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Seattle Times staff reporter Bob Condotta provides a running commentary on the Huskies. E-mail Bob.

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June 30, 2006

Rating the conferences

Posted by Bob Condotta at 3:07 PM

Remember in December, when the Pac-10 took all those hits for being a subpar conference?

By the end of the season, that chatter seemed long forgotten when UCLA made it to the final game, Washington to the Sweet 16 and the conference went a more than respectable 8-4 overall in the NCAA Tournament.

The NBA Draft is often used as another measure of a conference's overall strength, though it's obviously very misleading.

What makes a good college player can be vastly different than what makes a good NBA prospect.

Still, I thought it would be interesting to break down the first round of the draft by conference:

Here are the results:
Big East — 7 (including four from UConn).
SEC — 4
ACC — 3
Pac-10 — 2
Conference USA — 2
Big 10 — 2
Big 12 — 1
Atlantic-10 — 1
WCC — 1
Missouri Valley Conference— 1
(The rest were foreigners)

Not sure if any of that really means anything as take UConn out of the equation, and most of the conferences are pretty equal.

The Pac-10 had six players taken overall — four in the second round.

Here's a chart (PDF) from the Pac-10 media guide that details the history of the conference and the draft and shows that more players were taken this season than any year since 2002.

For the most part, the draft went about the way I thought it would for Pac-10 players.

The biggest surprise might have been Leon Powe slipping to 49th overall.

That makes it easy to assume he made a bad decision coming out.

But here's a story about Powe's draft that indicates that his agent — the same guy who also represents Nate Robinson, among many others — thought concerns over Powe's knee was the biggest problem.

If that's the case, that wasn't ever going to change and maybe it didn't matter whether Powe stayed another year or not.

Taking a few days away ...

The blog may go on vacation for a few days with the summer sun beckoning, so if you don't see much new here for a while, don't read into it anything more than that.

For those who want to know how Lorenzo Romar and Spencer Hawes are doing with the USA Basketball U-18 team, I refer you to this Web site, which is doing a great job of updating the action.

June 28, 2006

Happy Huskies on draft day

Posted by Bob Condotta at 11:23 PM

I'm not sure the draft could have worked out much better for the Washington Huskies Wednesday.
Sure, Brandon Roy could have gone a little higher.

But he sure sounded happy to be in Portland. And having watched the draft at his family's party at his grandmother's house in the Beacon Hill area of Seattle, I can personally attest to how happy they are about it, as well.

"We really wanted him to stay close," said Renee Roy, one of Brandon Roy's aunts who helped organize the celebration that was also attended by members of the families of Nate Robinson and Jamal Crawford. "He's so deserving of this."

And while there was a longshot hope that Bobby Jones might sneak into the first round, I think No. 37 in the second round - and going to a team that traded for him and, thus, will feel that much more invested in him - is about as good as could have really been hoped.

"That they wanted to trade for me shows that they are interested in me a lot," Jones said. "They know what my strengths are, and that's to play defense and bring energy and rebounding, and I hear that's a lot of the things lacking on their team."

Jones said he and Roy had a quick phone conversation after the draft "and we just said 'we are in the NBA now.' I was happy to get to share the experience with him."

The B-Roy Family and Friends Party, as they called it, was - as might be expected - much like Brandon himself - dignified, classy and respectful.

All gathered around the TV when the picks were made, obviously hoping to hear Brandon's name.

But on each of the first five picks, when his name wasn't called, they still clapped to honor the player who had just been selected.

Among those there was his former coach at Garfield, Wayne Floyd, who admitted that he didn't see Brandon as an NBA player when he first laid eyes on him the summer before his ninth grade year.

"Not right away," he said.

In something I had kind of forgotten, Floyd reminded me that Roy was 5-11, at best, as a ninth-grader.

"Then one day he just started growing and started jumping, and in drills you could see that he could do everything," Floyd said. "He's always been the underheralded, understated, underrated one and I think that kept him grounded and motivated. He always kept moving forward."

Right to the NBA Draft.

The big day has come

Posted by Bob Condotta at 11:27 AM

As Bobby Jones said recently, "A month ago, I thought this day would never come.''

But here it is at last, what I think might be the most interesting draft ever for in-state college basketball fans.

When have two players who grew up in this state, then played their college ball in this state, ever been such a big part of draft day? I don't think it's ever happened.

We'll try to keep you updated here throughout the day and night as much as we can, particularly with news concerning Brandon Roy and Bobby Jones.

To start off, here's a piece written today by Dick Jerardi of the Philadelphia Daily News stating that Brandon Roy should be the No. 1 pick in the draft.

What I found most interesting was his assertion that he saw Roy "numerous times on television'' last year.

That seems to fly counter to the theory that Pac-10 players lack visibility due to the conference's TV contract with Fox Sports.

I've been among those who think that given the reality of the situation with ESPN -- which only wants the Pac-10 in what would be non-primetime time slots and wouldn't pay as much as Fox Sports -- that the deal with Fox Sports isn't as bad as a lot of people think.

Certainly, I don't think any alleged "lack of exposure'' is going to hurt Brandon Roy today.

Husky updates

I've gotten lots of e-mails asking for updates on other former Huskies.

I included the most up-to-date info I have on everyone in this story that ran in The Seattle Times today.

But things can change quickly. Mike Jensen, for instance, said he thinks things will open up a lot in the coming days once the draft is over and teams -- both here and abroad -- know the talent pool that will be available to them.

June 27, 2006

Will draft day be historic for Huskies?

Posted by Bob Condotta at 12:25 PM

Bobby Jones is set to work out for Sacramento today, the conclusion of what has apparently been a very productive month of workouts for the former Husky forward.

In fact, people close to the UW program and Jones insist there remains a chance he could be taken in the first round of tomorrow's draft.

Teams they cite as interested enough in Jones to be considering him that highly are Dallas, the Knicks, Cleveland and Sacramento.

It calls to mind what Lorenzo Romar told us here a few weeks ago that he thinks people "will be surprised at how high he gets pick.''

With Brandon Roy a certain lottery pick, it makes it possible that the Huskies could have two players taken in the first round of the draft for the first time in school history.

Some could argue it happened a year ago when Martell Webster and Nate Robinson were each taken in the first round. But though Webster signed with UW, he never played for the Huskies and I would argue that shouldn't really count.

Here's a chart we put together a few days ago of UW's first-round draft picks and a few notable others.


Bob Houbregs, No. 3, Milwaukee, 1953 —Back injury derailed NBA career after five seasons.
Detlef Schrempf, No. 8, Dallas, 1985 —Went on to have the most productive pro career of any UW graduate.
Jack Nichols, No. 12, Washington, 1948 —Played nine years and won a title with the 1957 Celtics.
Chris Welp, No. 16, Philadelphia, 1987 —Averaged 2.4 points in three seasons before heading overseas.
Nate Robinson, No. 21, New York Knicks, 2005 —Erratic rookie season but got invited to White House Correspondents Dinner.


Todd MacCulloch —Center was taken in the second round (No. 47 overall) by Philadelphia in 1999.
James Edwards —Center was taken in third round (No. 46 overall) by Lakers in 1977.
Lorenzo Romar —Seventh-round pick by Golden State in 1980.
Louie Nelson —Guard was taken in second round with No. 19 pick by Capital (Washington) Bullets in 1974.
Steve Hawes —Center was taken in second round (No. 24 overall) by Cleveland in 1972.


We've heard this a lot that there is no way Roy will slip past Minnesota at No. 6 since coach Dwane Casey is a big fan of Roy's from his days as a Sonics assistant.

Here's the St. Paul Pioneer Press hinting at the same thing in today's paper.

June 26, 2006

Jones winding up workouts

Posted by Bob Condotta at 5:00 PM

Had a chance to talk with Bobby Jones today as he was waiting in the Dallas airport heading to Sacramento.

He was in Dallas after working out for the Mavericks this morning and is scheduled to visit with the Kings Tuesday.

It will be his second workout for Sacramento.

And it's interesting that the Kings are showing so much interest considering they have the 19th pick in the draft and that's it, having traded their second-round selection. Obviously, the Kings also work out players so they have a feel of what's out there in case they get involved in more trades.

Jones said he has had workouts for 10 or 11 teams and said everybody he has talked to has told him he will certainly get drafted "it's just a matter of who, when and where.''

He was scheduled to have workouts last week with Portland (Thursday) and Seattle (Saturday) but cancelled both after slightly injuring his groin.

But Jones said he didn't think that should hurt his standing with either team, saying that if any teams should know how he plays it should be the two in the Northwest.

Hawes makes final roster

Posted by Bob Condotta at 11:05 AM

The final 12-man roster for the USA Basketball U-18 team has been set and Spencer Hawes did indeed make the squad, which will be coached by Lorenzo Romar. The final roster was released Monday morning.

Also making it is Kyle Singler, the senior-to-be forward from Oregon who is considering attending UW.

The team begins play against Uruguay on Wednesday in San Antonio.

June 24, 2006

Roy high on new guys

Posted by Bob Condotta at 10:03 PM

While talking with Brandon Roy for the story that appeared in Saturday's paper previewing the NBA Draft, I also asked his thoughts on what he sees from the Huskies — he spent several days last week working out with the team while in Seattle.

Roy was particularly impressed with Quincy Pondexter.

"He's definitely going to be a pro in a couple of years,'' Roy said. "He's 6-6, 6-7, he can handle the ball and he's more athletic than I thought he was. He reminds me of Martell Webster a little bit. He doesn't shoot it as well but he may slash just as good as him. He's going to be a special player.''

Roy also liked what he saw of Adrian Oliver, saying that he thought Oliver was a bit bigger than he thought he might be — Oliver is listed at 6-3, 185. "He's going to be pretty big for a point guard,'' Roy said, adding that he thinks if the Huskies can turn him into a combo guard, able to play both spots, "that will be great.''

Playing both spots has been the stated plan for Oliver from day one so I think that will happen.

"Everybody's in there every day working so hard,'' Roy said. "You can tell Washington is a power house now.''

June 23, 2006

Roy to Houston?

Posted by Bob Condotta at 11:10 AM

OK, so latest word on the Brandon Roy workout watch as of Friday morning is that Charlotte is out for good. Here's a story from the Charlotte Observer on that one.

And that Roy instead may be headed to Houston, which could be looking into trading up to get a pick that it could use to select Roy.

Imagine Roy with Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady. Holy cow!

That news is a few items down in this report from, which leads off with reporting who has been invited to the Green Room for Wednesday's draft, a list that also includes Roy.

Robinson to try for Olympics

Maybe Roy teaming with Yao makes sense as this is suddenly the year of Husky athletics and China.

The volleyball team was just in China for a series of exhibitions, and former UW star Nate Robinson also just returned from that country after taking part in a Nike training camp in Beijing.

As this story from the China Daily reports, Robinson said he'd like to return in 2008 as part of the U.S. Olympic team.

June 22, 2006

Update: Roy heading to Charlotte this weekend

Posted by Bob Condotta at 8:15 PM

So apparently there is no real mystery to Brandon Roy's cancelled Charlotte visit, after all.

This Associated Press story that came across the wires a few hours ago says simply that Roy cancelled the visit due to a minor injury — apparently, a hamstring injury of some sort.

Roy also said in an interview with Dave "Softy" Mahler on KJR-AM that he expects to fly back to Charlotte for a workout over the weekend before heading to New York for Wednesday's draft.

So it sounds as if he will get his meeting with Michael Jordan, after all.

By the way, more and more mock drafts have Roy heading Charlotte's way, including this one today from

Jones in Portland

Also, Bobby Jones was expected to be working out for the Portland Trail Blazers today.

We've reported that here before and it's also buried in the second item of this report from the Oregonian.

No Charlotte visit for Roy after all

Posted by Bob Condotta at 9:20 AM


Looks like that big day in Charlotte for Brandon Roy won't be happening, after all.

As this report indicates, Roy and two others pulled out of a workout in Charlotte for today.

We'll try to find out more and pass that along if we can.

Players report

As for the current Huskies, almost all of them are back in town and enrolled in summer school and working out daily.

The only one not here is Spencer Hawes, who is with the national U-18 team coached by Lorenzo Romar.

The other three incoming freshmen are on campus.

Once here, the training staff was allowed to officially measure them and here's what the numbers were.

Quincy Pondexter checked in at just shy of 6-7 and 195 pounds; Adrian Oliver at 6-3, 185; and Phil Nelson at 6-8, 205.

June 21, 2006

Big day for Roy

Posted by Bob Condotta at 4:08 PM

Brandon Roy said in this year's UW media guide that the most famous person he had ever met was Jesse Jackson.
That could be about to change as Roy is expected to work out tomorrow (Thursday, June 22) for the Charlotte Bobcats, who hold the third pick in next Wednesday's NBA Draft.

And I would imagine that the man who is their new part-owner - Michael Jordan - will be there. I guess you could debate who is the more famous of the two - Jackson or Jordan - but I'd side with Jordan these days.

Here's a story from the Charlotte paper reporting on Roy's likely visit. That story also says that Roy could be Charlotte's choice since LaMarcus Aldridge and Tyrus Thomas figure to be gone when the Bobcats pick.

That goes against much of what is churning lately in the rumor mill, including last night's report by ESPN's Ric Bucher that Toronto may be considering Roy with the top pick. That's interesting since Roy said last week he wasn't expected to work out for Toronto since the Raptors indicated they wanted a bigger player.

This report from Hoops World, via CNNSI, is the latest to report that maybe the Lakers want to move up to take Roy.

It's interesting to me that these rumors have much of their base in Roy's workout with the Lakers last month, which isn't exactly new news. It was reported in the Seattle media, including here, weeks ago. When I talked with Brandon, I got the impression the workout was done in part simply because he was already in LA - he spent most of May working out there with other clients of Arn Tellem.

Still, the Lakers obviously got a good look at Roy that day and maybe saw enough to want to move up.

Here's an interesting piece from which speculates on which high schoolers might have been taken in this year's draft had the rules not changed a year ago, with Spencer Hawes mentioned.

June 20, 2006

Roy's options narrowing?

Posted by Bob Condotta at 10:10 AM

Eight days until the NBA Draft and the intrigue continues to build.

Here's an interesting report from

The second item says Tyrus Thomas of LSU will be taken with the No. 2 pick in the draft. As the report states, rumor is that pick could be traded, but that Thomas would be the guy taken there.

Thomas fed the rumors when he pulled out of a planned workout with Portland saying there was use no since he has been promised he would be taken before the Blazers select at No. 4.

Roy has already said he won't work out with Toronto, which has the first pick, since the Raptors have told him they are looking for a bigger player. He also isn't expected to work out for Atlanta, which has the No. 5 pick, for the same reason.

So that could mean that if Roy is to go in the top five picks it will either be to Charlotte -- where he is expected to work out later this week -- or Portland, where he worked out last week.

Or maybe he will go No. 6 to Minnesota.

As the Boston Globe reported Sunday, however, Danny Ainge doesn't expect Roy will be available when the Celtics pick at No. 7.

Of course, anyone who has followed the draft long knows there is more misinformation divvied out this time of year than in the USSR in the 1970s.

Singler still listing Huskies

According to this report in the Portland Tribune, Oregon high school star Kyle Singler is still listing Washington as one of the five schools he is considering.

I think it still has to be considered a longshot for UW to get Singler. But he is playing for Lorenzo Romar on the U-18 team as I type this, which should only help Washington's chances.

Hawes profiled

Speaking of the U-18 team, here's an interesting question-and-answer session with Spencer Hawes from the official USA Basketball Web site.

We'll forgive them for misspelling the names of two UW football legends. And not just misspelling them a little bit, but getting both the first and last names for both Napoleon Kaufman and Marques Tuiasosopo incorrect.

At least they spelled Romar right.

June 19, 2006

Jones on tour

Posted by Bob Condotta at 1:02 PM

Much like his former teammate Brandon Roy, Bobby Jones has a busy week ahead as he prepares for next week's NBA Draft.

Jones was scheduled to work out for the New York Knicks today and also has workouts set up with Toronto on Tuesday, Portland on Thursday, Seattle on Saturday, Dallas on Monday and Milwaukee next Tuesday.

Jones had workouts last week with Minnesota and Washington. Here's a scouting report on Jones and the other players he worked out with in Washington from the Wizards' Web site.

Roy hits Chicago

Speaking of Roy, he worked out with the Bulls over the weekend. Here's one report.

Hawes a finalist

Just to be clear, Spencer Hawes has made the "finalists'' roster for the U-18 team. That team will practice for another week and then be cut from 16 to 12 for the tournament June 28-July 2.
Here's a link to our story.

June 16, 2006

Roy's world tour gets going

Posted by Bob Condotta at 4:42 PM

I headed south to Portland Thursday to catch up with what Brandon Roy jokes is his "world tour,'' as he travels the country to work out for NBA teams in anticipation of the June 28 NBA Draft.

Here's the story I wrote about it for the Times today.

Here also is a story from the Oregonian.

Maybe more interesting than that story is the paper's blog about the workout that includes an admission by reporter Jason Quick that he watched much of the workout by peering through the blinds.

Only the last 30 minutes or so of the workout was open, which consisted solely of shooting drills. The first 90 minutes or so " which consisted of one-on-one and two-on-two drills and other competitive work " was closed to the media.

I'll admit I peered through the blinds briefly to make sure the four players who were supposed to be there were actually there " several of us did that - but I didn't look long enough to see anything to make a real judgment about who outplayed who.

The Blazers responded today by saying they are closing all future workouts.

As for the part that was open, Roy seemed to do just fine in the shooting drills.

During 3-point drills, which consisted of taking 10 shots from various spots around the 3-point line, Roy was 3-10, 4-10, 8-10 (from the top of the key) 6-10 and 3-10.

That's 24-50 or, obviously, almost 50 percent, which doesn't seem too bad considering that nine months ago, everyone was questioning whether he could shoot from the outside. And again, that's from the NBA 3-point line.

I didn't chart every one of Morrison's 3-point sets in part while trying to find a place to watch it all from as there were at least 30 media people on hand. But he was 6-10, 7-10 and 9-10 in the three I did chart and he was probably in the 6-10, 7-10 range in the other two.

The players then conducted a drill where they tried to make as many shots as possible in a minute while bouncing between two pre-assigned spots around the key from about 17 feet.

Twice, Roy outshot Morrison, making 14 in a minute to Morrison's 13, then making 16 in the last drill to outshoot everybody " Morrison had 12 in that one with Hassan Adams making 13 and Rudy Gay 11.

As I drove back to Seattle, however, I listened for a while to the Portland radio station that is behind the "Draft the Stache'' movement and heard at least two of their on-air people say that no one else was close to Morrison in the shooting drills.

Maybe, although what I saw indicated a little more parity.

Not sure how much any of it matters, however. Nate McMillan said such workouts are largely so that he and the other coaches " who don't have a chance to scout the players " can meet the players and seem them in person and other Blazer officials said they didn't think anyone did anything to "make or break'' their standing with the team.
Roy goes from here to workouts with Chicago, Minnesota, Charlotte and Boston.

June 13, 2006

Jones stock soaring?

Posted by Bob Condotta at 7:14 PM

Bobby Jones, that is. And yes is the apparent answer.

In case you missed it, here's our story today on how the NBA draft status of Jones appears to be rising after his play at the Orlando Pre-Draft Camp last week.

First round is obviously the most optimistic possible scenario for Jones and second round is still the most likely destination for Jones.

I know some people might wonder why Jones could be taken when Will Conroy and Tre Simmons weren't a year ago.

But one thing to keep in mind is what Jones does well - play defense - something that is hard to find. If NBA people think he can do that at an NBA level, they'll take a chance on him.

Here also is a breakdown of Orlando camp from that again makes the Bruce Bowen comparison.

And here's a scouting report on Jones from

Jones has six workouts left, which will allow him to further state his case.
Interestingly, he said his workout in Minnesota is supposed to include J.J. Redick, who now becomes one of the more-watched players in the draft after his arrest forDUI.

Schedule filling out

Included in our story today was a mention that the Huskies will play Nicholls State as part of the Basketball Travelers Classic Nov. 12-14.

Here's a link to the school's basketball site, which includes the news that Nicholls State went 9-18 last season.

Pepperdine and Northern Iowa are also in the tournament and will provide UW a lot more competition than Nicholls State probably will.

Also, the Huskies are continuing to try to finalize a game at Missouri for next season, with a possible date of Jan. 20.

Currently, that's the day the Huskies are scheduled to play at Washington State (a Saturday), which means the Huskies will have to work with the Cougars to move that game, possibly earlier in the week.

However it works out, that could be a particularly taxing part of the schedule for the Huskies next year. UW is scheduled to play at Stanford Jan. 11 and at Cal Jan. 13 and then at WSU Jan. 20.

That's obviously the same three-game set that the Huskies whiffed on this year, losing each one.

Throw a game at Missouri into that mix somehow - potentially giving UW four straight road games - and that's as tough an in-conference season stretch as the Huskies will have played in a long time.

June 9, 2006

Revising Arizona

Posted by Bob Condotta at 9:52 AM

Here's an interesting story on Arizona's apparent loss of top prospect Jerryd Bayless from Greg Hansen, columnist for the Arizona Daily Star in Tucson.

The column details how Bayless has decided not to follow through on his public commitment to Arizona and is instead seeking out other schools. Hansen reports that Lute Olson's decision to stop recruiting other players in the wake of the commitment by Bayless last November cost Arizona a chance at signing a number of other players.

Hansen contrasts what other coaches have apparently done in recruiting Bayless despite his public commitment to Arizona with how Olson has historically handled recruiting.

He writes that "Olson's system is to withdraw from recruiting chases whenever a player makes a public commitment'' and says that "when Brandon Roy selected hometown Washington in 2002, Arizona coaches called with congratulations.''

I have no reason to doubt any of that.

The anecdote about Roy jibes with everything I've heard Brandon say about his recruiting. Roy, in fact, has always seemed to have nothing but good feelings toward Olson and Arizona, telling me once how awed he was that Olson was the first coach to call him on the first day that recruiting calls could be made when he was a junior in high school.

Still, as I read Hansen's column, I figured longtime Washington Husky fans would respond with two words -- Jason Terry.

Terry is currently helping lead the Dallas Mavericks to the NBA Title.

But on Sept. 22, 1994, he was a senior-to-be at Franklin High School who was publicly committed to attend the University of Washington, as this story from the archives of the Times reports.

And as this story from the Times six days later reports, Terry showed up at the press conference when Donald Watts announced his commitment to UW, proudly posing for pictures with Watts while wearing Husky caps.

I was there that day, covering it for the Bellevue Journal-American, and I remember Slick Watts running around telling everyone that "you are looking at the backcourt that will lead the Huskies to the Final Four."

I remember thinking that Slick -- one of the more upbeat persons in the history of the world -- was just letting his enthusiasm run a little amok on what was a genuinely happy day for the Watts family.

Instead, considering how close Washington came in 1998 when Donald Watts was a junior, Slick Watts might have been right.

One problem: Terry was by then playing for Lute Olson and the University of Arizona, having changed his mind about a month after his public commitment to UW.

Here's a column from the Times archives on Terry's reversal.

In it, Blaine Newnham states that "there are no villains'' and that Arizona "didn't pirate'' Terry away. Instead, Arizona began recruiting Terry again after Terry's mother apparently called Lute Olson and asked him to again court her son -- Terry happily signed with Arizona a few weeks later and helped lead the Wildcats to the 1997 national title while the Huskies made it to the Sweet 16 a year later without Terry in the fold.

And that has always been the story, though Bob Bender -- as is the case with most coaches who lose a recruit -- was always loathe to even broach the subject, so I'm not sure any of us who covered the team during his time there ever really knew how he felt about it.

Still, I imagine a few UW fans are thinking that maybe karma is finally getting back at the Wildcats.

Jones update: I couldn't find much on how Bobby Jones performed Thursday at the Orlando Pre-Draft camp. All the writeups seemed to focus on other players.

Here's one from that doesn't mention Jones -- who is apparently playing for Team Two -- but does have some interesting information about UCLA guard Jordan Farmar, indicating his stock is rising.

And here's another report on the happenings in Orlando.

June 7, 2006

Roy back home (for now)

Posted by Bob Condotta at 9:58 AM

Brandon Roy will head to Orlando for the NBA Pre-Draft Camp later this week. He won't play, however, as is customary of expected lottery picks, taking part instead only in a few drills and also doing interviews and getting measured.

Until then, he's back in Seattle for a few days, working out daily at UW along with a few other players, notably incoming Husky Spencer Hawes.

"Man, I wish we had him last year,'' Roy said when I ran into him at UW on Tuesday. "He's doing real well.''

Roy, in fact, said Hawes did the same workout designed for guards on Tuesday that Roy has been doing regularly to get ready for the draft and had little trouble keeping up.

Roy said they planned to do more big man stuff on Wednesday.

He'll then leave for Orlando on Friday to continue what has been a dizzying pace the last month or so. He's been working out in Los Angeles along with other Arn Tellem clients, while also flying around the country for a few workouts.

Last Friday, he headed to Charlotte for a workout with the Bobcats, who have the No. 3 pick. But he said his plane didn't arrive until 12:30 a.m. and when the workout began early the next morning he wasn't feeling real well.

After doing a few agility drills, it was decided it would be better for both parties for Roy to work out for the Bobcats again at another time. He said he'll head back to Charlotte on June 20.

The most interesting part of that workout was reuniting with UConn's Rudy Gay, who was also being put through his paces by the Bobcats that day.

Roy and Gay had a memorable scrap during the Sweet 16 Game won by UConn.

"Someone said to us 'are you guys going to kiss and make up?''' Roy said.

Eventually, that's essentially what they did.

"At first, he didn't know how I was going to react,'' Roy said. "But I said 'what's up,' he said 'what's up,' and we had a real cool conversation...We didn't really talk about (the staredown that resulted in a costly technical for Roy), we just talked about the game and how crazy it was. I'm sure he has his side of what happened and I have mine and we just left it there.''

Roy's post-Orlando schedule includes a workout at Portland June 15 alongside Gonzaga's Adam Morrison, a workout in Chicago for the Bulls on June 17, Minnesota on June 18 and Charlotte on June 20.

"It's really exciting,'' he said. "The Bulls are really interested in me and Charlotte and Portland — everything I hear is going second through fourth, and that's just amazing to me. And I heard from people in Minnesota (sixth pick) and Boston (number seven) that they would be in awe if I was there when they picked.''

Jones update

Bobby Jones is participating in the Orlando camp. Here's a look at the rosters for the camp.

Here's an story that mentions Jones just once, but does so in glowing fashion

And here's an story that compares Jones to San Antonio's Bruce Bowen, the same comparison Lorenzo Romar himself made a few months ago.

Romar's new deal

Speaking of Romar, here's our story today that reports that the coach is likely to get a new and improved contract from the Huskies sometime soon.

As the story indicates, he just completed the first year of an eight-year deal.

He has an annual base salary of $300,000. If he meets every incentive, he can earn as much as $1.3 million, but that includes graduating every player on the roster and winning the national championship.

More realistically, he earned about $1 million this year when including incentives.

A lot of money, to be sure, but a lot of college coaches are making more than that.

Louisville's Rick Pitino is thought to be the highest-paid college basketball coach, earning roughly $2.2 million a year, and Billy Donovan is reportedly set to receive a new contract that will put him over the $2 million mark, as well.

June 5, 2006

Bulls high on Roy?

Posted by Bob Condotta at 5:31 PM

The NBA Draft stew is starting to heat up as the pre-draft camp gets underway this week, and Brandon Roy continues to be right in the middle of them all.

Here's a story from the Chicago Tribune Chicago that says Roy is atop the Bulls' wish list of players they'd like to select with the No. 2 pick in the draft.

The writer, Sam Smith — he wrote the famous book "The Jordan Rules" a decade or so ago — also suggests that the Bulls and Sonics work out a deal that would bring Roy and another player to Seattle in exchange for Ray Allen.

Interesting speculation, but probably just that, speculation.

Further down in the story is a mention of Spencer Hawes as one of three underclassmen who could declare next year and make the 2007 draft "one of the best ever for big men.''

Such comments are a double-edged sword for Husky fans. It's surely nice to hear people think so highly of Hawes, but it's also a reminder that there is no guarantee he stays longer than one season at UW despite recent rumblings that he's told Isaiah Thomas and others he plans to stay two years. If he has a great season and is assured of being a top five pick or so, he'll have some tough decisions to make a year from now.

Here's a Sporting News story that also has a small mention of Chicago's apparent love for Roy with the No. 2 pick.

And here's a story out of Charlotte that gives a little more detail about what happened with Roy's workout with the Bobcats Friday. It reports that Roy will have another workout with Charlotte next week after the pre-draft camp.

Huskies add one more

In case you missed it, here's our story on the decision by forward Matthew Bryan-Amaning to become a Husky.

Bryan-Amaning also said he had a great time on his trip to Seattle and felt he fit in well with the coaches and players — which I guess would seem obvious of a player who commits as his trip ends, but is still worth mentioning.

Also note the news on Tim Morris and Lorenzo Romar at the bottom of the story.

Romar was called by the Sacramento Kings, who wanted to gauge his interest in their coaching vacancy. Romar said he didn't have any, and the talks ended almost as quickly as they had started, a further sign — if any was really needed — that Romar intends to stay here a long time.

He signed an eight-year contract extension in the spring of 2005 and told me once that he has no interest in coaching in the NBA, in part because having played in the league for roughly five years has quelled any curiosity he had about the NBA.

Here's a story we published last March where Romar talked about his desire to stay at UW. Those comments are near the bottom of the article.

June 2, 2006

Roy workout scuttled

Posted by Bob Condotta at 12:38 PM

Brandon Roy's workout with Charlotte today apparently didn't go so well according to this story.

Roy became ill early in the workout and couldn't continue after his flight from Los Angeles on Thursday was delayed and he missed a couple of meals.

Everyone's attention turns now to the Orlando Pre-Draft camp, which begins Tuesday.

Here's a good breakdown of what the Chicago Bulls expect from that camp, including a mention of Roy about two-thirds of the way through the story.

As the story reports, probable lottery picks such as Roy will attend the camp to meet with scouts, team officials, etc., but won't play in the games.

Roy is scheduled for at least one workout after the pre-draft camp, with Portland on June 15.

Bobby Jones will be playing in the games at the camp and how he performs figures to go a long way toward determining his draft status.

Brooks staying put

Here's an interesting read from the Oregonian on Duck point guard Aaron Brooks reporting that he thought about leaving Oregon to play at Seattle University or Seattle Pacific so he could be closer to his daughter, but ultimately decided to stay in Eugene.

Brooks may be public enemy No. 1 with Husky fans for his cheap shot on Ryan Appleby in the Pac-10 Tournament. But this story is also a good reminder that a lot of these guys have a lot going on in their lives that we don't see.

June 1, 2006

Recruiting, drafting, scheduling

Posted by Bob Condotta at 2:49 PM

Sounds like Brandon Roy will work out Friday for the Charlotte Bobcats — who have the No. 3 pick in the draft.

And what an interesting workout it could be.

As this story from the Charlotte Observer reports, the team is hoping to have Roy and UConn's Rudy Gay in to work out together.

I don't think I need to remind readers of this board what happened between those two during the Sweet 16 game in March (though just in case, it was Gay with whom Roy got into a brief tussle and was assessed a technical foul, sending him to the bench with four fouls early in the second half).

Wonder if Charlotte knew about that history before arranging the workout.

This story also reports that Roy will work out with Portland on June 15, again along with Gay and also with Adam Morrison of Gonzaga.

I'd pay to see that one (and maybe the Blazers should let us do that, given their current state).

That story also reports that Bobby Jones was scheduled to work out with the Toronto Raptors on Thursday.

However, this report from the Raptors' official site indicates that Jones wasn't there on Thursday. As I wrote here earlier, these workouts tend to be arranged on the fly and who is where and when can change at a moment's notice.

• Here are two more stories about Roy: this from Chicago writer Sam Smith who reports that Bulls fans want the team to take Roy with the No. 2 pick overall and this, a mock draft from ESPN in which Chad Ford says Roy "would be a favorite for Rookie of the Year.''

• What the Huskies hope will be their newest addition arrives for a recruiting visit this weekend: forward Matthew Bryan-Amaning a native of England who is attending school in Connecticut.

He's a 6-8 forward who, according to one scout who has seen him play, has a body type similar to Artem Wallace.

"He's a four (power forward) who's closer to a three (small forward) than a five (center),'' this scout said, adding that "he's maybe a little more versatile'' than some of UW's other forwards, who are more of the four-five ilk. "He's more of a skilled front-court guy.''

It's thought that the real battle for Bryan-Amaning will be between UW and Pitt — he is close with Gilbert Brown, a former high school teammate who has signed with Pitt and will play for the Panthers this year. Wake Forest is also in the picture.

It's also thought that Bryan-Amaning won't commit immediately — meaning, he's likely to leave town without having deciding anything — but could make up his mind by July.

Nelson qualifies

There are no more worries about the eligibility status of any of Washington's incoming freshmen as forward Phil Nelson has received a qualifying test score and will be able to enroll at UW this fall.

Nelson, the last of UW's four incoming freshmen who needed to achieve qualifying status, just recently learned of the qualifying test score after retaking the SAT again a few weeks ago, according to his coach at McNary High School, Jim Litchfield.

"He's coming up there, so that's good,'' said Litchfield.

Getting a passing test score capped off a solid spring for Nelson, who also participated in track for the first time and finished ninth in the high jump at 6-2 after earlier clearing 6-8, as this story here details.

Litchfield said Nelson may participate in one more track meet this Saturday in an attempt to break the school record of 6-9.

But after that, he will turn his attention back to basketball - he is expected to come to Seattle later this month to enroll in summer school and begin working out.

"He's excited to play basketball again because he's been doing so much track,'' Litchfield said.

• In case you missed it, here's our story on Northern Iowa becoming the latest team to commit to play in UW's season-opening tournament, the Basketball Travelers Classic, Nov. 12-14. Pepperdine will also play in the tournament with one more team needed to fill out the four-team field in what will be a round-robin event, assuring each team of three games.

Northern Iowa has advanced to the NCAA tournament each of the past three years, so while it may not carry a marquee name, it figures to bring a tough team to Seattle that will present a solid challenge for a young Husky squad that will still be finding its way.

And there's one slightly interesting UW connection with Northern Iowa — it's the school Shane Fortney transferred to in 1997 to play his final collegiate season as a quarterback.

• The Huskies continue to need two more games for their regular schedule as well. They hope to secure a deal to play at Missouri during the Pac-10 season — with the Tigers returning the game the following season — and are looking for one more nonconference opponent early in the year.