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Seattle Times staff reporter Bob Condotta provides a running commentary on the Huskies.

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June 17, 2008 3:06 PM

Huskies-Cougs to again open Pac-10 play

Posted by Bob Condotta

Washington and Washington State opened and closed Pac-10 play against each other last season, and it looks as if they will do so again this year.

Neither school has released its official schedule for the 2008-09 season, but other schools have, and the process of elimination indicates that the Cougars and Huskies will play the first and last weeks of the Pac-10 season.

Cal recently released its schedule, showing that the Bay Area schools will host the Arizona schools for the first weekend of conference play (Jan. 2-4) and play at those schools on the last weekend (March 5-7). Oregon also just released its schedule showing that the Oregon schools will host the LA schools the first weekend and play at those schools the last weekend. That means UW and WSU have to play each other on those two weekends.

Given that UW opened the 2007-08 conference season hosting the Cougars, then finished it playing at WSU, I'm thinking a switch could be in order this year with the Huskies opening this conference season in Pullman (either Jan. 3, a Saturday, or Jan. 4, I would imagine) and closing it with the Cougars at home.

Cal's schedule shows that it will play at Washington on Jan. 10, meaning Stanford will be coming to Seattle on Jan. 8, and that it will host the Huskies on Feb. 5 (meaning UW would go to Stanford on Feb. 7). Oregon's schedule shows it will host UW on Jan. 15 (meaning UW likely at OSU on Jan. 17) and visiting the Huskies on Feb. 14 (meaning UW plays at Oregon State on Feb. 12).

The Pac-10 tournament is March 11-14 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

UW is still in talks to add one more non-conference game before it announces its complete schedule.

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Posted by 206er

3:25 PM, Jun 17, 2008

i like that. hopefully it's at hec ed. go dawgs!

Posted by UW Alum

6:11 PM, Jun 17, 2008

206er, we aren't going to open with 5 straight pac 10 home games (which is what we'd be doing if we hosted WSU to start). I agree with Bob, I'd be willing to bet we open at WSU before coming home to host Stanford, Cal and Oregon and Oregon St.

Posted by pdxdawg

6:15 PM, Jun 17, 2008

UW alum; if the schedule holds up like you predict, either UW or WSU will HAVE to start with 5 straight conference home games, as Stanford, Cal, Ore. and Ore. St will be playing in the state of WA for their Thursday/Saturday road trip. It just depends on who hosts the first of our basketball Apple Cup games.

Posted by Bob Condotta

6:24 PM, Jun 17, 2008

UW will actually play AT the Oregon schools in January and host them in February, opposite of a year ago. So they won't play four straight home games. Sorry for the confusion on that one.

Posted by LeavingEugene

6:36 PM, Jun 17, 2008

9 Sunday SOUTHERN OREGON (EX) McArthur Court TBA
14 Friday NORTHERN COLORADO McArthur Court TBA
17 Monday OAKLAND McArthur Court TBA
21 Friday at UC Irvine Irvine, Calif. TBA
24 Monday & Maui Invitational Lahaina, Hawaii TBA
25 Tuesday & Maui Invitational Lahaina, Hawaii TBA
26 Wednesday & Maui Invitational Lahaina, Hawaii TBA
Here is Oregon's non-conference schedule.

3 Wednesday at Utah Salt Lake City, Utah TBA
7 Sunday KANSAS STATE McArthur Court TBA
13 Saturday % SAN DIEGO Rose Garden TBA
17 Wednesday SAINT MARY'S McArthur Court TBA
20 Saturday PORTLAND McArthur Court TBA
29 Monday LONG BEACH STATE McArthur Court TBA

"This is certainly one of the more challenging schedules since I've been associated with Oregon both as a player and a coach," Oregon head coach Ernie Kent said.

No doubt coach. creme de la creme..

Posted by doug

8:17 PM, Jun 17, 2008


Posted by EagleTodd

9:10 PM, Jun 17, 2008


Years to graduate?

Posted by purpledawgz

9:17 PM, Jun 17, 2008

Bob and readers--

I very rarely post to this blog since I prefer to stick to the football section. However, I came across this article and felt I would share:'09

I thought it worthwhile to point out the highlights:

5 – Gonzaga
8 – UCLA
16 – ASU
20 – USC
24 – Arizona
37 - Washington

Certainly not too shabby to have four Pac-10 teams on Goodman’s Pre-Season Top 25, and I like that Washington cracked the “15 More To Watch” list. I think it is telling that Washington hasn’t fallen off everybody’s radar and that at least some writers and analysts are aware of the likely dip that Stanford and WSU will take this year… at least to start out. I would be surprised if Bennett doesn’t have WSU on the bubble by the Pac-10 Tourney at the very least . I also agree that Gonzaga could be a “sleeper” for high seeding in the dance, though with Coach Few at the helm they never fail to disappoint during the regular season. The real question is not if Gonzaga will go dancing but will the extra year of these guys together catapult the Bulldogs deep into the tourney? History and statistics say otherwise, but that's why they call it "madness".

Not too put too fine a point on it, but my take is that if Coach Romar & Co can find a way to relieve Brockman of being the only dependable scoring threat, and the team improves their national free-throw shooting percentage rank to “average”, and all other things remain equal, I think fifth in the conference is definitely within reason. (Personally, I feel third or fourth is not outrageous, but I’m biased). The x-factor will be if young contributors Thomas, Gant (RS), Suggs, Turner, and Breshers contribute as typical freshmen or if one or two of them can really shine. While I hate to admit it, I think Hawes is Coach Romar’s only recruit that hasn’t seemed to take at least a couple years to really “get it”. Not trying to rekindle the Hawes debates. I am just saying there was no doubt his role and contribution was unique for a Husky freshman during Romar’s tenure. Also, please don't interpret this as me trying to downplay the contributions that recent freshman have brought to the table. My point is only that I would be very reluctant to count on Gant, Thomas or Suggs to be the consistent scoring threat and clutch guy to aid Brockman night-in-and-night-out. That role will need to be filled by the likes of Pondexter, Dentmon, MBA, Smith, etc.

The scary thing is that Goodman’s list parallels yesterday’s reassessment of the Pac-10 so closely that he probably just stole your rankings and flipped 3 and 4 to avoid obvious plagiarism. Of course, as we learned last year, the Pac-10 is anybody’s for the taking once conference play starts. I just hope that we Husky fans can all look forward to basketball starting this year as a compliment to the football season rather than an escape from it…

Posted by Newport

9:35 PM, Jun 17, 2008

Very nice analysis purpledawgz. I agree for the most part.

I do think we will see significant jumps this year by Pondexter, Wallace, MBA and Dentmon. I see us with a a fearsome frontcourt with Jon, MBA, and Wallace. I think Venoy runs the team like a machine and we have readu scoring available from Thomas, Suggs and Dentmon.

The key is Quincy. If he plays with the intensity he displayed towards the end of the season we going to have a lot of scoring improvement.

I thought the D was solid last year and it should be better with Holiday, Venoy, MBA and Wallace all returning.

Posted by doug

11:03 PM, Jun 17, 2008

NINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NINENINENINENINENINE99999999 IN A ROOOOOWWWW

Posted by jed

11:42 PM, Jun 17, 2008


I agree with most of your comments. Hawes did a good job especially for a freshman. No question it is usually overly optimistic to place hope in freshman to resurrect your season.

If we continue to play defense and rebound the way we finished the season, improve the FT shooting and just get the expected year improvement in QP, VO and MBA we will probably make the dance.

Though to really become a much improved team our perimeter play on offense has to improve considerably. VO has a large upside and the talent. I am much less confident in Dentmon and Smith as they were unable to get it done last year and seem to have hit a plateau. We were a poor shooting team from outside last year but I hope (believe) that IT will score from the perimeter. Holiday and Gant have a year of experience so are not true freshmen. Perhaps too much to hope Suggs or Turner will be instant contributors. I hope I am wrong about Dentmon and Smith or maybe one of the freshmen surprises us.

Posted by patience

7:25 AM, Jun 18, 2008

far from relying on the frosh to resurrect the program, this years team will be tough because its a team laden with experienced players in a pac 10 that's lost most of its talented experienced players.

excited about opening against wsu, stanford, cal, oregon and osu. we could easily be 5-0 to start conference play.

Posted by SnohomishRick

5:25 PM, Jun 18, 2008

doug don't sell yourself short. You are forgetting the pac-10 tourney. Go for ten dipstick.

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