what we get when it comes to trades. I'd be for roping in Bedard, but this team needs much more than one good SP in order to be a playoff contender. I'm feeling like our FO/ownership just can't get it done. Plus, the more I look at the players potentially available, it's disheartening.

So, let's admit we have a problem (kind of the baseball version of AA, I guess) and see if we can get this b'ball winning thing right. I know that means we don't really compete in '08, but we've never truly committed to a "rebuild" the way we should have in 2002 or 2003 when our aging "stars" were impossible to not notice. Barring a miracle, this team still can't shoot straight, so, let's let those kids play with the veterans and see what happens. Can that really be any worse than what the Ms have been doing for years now?

Posted by Morgan

10:30 AM, Dec 13, 2007

That's not a bad thought from Chris about Horam in long relief as much as I can't stand Ramirrez. Maybe long relief in blowouts can straighten him out. HOWEVER I shudder to spend $3 Million on a long releiver when we could give the job to any AAA Tacoma starter who makes the leauge minimum.

I'd like to see Horam's agent in arbitration try to "talk up" his client to why he should get the larger money figure after posting a 7+ERA! Any arbitor that even considers giving it to him should be fired on the spot.

Posted by W.Traveler

10:50 AM, Dec 13, 2007

Yet another indication that Bavasi and FO is giving us what we ask for. Mediocrity! Just keep buying those M's tickets and expensive concessions and we'll keep Mediocrity! Broussard was an everyday player that created problems for McLaren's love of Sexon,aka "Mendoza." McLaren loves veterans--Horam is a veteran. Results, we have a .200 hitter at first base batting in the middle of the lineup and arguably the worst #5 pitcher in baseball, not to mention a couple minor league pitchers that will have to languish in the minors for yet another year. But hey, guys, keep those "I love Bavasi" pins passing around. We get what we deserve.

Posted by Resin isn't Cheating

11:44 AM, Dec 13, 2007

It's generous to call Hulett a "prospect." It sure is a nice story, Broussard is rewarded by Bavasi for being a team player and not speaking out for playing time by living 2 hours away from his ballpark. Bavasi is a nice guy. However, nice guys finish last. We could have gotten a younger prospect with upside for Ben. I would had been happier with landing pitching. We already have freakin Bloomquist and Morse to challenge Lopez. I'm speechless that Horacio was tendered a contract, Bavasi really is that dumb.

Posted by Casey

12:17 PM, Dec 13, 2007

I think it's important that people remember that we were going to let Ben become a free agent. When it is known that you are going to non-tender a player the trade market doesn't exactly bring great offers. So we pretty much traded a player that wasn't in the future plans of the team, for a player that could potentially be our new utility guy if Bloomquist has to step in for Jose at 2nd.

Posted by California Bob Kelly

12:22 PM, Dec 13, 2007

As a "Washingtonian" living in purgatory, often called Southern California, it seems the rain, gloom, and despair has already settled in before spring training has commenced. The trade of Broussard is another questionable move, but not as baffling as the tendering a contract to a lefty who would have a hard time getting a good college team out, 1-2-3. Where are the updated stats on Morrow and Rowland-Smith? Why not take a chance on the big fellow who baffled us while wearing an Angels uniform for 4-5years? A good one year contract couldn't be any more risky than signing Weaver last year, and Prior at 75% is probably better than HoRam. Unless Bavasi has another amazing surprise up his sleeve, we are watching a Mariner team going backwards, not forward...

Posted by Lance

1:21 PM, Dec 13, 2007

Bavasi has certainly established himself as a nice guy. First, sending Jamie Moyer back home to Philadelphia, and now, trading Broussard home to Texas. He takes care of his players.
However, is he a smart guy who takes care of the fans? The jury is still out for me on that. Although, I realize the majority of you have made up your minds already.

Posted by tinman53

2:15 PM, Dec 13, 2007

I hate to be right all the time. At the end of the season after the Mariners announced Bill B was returning, I predicted that we would keep Ramirez. Many of my friends laughed. Again we traded something for nothing. Bil would not be Bill if he actually got a good player in exchange for a good player. I am so happy Ben B is happy to be going home. Why would you ever trade even a average player to a division rival?
Either the Mariners management does not want to win or they are all just asleep at the switch. Get ready for another mediocre season.

Posted by Lance

3:56 PM, Dec 13, 2007

On the other hand, if Ben Broussard ends up the Rangers' regular firstbaseman next season that is more likely to help the Mariners than hurt. He's a nice bat, but not great, and he's all thumbs around the first base bag.

Posted by Patrick F.

4:43 PM, Dec 13, 2007

I can undertstand trading Ben Broussard, but to a division rival? Tug Hulet better turn into something with the Mariners. I just hope we hear the word "platoon", when referring to Richie Sexson this season. Bringing HoRam back seems like lunacy, but maybe Stottlemeyre can get something out of him. I'm not real optimistic on that front. I'm glad to see George Sherrill back as our lefty setup man.

I truly think Mark Prior is worth taking a look at, even if the Mariners end up with Kuroda and Bedard. The Rangers also cut Akinori Otsuka, who is a steady reliable relief pitcher. He might be worth a look, if our alleged abundance of bullpen depth is dealt in trades.

Posted by brian

7:29 PM, Dec 13, 2007

Either BB must have a plan like saving a 40 man roster spot or he was taken to the cleaners on giving Broussard away. Trading within the division never makes sense and to only get a AAA infielder with marginal upside to playing in the majors for a fairly proven veteran in Ben. The bottom line is that two years ago, we have essentially traded Shin Choo Soo for Tim Hulett. At the moment we have a bigger need for outfield help if the Bedard trade goes through then infield help that is largely set at each position with Bloomquist as the backup. What does this imply about the other 2B Chen who is supposedly almost ready if Lopez doesn't keep improving? A lot of funny things going on and as much as you want to beleive that there is a master plan, the feeling is that there is little being done with a big picture in place and working toward a more solid team.

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