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Seattle Times staff reporter Bob Condotta provides a running commentary on the Huskies.

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June 23, 2008 12:09 PM

Monday news and notes

Posted by Bob Condotta

As the headline says. ...

--- The 10 veteran Huskies are said to all be back in town, attending summer school and helping out with the Lorenzo Romar Basketball Camp over at Bellevue Community College. Yes, all 10, from what I'm told. The four incoming freshmen are not due in until the week of July 7 when they will begin a summer bridge program, although Isaiah Thomas, the only one of the four that is from this area, is back in town and has been working out at UW.

--- Freshman forward Tyreese Breshers may be a little limited when he arrives as he is still recovering from a stress fracture in his tibia that apparently bothered him throughout his senior season at Price High in Los Angeles. The injury, however, is not thought to be season-threatening.

--- Jon Brockman is said to be making good progress in recovering from the ankle surgery he had last month and could be fully cleared in a couple of weeks.

--- The Huskies are still attempting to finalize a deal for one more non-conference game, so until then, their schedule remains incomplete.

--- Jon Wilner of the San Jose Mercury News has this post-early-entry draft deadline look at the Pac-10 next season and projects the Huskies sixth but with lots of opportunity to move up.

All for now.

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Posted by NINETY-ONE

1:32 PM, Jun 23, 2008

Any updates on Artem's recovery?

Posted by GU fan in AZ

8:32 PM, Jun 23, 2008

Interesting that all 10 vet players are back in town. I know this is not a Gonzaga blog, but I had to add this. It's typical that all GU players each summer spend the summer together on campus. When I lived in Spokane, I could go down to the Kennel any given time, M-S and see, or play a pick-up game with the players. It was pretty cool. Very laid back. You would see the likes of me (almost 40), playing with Blake Stepp, Jeremy Pargo, etc., then have a few HS players playing.
This will be an interesting season for UW. I so wish the rivaly would continue between GU and UW. Those were always heated, welcomed games. Well...maybe someday.

Posted by wayupwaydown

11:25 PM, Jun 23, 2008

At the D 1 school I attended many years ago, the players would also stay the summer and play pickup games every day. I got in a few of those as well. It sounds like it is surprising that all the Huskies are in town. That surprises me.
I would have thought that was expected.

I am with GU fan. If the Huskies truly are looking for another non conference game, they should be looking towards Spokane. That is the type of rivalry that college BB is made for. No excuses I have heard for not playing them measure up.

Posted by Ryan

12:35 AM, Jun 24, 2008

We don't play Gonzaga any more because of the friction between Romar and Few. Few screwed Romar over in the recruitment of certain players and thus lost any remaining respect he may have deserved. I'm with Romar. It may have been a good rivalry, and Few may be a great coach, but he is a total sleezeball, and I want nothing to do with him.

Posted by Ziasudra

6:15 AM, Jun 24, 2008

Ryan - thanks for reminding everyone of the real problem. I think I will copy your post, and repeat it everytime someone squawks about not playing them. . . .

Posted by wayupwaydown

8:52 AM, Jun 24, 2008


Or, Romar and the UW are using that as another in a long line of excuses to not play the Zags because they got tired of getting their butts kicked by them.

Excuses are like A-H***s. Everyone has one. Great rivalries are based on mutual dislike. Just makes it all the more interesting.

Bottom line, it was a great rivalry game the UW had every year and not playing it is a slap in the face to the fans and season ticket holders.

Posted by mattysimone

8:54 AM, Jun 24, 2008

wasnt it all over and about morrison? they blew the whistle on romar for tryin to recruit him early or something?

Id rather play a acc team or big east team than the zags. I loved our games against them but how many people are gonna watch that game on the east coast? I say step up to the plate and go to the east coast and play someone big....texas or memphis or I like Louisville since there tryin to take all the seattle kids....defend your court dawgs!!!! and go to there house to do it!

Posted by Ryan

9:48 AM, Jun 24, 2008

wayup: You should try informing yourself before posting such an ignorant response.

matty: It was Josh Heytvelt - and Few did "blow the whistle" as you say. The thing is, Romar could have done the same thing to Few on several occasions, but followed the unwritten rule among coaches for those situations and looked the other way. A prime example of Romar's class, and Few's lack thereof. And Few deserved Heytvelt - he's not only a stoner, but takes 'shrooms as well... sounds like a real winner!

Posted by Ziasudra

10:25 AM, Jun 24, 2008

The really sad part on Heytfeldt was that if he had spent the years around Romar, he might have absorbed sone morals - at GU, the pedophiles may have encouraged him to "break loose."

Posted by Bob Condotta

11:40 AM, Jun 24, 2008

Wayup --- It's not surprising at all that all of the Huskies are back for the summer. They've always had very good attendance at summer runs. The main reason I pointed it out is that there have been lots of rumors about how UW is going to meet its scholarship limit for next season so I wanted to make clear that all 10 returnees, as far as has been told to me, are here and taking part in the summer program. UW needs to find a scholarship somewhere to get to the limit of 13.

Posted by wayuowaydown

12:32 PM, Jun 24, 2008

Thanks for the clarification Bob. Sorry I misunderstood what you were getting at.

Posted by Eagle

12:36 PM, Jun 24, 2008

Actually Ryan is misinformed. As the ESPN acticle stated, it was the combination of WSU, GU, and even EWU who turned in Romar (might of been Dollar). I would imagine it was a legit grip if multiple schools filed the complaint.

GU should be on the Husky schedule regardless. The series ended because of recruiting purposes not because of friction between coaches over one recruit.

Posted by wayupwaydown

12:50 PM, Jun 24, 2008


I guess because I disagree with you about the real reason UW won't play the Zags, it makes me ignorant. Yes, Romar may be upset with Few, but I don't agree with you that it is the main reason they aren't playing. If it is, then I have less respect for Romar for putting his personal vendetta above the fans.

As far as "unwritten" rules, that is a BS response and excuse as well. The unwritten rules are part of the problem in college sports.

Maybe Few did Romar a favor if he turned Dollar in for improper recruiting. The UW has had their issues with the NCAA over the last few years. Maybe by turning Dollar in for his minor transgression, it caused Romar to clean things up before it got out of hand and major penalties got slapped on them.

As far as alleging that Romar could have turned Few in for issues, well, all I can say is be more specific as to what Few did, and prove it.

And to those that want to play more east coast teams, explain to me how playing Gonzaga would keep the Huskies from playing other teams out east.

Posted by Scott

1:10 PM, Jun 24, 2008


Playing the zags makes for a tough non-conference game, which is something that schools in good conferences generally try to keep to a manageable level. One game with the Zags means one less spot for a major out-of-conference power.
Personally, I think there is room for the zags, but the East Coast argument is pretty simple.

There are a ton of factors to consider though. Money is always an issue, exposure to a national audience another. Some might say playing road games against mid-majors is not in a major shool's best interest.

If the zags want to play a Pac-10 team, then maybe they should travel. They have enough cream puffs in conference to make up for a tough non-conference schedule.

Posted by wayupwaydown

2:26 PM, Jun 24, 2008


All good points you make and I don't necessarily disagree with them. However, like you, I think there is room on the schedule for them.

They could turn this game into a national game with big money payouts easily. The could play it at the Key and at Spokane Arena as I am sure they could sell out both. If the Huskies get thier program back on track, it would be a very attractive national game. Gonzaga is getting a national power reputation as they play many good teams in non conference play every year and they get good TV coverage.

There are many good BB schools that have several challenging non conference games each year. In fact, I would argue that by stepping up the schedule a little, the Huskies may be able to attract better talent over time.

I for one am tired of watching terrible teams come into Hec Ed every December. It is ok to play a few patsies, but there have been some real dog games we have had to endure.

One more good game a year would not kill their program, and it would likely help it improve.

I guess that makes me ignorant. But I do know that the best game I ever saw at Hec Ed is the Zag game when Roy and Morrison went off. And surprisingly the Huskies won that game.

Posted by Scott

2:44 PM, Jun 24, 2008

I agree, it's painfull as a season ticket holder to only have 1 or 2 decent non-conference choices. I don't care if the zags are one of those teams, but we need some better teams coming into Hec Ed.

Posted by gu fan in az

10:25 PM, Jun 24, 2008

Wow...I have not checked the blog since last night when I wrote about the GU players basically living with each other all summer. I did not intend to start a riot.
So...there was a low blow on the pedophile from someone, but that's expected from some I guess. Pretty sick though.
I still say that the game is worth being played...even more so that there is friction between Few and Romar...That fuels the fire. it';s a game already...a game. And yes, those on the east coas want it. Jay B., Digger, and Andy Katz have all talked about what a disapointment it is to cut the rivalry.
Does GU need it? Hell no. Check the rankings etc. They haven't needed it in 10 years. The fan's want it. Let them have it.
Sorry if there are some mispelled words here. I live in Phx where it's 105 right now at 10:24 and have had a few beers.
After all of this, I do hope UW has a good year and helps represent the west coast.

Posted by wayupwaydown

10:45 PM, Jun 24, 2008

Well GU, if you want the game played I guess you are ignorant also.

Of course that comes from a guy who thinks blatant cheating should be overlooked and those that don't put up with it are sleazeballs. Not sure about the logic there, but I guess there is an unwritten rule somewhere that makes it all logical and the rest of us ignorant.

In the meantime a great rivalry is put on the shelf and we get to watch great games against teams like New Jersey Tech.

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