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Seattle Times staff reporter Bob Condotta provides a running commentary on the Huskies.

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June 6, 2008 2:42 PM

Are Huskies "garbage'' right now?

Posted by Bob Condotta

With this being the time of year when college basketball news can be hard to find, thought I would throw out a question to all of you based on something I heard while driving to Bellingham today (to see Jake Locker play baseball tonight).

Dick Fain on KJR-AM conducted an interesting discussion centering on the fact that of the major teams in town right now, only the Seahawks are winning. So he asked callers their opinion of which will be the next to break through.

In setting up the discussion, Fain said that the Mariners, Sonics, UW football and UW basketball are all "garbage'' right now --- his description, not mine. Pretty hard to argue the first three given the recent records.

But is the Husky basketball program really "garbage'' at the moment?

I realize by throwing that question out there I'm setting it up on a tee for every Duck, Zag, Cougar, etc., fan to chime in that Romar is a terrible coach to whom UW is unfortunately tethered for eight more years, every current Husky player with the possible exception of Brockman sucks, and all of UW's recruits are overrated. So there, let's let that stand for what all the Ducks, Cougars, Zags, Wildcats, etc. think.

What I'm looking for is what the devoted Husky fan thinks, especially those with long-term views.

Is the program, despite the acknowledged disappointments of the past two years, really "garbage'' right now?

I covered games when Andy Russo and Lynn Nance and Bob Bender were coaches, and there were seasons when going 7-11 in what might have been the best conference in the nation, beating Arizona and UCLA, and bringing in a recruiting class ranked among the top 20-30 in the nation, one that on paper appears to answer the team's biggest weaknesses, would be reasons for dancing in the streets. All following a string of four straight seasons of 19 wins or more, three of them capped by NCAA tourney appearances.

Do the heightened expectations based on the success of the first few years of the Romar era, coupled with the fact that the facilities at UW can no longer be viewed as second-rate, mean that Washington's current status is now "garbage?''

I'm curious to know what you think.

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Posted by Tim P.

3:35 PM, Jun 06, 2008

I don't think the Huskies are by any means 'garbage' right now. I think is that the local media has been overrating the caliber of every team since Brandon Roy left. It was entirely unrealistic for us to believe the spencer hawes team (minus M. Webster) was a top 4-team in the pac-10. Even last year, the Huskies have simply been overrated with the amount of talent on hand. Look at the starting lineup last year (this is arguable) dentmon, overton, quincy, brock, artem. Tell me what team besides oregon state had worse talent?
On a positive note, i like the recruits we're getting in, isaiah thomas and suggs specifically. And MBA will turn out to be a stud just wait.
So to answer the question, the huskies are not garbage, they just haven't been playing up to what I deem unrealistic expectations.

Posted by MT Husky

3:36 PM, Jun 06, 2008

Obviously my undying loyalty comes through loud and clear…but I’ll throw out my 2 cents worth none-the-less.

- Huskies were in the Sweet 16 for the 2nd year in a row only 2 years ago.

- Huskies have had a top 25 recruiting class 2 of the past 4 years (and probably better than that, I’m typing faster than I’m thinking…both of which are typically slow (and painful))

- Romar recruits quality young man who represent the program with class, character and academically well

- This coming year Huskies will have 3 exciting (and likable) sophomores and 5 dynamic (and likable) freshmen…who at the VERY WORST case scenario will be a joy to watch and root for.

- Romar has elite prospects, who in the past would have not even looked at UW for the likes of AZ and UCLA, strongly considering the Huskies (and will commit after Huskies return to the NCAA tourney next spring)

- After years of UW being considered solely a football school, little by little it is being recognized for its basketball program.

And contrary to what it may appear, the UW program has guys like me who do have jobs, wives and children spending more time than they should writing out long paragraphs why the program absolutely is NOT garbage.

Have a great weekend. Thanks Bob.

Posted by art

3:43 PM, Jun 06, 2008

I think that many other programs get caught up in the football " garbage " moniker. We have crew,
basketball isn't that far out of being in the top,
track is okay, but football stinks and all the others
get thrown into that can. Take a bad basketball
year and what do you have. I think, and hope that
incoming recruits in all programs are good enough
to get us some bowl bits and tournament spots.
Until one of the marqee programs gets on a run and
the other repairs itself we will probably be garbage.

Posted by Janko

3:44 PM, Jun 06, 2008

Ok I'm a dawg and I am very excited about next year.

I think UCLA and ASU will be better than us but after that its opend. With Brockman, Amaning, Wolf and Wallace we have as experienced a front court as anyone. With Venoy, Q, Justin and Smith/Holiday a year olderwe have experience in the back court and in Suggs and THomas two of the more exciting players entering the league.

I think in 2006/2007 we were unlucky and inexperience. In 2007/2008 we clearly underachieved and didn't have much chemistry till late. I think we get back to the big dance this year and stay for awile.

Clearly the Pac was phenomenal last year, but with the departure of Lopez, Love, Lopez, Taylor, Lowe, Mayo, Westbrook, and probably Buddinger and Anderson we have an excellent shot.

We need to come out and play tenacious, be cocnistent offensively, replicate last years defense, and hit our free throw. Hell if we manged the last part we would have fun 3 more games lat year atleast.

In other words we are not garbage and theres a reason why fain does not have his won show.


Posted by TuBob Shakur

3:50 PM, Jun 06, 2008

Answer: "No," the program isn't garbage. I was a student at UW during the Russo Era, and I've been a regular season ticketholder since 1995. So, I've seen some bona fide garbage ball at Hec Ed -- and this ain't it.

No doubt, last year was painful. But we have some skilled players (and "scorers") coming in this year, so there's a legitimate reason for some optimism. I'm not saying we'll compete for a conference championship, but I'll bet we'll be in the mix for a Dance bid.

Fain is better than that. I'll bet if you pressed him specifically about why he lumped in UW hoops with those other teams, he'd soft pedal his comments a bit.

Posted by Dave

3:56 PM, Jun 06, 2008

"garbage" is ridiculous (as is "final four contender" on the other side of the coin).

As you indicate, Bob, UW hoops was pretty much the suck for a decade and a half prior to Romar, with the exception of 2 years when MacCulloch and Watts were upperclassmen.

Romar is already the 4th winningest coach in Husky history after 6 years, and has more wins than his immediate predecessor had in 9 years. (And is pretty likely to surpass Tippy Dye for 3rd all time in another season and a half.)

Anyone who says this edition of Husky basketball is garbage has a pretty short memory. Compared to our history we are coming off basically one bad season after four good to great ones.

Posted by Jumper

3:57 PM, Jun 06, 2008

Like others here, I do not think the husky basketball program is garbage. They got talent coming in, talent on team, and they are exciting to watch. Obvously there has been some dissapointments. But it isn't like they are not competitive.

Posted by hsky69

3:59 PM, Jun 06, 2008

Absolutely not. Playing .500 ball is disappointing to say the least but it's certainly not garbage. Now not winning a PAC-10 game all season - now that's garbage...

Posted by JoeBlogger

4:01 PM, Jun 06, 2008

No offense, but when does a sport's reporter not over-exaggerate the truth? While I think pointing out some of the highlights of the year may negate that the program is garbage, I think it's similarly easy to point to a number of occasions where the team played down to that level. The road loss to OK state and home losses to Stanford and USC were atrocious. To a lesser extent, road losses to UCLA, Arizona, USC, Oregon and Stanford were likewise dismissive. Close games were consistently lost to Pitt, Cal, and WSU proving that we failed in the clutch. We claimed at one point the overall worst free-throw percentage in all of division 1 basketball. And lastly, we capped our season with an embarrassing at-home loss to Valparaiso. Garbage? No, but definitely well below their potential.

Posted by finnmann

4:02 PM, Jun 06, 2008

I have watched guys like Bill Walton, Marques Johnson, and Gary Payton play at Hec-Ed. I was a student in the Schrempf era. I still believe Husky Basketball is certainly not garbage. However, the Pac-10 is terribly strong, and aside from OSU, there just aren't any easy wins out there. Moreover, the strength of the conference is in its quality coaches, which allows teams to lose top players and remain competitive.
I am a Lorenzo Romar fan, but I believe that he will have to continue to develop as a coach to maintain a winning program. That is the case in any high-profile career. I don’t see any clear defects in his coaching, but it would be nice to see a team that played defense like UCLA.

Posted by Huskiebob

4:07 PM, Jun 06, 2008

Actually I consider the biggest garbage in town KJR. It is sad that KOMO no longer has the contract but the reality is they do not and KJR has no loyalty to anyone or any team.

I have had season tickets since the Detlef and Christian Welp era and have seen the ups and downs of the Husky basketball program. When I think of the teams of Russo, Nance and some of Benders, I have to say Romar is the best coach we have had since Marvelous Marv. His teams have been very competitive. The success of the Brandon, Nate, Will, Bobby Jones era set unrealistic expectations and they have not lived up to them. They have been entertaining and competitive and it is nice to have a class coach who is respected for a variety or reasons, something the Ducks cannot say. They also continue to do a good job of recruiting solid players who seem to be good kids. I expect them to get better over the next few years and like LoRo and his program

Posted by Steve

4:09 PM, Jun 06, 2008


Posted by San Diego Dawg Fan

4:21 PM, Jun 06, 2008

Take B Roy away from the program, which he didn't recruit, and Romar hasn't really done anything great. That being said, the program is average, which is better than it had been for the past 15 years. I'm still not completely sold on Romar, but am not looking to can him either.

Posted by uw dude

4:28 PM, Jun 06, 2008

Definately not garbage, but pretty close to recyclables. Lots of comments about the good talent on the team are true, but until that translates into wins, and at least a tourney berth, i would think that most fans will be unhappy. so i wouldn't trash this team away like garbage, but maybe recycle them and do a better job of developing them into the team that we know they can be.

Posted by Mike D

4:41 PM, Jun 06, 2008

If Dick Fain is equating the Mariners and Sonics' demise in any way to what is going on at UW, he is clueless. A) The Ms and Sonics weren't/aren't overall competitive in any way, and B) The future really holds nothing bright for either organization, unlike both programs at UW.

I guess you could argue the Sonics are poised to establish a solid foundation from two years' worth of high lottery pics, but we all know the organization and ownership are in serious flux (same can be said with the Mariners front office.)

It is absurd to think that both of UW's programs are on that level in any way, shape or form. Both teams had phenomenal recruiting classes, even more phenomenal considering how terrible both teams' seasons were in contrast. Both teams were also very competitive all season. A couple plays here and there and the lack of a total defensive meltdown and the football team could have legitimately been bowling. UW's basketball season was in part due to the strength of the conference, but as Bob pointed out it had some key wins this year.

Fain's trying to put yet another spin on how bad Seattle sports has been lately, but leave UW out of the conversation. Give both programs next year to prove they can both be winners, then address the topic on your crappy time slot if you want to.

Posted by fudazz

4:41 PM, Jun 06, 2008

Not garbage yet, but we are sneaking up on the "use by" date.

Posted by Dave " The Meatball" Armistead

4:58 PM, Jun 06, 2008

No Comment

Posted by Formerly Guest

5:13 PM, Jun 06, 2008

Not garbage, but looking like we will be consistently mediocre...which is an improvement over our baseline of the prior 15 yrs...but disappointing still...after an initial 2 yr glimmer of hope that we would become AND REMAIN a consistent conference leader.

Posted by Dave Mac

5:17 PM, Jun 06, 2008

I think the level of coaching from the assistant coaches has slipped and should be held accountable by Romar

Posted by Menelaus

5:50 PM, Jun 06, 2008

Garbage is too strong, obviously. But when you look around at Romar's recruiting, his players, his teams, and what they've done post-Bender, you have to conclude that they're not improving much under Romar's tutelage. Justin Dentmon and Quincy Pondexter are prime examples. I'd say they are an average Pac-10 program at a time when USC and even UCLA are decidedly above their recent average. Even perennial power Arizona is off their game recently with the rest of the Pac-10 out-performing them. I'm not exactly ecstatic that Romar is pinned down for the next 8 years, but he's done some great things to the program. I sure hope that this year we see some progress, because it is about time to start seeing some post-Nate and post-Roy....

Posted by SnohomishRick

5:54 PM, Jun 06, 2008

I think that Fain is an idiot that likes to throw out inflammatory remarks to get a reaction. I have been a Husky fan for 45 years and I remember the dark days very well. The days whwn even with Harshman we were lucky to get half a dozen games a year on TV. The days when we were excited to have a player break into the top ten in scoring in the Pac.

I am one hundred percent behind Coach Romar and the great job he has done with our program.

Posted by hmm i see

6:47 PM, Jun 06, 2008

hmmm, i now have new respect for meatball.

Posted by patience

7:24 PM, Jun 06, 2008

love the "garbage" monniker, as this year is a season ticket holder reallocation and i'm hoping to move WAY up as many of the fair weather fans bail out.

seriously, this is a team that wins a lot more games than last season. the pac 10 will be weaker, qpon and mba should continue to make big strides.

on the other hand, if the guys continue to miss free throws...

Posted by naterob4

7:32 PM, Jun 06, 2008

Obviously Romar is a victim of his own success. In 05 when we played Uconn if it wasn't for that bogus Double tech call on Broy and Rudy Gay, sending Broy to the bench and that Miracle 3pointer by Rashard Anderson, we move on to play George Mason, and who knows what would of happened.

I think the reason some people are down on the Dawgs hoop team is because Lorenzo hasn't been able to land the Rodney Stuckey's, Marvin Williams, Marcellus Kemps, Stewart Twins, Micah Downs, Steven Gray, CJ Giles, Peyton Siva....I mean if Ro can't get at least 2 of these 4 players I think the heat will be on...1. Wroten Jr. 2. Josh Smith 3. Abdull Gaddy 4. Avery Bradley...

The fact that he's also lost to Wazzu 7 straight times doesn't help...I would hate fro Lorenzo to be the next Lloyd Carr...

Posted by naterob4

7:35 PM, Jun 06, 2008

I meant 06, not 05

Posted by Jake

7:53 PM, Jun 06, 2008

We're talking about a team that could have been a bubble NCAA tourney team if not for the simple fact that most of its players simultaneously and suddenly became horrible free throw shooters. Certainly not a garbage team.

Posted by Treston

8:28 PM, Jun 06, 2008

I know you weren't asking for a Duck Fan's opinion, but since when do we listen right? We are in a similar situation down here in Eugene. Our team is (was) mediocre last year despite having several seniors that were part of the Ducks "best recruiting class ever". Realistically, the Ducks should have never made the tournament last year based on their resume'. They showed that in the tourney. But if you look at our long history (despite winning the first ever NCAA tourney in 1939), There were many years where fans would have taken last season in a heart beat. Yet, several fans are calling for Kent's job even though he's been the most successful coach in Oregon's history. Fickle fans annoy me......even more than Huskies! ;-)
JK....I've even envited a couple Huskies to my tailgate on August 30th.
Anyway, I've learned as a sports fan to be careful what you wish for (like a new coach). You just might get it! It's a roll of the dice that you will be in a better situation than before.

Posted by Pheel

9:23 PM, Jun 06, 2008

I think he was just having a bad day. He also said today that he would not "undo" the Bedard trade. I don't know which comment was more foolish.

Posted by good ol' george

9:56 PM, Jun 06, 2008

Husky basketball is a lot better now than when Russo, Nance, and Bender coached. There is stability, a positive feeling from the team (despite the records), a packed house for games, and the locals actually want to play for UW.
UW basketball is not garbage.

Posted by Royal

11:09 PM, Jun 06, 2008

Aye Bob way to appeal to the lowest common denominator. Bravo!

Posted by Royal

12:17 AM, Jun 07, 2008

I forgot, i'm also very homosexual. And yes, that is related to basketbal so you shouldn't delete this. thanks.

Posted by SnohomishRick

7:27 AM, Jun 07, 2008

Royal, Is there a diffence between regular homosexual and very homosexual? Seems like the outcome is the same. And please explain how this relates to basketball.

Posted by tomross

8:23 AM, Jun 07, 2008

Huskybob is right. The real garbage is KJR and its collection of ninth graders with microphones.

Posted by wayupwaydown

8:37 AM, Jun 07, 2008

I think college BB is much different than it was even 10 years ago. Because of the growth in AAU, club ball, camps, etc. there are many more elite players coming out of high school than ever before. A kid that develops and matures early may not stay in school more than a year while a kid whose body matures later may be better in the long run. It makes it hard to recruit not knowing who is coming and going in any given year, and there are a lot of great players that other programs will get regardless of who you get.

The Pac Ten has many great coaches now. Every school is trying to get the ring and 8-9 of them have good enough programs that in any given year they have a chance to be good. It takes some luck as well.

UW has never been a tradtional BB school. It takes years to build a reputation like that. They probably will never be a UCLA type program. Neither will most other schools in the Pac Ten. I think AZ will decline some when Lute goes as well. All you have to do is look at last year to see that as a possibility.

The best you can hope for is a team that competes every year for an NCAA slot, and one that might win a Pac Ten Championship once in a while.

UW has that program now. They had some bad luck with recruits leaving the last couple of years, but in no way do they have a garbage program. In my view there is only one garbage program in the Pac Ten right now.

Romar is a good coach, a good person, and he seems to run a fairly clean program. He has competed even the last couple of years. He got some quality wins even in down years.

It is the expectations that are unrealistic.

Posted by Bryan

8:55 AM, Jun 07, 2008

By not realizing their potential to the fullest doesn't make them garbage, simply underacheivers.
Romar took a down-trodden program to the "dance" 3 years in row, the Sweet 16 twice. But it's tough to maintain that momentum when your name isn't Duke, UCLA, UNC, Kansas, etc.. He's a class coach who recruits kids with the similar values. Through hard work they'll be back to contending for the Pac-10. They're not garbage.

Posted by MDK

9:28 AM, Jun 07, 2008

As a Husky fan, I go way back to the Steve Hawes days. No, the Huskies aren't garbage but there are legitimate concerns. Romar is a great guy and a man of integrity but only an average coach. He misses Boone who is now at PSU and was the Huskies best coach. I think the team will be pretty good next season but due mostly to Brockman. The rest of the team is average at best. A team with Wallace as a starter can't really be taken too seriously. Most of his recent recruits are guards and a step below the best in the west. The Huskies desperately need a new quality inside presence yet most of the latest recruits we hear about are guards. Recruiting needs to improve if the the Huskies are to avoid the garbage label. I agree that Romar needs to get at least two of the big 4 WA high school recruits.

Posted by PF Davids

9:34 AM, Jun 07, 2008

Romar is not as good a coach as the Roy/Robinson teams would imply, but he's not as bad a coach as last year might indicate either. Roy was something special.

When they then brought in superstar Hawes and Brockman, the style of play changed dramatically away from Romar's strengths.

They are going back to the boatload of wing players that took them to the NCAA's. They'll be back there.

He's not the most exceptional basketball mind, which comes out when he faces the top opposing coaches...but he's darn good. And we probably won't ever find a more quality man and builder of character.

Romar took a team that hadn't tasted consistent success since Harshman and made them respectable. A #1 seed? For Washington? For all his minor flaws, Romar can stay at UW for as long as he wants. They should engrave his name into the concrete where he parks.

Posted by UW Alum

10:02 AM, Jun 07, 2008

I email with Dick Fain from time to time (he's a Husky people). I think he's probably just frustrated with the lack of ncaa tourney appearances after being spoiled with back to back sweet 16's. The current criticism I have of Romar is that he does seem to miss out on lots of in state talent. For every Brockman, Webster, Hawes he gets, he is losing out on Marcus williams, terrence williams, stewart twins, marvin williams, siva and doesn't appear to be able to get gaddy or bradley and josh smith lists UCLA as his favorite. I mean that's an awful lot of good talent to miss out on. The goal should be the ncaa tourney every year and the last two years have been disappointing in that we didn't get there. To answer the question, UW is not garbage but this is a must year to get to the dance.

Posted by Russ C.

10:43 AM, Jun 07, 2008

Sometimes you recruit a kid with tons of potential, and he doesn't reach that potential. Romar swung a missed on the '06 class, everyone and thier brother thought it was a top 10 class....sometimes recruits don't live up to thier abilities. He has gone back to what made his program successfull, great athletes, and a guard emphasis on offense. I think the dawgs will show great success in the next four years...garbage??? Some people have unrealistic expectations. The Pac Ten is tough, win it, and you probably have a shot at the national title.

Posted by johnb

10:48 AM, Jun 07, 2008

The last two seasons were disapointing, but far from garbage if you examine the way the program was before Romar arrived.

The Huskies simply haven't had it in the backcourt, that is why they haven't gone very far the last two seasons.

I believe this incoming class will correct those deficiencies, and Washington will be back among the top 3-4 in the conference this year.

You win with speed, ballhandling, shooting, and defense out on the perimeter.

Posted by Formerly Guest

10:56 AM, Jun 07, 2008

I may be wrong here...
but I think that Romar did not really want both Stewart twins, he realy wanted Stuckey but he could not qualify at the UW so he let him go, and he didn't really want Downs all that much.

In retrospect, those gambles appeared to be the right ones. I also don't recall him going that hard after Aaron Brooks, in part because we were pretty full in the backcourt at that time.

Again, these memories may be faulty.

thanks for your post. I sort of share your thoughts that Kent is a victim of his own success, as the high peaks are periodic. From an outsider's point of view, last year's UO team underachieved a bit, due to lack of defensive consistency.

I was sort of impressed that all those seniors had their degrees early, or were getting doubel degrees or something like that, according to FSN.

Posted by masta1991

11:20 AM, Jun 07, 2008

Romar has this year to prove he can win or he is door,ass,out. Or should be. We were the laughing stock of the pac-10 the past two years while the ducks , cougs and zags went on to deep tournament runs and the cougs even had a shot at the national title last year while we lost at home to valpo.

Posted by G

11:22 AM, Jun 07, 2008

UW ALUM, steward twisn were trouble. and all the players you name (or most) ARE ONE AND DONE! you can't build a program of a bunch of one year guys, no chemistry, etc. SO the answer is NO, you dont want all the top in state talent, you want playersl ike QPON, who are mid-tier who u can build a program around. i cant believe u guys are this ignorant.

Posted by G

11:25 AM, Jun 07, 2008

I do agree, because in the cutthroat world of sports, its WIN or go home/get fired. If there is another mediocre season ppl will be calling for romar's head after this year, then im thinking one more chance and hes gone..... so i'd call this his second to last shot, lets see if he can get it done. HAVE FAITH. hopefully it wont come down to a "last" chance for romar.

Posted by UW Alum

12:18 PM, Jun 07, 2008

G, Pondexter has been an underachieving bust until this point and I think that he (and to a lesser extent our backcourt) is the reason why the UW has underachieved the past two seasons. He was a top 30 recruit out of high school and has yet to do much, in fact his numbers as a soph were worse than his frosh season. Hawes was one and done but i'd gladly take him for that one season than Artem Wallace for four. While I agree with you to a certain extent on guys that are one and done, if you can sprinkle some of those type of guys with guys like Brockman who was destined to play all 4 years that's how you build a program. Just letting all the in state talent go because they could be "One and done" type guys is just plain stupid. Derrick Rose was a one and done for Memphis and i'd have gladly taken him last year instead of Justin Dentmon. Talk about ignorant, Artem Wallace, Dentmon and Pondexter just aren't getting it done. Period. I hope Pondexter figures out this year that he's usually the most athletic player on the court.

Posted by tom ross

2:05 PM, Jun 07, 2008

No, they are not garbage (unlike KJR, which is) but they're also not very good. When Nate and Roy left there were no adequate replacements, despite what most of the posters on this blog argued at the time. Only one quality player has been there since, adn that's Brockman. I don't count Hawes as he sat out for a while and was really not a major force even while there for the limited time. Until a strong center player gets into the game, we'll be at middle of the road status. Great guards are essential (see Nate, Roy) but they don't exist at that level together very often and certainly not now at UW. We need an inside presence. And, we need to get them onto a station other than one whose announcers are obsessed with women's body parts rather than sports.

Posted by mattysimone

2:05 PM, Jun 07, 2008

Hawes did nothing but screw up the style of our game and set us back even 3 player cant even get his team to a tourney game....cmon...I think hawes would be the one who should be called garbage..........I think he has all the potential in the world and a unreal hook and glass shot but i also think his heart was never at the udub so he really didnt care about his performance or record. He knew he had easy riches ahead with his height and touch. He should have never came to the DUB....and with that I was the one prying he would come here......just a disappointment

Posted by Bob Condotta

3:05 PM, Jun 07, 2008

Very good discussion here. For now, I want to let this stand at the top of the blog for the rest of the day --- maybe the weekend --- unless events warrant otherwise. But wanted you to know I am reading all of the comments, and I'll try to summarize them later.

Posted by Royal

5:04 AM, Jun 08, 2008

To: Bob C.
I stand corrected as it looks like this is exactly the kind of conversation that many people would like to participate in. Though my personal opinion differs.
P.S. I thought this new system was going to eliminate folks from copying others names? I made no posts about sexuality. Feel free to delete that post.

Posted by Paul2

11:45 AM, Jun 08, 2008

Actually, even though I slammed Romar about a year ago for being a poor judge of high school talent, I'm very optimistic about UW chances for next year. Brockman is superb, and I think QP finally understands enough about where to be on offense and defense--which will make him a confident player and dangerous scorer this time around. I'm also convinced that MBA will overcome his freshman jitters--remember how weak Brockaman looked as a frosh?—and play a big role. The guard positions? VO looks like the real deal, a natural point guard unlike JD, and should do a fine job of running the team. If Suggs is good enough to star at shooting guard, we're in extremely good shape. A recovered Wallace can be a fine reserve up front, and IT should be even better than RA off the bench because he's got so many ways to score (and seems to be no worse on defense). As for the rest, I don't know. Somebody has to leave--will it be Dentmon? I haven't heard, but even if one of the better players goes, we've got some depth..

Posted by bham540

11:52 AM, Jun 08, 2008

I really feel that the one thing that Romar lacks is teaching of the X's and O's of basketball. I can't help but wonder why after many of their losses he is never specific about schemes not being effective but continually says the players didn't work hard enough. I know that hard work is a major factor, maybe the most important factor in winning, but there is more that the players need to know to be successful, especially in close games. They need to be able to have a coach say, this is what we're going to do and this is how we'll do it.
That being said I am a huge fan of Romar because of the place he has brought the program now and his recruiting is incredible (come on, even to be mentioned by a five star recruit would have been ridiculous 7 years ago, now if we don't land four star recruits we are struggling). I think Romar should push really hard to land one more recruit, but it's not any of the players mentioned above, it's an assistant coach who takes pride knowing the fundamentals and schemes of the game of basketball. This, complemented with Romar's abilities will make UW a more consistent program, and one that could compete regularly with what is arguably the best coached conference in the country.

Posted by Ryan

4:33 PM, Jun 08, 2008

The Dawgs' struggles the last two seasons are completely legitimate in hindsight. With Hawes, Romar's NCAA touney-tested guard/wing-play gameplan was scrapped for one based around Hawes that he just couldn't implement. After Hawes left, we were supposed to be fine and back to normal... but without any true senior leadership? Not gonna happen.

Looking at our situation now comparatively, it's hard to imagine how this won't be the year we get back to normal. We'll have a pair of hometown stars running the guard spots, remeniscent of the NateRob-BRoy-Will Conroy era. JD can finally settle back into his supporting role and feed off the talent of the point, as he did with BRoy. QPon will finally have a defined role as wing, instead of his completely ambiguous role during last 2 seasons. We'll have our Jamaal Williams/Hakim Rollins-esque bruisers up front via Brockman, Breshers, and (say what you will, he made loads of progress this past season) Wallace, while lacking a dominant center - also resembling our glory days 4 years ago. And finally, our all-star and I'll be damned if he's not All-American, Jon Brockman in a true Senior leadership role.

This season Romar has everything at his fingertips, including a lesser competitive Pac-10 than last year. If he finds a way to repeat underachievement, then we'll know for sure his place in this program. In the meantime, I don't care what anyone else says - Romar has built a team that looks awesome for 08-09 and I'm excited.

Posted by sequimdawgbob

7:50 AM, Jun 09, 2008

Sorry about the very late post, I have been busy trying to fix the Mariners...

I have loved Husky basketball since I was in fourth grade and that was about 60 years ago.

I am proud of our team.

I support Romar, think he is a great coach and recruiter.

I think we will have an improved season next year and the future is bright.

One negative point, freethrow shooting. Romar should assign someone to this and he/she should be very creative and focus time and energy to correct it. I won't go away by ignoring it!

Yea Romar! Win Huskies!

Posted by JFATTS

10:05 AM, Jun 09, 2008

Sadly as a season ticket holder i have to agree that the team is garbage. Lorenzo Romar is a horrible defensive x's and o's coach. We are the most undersized team in the pac 10 and he tired to play stanford straight up without going to the zone untill being down a ton. Our players are overrated. Jon Brockman is probably my favorite player all time but he gets his shot blocked more than anyone I have ever seen. This isn't snohomish high school where you can turn around and shoot over someone when you are 6'7''. Quincy Pondexter is complete garbage. He has no confidence at all and doesn't make any decisions. Artem Wallace is just a guy who is 6'8''. Joe Wolfinger is probably the worst player i have ever seen play for the huskies ever that is on scholarship. It isn't really that exciting when someone hits a three, down 20 points. There is no way MBA will ever be a great player he is too uncordinated and cannot shoot free throws. I just dont understand what anyone is thinking saying he will be a stud. All of the other guards do not even deserve mention. Hopefully the freshman class will give me something to get excited about. At least Ryan (has to be wide open, doesnt play defense) Appelthree is gone. I dont think i will ever forget the last game last year where that game summed up the whole season. Undersized. Terrible Game Plan. Finally Horrible free throw shooting. Do I think we have potential, not really, untill they get Josh Smith from Kentwood. I hope I am wrong. I really hope I am wrong.

Posted by van

11:42 AM, Jun 09, 2008

No not "garbage" -- not even close.
And Fain's command of the English language certainly leaves a lot to be desired.

Posted by 123

11:56 AM, Jun 09, 2008

Romar did not recruit Roy, but who helped him get on the right track when Roy was ineligable? Roy grew as a player both on the court and off during his tenure at UW - who do you think influenced him? ROMAR. Let's layoff Romar for the next year and see what happens.

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