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Seattle Times staff reporter Bob Condotta provides a running commentary on the Huskies.

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July 15, 2008 10:56 AM

Chace Stanback's mom hits jackpot UPDATED

Posted by Bob Condotta

Well it's out in the open now that Chace Stanback's mom will be willing to help pay for her son to attend a year of school while redshirting if the school he chooses doesn't have a scholarship for him.

According to publicists for, she won a $25,000 jackpot last week and said she plans to use the money to help pay for his college expenses next year, if needed. Her name is Sarah Quick and she's pictured here as "last month's first-place winner.''

Stanback is transferring from UCLA and recently took an unofficial visit to UW. It had been viewed unlikely he would come to UW since the Huskies don't have a scholarship available for him this year, though there had been rumblings that he, through his family, would be willing to pay his own way for a year, if needed, if the school he really wanted to attend had no other option.

The release sent out by spokesman Paul Yoffe states that "his mom Sarah Quick just won $25,000 by playing an online game and plans to use the money to help Chase with college tuition during the one year he has to sit out.''

Stanback is the cousin of former UW quarterback Isaiah Stanback and also considered UW during his initial recruiting process, once listing the Huskies in his top five. He is also thought to be considering UNLV, NC State and possibly another ACC school or two --- he has family in the North Carolina area.

It had been thought he would have a decision by the middle of this month.

A 6-8 swingman, he played sparingly at UCLA last season before transferring hoping for a better fit for his skills.

UPDATE --- Since first posting this I have spoken on the phone with Sarah Quick, who confirmed her winnings and that she plans to use it for her son's tuition. "It's just a blessing,'' she said.

Quick said her son is continuing to look at a half-dozen or so schools, including Washington, and that none of them have scholarships available. "All of the schools so far we would have to pay the first year and are offering scholarships after the first year,'' she said.

Quick said her son "had a real great visit at Washington'' but doesn't know if the Huskies are in any better position than any of the others. Other schools she mentioned were NC State and Georgia Tech --- he is in North Carolina checking out some schools right now while also visiting family. She also said he plans to visit UNLV. She said any decision could still be a month or so away.

"School doesn't start until September so we have some time,'' she said. "

Quick was also offered a Mercedes as a prize instead of the money, but said she went for the money to help pay for the tuition.

"The money just came at the right time, thank God,'' she said.

SCHEDULE OUT --- The school also just released its official schedule, which looks the same as the one presented here a few days ago. Here's the link. The only addition is a pre-season game against Western Washington on Nov. 6.

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Posted by mikey

12:05 PM, Jul 15, 2008

wow... two questions.
what game
and how do i sign up?
id love to see another stanback in the purp and gold. congrats to their family.

Posted by 206er

1:06 PM, Jul 15, 2008

sign him up! i'd like another big for the '09 class and he'd still have 3 years here. i really hope this works out.

Posted by oops

1:45 PM, Jul 15, 2008

she looks a lot like brockman. you may want to fix the link.

Posted by Sam Gilbert's Ghost

4:41 PM, Jul 15, 2008


Don't buy into the hype that old Sam brought to LA many years ago. The Kentwood Hammer is wide open.


Posted by uw-abroad

6:52 PM, Jul 15, 2008

not going to lie bob, ive checked this blog about 10 times today waiting for your more extensive coverage of the open gym practice + your thoughts on the new guys. ive never had my heart broken more times in one day.

Posted by shane/olympia

10:09 PM, Jul 15, 2008

what an addtion this guy could be

it seems like the mom really liked romar and could be something that might help those local products stay home

Posted by Bob Condotta

11:01 PM, Jul 15, 2008

UW-Abroad --- Sorry. The Stanback thing kind of came out of the blue today so I was pursuing that and then decided to leave that up there as the lead item. I'll have the open gym report up tomorrow sometime. I'm glad you're interested enough to click that many times.

Posted by Randy

11:05 PM, Jul 15, 2008

I know it's already been stated but should we get excited by a player who couldn't get any playing time at UCLA because the report was he couldn't play defense well enough to suit Ben Howland. The Huskies need good defense. How would Chase Stanbach help there? Just curious

Posted by tj

11:11 PM, Jul 15, 2008

uw-abroad....heres an update for you......I saw Dentmon and Holiday on the Ave today eating Teriyaki....they both use forks instead of one point Dentmon dropped a piece of chicken on the floor but picked it up before the 5 second rule and ate it as Holiday looked on in amazement.........then one at a time they went to the bathroom and I dont think they washed their hands.....the nerve......I also was behind Brockman today as he bought underware...and he bought briefs and not boxers......wowzer.....and to finish off my day I ran into Lorenzo Romar in the RAM and he likes to use tartar and no ketchup when eating his french fries........I hope this helps you guys out.

Posted by shane/olympia

11:21 PM, Jul 15, 2008

randy i will take a national top prospect that has played at UCLA anytime

ucla and wash are different kinds of teams

ucla would rather win win a game scoring 50-60 points

wash in there a few years back when they had roy conroy nate tre bobby and jammal they had one of the highest avg points in a game in to 80-90 range

Posted by theReferee

4:45 AM, Jul 16, 2008

If he has to pay his own tuition, is he eligible for non-athletic scholarships for that one year?

There are a lot of scholarships available for african-americans, especially if he has UW counselors helping him to find them. If he is eligible, he should be able to get significant money very easily.

A few students getting non-athletic scholarships get a *lot* more than the student-athletes allowed to get.

Anyone know?

Posted by MT Husky

6:47 AM, Jul 16, 2008

uw-abroad - I loved your post, hilarious. And I beat your # by a long shot.

I hear what Shane is saying, but Randy I have the same concerns. Forget FT's last year, how many games did Huskies lose due to poor defense? And I know (and agree) that they improved throughout the season, but their final loss to Valpraiso was very much a result of lousy defense the entire game. If he only earned a minute a game for UCLA...and Huskies are trying to compete with it really that great of a pick-up?

On a separate note, 4 of 5 Huskies big guys are injured? Not real's hoping Brockman and Wallace are both 100% by OCTOBER.

Bob, what's the deal with Wolfinger. I had suspicious hopes that he'd be more of a contributor this season as a result of a lot of working out and playing time in the off-season...but he's not even playing?

Posted by TTT

6:53 AM, Jul 16, 2008

Isn't that the same online site where Reggie Bush's family won $600,000 that helped them live in that SoCal mansion all those years? It's amazing how all the winners happen to be parents of good athletes who need a little cash.

Posted by MT Husky

8:17 AM, Jul 16, 2008

Bob! You're famous!!! Nicely done.

Posted by patience

8:23 AM, Jul 16, 2008


don't think your concern about stanback not getting playing time on ucla is really reflective on his ability to help the dawgs. stanback was a true freshman on a final four team that was loaded with nba 1st rounders and experienced upper classmen. tough squad for a frosh to join and take minutes

Posted by Randy

8:41 AM, Jul 16, 2008


MT Husky and I are in the same boat on this. I'd just love to get excited about Chase Stanbach. I know he was a high 4 star recruit a in 2007. Perhaps I just haven't seen enough of him, or any of him for that matter, to generate any excitement. I would also point out that UCLA has a bench full of guys gathering splinters just like any other team. Being on their roster doesn't make them great. A coach recruits a lot of players. Some never work out at the college level. I just feel that we need to be cautious on this.

Posted by Retire #3

9:20 AM, Jul 16, 2008

I seem to remember some Pac 10 game where UCLA was up by double digits towards the end of the game. They emptied their bench and Stanback took over, scoring three or four straight baskets. Granted it was the end of a blow out, but he he still showed a nice stroke on his mid range jumper against Pac 10 defense. Just because he couldn't crack a UCLA rotation that included two top 5 NBA draft picks, at least 5 future NBA players, and a team with final four experience doesn't mean he can't help UW. At 6'8", he is exactly the type of athletic wing Romar loves.

Posted by MT Husky

9:32 AM, Jul 16, 2008

1. Sounds like it is probably a moot debate as indications seem to be Stanback will stay in the NC area.

2. The argument that UCLA had SO much talent it was easy for Stanback to be overlooked is reasonable. But, as Randy has stated, the concern is the REASON he wasn’t getting the PT – it wasn’t that he wasn’g showing a nice stroke on mid range jumpers, it was due to defensive effort. If Huskies are going to have any shot in the coming years they HAVE to play better defense…and they HAVE to have guys who are willing to commit to that.

3. IF Stanback does end up coming it will take me about 15 seconds to become excited about his potential…but the truth is, if he doesn’t Huskies likely/hopefully will/can fill that scholarship with another talented player who will play tough(er) ‘D’.

*Side note: This discussion serves as a good reminder/evidence at the difference in the level of talent at UCLA (and other Pac-10 teams) vs. Huskies. Everytime people get on the bandwagon of criticizing Romar’s coaching they need to keep that in mind. Seems to me Huskies did alright last year based on their level of talent.

Posted by Romarville86

10:01 AM, Jul 16, 2008

UCLA is much like USC in that they recruit all the top players who think they will all beat out everybody to start or get big playing time. With the bruins having Jermaine Anderson, Jrue Holiday coming in and Josh Shipp coming back they wont be many minutes for him so I think he's making a good move. I dont think you can say because he didn't play many minutes as a freshman on a Final Four team, he isn't talented. On's senior rankings for west coast wings they had Chace number 1 and Austin Daye number 2. Not saying the rankings are always right but that is a pretty good endorsement.

Posted by johnnyboy

12:28 AM, Jul 18, 2008

checked the game's pretty fun and cheap too like $1 a pop , its at, they had a coverage too at fox sports and i saw the video where his mom accepted the check, she was asked to either choose a car or $25000 and she chose the cash, i guess thats good for stanback, kid is talented he should have more chance to play and wherever he chooses to go..i wish him the best of luck !

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