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Seattle Times staff reporter Bob Condotta provides a running commentary on the Huskies.

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August 7, 2008 9:31 AM

MBA scores 41 against Czech Republic

Posted by Bob Condotta

UW center Matthew Bryan-Amaning had his best game in the U-20 European Championships today with 41 points and 11 rebounds. Alas, it wasn't enough as the Czech Republic defeated Great Britain 104-93.

But Bryan-Amaning was the clear star of the game, hitting 16-28 field goals and 9-12 free throws and also blocking four shots in 35 minutes.

Here is his complete statistical log for the tournament, showing he is now averaging 17.7 points and 8.2 rebounds for the five games.

Great Britain, which is 2-4 in the tournament, will play next on Saturday.

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Posted by OlyDawg

9:50 AM, Aug 07, 2008

I'd love to see how Meatball explains away a 41 point performance by MBA. He'll give it a shot I imagine.

Great job and can't wait to see him play next year. Sounds like he's starting to hit his stride. Brockman and MBA down low are going to be a force in 2008-2009.

Posted by Huskies4Life

9:52 AM, Aug 07, 2008

Wow, this is great news. We now know he has the ability to take over ball games. Unbelievable!!!

How is UW practice looking? What freshman look to play immediately?

Any potential walk-ons this year?

Posted by E

9:54 AM, Aug 07, 2008

HOLY CRAP!!!! 41? I originally though that was a typo. Impressive!

I know you're going to be busy with football, Bob, but when he gets back on campus, I'd love to read about the experience of playing for his country, etc. Thanks!

Posted by 206er

10:00 AM, Aug 07, 2008

wow... i had to click on the link to make sure that wasn't a typo also. that is AWESOME!!! i don't know about you guys but that gets me excited. free throw % is also much better. i totally agree olydawg. gotta go with brockman and mba. artem can't put up 41! i don't care who he's playing!

Posted by mattysimone

10:02 AM, Aug 07, 2008

thats the mba that we knew was looming....I dint know he could score like that though

Posted by mikey

10:07 AM, Aug 07, 2008

Not a typo!?? I hope we see that this year!

Posted by mikey

10:16 AM, Aug 07, 2008

Ranks #1 in 2 Pts Field Goals Attempted (15.3)
Ranks #2 in 2 Pts Field Goals Made (7.0)
Ranks #4 in Blocked Shots (1.7)
Ranks #2 in Double-Doubles (3)

Sounds like MBA is a asserting himself as the dominant presence in the paint. Playing with Jon Brock must be wearing off!

Posted by B.D.T. Washington

10:18 AM, Aug 07, 2008

there is a link to the story of the game off of Britains website. It sounds like MBA was keeping them in it as much as he could. I can not wait to see him play this next year for the purple and gold

Posted by Seattle Dave

11:16 AM, Aug 07, 2008

Whoa. I don't care who you're playing against, 41 points, 11 boards and 4 blocks is sick.

Posted by MT Husky

11:38 AM, Aug 07, 2008

Thanks for that link B.D.T.

I'm pretty sure this was the first game MBA started. Way to respond MBA.

Posted by WSUx3

12:00 PM, Aug 07, 2008

yawn, wake me up when he does this vs a real team like WSU. not a bunch of scrawney euro trash scrubs.

Posted by dawgpack

12:01 PM, Aug 07, 2008

I always thought mba would become a very good player, but I don't think I ever thought he could score that much, no matter the competition. Very encouraging news, and it just made me even more excited for this year.

Posted by Dave " The Meatball" Armistead

1:02 PM, Aug 07, 2008

Posted by Seattle Dave
"Whoa. I don't care who you're playing against, 41 points, 11 boards and 4 blocks is sick."

This statement and similar sentiments exhibited on this board are the exact reasons why the Meatball finds it necessary to post from time to time. You guys are all now convinced that MBA will be a legit college player because he torched the Czech Republic? Are you guys serious? Seriously, take a step back and see how riciculous that sounds. The Czech is terrible, yet they beat MBA's team. What does that exactly say about his performance? Sounds like you guys have a glory hound on your team that doesn't care about winning but will try to improve his own, good luck with that.

Look to the fact that his team didn't even win, which could easily point to his teammates not properly being utilized as he kept heaving up shots.

41 points is impressive if he can do that against a quality opponent. 41 against Czech Republic means next to nothing. He scores 41, and you all want to get the engines started...that is hiliarous. You guys are always guilty of putting too much stock in young players, and then you are thoroughly disappointed when he doesn't perform well as a Husky. When he is bricking key free throws this year, there will be a faction of you who will turn against MBA (you guys always do) and ask questions like " why can't he dominate like he did over the summer" or "he needs to man up." I of course will point it out to you when you are doing it in a few months, but seriously, when are you kiddies going to learn from your mistakes?

Posted by Seattle Dave

1:23 PM, Aug 07, 2008

Euro competition is better than you think Meat. Watch the Oly's for the next two weeks, or better yet go ask Brandon Jennings.

Posted by Mix

1:52 PM, Aug 07, 2008

Czech is 4-0 in the tournament and in first place. So Meat just made an ignorant argument that holds zero weight. Czech has a good team.

He should have gone with the Czech has no height argument, since Czech's tallest player is 2.08 Meters (6'8 - 6'9) and he doesn't play much. The next two tallest players are 2.03 Meters (6'7-ish). So maybe MBA was able to take advantage of his size advantage.

With that said he had a monster game against a good team. Way to Go MBA!!

Posted by OlyDawg

2:03 PM, Aug 07, 2008

Hahaha. Meatball just got schooled trying to explain away a good performance. How predictable.

1. Czech Republic is a bad team? No merit. 4-0 in the tournament.

2. His team is bad so 41 points isn't that big of a deal? Actually the reality is that with a crappy team its hard to score points because you don't have a good supporting cast to take pressure off of you (ever heard of double teams?).

3. And speaking of talking up young players, you are the guiltiest of them all, trying to talk up bench players as the starters for next year's failure of a team at UA.

Posted by John

2:21 PM, Aug 07, 2008

"better yet go ask Brandon Jennings."


Posted by Dave " The Meatball" Armistead

2:27 PM, Aug 07, 2008

God you guys are dumb....they are in the 2nd Division which means they are about as good as a Division 3 School in college at best. I used to live in Europe and watched all the divisionsl; the B division is just like it sounds...B.

Drink the koolaide kids! MBA is going to be awesome......get a clue.

Posted by OlyDawg

2:50 PM, Aug 07, 2008

So, there is absolutely no way you'd be impressed with any performance that ANY player has at this tournament? What about 50 points? 60?

Your argument is losing credibility by the second.

Posted by yesp

3:58 PM, Aug 07, 2008


The Meatball lived in Europe. I think he must know what he's talking about.

Posted by justin

4:14 PM, Aug 07, 2008

There's no doubt MBA has great potential and could become a force but, as much as I want to believe that time is now, you've gotta remember that it's impossible to know how good these Euro teams are. Remember, Wolfinger schooled a couple of those pro Greece teams. And wasn't Johan Petro a star over there?

Posted by Dave " The Meatball" Armistead

4:27 PM, Aug 07, 2008

Czech Republic's Senior National Team ranks #56 in the World. Don't you think if they had any quality players between 18-20 they would be on the Senior National Team? Seriously, so that it is clear. There is quality basketball in Europe. Turkey, Spain, Russia, Greece, Yugoslavia, ect.. to name a few. The Czech republic is not good and not a good measuring stick for MBA. One of the other posters mentioned it as well, but the Czechs are just little guys. Imagine MBA playing against 7th grade catholic grade school kids and now you know why he score 41. Funny part is, his defense couldn't stop these little guys from scoring...that would worry me more than looking at his inflated 41 points.

Posted by irisheye

4:35 PM, Aug 07, 2008

Fight the good fight against these retarded monkeys here Dave, me and jim harrigan are trying to teach them how bad their football coach is but they refuse to listen...husky fans arent quite up to the level of notre dame or arizona fans, maybe why the school is so poor.

Posted by Ziasudra

4:37 PM, Aug 07, 2008

Well, it was only a matter of time before meathead reared his ugly side again. (Sometimes he has interesting information; most times he just tried to bait his superiors - inferiors don't need it).
Anyway, when he said he spent time in Europe, I wondered if he had a European spell-checker on his computer to account for the extra 'e' as in 'koolaide' (cf. ye olde shoppe).

Posted by Dawgaa

4:38 PM, Aug 07, 2008

the competition is equal to high shcool ball in eastern washington. if he isnt scoring 40+ a game im worried.

Posted by Ziasudra

4:42 PM, Aug 07, 2008

Well, irisheye, you too could use a spell checker, because it's obvious they didn't teach you spellihg at ND, either (meathead learned none at u of A, obviously).

Posted by chippynuts

5:34 PM, Aug 07, 2008

"MBA" would only make one other pac 10 squad. Oregon State.

Posted by Huskiebob

5:44 PM, Aug 07, 2008

The is a reason they call him "Meatball" and it is not based on intelligence. Me thinks that is the filling above his neck.

Posted by Dirty D

6:41 PM, Aug 07, 2008

That is straight up dirty MBA! Keep up the good work.

Posted by Coug4Life

7:14 PM, Aug 07, 2008

I am not a huge fan of either Arizona or UW so you can take this as a neutral comment. If ANY player on Arizona's roster put up 41 points in ANY game against ANY opponent...this Meatball dude would be predicting him to be All-American, number one overall NBA draft pick, and future Hall of Famer. Just as I would be doing if a Coug did it. Don't let this buzz-kill Zona fan ruin your's the off-season and there isn't much meat on the bone when it comes to basketball news.

Posted by LivedinEurope!

8:26 PM, Aug 07, 2008

Lived in Europe? That was painfully hilarious.
That whole post was hilarious.
But seriously, I will now take everything
Meat says as the truth because he lived in

Keep em coming Meathead!

Posted by Romarville86

8:59 PM, Aug 07, 2008

Is that ND fan actually talking about us being stupid for believing in "Our" football coach? How Weis treating you guys since Ty's recruits left? Wow, I am in disbelief that an ND fan wants to talk about anybody elses coach.

Posted by wsg-ftw

9:48 PM, Aug 07, 2008

Last time I checked, Yugoslavia was not on the world's bball rankings because Yugoslavia is not a country. But maybe Serbia/Montenegro/Bosnia et al are gonna have a reunion tour.

Posted by Euro Metball's are called kebabs

9:58 PM, Aug 07, 2008

Yugoslavia... I did hear they were rearing a come back...

better than what the meatball is rearing tonight...

as for the ND kid in here... please just go ahead and stay in Indiana... our rainy state doesn't need you.

Posted by Frankie (renton)

10:35 PM, Aug 07, 2008

could only play for oregon state??? r u just dumb??? This is a guy who got offers from Georgetown, Texas, NC State, Pitt, Wake Forest, and Virginia Tech.....Almost all tournament teams along with a few top 5 teams... so next time you make a stupid @$$ comment like "MBA could only play for one other PAC 10 team OSU..." Get your facts. Hes only gonna be a sophmore too you idiot. Go DAWGS!!!

Posted by grant

10:53 PM, Aug 07, 2008

I expect better from you. If Ivan Radonovich (sp?) had put these numbers up two years ago, you would predict a Naismith Award for the guy. Why are you hating on the European talent? Does it have something to do with losing Brandon Jennings? I know that still stings...MBA will be a sophomore people. Let's not forget that. I don't care if MBA is playing against the Czech Republic, Yugoslavia, or Atlantis, 41 points is impressive. And I laugh at any ignorant Coug fan who regards this competition as "euro trash" when you have several foreign players on your squad. Typical...

Posted by Dave " The Meatball" Armistead

8:29 AM, Aug 08, 2008

Grant- If Ivan put up those numbers, it would have been in Division 1 and much more impressive, so yes, I would have been excited. If Ivan played for a team like GB in Division 2 or 3, then I would note that the competition is not very good. I'm not saying MBA isn't improved, I'm sure he is, but I wouldn't get all that excited about that performance either. That is all the Meatball is saying, you guys are the ones taking it the wrong way.

Posted by Meathead Inn

8:45 AM, Aug 08, 2008

Don't try and be civil now Meat!
The guy calling people dumb is
the same guy enforcing his credidbility
buy letting us know he lived in Europe.
Lived in Europe? Did you stay at
a Holiday Inn? I am surprised the NBA
has not tried utilizing you as a scout.
Do they know you lived in Europe?
AND that you watched games while you were there?
What a jerkoff!

Go Dawgs!

Posted by Dave " The Meatball" Armistead

9:40 AM, Aug 08, 2008

The fact that you guys are getting so upset points towards some fears within you that MBA really isn't very good. Face those fears kiddos, cuz they are truth.

Posted by Trevor

9:45 AM, Aug 08, 2008

Wow. He even hit a majority of his free throws!

I'm really hoping he gets the nod ahead of the lumbering and hard-to-watch artem and wolf.

Posted by OlyDawg

11:13 AM, Aug 08, 2008

Funny thing Meatball, people get upset when you, (1) call them names (dumb, idiots, etc), and (2) come to their blog to insult their players. GET A CLUE.

Posted by merseybeat

2:25 PM, Aug 08, 2008

MBA is going to play over Wolf hes to slow id be surprised if that guy could run a 5 minute mile
and Artem you forget he tore his ACL might come play mid season but never know with those injurys

Posted by so hilariously dumb those UA fans are

5:52 PM, Aug 08, 2008

yesp did u go with nmeatball? how can u prove he went? lets see the recepts, dumbasses. i went to mars....... so i know how the martians play basketball. morons.


5:55 PM, Aug 08, 2008

Meatball? more like a veggiesquare!!!!!! some loser kid lying about this age and his profession and his "executive meetings" with lute ...rotfl wow get a life bro...damn hermits.

Posted by blehhhh is what UA fans make me do

7:49 PM, Aug 08, 2008

MEATBALL u r so dumb and ignorant, did u not see the comment about how MBA was recruited by other div 1 schools? wow u cant even read. i appreciate some guy who fakes being a lawyer... its so funny, thanks for giving me a laugh for the day. ITS OK BRO, ur team/life is going down the tubes with that old geezer and u'll just have to accept it. have fun. UA will underachieve or have chemistry issues this year or a trouble maker again like every year. have fun bro. peace

Posted by Dave " the veggisquare" Armistead

7:54 PM, Aug 08, 2008

really meat, now ur going down the tube, lmao with all ur excuses, what a joke. im sorry but that wouldn't even pass a 4th grade "opinion essay".... everything ur saying is contingent on someone who knows they have been defeated and/or is just stupid (or a liar). so please stop. if you have anything reasonable to add to this convo then go ahead, we all know if that was Brandon Jennings scoring 41 in a rare college NCAA "preseason" gamed you'd be raving about how he's michael jordan, anyone in here who doesn't think so is uneducated past high school. you're the biggest waste of 1's and 0's any computer has seen.............PEACE

Posted by Dave " The Meatball" Armistead

10:57 AM, Aug 11, 2008

Your obession with the Meatball is noted and appreciated, but is also very, very sad. Not once did you form an argument to combat my standpoint that 41 points from MBA in Division 2 is not very impressive. All you did is talk about the Meatball. How sad.

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