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Seattle Times staff reporter Bob Condotta provides a running commentary on the Huskies.

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June 6, 2008 10:00 AM

Oregon arena runs into stumbling block

Posted by Bob Condotta

Oregon's proposed new basketball arena has run into a little bit of a delay thanks to a land-use ruling released this week.

The Oregonian reports that the school remains committed to the project, which could now be delayed by up to a year.

That's fine with me, though not for the reasons it may be fine with many of you, who I realize have little sympathy for any bad news that comes Oregon's way. I simply love the atmosphere at Mac Court and any more opportunities to experience that are more than welcome from this corner.

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Posted by Cougfan

10:29 AM, Jun 06, 2008

Mac Court has to be one of the best venues in CBB. Sure Duck fans are obnoxious and I have been jittery more than once, but feeling the building shake and move when the Ducks are on a run is incredible.

And it sure was fun this year when my Cougs won--shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Posted by Mix

11:18 AM, Jun 06, 2008

awesome... hopefully it's costing uncle phil a lot more $$...


Posted by UW Alum

12:25 PM, Jun 06, 2008

I really don't care, Oregon is overrated in all sports, they think they've won something but i'm pretty sure the Cougs have been to as many Rosebowls as Oregon in the last 10yrs. The UW has won more Rosebowls than Oregon has been to. I normally root Pac 10 when they are playing teams in other conferences but the Ducks are the exception.

Posted by Oregon Troll

1:16 PM, Jun 06, 2008

I hate the Ducks. Although I don't call them the Ducks. I call them a word that you can't put on this blog. If you want to know what it is just look at the words Ducks, and replace the letter D with an F and you'll get the idea. I agree with UW alum when he says Oregon is overrated in all sports. They think they've won something but haven't The Ducks are obnoxious and have this sense of entitlement. They haven't done anything, and don't have the sports history, especially in football, that other teams like UDub, USC, UCLA, Michigan, Miam, Florida, Florida State Miami, Florida, and other schools have. Speaking as someone who has lived in ORegon for 23 of my 30 years of life I can honestly say that I am happy for anything bad that happens to the Oregon *ucks.

Posted by givemeabreak

1:22 PM, Jun 06, 2008

WOW! To put uw in the same sentence as those other programs is a bit over the line.

Posted by Dukie

2:22 PM, Jun 06, 2008

UW has more rose bowls than UCLA or Michigan. They had 34 straight non-losing seasons that only Mich and Nebraska and FSU matched. They have the longest winning streak ever in college football. Why is it over the line?

They also happen to have won mo0re hoops games in their current arena than anybody else.

Posted by Iluvphil

8:39 PM, Jun 06, 2008

"Just do it" and current losers. How long will you hold onto the glory years? It might make you feel better in blogdom, but I haven't ever heard Tyrone say, "but we used to be good!!" But hey, you probably still wear Keds, right???

Posted by doit4less

7:53 AM, Jun 07, 2008

The huskies recent performance in football shows promise of a 3-9 season coming up. Like many dawg fans, the more a team whips us, the less I "like" them. Bring on Idaho State. Is it possible to not play Oregon ?

Posted by BobbyDuck

9:29 AM, Jun 07, 2008

For those Duck-haters who say Oregon has never done anything, please be aware that Oregon men teams have won 11 NCAA Team Championships in all sports. UW men have ZERO NCAA Team Championships. The ONLY school in the PAC 10 never to win at least one NCAA Team Championship. The PAC 10 by far (like double number 2 conference) has won more NCAA team championships than any other conference. The new conference motto should be: "The PAC 10, the Conference of Champions, no thanks to Washington."

Posted by SnohomishRick

3:24 PM, Jun 07, 2008

boobyduck, Just a quick look through
wikipedia and you can count up 26 team championships just in Football, Crew, and Volleyball. Maybe you should check first before opening your yap and showing your ignorance.

Posted by iluvphil

4:03 PM, Jun 07, 2008

Apparently SnohomoshRick is the one who needs to spend a little more time reading through Wilkipedia. Bobbyduck was spot on and confirmed by the Pac-10:

(through 2006-07 season)
Arizona 5
Arizona State 10
California 23
Oregon 10
Oregon State 3
Stanford 58
USC 73
Washington 0
Washington State 2
Total 254

Too bad crew isn't a NCAA endorsed event. I know, maybe your football team should start recruiting women?
"Maybe you should check first before opening your yap and showing your ignorance."....ha ha ha

Posted by SnohomishRick

5:05 PM, Jun 07, 2008

My bad. Didn't know crew wasn't recognized. Still not sure why the 91 National titledoesn't count. Until the BCS there was just about always split titles in the polls.

Unlike the Duck fans I have know problem apologizing when I'm wrong. Sorry boobyduck.
I just went off what wikipedia listed as team national championships.

Posted by Clay

8:38 PM, Jun 07, 2008

It is completelt inconsequential that the NCAA does not recognize crew. The IRA schools which comprise a pretty select group actually prefer is that way.

UW crew was winning natiional titles long before the existence of the NCAA.

Its just another prop that some of the lesser schools need to minimize their irrelevance

Posted by John

10:39 PM, Jun 07, 2008

All of Oregon's titles are in track and cross country. Have fun watching those sports, Duck fans.

Posted by Track and Field

11:25 AM, Jun 08, 2008

I'll tell you what's fun to watch...

Duck/Husky games the past 5 years straight. THAT'S what's fun!!

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