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Seattle Times staff reporter Bob Condotta provides a running commentary on the Huskies.

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June 3, 2008 3:21 PM

Breaking down the roster

Posted by Bob Condotta

With the addition Monday of swingman C.J. Wilcox to the fold for the 2009-10 season, time to look again at how UW's roster shapes up.

08-09 roster

G - Justin Dentmon
F - Jon Brockman
C - Artem Wallace
G - Joel Smith

C - Joe Wolfinger
F - Quincy Pondexter

F - Matthew Bryan-Amaning
G - Justin Holiday
G - Venoy Overton

F - Darnell Gant
G - Isaiah Thomas
G - Elston Turner
G - Scott Suggs
F - Tyreese Breshers

Comment: That obviously is 14 players, so something is going to have to give as UW coach Lorenzo Romar said again last week that the Huskies will be down to just 13 scholarships when the school year starts. With all of the newcomers claiming they will be academically eligible, and everybody else expected to return, that seems to leave the best guess that someone moves off scholarship for the year, but nothing has been said publicly. Since UW will have to get to 13 scholarships for the year, assuming the rest stays the same, the Huskies should have three scholarships available for the 2009-10 season.

09-10 roster

C - Joe Wolfinger
F - Quincy Pondexter

F - Matthew Bryan-Amaning
G - Justin Holiday
G - Venoy Overton

F - Darnell Gant
G - Isaiah Thomas
G - Elston Turner
G - Scott Suggs
F - Tyreese Breshers

G - C.J. Wilcox

Comment: That's 11 committed scholarships for the 2009-10 season, though that's assuming everything stays status quo, which rarely happens these days in college basketball. So as stated above, that means at least two more scholarships to give. The roster breaks down to four big players and seven perimeter players (counting Pondexter among the latter, where he usually plays), so the emphasis would seem to be on getting at least one more big player with the scholarships that are left --- Romar said at the end of last season he wanted to sign a big player or two for this class. But one thing we've learned the last few years is that the Huskies will always try to squeeze in as many players as possible, so it wouldn't be a surprise if they took four players for this class and worked it out later.

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Posted by MT Husky

4:11 PM, Jun 03, 2008


Two questions, if you're able to answer that would be great:

1) When is the deadline that this scholarship issue needs to be resolved? (bonus/connected question...Has Romar indicated WHEN we'll know how it is going to be resolved?)

2) You commented on the 4 big men, which includes Gant. Recently I was googling information on him and reading about him he actually sounds more like a swingman and less like a true big man...decent outside shot, averaged 5 assists a game, slight build, etc. Do you anticipate him builking up and becoming more of a post player or more of a small forward wing player?

Posted by asdfadssd

5:56 PM, Jun 03, 2008

MT HUSKY, it has already been stated that he has gained weight and wants to add 5lbs more or so. he states his reasons are because he wants to be able to make "an impact immediately", although i dont know how realistic that actually is.....this was a few months ago i remember reading the article. As for TYPE of player, that IS something someone else will have to cover cause i have no idea, havent seen him enough

Posted by Trevor

6:10 PM, Jun 03, 2008

I can't believe Artem Wallace is still on the roster.

Posted by naterob4

6:31 PM, Jun 03, 2008

I like the versatility of this roster, Breshers they say is in the Jamal WIlliams mold I hope the Low Post scoring part is like him, not the black hole part of him. I think Amaning showed promise at the end of the year, as did Q-pon and Justin Holliday, so hopefully those guys are playing pickup games at BOA with B-ROy, Nate, and Jamal to help improve there games...

Bob..., Montana??? are we serious? and the days you were at the Rip the Cut, were you able to talk to Wroten Jr., or Josh Smith? I guess the good tihng is that Wrotens parents both went to the Dub, but he might do a Kevin Love, and go somewhere else.

Bob..Also have you been able to talk to Kavario Middleton to see if he's going to play hoops?? alot of people compare him to Antonio Gates, on the Football field and the Bball court? We could use antoher banger underneath, especailly with Artems ACL...

I would love to see Kavario play hoops.

Posted by doug

6:36 PM, Jun 03, 2008

gant is teh suck

Posted by MO PLAY

6:44 PM, Jun 03, 2008

sorry should have checked my sources. I talked to c.j.'s high school coach today and he isnt lds, but playing with him he is a good dude. He is at least 6'5 as Bob commented earlier. The guy can shoot, but is really weak and his handles are shaky. Wouldnt be surprised if this guy redshirts the first year. Needs to improve his defense. Bob, do you know if he is playing in the Las Vegas Tourney in July?

Posted by Bob Condotta

8:24 PM, Jun 03, 2008

MT --- The only real deadline is the beginning of school. Players aren't officially enrolled until then, thus there scholarships don't technically take affect until then. Realistically, I would think everyone would want it sorted out by the time the summer program starts in July. Romar has given no indication when he'll say what it is, but I would think once he knows for sure, he'll let people know. I will say that the whole scholarship topic is about his least favorite to discuss. On most topics he is one of the best coaches you could ever want to deal with. But that is one topic he usually makes clear he'd just as soon you not ask him about.

On Gant --- Hate to evade the question, but Gant himself says his biggest asset is his versatility, that he'll be able to do a little of both based on matchups, etc. So I think it may be a little work in progress on that. UW may need him more down low, but as you suggest, his skill set may allow him to initially be better as a swingman type. I heard raves about his rebounding in practice last year, however, especially on offense.

On Wroten --- He ended up not playing at Rip the Cut as he was at an AAU tourney instead, so I did not talk with him. However, everything I've seen is he's a long ways away from making any kind of decision. He's still just finishing his freshman year of HS. So I don't expect anything on that for a while yet.

As for Middleton, he has said he'd like to try, but the reality is that's a tough thing to do, and he's on a football scholarship, so that will be his first priority. I think he has to wait and see how football goes first, what kind of adjustments he needs to make there, etc., and then worry about maybe playing basketball. I've heard a lot of guys say they want to do both and have yet to see anyone really pull it off at UW since the days of Reggie Rogers, so realistically, I'd consider it a real bonus if it ever happens.

Posted by jed

9:00 PM, Jun 03, 2008

Scanning the roster I get a sense that the Freshmen and Sophomore classes are an upgrade in overall talent. It may just be wishful thinking or not knowing as much about the younger players. Time will tell.

Brockman stands out. He has done all we could ask and continues to improve his game every year. Artem is a significant loss in my opinion if he is not able to return strong. The other critical player in the upper two classes is QP. He has all the natural talents but lacked in some areas when he arrived. He continues to work on his game. I can still remember the frustration he caused in Budinger the last time we played UA. QP clamped down on defense against him and elicited two consecutive charging fouls against Budinger. That would not have happened his freshman year. I look for him to have a break out year.

Posted by Josh

5:19 AM, Jun 04, 2008


Two medical questions. First, how is Wallace progressing? Is he going to play next season or will it be a Joel Smith situation where he takes a medical red shirt and plays as a fifth year?

Second, a few years ago Coach Romar gave a scholarship to a kid who blew out his knees, Zach Johnson. I assume Coach saw something he liked and rolled the dice that he would recover. Is it correct to assume he didn't and had to give up basketball? My real question is whether he is on some sort of medically unable to play type scholarship and still enrolled at UW. If so, does he have any involvement with the team?


Posted by MT Husky

8:07 AM, Jun 04, 2008

Hey naterob4, I agree that Montana is obviously not an ‘elite’, but if they are going to pick up a game from a ‘lower tier’ this is actually a great one.
The griz aren’t terribly athletic, nor real well coached (Tinkle is an alum and Montana boy so I love the guy, but he coaches just like he played…no fire)…BUT, they are big, their top 5 players are:

- Highly recruited Qvale at 6’11”, several bigger schools wanted him, he’s a pretty athletic 6’11

- Highly recruited Derek Selvig – 7’0” – can hit the outside shot, also recruited by bigger schools but Dad played for the Griz and uncle is the coach for the Lady Griz

- 6’7” versatile forward Kyle Sharp

- 6’7” Jack McGillis. Was going to walk on for the Huskies, then went to OSU, then transferred to UM. VERY athletic player

- And their best player is 6’9” Jordan Hasquet…can play all 5 spots, great ball handler, phenomenal 3 point shooter.

- They also have WA local boy Ryan Staudacher from Kirkland…lights’ out 3 –point shooter.

I’m not saying the Griz can compete with the Huskies…but they will provide an opportunity for Huskies to have to match-up against a bigger team and definitely have the talent to pull off an upset if Huskies don’t show up to play.

I only wish the game was in Missoula.

Posted by MT Husky

8:09 AM, Jun 04, 2008


Thank you for least we have a time frame for when we'll know how it will be sorted out.

I just hope Romar isn't so touchy about the topic because he's still looking for the solution.

Thanks also for the info on Gant...I continue to wonder if he may be a bigger contributor than anyone is expecting...sounds lik he's got the potential.

Posted by Dave

8:48 AM, Jun 04, 2008

First of all, I for one am not disdaining Montana after the season we had last year. Yeah we should probably beat them, but really the Dawgs have to prove themselves against anyone and everyone and haven't earned the right to look down their nose at any opponent.

Second, Bob, stick to your guns re: questioning Romar on the scholarship distribution. If he's pressuring a guy to give up a schollie because it didn't work out and Romar now wants another prospect on board, that's a story and Romar deserves to be questioned about it. Not saying that's how it is, we just don't know one way or another, hence an interesting question and a legit one to ask him.

Posted by Josh

9:38 AM, Jun 04, 2008

I can't imagine Romar signing a player that puts them over the scholarship limit without already having a plan. Such as knowing someone is transfering or knowing someone has agreed to go off scholarship. I imagine it is much easier to pull a scholarship offer than to take a scholarship from a current player (unless your intent is to force a transfer).

Posted by Bob Condotta

11:00 AM, Jun 04, 2008

On recruiting --- I'll try to break that down at some point soon, regarding who else UW is looking at, etc.

On Wallace--- All indications are that he is progressing just fine and should be ready for next season. Maybe not 100 percent at the start, but definitely ready by December or so. So expect him to play next season.

As for Zach Johnson, he did remain at UW on a medical scholarship and did stay involved with the team. He usually sat behind the bench, or sometimes on it, during home games, often leading to a lot of questions about who he was since he looked like a player. I still saw him around last year but I'm not sure if he completed his studies or will be back for another year. Either way, the answer is he did say in school.

Posted by Martin

11:19 AM, Jun 04, 2008

FYI on Zach Johnson:

He went to Africa on a study abroad program which former football player Anthony Kelly set up.

Posted by Randy

11:25 AM, Jun 04, 2008

If you look at it logically (like that applies!!) there could be any of 3 possibilities on the scholorship question:

1) Either Wallace or Wolfinger transfer.
Faced with reduced playing time with a new crop of talented freshmen, one of them seeks playing time elsewhere. I lean toward Wolfinger as he has 2 years remaining even though that would make him around 24 as a senior.

2) Joel Smith gives up his scholorship.
As an injury red shirt he would be on his 5th season on scholorship and he would be asked to play without.

3) Jon Brockman gives up his scholorship.
As a local product he could best exist without one than any of the others.

Of course there could be a 4th solution which is something bizarre and unforseeable happens which makes all of the above total garbage. Which is likely the most probable!!! So here's to guessing...Phhhhtt!!

Posted by Bob Condotta

1:00 PM, Jun 04, 2008

I should point out, as one reader reminded me, that there is technically a deadline of July 1 to let athletes know of their situation for the following year.

Here's what the rule says:

"If a student-athlete is receiving institutional financial aid based in any degree on athletics ability, the institution must notify the student in writing on or before July 1 whether the aid has been renewed or not renewed
for the next academic year. This written notification comes from the institution's financial aid authority and not from the athletics department."

My hunch is that everyone who could be involved already knows and has agreed to certain things, now it's just putting it in place once the Huskies know exactly what they have to do --- once they are certain that all I's are dotted and T's crossed on the frosh coming in, that sort of thing. So I don't know if I'd look at July 1 as a date when an announcement has to come or anything. But as I wrote yesterday, I think it will happen before everyone enrolls for summer, which is the first week of July, which obviously corresponds with that rule above.

Posted by Ryan

9:45 AM, Jun 08, 2008

Bob, have you heard anything about the recruitment of Shawn Kemp (Jr)? I don't think I'm the only one who is intrigued by the possibility of that name returning to the Seattle basketball scene. Is Romar really looking at him? There hasn't been too much news on him, just wondering if you knew anything.

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