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Seattle Times staff reporter Bob Condotta provides a running commentary on the Huskies.

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June 25, 2008 11:16 AM

Appleby impressing at EuroExposure tournament

Posted by Bob Condotta

I wrote a little bit last week about Ryan Appleby's pursuit of a pro job, either here or abroad.

So far so good as Appleby turned in an impressive performance this week in a tryout for French scouts in Columbus, Ohio called ACMT EuroExposure. According to, Appleby scored 28 points in two games on the second day of the tryout and showed "showed a awesome talent.'' The report concluded that Appleby is a "great shooter, defender and playmaker, he could be a consistent point guard in France soon.''

Appleby also recently had tryouts with the Sonics and Blazers and it sounds as if he's playing his way into having some good options for next season.

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Posted by Scott

12:02 PM, Jun 25, 2008

Point Guard?

France must be hurting for point guards and playmakers. Appleby is a tremendous shooter, but those two words just didn't fit what he provided for UW.

Posted by patience's an A$$

12:11 PM, Jun 25, 2008


Let's hear you guys knock him!

Posted by Coach

12:32 PM, Jun 25, 2008

Appleby never showed any kind of high level skill at UW. He was a good shooter at times, but he was so inconsistent that I felt he hurt the team overall. If he is impressing now, I have to wonder if the coaches he is playing for are better at getting him his shot.

Posted by Nick

12:49 PM, Jun 25, 2008

Dont read into it like Romar wasnt using him right because overseas is a totally different game a lot less structure alot more up and down which suits Ryans game a ton better he can be a playmaker in euro basketball as for defender well there is not much defense played overseas so u never know.

Posted by MT Husky

1:01 PM, Jun 25, 2008

Appleby was sensational when he wasn't matched up against quicker, longer and more athletic players.

I suspect he'll do alright in Europe. I hope he does. Though I never felt his abilities merited a starting role for any Pac-10 team, I always liked him and wish him well.

Posted by MTK

2:11 PM, Jun 25, 2008

The Euros will really like it when runs back down the court while blowing on this fingers (pistols) and puts them in their holster. !!

Posted by Romarville86

2:26 PM, Jun 25, 2008

He benefited from playing with Brandon Roy his first year at Udub (as did everyone on the team) but after he left there was no playmakers who got him open shots so he struggled to create his own shot. I think he will be a great player in europe

Posted by Who?

3:01 PM, Jun 25, 2008

Xavier Thames...Romar didn't recruit him, which says something. Good luck with that though...

Posted by TuBob Shakur

4:38 PM, Jun 25, 2008

I agree with Romarville86, but I'd more generally add that to the extent that Appleby struggled on offense and/or failed to exhibit the offensive skills that he showed at those tryouts, it was largely a function of [1] how our team was comprised during the last two years, and [2] how his teammates played.

More specifically, because Ryan was our only legitimate perimeter threat during his junior and senior years, he was almost always defended by other teams' best perimeter defenders. That probably won't be the case at the next level. Then, let's face it, Ryan's teammates were typically horrible at setting screens, freeing him up for shots, and then making good passes to him off the screens. Under the totality of circumstances, it's a minor miracle that Ryan ever made a shot during his senior year.

That said, I'm a little surprised about the "great defender" comment. I think Ryan was a better defender than many people gave him credit for -- but it's hard for me to believe that he's become a "great" defender in any sense of the word....

Posted by robertroll

6:55 PM, Jun 25, 2008

your going to find out how bad a defender he is when Jennings eats him alive..

Posted by X Man

9:50 PM, Jun 25, 2008

Xavier Thames only had offers from Iowa State, San Diego State, and UNLV. That's not good.

Posted by Royal

1:32 AM, Jun 26, 2008

Appleby had every opportunity to show any and almost every basketball skills he may have had while he was at the UW.

Remember what happend to the team that Appleby left to come to play for the UW?
Result they won two national championships and sent 5 or 6 players to the NBA.
As a shooter why wouldnt he want to stay in a situation that good? Probably not because Florida couldn't give him great looks or because he got too tired of the sun everyday or because he was homesick, more likely because he wasn't going to play that much for the next couple of years on those teams.
Remember those games when the Huskies tried to play him at the point?
Result he was not a Pac-10 lead guard.
Remember the games where the other teams would not allow him to get the ball off of picks or especially in transition?
Result he forced up some of the weakest inside shots I have seen from a D-1 player.
Remember when he spent the summer working on his ball handling and was going to take the ball inside more to compliment his outside shot?
Result he took a few more inside shots and he was not a capable play maker last season in twice the minutes he had 1/2 the assist totals of the kid Bob thinks is going to be asked to give up his scholarship this year. Thats right Joel Smith both shot a better 3point % and had 200% more assists in almost 50% of the time that Ryan had on the floor. Think about that guys. Appleby in 26 games last year had 245 shots and only 36 assists.

Remember when Spencer Hawes and Jon Brockman were both there doing a nice job in the high low post game?
Result the team underachieved. Appleby wasnt the difference maker.
I really like Appleby as a player but to suggest that the Huskies didnt give him the opportunity to showcase his skill set is outlandish and beyond belief.

Posted by Btown

8:05 AM, Jun 26, 2008

Jesus, lay off the guy. He's not on the team anymore. Good for Appleby. Wish him luck and move on.

Posted by MTK

8:39 AM, Jun 26, 2008

X Man:

The guys from Wazzu that have beat the Dawgs the last 8 times were recuited by lesser schools than those after Thames!!

Posted by TuBob Shakur

10:54 AM, Jun 26, 2008

Royal: Who said that the Huskies didn't give Appleby a chance to showcase his skills?

He obviously had a chance (i.e., the minutes) to showcase his skills. My point was simply that if he had a different cast of players on his team (i.e., players who could set screens, hit open jumpers, make good passes, etc.), we might've seen Appleby play the way that the scouts are seeing him play in these camps and tournaments. That obviously doesn't mean that he's "awesome" or anything like that. It just means that there are factors other than Appleby's individual skillset that affected his performance.

I mean, you'd presumably agree that basketball is a team sport, and the makeup of a team can affect the performance of an individual on that team. It's basketball 101.

Posted by wow

7:20 PM, Jun 26, 2008

billy donovan screwed up ryan appleby

if you every saw him play in high school you know he was never even close to the same player after he went to college,

when he went to florida he lost all confidence of going in the lane, the few times he actually tried to go into the lane he would dish it off to someone helping

when he tried he would get into the lane, but for some reason he just stood at the 3 point line, i don't know why, but after ryan went to florida, his ENTIRE GAME changed, it's sad, because at one point he was a great point guard

and for those who will play the "it was high school blah blah" card, he killed in a couple high school national tournaments against guys like mustafa shakur, aaron brooks and such

i'm telling ya, when he went to florida, he completely lost all confidence in how he used to play, and he never regained it

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