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Seattle Times staff reporter Bob Condotta provides a running commentary on the Huskies.

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June 10, 2008 1:15 PM

Pac-10 draft update

Posted by Bob Condotta

The NBA Draft is 16 days away, and it continues to look as it if will be a record-setting year for the Pac-10.

The latest mock drafts from some of the more reputable sources in that area all have at least six Pac-10 players going in the first round, with two listing eight.

Here are the mock drafts in question:

--- First, ESPN's Chad Ford;


--- and

Two of the agree that Pac-10 players will be picked 3-4-5 in the first round --- O.J. Mayo third, Jerryd Bayless fourth to Seattle, and Kevin Love fifth. lists Brook Lopez third, and then Bayless, Love and Mayo.

HoopsHype also lists Robin Lopez, Chase Budinger, Russell Westbrook and DeVon Hardin going in the first round, while lists all of that group but Hardin, but also throws in Ryan Anderson, while Ford lists
the Lopez twins plus Westbrook.

As I detailed last month, the Pac-10 has never had more than five first-round picks, happening most recently in 1995. also predicts that 12 Pac-10 players will be taken overall, which would be another record since the draft shrunk to two rounds in 1989. The record since then is 11 in 2001, a year when only two were taken in the first round but nine in the second.

With most reports I've seen indicating Budinger will stay in the draft, the most intrigue involving a Pac-10 player revolves around Anderson. If he stays, Cal has to be considered a legit contender to finish in the top four of the conference next year. Without him, not so much.

Andy Katz of writes in his blog today (available only through the Insider package) that Anderson is "still on the fence'' and likely won't make his decision until right before the deadline to pull out, which is Monday.

UCLA's Luc Richard Mbah a Moute also remains undecided.

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Posted by Scott

1:50 PM, Jun 10, 2008

I can't believe Appleby is getting dissed like this.

Posted by PullmeForever

2:14 PM, Jun 10, 2008

What about Robbie Cowmeling?

Posted by Dave " The Meatball" Armistead

3:08 PM, Jun 10, 2008

Scott- I love the humor buddy, that is a good one. In all seriousness, is Appleby planning on trying his luck overseas? Some of you posters had commeted like you knew Ryan, so I would be curious to know if he plans to pursue professional basketball at some level.

Posted by Scott

4:15 PM, Jun 10, 2008

You'd have to think he can have at least a short career somewhere. Every team can use a lights out shooter off the bench.

If I was 25 and could go make decent money playing overseas, I'd do it. Paid to play basketball. How nice would that be.

Posted by srkboy23

7:50 PM, Jun 10, 2008

Robin Lopez is the most over-hyped Pac-10 player in the draft. The only reason people even know anything about him is because Brook Lopez is his twin brother. I see him dropping to the middle of the 2nd round because these teams are smart enough to ignore the hype.

Posted by WSUx3

8:39 PM, Jun 10, 2008

doubt uw has a player drafted under romar again. mean while TB is getting 2-3 this year. peace out

Posted by WSUx17

8:49 PM, Jun 10, 2008

Next year Abe Lodwick will go lottery!!!

Posted by naterob4

10:41 PM, Jun 10, 2008

I knew Kyle Weaver was overated! Can't wait to see Isiah cross over any wazzu guard next year, and Venoy once again will lock down Roche.. Chad Ford was also saying that the Sonics were trying to trade down to get Kevin Love, hate to say it but Love would be a popular pick in the OKC area...I think Kevin Love is overated anyway, look at what Dozier, and Dorsey did to him in the Final4... People who think Kevin Love is going to be a good pro are probably the same people who thought Adam Morrison was going to be a better pro than Brandon Roy. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Posted by grant

1:14 AM, Jun 11, 2008

Weaver = 2nd round, maybe...who else is getting drafted from WSU, Cowgill? Yeah right. Lowe should go over seas.
I will be shocked if Mbah a Moute stays, he has no NBA future. And Devon Jefferson, what a waste. Someone gave that kid some really bad advice.
Ryan Anderson is probably the best NBA prospect from the Pac 10, and he is the most likely to return? How does that work?
Meat...Budinger is gone. U of A is a sinking ship, and he knows when it is time to get off. Unfortunately, he will amount to the next Adam Morrison in the NBA.
Hey GU fans, how is the Stache working out, I lost track. Wasn't he supposed to be better than B-Roy? You idiots, I told you.
Next year UW is back to the tourney or I never post here again...any rivals want to challenge that bet? Cougs? Ducks? Zags, even though you play in a bush league conference? Come on haters...step up!

Posted by sequimdawgbob

7:53 AM, Jun 11, 2008

Bob, thanks for keeping things alive in the off season. I enjoy reading your blog and thinking ahead to BB season with the Dawgs.

I don't follow the NBA but I am interested in the draft. It's interesting to see how the NBA values the college players.

Wonder if there is any validity in the NBA ref's charges that there is league tampering in officiating of games???

Posted by Scott

8:37 AM, Jun 11, 2008


I wouldn't doubt the ref's claims. I remember a game 7 Suns vs Sonics game where the Suns were parading to the freethrow line.

From another web site...
June 5, 1993: Suns-Sonics Game 7 of the Western Conference finals in Phoenix. In the series' first six games, Phoenix shot 15 more free throws than Seattle, a testament to the Suns' scrambling, clawing style of play.

Game 7 was a lot different:
The Suns attempted 64 free throws in the game, making 57 (still an NBA playoff record). Seattle shot 36 free throws -- only 10 more than Phoenix
had in the third quarter alone.

THE FIX IS ON!!!! Barkley and the Suns were much more marketable.

Posted by mattysimone

8:55 AM, Jun 11, 2008

this is exactly why im a huge college fan and a so so pro fan......and even the college sports is suspect. I hate to say hit but nobody wants to watch a team from washington state win a championship......we would have smoked miami i n 91! Everybody knows the seahawks got robbed. Im not even a huge seahawk fan as I NEVER go to the games, but wont miss a udub game. All this comin out about the nba just make me laugh. I think its great though because our team is gone so it doesnt matter, I love it even more because I absolutely HATE ( dont hate many people ) cocky stern! I hope he goes down in flames and somehow goes to jail for this...think about it if T.D. can get what 2 years? what would stern get? I still think something is fishy with the pac ten commish stepping down before usc gets spanked................maybe im way off on all sure meat will think so....meat did you know MIKE D when he was at zona?

Posted by Dave " The Meatball" Armistead

9:22 AM, Jun 11, 2008

Matty- Mike D? Are you referring to Michael Dickerson? I love that guy, I met him a few times at parties as he lived in the same dorm as an old girlfriend of mine. He is still one of my favorite players, and his defense is what gets overlooked in our 97 Championship. Too bad he had lingering back issues, cuz he was great with the Rockets.

Posted by Ryan

9:33 AM, Jun 11, 2008

I highly doubt Appleby will attempt a post-UW career, and if he does he is going to have play for a ridiculously small-market team in Europe. The fact of the matter is he is WAY undersized to play in a professional league. I graduated high school a year ahead of Ryan, and know a friend who lives down the road from his family.. but, sorry I have no insider information.

Posted by Martin

9:46 AM, Jun 11, 2008

Yeah, Bob, what are Morris and Appley's plans?

Posted by Bob Condotta

10:29 AM, Jun 11, 2008

My understanding is that Appleby is training locally in preparation for attempting to play pro ball of some kind, almost surely overseas. I'll try to get a hold of him here soon to talk with him about that. Morris had immediate plans to return to Stanford to finish up his degree there. But I'll try to check on him as well and see what his long-range plans are.

Posted by mattysimone

12:47 PM, Jun 11, 2008

meat....yeah he is a cool buddy was good friends with him so one summer when he was with the grizz up in van. we went out just about every weekend with him......such a laid back nice guy. He is still young enough to may a comeback....keep an eye out :)

Posted by yes

1:35 PM, Jun 11, 2008

Posted by Randy

11:55 AM, Jun 12, 2008

C'mon everybody, let's really get serious. As much as I enjoyed watching Ryan throw down all those 3 pointers I have to face reality. He has no skills that will transfer to any profesional level. Lot's of players can shoot 3 pointers. But without the ability to drive and score and play defense, he will go nowhere. He was barely adequate at college level. Don't get me wrong. I loved watching him play but his carreer is over.

As far as the next year's Huskies, Ryan's 28 minutes per game will distribute well to numerous players with more athletic skills.

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