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Seattle Times staff reporter Bob Condotta provides a running commentary on the Huskies.

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June 4, 2008 9:44 AM

Even more on Wilcox

Posted by Bob Condotta

Here's a good story on the newest Husky, C.J. Wilcox, from his hometown newspaper, the Provo Daily Herald.

I'm not sure, however, about the phrase that Wilcox is one of three guards UW plans to sign in November. The author may be confused with the fact that UW signed three guards last November.

Two interesting notes in the story:

--- Wilcox indicates he would be open to redshirting his first year, which would further remove him from the three guards who arrive this year.

--- He can touch 11-6 from a flat-footed start.

The story also reiterates a lot else I've heard and seen that Wilcox is regarded as a late-bloomer (he turns 18 in December) who may turn out to be a lot better than he is ranked at the moment.

I got a note yesterday with a similar theme from Dave Hammer, Wilcox's coach with the Salt Lake Metro AAU team, who wrote that "We have chosen to have him attend only a few tournaments and have him focus on player development instead of random tournament attendance. As a result, he is a better player but not as well known on the national circuit. Salt Lake Metro has been around since 1995 and has produced more than 60 D-1 players. C J is one of the top players the program has produced.''

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Posted by MT Husky

10:04 AM, Jun 04, 2008

Okay, I'm sold on C.J..

I went from initial skepticism (if not disappointment), to intrigue, and now, to excitement.

I have one remaining concern. Does he not average even 1 assist a game?

Huskies were 9th in assists in the Pac-10 last year...they also finished 9th. Coincidence? I doubt it.

They need guys who can see the floor and hit the open guy. Hopefully that aspect of Wilcox's game will also develop.

Posted by Brandon

10:41 AM, Jun 04, 2008

MT Husky - You and I are on the same page.

I was also put off at first, but I think that was just because I didn't know anything about Wilcox or his story. He seems like a player who will have a big impact on our program, and I bet his ranking will go up now that he's starting to get noticed [not that rankings matter of course :) ]

As far as Avery/Abdul goes, it's starting to feel like it's a longshot to get them, which is very dissapointing because we would loose the three best prospects from our state in 09. At the same time, we could still have a stellar recruiting class if we went into Cali and signed some of the top prospects there

Bob - Besides Gaddy&Bradley, who are we recruiting hard or seriously looking at? I've read some reports/articles on scout that Snaer, Stover, etc have cooled on us..

Posted by Randy

10:42 AM, Jun 04, 2008

MT Husky, I'm getting the same way. This guy looks like a diamond in the rough and the best kept secret in high school. This could be the best player we've seen since, dare I say it, BROY! But talk is cheap. Le'ts see how he is his senior year. It should be fun to watch his developement next season.

As far as assists goes, I would look for our point guards to dish the rock. But from the video I saw, I'd say he has the capability.

Posted by Jamaal

11:22 AM, Jun 04, 2008

I think its entirely possible that Gaddy and Bradley can be part of this class.

In the 3 guard rotation into which we are returning taking 1 big, 2 guards and a point is not unusual. Plus 2010 is a great class for bigs.

I think Wilcox, Gaddy, Bradley and Trent is a stellar class.

The fact that Wilcox is open to redshirting makes Bradley/Gaddy more likely imo.

Posted by TuBob Shakur

11:26 AM, Jun 04, 2008

MT Husky:

1. FWIW, the Huskies didn't finish 9th last year. Cal did.

2. FWIW, the Huskies didn't finish 9th in assists last year. They finished 7th (ahead of WSU, USC, and OSU), and they were within 1 APG of finishing 3rd.

3. As a general proposition, the assists statistic is of limited utility, because it requires the person who catches a pass (a) not to change direction, etc., and (b) ultimately make the shot. We were 8th in FG%, which could very well explain why we finished in the lower half of the conference in APG.

4. As for CJ, the assists statistic is even less useful, because he isn't a PG, and he's clearly on the floor for his team to shoot the ball. Standing alone, his assist statistics don't necessarily compel the conclusion that he's selfish, he lacks court vision, and/or that he can't pass. But I do agree that those aspects of his game aren't evident from the YouTube video, one way or the other.....

Posted by Jamaal

11:30 AM, Jun 04, 2008

I think next year 2009/2010 we have

Bigs (2 positions)
Wolf Jr
Gant Soph
Breeshers Soph
maybe also Pondexter here like Bobby Jones

Guards (2 positions)
Pondexter Sr if he returns and does not play the 4 ala Jones
Suggs - Soph
Thomas - Soph
Turner -Soph
Bradley - Fr
Wilcox - Redshirt

Point (1 postion)

Gaddy - Fr
Overton - Jr

Defensive Specialist (Situational)

Sound like a final 4 team to me.

Posted by MT Husky

11:44 AM, Jun 04, 2008

Tubob, thanks for pointing out my errors.

Because Huskies lost to Cal in the tourney in my mind I keep thinking Huskies finished 9th, but you are correct.

Are you certain on the assists stat? Awhile back I looked up the average assists for each Pac-10 team on ESPN and came up with Huskies at #9.

That was awhile back so Iím not going to stand by thatÖbut that is how I remembered it.

The assists/fg% debate is a ďwhich came firstĒ type of debate. I argue that the FG% was low because so many players forced up shots (Dentmon is notorious for thisÖbut honestly, Brockman did his fair share as well) rather than passing to a teammate with a better shot opportunity. Thus, supporting my argument that Huskies will improve when the assist stat improves (as will their FG %).

The stat Iíd really like to know is the ratio of assists to points. I donít know if anyone calculates this or not, but it seems to me the higher # of assists per points each team has the better the indicator they are working the ball around for open shots. I bet you last year Huskies ratio would be very low. They had WAY too much of inadequate players trying to do NBA one-on-one moves rather than just playing as a team.

Bottom line, Huskies were not stellar in having a player who could create their own shot nor for working the ball around for the best shot. They seem to have now recruited some players who can create, but they still need to be better about working the ball.

I agree with you completely that a low assist statistic for C.J. is not an indicator he is selfish or sees the floor poorly (ironically, Appleby averaged around 10 assists in high school and I thought he saw the floor in college very poorly) Ė Iím just saying that at the collegiate level, C.J. will have defenders honing in on him and if he canít see the open guy his potential to make Huskies that much better is greatly limited.

Wasnít a criticism at all, only a concern and a hope that he can pass when necessary.

In my book, ANY guard should still average at least a few assists a game.

Posted by TuBob Shakur

1:12 PM, Jun 04, 2008

MT Husky: has sortable stats for Pac-10 men's BB. Here's a link:

I understand your point about the assists -- but your examples just illustrate that the statistic involves a lot of variables and assumptions. Where I agree with you is that low assist numbers can be a red flag, which can reasonably lead people to start asking some "questions" about a player's willingness and ability to pass. No argument there. My point is simply that it isn't necessarily safe to jump to any "conclusions" based on a player's assist statistics alone.

Posted by MT Husky

1:36 PM, Jun 04, 2008

Thanks for that link Tubon, I'll spend way more time than I should reviewing it.

You'll see that I was right regarding my assists to points ratio. Huskies were dead last in the Pac-10 for # of assists per points.

Posted by mattysimone

1:39 PM, Jun 04, 2008

11-6....thats crazy!

Posted by MT Husky

1:51 PM, Jun 04, 2008

That link from TuBob is an insightful link:

Huskies were 7th in assists (but I insist that is skewed since they were 4th in points averaged)

2ndí in Turnovers

8th in Assist to Turnover ratio

1st in Personal Fouls committed

7th in Field Goal %

9th in Points Per Shot taken

Those stats reek of unintelligent basketball. Iím still on the Husky bandwagon for this coming season, but they HAVE GOT to play smarter ball this season. Thank you again TuBob.

Posted by Royal

11:34 PM, Jun 04, 2008

:Tubob Shakur;

Thanks for the leg work.

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