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Seattle Times staff reporter Bob Condotta provides a running commentary on the Huskies.

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August 10, 2008 5:40 PM

Stanback to UNLV official, plus MBA update

Posted by Bob Condotta

The Las Vegas Sun has this story today quoting Chace Stanback as saying that he will transfer to UNLV.

Stanback had also considered transferring to UW but decided on UNLV after a visit there this weekend. The fact that UW didn't have a scholarship doesn't appear to have been the issue for Stanback as he will also spend a year as a walk-on at UNLV before getting a full ride the following season --- same as was apparently in the works if he had become a Husky.

MBA UPDATE --- UW center Matthew Bryan-Amaning scored 14 points and grabbed two rebounds today in leading Great Britain to an easy 88-55 win over Ireland in the European U-20 Championships.

Here are his cumulative stats for the tournament, showing he is averaging 16.9 points and 7.3 rebounds.

The tournament is now over and Great Britain finished in 15th place out of 19 teams. My understanding is Bryan-Amaning is now headed back to Great Britain to continue tryouts for setting a roster for the team in the future.

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Posted by MT Husky

6:27 PM, Aug 10, 2008

Either they updated the site or you need to spend a little longer at it Bob.

Looks to me he only had 14 points and 2 rebounds. He did have 4 assists though and only 2 Turnovers...and he didn't miss a single free throw.

Posted by 206er

10:34 PM, Aug 10, 2008

either way sounds like a decent game for mba. hope he's having fun and honing his skills.

as for stanback, he would have been a nice addition, but is probably not a huge loss. i still think they need to take that next step with kemp jr.! he's 6'9" and still growing. sounds like he's interested in the huskies and will be making his decision soon

Posted by pullman dawg

10:42 PM, Aug 10, 2008

MT, can you tell me what MBA had for breakfast and if he is a boxer or brief kind of guy? Maybe you should ask Bob for a job cause sometimes Bob is busy doing things "outside" and cant always serve your needs. Come on Bob give MT a lil job. His vast knowledge of watching 6th graders on youtube who can ball and looking up every college player playing in an under 20 tournament could help you out and give his life real meaning. Do it for MT it!!

Posted by WSUx3

10:54 PM, Aug 10, 2008

point being bob exagerated MBAs stats to make him sound better. who knows what else he is off about?

Posted by MT Husky

7:36 AM, Aug 11, 2008

You win Pullman Dawg. I donít know what Iíve done that so angers you, but I sure apologize.

Yes, I analyze stats of any and all Huskies. I spent at least 5 or 10 minutes analyzing every one of the games MBA played in and I followed two of them on-lineÖas I am very curious how he will do this coming season and believe the greater his contributions down low will be that it will have an exponential effect on Huskyís success.

In the off season, I try to find any information I can on all of the Huskies for I am indeed a husky b-ball junkie. I also go to this board several times a day as I enjoy the updates from Bob and often other contributors have some insight that I find valuable and/or interesting. I obviously donít hesitate to throw out my own comments either, but that is primarily because I enjoy reading the comments from others and hope that what I say will initiate some comments from other readers.

In your eyes, that apparently makes me a loser.

Okay, you winÖIím a loser. Iíve admitted it and I apologize that it offends you so greatly.

Posted by Josh

7:37 AM, Aug 11, 2008

I'm not at all disappointed with the Stanback decision. Here's my hope, assuming Wolfinger will graduate and move on, for the two remaining scholarships the Huskies have: any combination of Gaddy, Bradley, Dotson, and Kemp. This is based on absolutely zero knowledge of these players, no scouting, no youtube viewing, no nothing, other than three of them have been offered scholarships by Romar and the local bias is kicking in and the other is the son of the Reign Man.

Posted by Sittingdawg

8:59 AM, Aug 11, 2008

I don't think there can be any doubt at this point that letting MBA do his thing for his national team was a good move. This must be a great boost to his confidence.

Posted by Dave " The Meatball" Armistead

11:02 AM, Aug 11, 2008

Don't forget about the 3.4 Turn Overs per/game

Posted by mattysimone

11:10 AM, Aug 11, 2008

Meat dont forget jennings will NOT be a wildcat. Man I hope we get kemp. and I wish gaddy and bradley would decide on there school, so the rest of the chips can fall. id say we have a shot at dotson but have a feeling he will join siva. still stand by bradley and gaddy to texas. Im hoping for bradley though.

Posted by Dave " The Meatball" Armistead

11:41 AM, Aug 11, 2008

matty- I'll give it to you, you sure are full of hope. (unfortunately not much sense though) Bradley will be a Longhorn, Gaddy a Wildcat, and the Huskies will miss out once again.

Posted by mattysimone

11:58 AM, Aug 11, 2008

i like that you say I have no sense but then you make the same prediction as me but put your squad with gaddy!! lol idiot! Id say we have a 1% chance at gaddy or bradley.....go eat some twinkies meat!

Posted by montlake coug?

12:15 PM, Aug 11, 2008

I almost let myself be bewildered by Pullman Dawg's post - after all, MT is probably the most fair and level-headed poster on this board - but then it dawned on me: what else can you expect from someone who posts under "Pullman Dawg." What's the matter, was "Schizo Sam" taken?

Posted by UNLV Rebel

12:45 PM, Aug 11, 2008

I am a unlv alum, and all I got to say is watch out. Ole Lon Krueger has a program on the rise. two straight tourney appearences and 4 straight stud recruiting classes=another sweet 16.

Posted by Dave " The Meatball" Armistead

3:53 PM, Aug 11, 2008

matty- I told everyone that Lute and Chase would return, and they both did. I have an inside track that mentions Gaddy will recomitt soon (maybe after playing with Moser soon). You simply cling to hope, which is fine as a fan, but seriously, get a clue.

Posted by Dave " The Meatball" Armistead

3:59 PM, Aug 11, 2008

While you are at it Matty, why don't you "hope" that the NCAA will change their rules about Professional players returning to school to play who left school early, and that the new rule would allow them to not only re-enroll, but they could play out their eligibility. That way maybe you could hope that guys like Michael Jordan and Allen Iverson will play for the Huskies, or better yet, straight from Highscool ballers like Garnett, Kobe, and Lebron would all have 4 years of eligibility and could play for the Huskies for years. With a lucrative program with tons of post-season success like Washington, why would players like that not want to don the Husky purple in hopes of a National Championship? Am I sounding as ridicilous as you yet????

Posted by SnohomishRick

4:49 PM, Aug 11, 2008

What's more ridiculous, Meat posting on a Husky board or Matty? You win the booby award Meat.

With all your worldly knowledge, you know what with living previously in Europe and all, and your " inside " knowledge of zona BB by being close to lute and Chase, you wouldn't think you would have time to be a moron here on a Husky BB site.

But you truly are a moron extroidinare.

Posted by mattysimone

7:54 PM, Aug 11, 2008

you truly are an idiot meat.........I cant wait till isiah wins pac10 frosh of the year so your gone for good....but you will spawn back as some other Zona chump

Posted by Dave " The Meatball" Armistead

8:10 AM, Aug 12, 2008

Nah, there is only one Meatball, and a Meatball I forever shall stay

Posted by Dave " The Meatball" Armistead

3:52 PM, Aug 12, 2008


Posted by Randy

5:29 PM, Aug 12, 2008

It's incredible how boring and obnoxious this blog becomes when it centers around the rediculous rantings of the Meatball. We must must all work to keep on subject which in this case was MBA.

Matthew had a great run through the Olympics even though his team lost most of their games. Great Britain just didn't have enough talent to compete. As for what this shows of Bryan-Amaning, I see this just as an opportunity to gain 8 games of competition experience. I don't judge this as any indication that he will have a good or bad year or that he is ready to "break out" as we all love to say.
Until the college season starts, it's meaningless and we shouldn't place too much importance on it. Certainly I'm more pleased than if he had averaged 6 points and 3 rebounds, but his 14 & 7 must now transfer to the NCAA and that remains to be seen.

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