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Seattle Times staff reporter Bob Condotta provides a running commentary on the Huskies.

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May 27, 2008 5:54 PM

Brockman had surgery Friday

Posted by Bob Payne

Bob Condotta is on vacation this week, so blog posts will be spotty until he's back. The following was written by The Times' Scott Hanson for tomorrow's paper:

Washington basketball star Jon Brockman, on pace to become the school's all-time leading rebounder, underwent surgery Friday to remove bone spurs from his left ankle, Huskies coach Lorenzo Romar announced today.

Romar said Brockman should be running again in about four weeks, and he should be fine for the start of fall workouts.

Brockman, the Huskies' leading scorer (17.8) and rebounder (11.6) last season, injured his left ankle during double overtime in Washington's loss to Washington State in the regular-season finale. The injury forced the junior to miss Washington's first-round loss to California in the Pac-10 tournament, the first game Brockman had missed in his UW career.

Brockman returned for the College Basketball Invitational, scoring 22 points in Washington's first-round loss to Valparaiso.

The injury, however, continued to nag him in offseason workouts and the decision was made to have surgery.

"[The] injury never got to where it was 100 percent," Romar said. "He continued to try to play on it and tried to work on it. It just nagged him a little bit, not enough to keep him out, but it just wasn't getting better."
Romar said the surgery went well.

"It was not unlike something that happened with Brandon Roy going into Brandon's junior year I think," Romar said. "He had offseason surgery and he came back and he was fine.

"Jon already feels much better because he doesn't have that pain anymore. So he's going to be fine and we got it out of the way."

Brockman enters his senior season with 892 career rebounds, seventh on UW's all-time list. Doug Smart (1957-59) is the career-leader with 1,051. Brockman, with 1,299 career-points (18th on UW’s career list), will likely join Smart as the only Huskies to surpass 1,000 in points and rebounds.

"Jon's got a chance to be an All-American next year and we've got a chance to be a very good basketball team," Romar said. "He’s looking forward to that, so he'll be ready to go."

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Posted by firemacnow

6:04 PM, May 27, 2008

Well hopefully he'll be ready for the start of the season with Brashears, Darnell Gant, Amarie-Manning(sp) we should have a better inside game this year. Whats up with Artems recovery though?? Any word on that?

Posted by Mix

9:15 PM, May 27, 2008

interesting story out of Nebraska today on former UW recruit Roburt Sallie...

Posted by Dave " The Meatball" Armistead

9:24 AM, May 28, 2008

For those that are "keeping tabs"....

To recap: Jennings will qualify, Wise is going nowhere, Negedu was not an All-American but has been released from his LOI, and Chase appears to also be a man of his word....

Firemac- I am optomistic because I can see the big picture, and once the pieces are in place, Lute will pull the trigger on yet another Final will see. I like your list on the previous thread though of what the uniformed media keeps harping on...keep living in the dark son!

Posted by firemacnow

4:03 PM, May 28, 2008

Meatball...If Jennings doesn't qualify, Yall will be NIT for sure, look what you did with Bayless, one in done in the tourney..And I am looking at the big Picture..your losing your BEST RECRUITER in Josh Pastner.

Check the message boards dude....Wise is potentially on the move, my guy.

Posted by Dave " The Meatball" Armistead

4:42 PM, May 28, 2008

Message boards, that's funny...I thought you said you would try to stay out of the dark. Nic is basically waiting to hear what's going to happen with Jennings. Jennings will qualify, I am not worried about that. If for some reason he does not, and both Chase and Nic do not return (obvious worst case scenario) then yes, I would agree that my Cats are in a world of trouble and I think an NIT bid would be a dream. Can you imagine the Meatball actually saying that? But without Wise, Jennings, and Budinger we would be lucky to get that sort of invite.

But, the more likely scenario with a wide open 2009 draft, Chase will return to have a big season as he recognizes that Jennings is a one in a billion talent (shoot first Bayless was not. Great player, but did not make teammates around him better and struggled in meaningful games: See Stanfordx2, UCLA, Kansas, and the NCAA tourney). Chase realizes he can be a Top 10 pick next year playing alongside Jennings who will make him look even better.

Lute has made statments assuring that Nic will be back so I will take him for his word. Like I have said, lets wait until June 16th to see what Budinger is doing rather than trolling boards with peoples opinions that hold no water.

Posted by Dave "the veggiesquare" Armistead

6:27 PM, May 28, 2008

Armistead ur just an idiot. mr. wanna be lawyer, you said that Arizona was going to the final four last year. i dont care what changes happened, every team is on equal footing and must go through sometimes -> loss of coach, loss of key players to injury, etc. Therefore my logic is sound. You need to just shut up cause arizona is NOT going to the final four this year or any year in the next 5 yrs. As i've been told, usually every year, (this year maybe an exception), there are 10-15top teams in the nation who could ALL MAKE IT TO THE FINAL FOUR, depending on factors such as LUCK. If one call, or one play or one free throw went adifferent way, u could POSSIBLY see a whole different final four. Like i said this year may be the exception, i'm not saying (like w/ Flordida U) that there would have been a different champion. but the elite 8 and final four could have been vastly different. POINT IS, you make the same predictions every year and they havent won anything in a while so stfu and lets see what happens..... you're so pathetic you post on other teams blog sites. man what a waste of life you are, go hang out with ur kids or something. since you're so smart and mature? what a sad sad man.... i'm sorry mr fake lawyer. (shakes head) just pathetic, go contribute to society. thanks

Posted by coug fan

6:43 PM, May 28, 2008

wow you clowned him.... burrrrnnnnnnn

Posted by firemacnow

7:07 PM, May 28, 2008

Meathead..I agree with you, if Wise leaves your done, just look what happened last year when he got hurt. Bayless is not a PG!! and these message boards i'm seeing this info on is PRO ZONA message boards!!

Posted by Mix

7:56 PM, May 29, 2008

Zona is dropping like a rock, Abdul Gaddy just opened up his recruitment, per

Posted by HallerLakeDawg

9:58 PM, May 29, 2008

BC - Any word on Gaddy and Bradley thinking UW is where they'll land. Word is they are going as a package and Bradley has UW on his "high" list and Gaddy is "medium".

Posted by mattysimone

10:46 PM, May 29, 2008

that would be huge to get gaddy...on the other hand I have a bad bad feeling Louisville has got to wroten....time will tell....yeah hes young, but the thought that the udub may not land him is very scary.....he is unreal!

Posted by grant

11:54 PM, May 29, 2008

Romar needs to push hard for these two. If Gaddy is truly done with AZ (there is some question according to Scout and Rivals), and they are a package deal, Washington has to be high on the list. Gaddy and Bradley? would make losing out on Siva sting a lot less.

Posted by Scott

9:12 AM, May 30, 2008

Gaddy and Bradley would be excellent fits. This would make UW pretty stacked at guard in 09.

Overton Jr
Thomas So
Turner So
Suggs So
Bradley Fr
Gaddy Fr

I think Suggs, Bradley and Gaddy could all defend the 3 spot, making three guard lineups a great option.

Posted by Scott

9:29 AM, May 30, 2008

Thought I'd break down the non-guards too

Qpon Sr
Wolf Sr
Holiday Jr
Gant So
Breshers So

That's 12 on the roster. How many spots do they get? There are some exciting uptempo combinations there. I think Overton, Gaddy, Bradley, Holiday, MBA and Breshers all have the potential to be very good defenders. I realize I'm getting way ahead of myself here, but it's fun to think about the exciting basketball in the future.

Am I missing anybody? I'm sure I don't understand the full potential of all these kids, having never seen them play in person and only reading the hype and Youtube.

Posted by Brandon

10:01 AM, May 30, 2008

I've seen these kids play many times now and I can tell you the hype is for real. These kids are so wet, even when people told my Bradley's shot needed work, I still came away baffled by his scoring ability and shooting (along with Gaddy's).

Your list of 12 is correct I believe, which gives us one more scholarship for the class of 2009 (correct me if I'm wrong!), which would likely be used to sign a forward/center if we were to land Avery & Abdul. That would make us extremely balanced, and a 3 guard lineup would be absolutely ferocious. Abdul + Isaiah + Avery..Overton + Isaiah + Avery. UW seems to thrive on great guard play and athletic forwards (Wolf? :) ), and getting these two would make us huge contenders for the next 4 years.

I know the UW are waiting for other recruits to possibly committ, so what would happen if a lesser known player committed to us and Abdul and Avery haven't even decided yet? Would we be stuck with these random out of state players? I mean not that they are bad or anything, but we really need to keep these kids in state..

Also Bob, what is the status of Clarence Trent in regards to UW?

Posted by MT Husky

10:29 AM, May 30, 2008

Gaddy and Bradley have an opportunity to do something very cool and specialtogether stay home and further elevate the UW program to an elite level. I hope they recognize that. Maybe B-Roy can swing by and give them a pep talk.

Brandon, if you go to this link s=147&p=9&cfg=bb&c=4&yr=2009
it will give you a terrific updated breakdown as to which offers are out there and the level of interest.

The only current offers combined with High level of interest by the player are Bradley and C.J. Wilcox who just the other day narrowed his choices between Utah and UW. He is expected to make an announcement soon.

Posted by Brandon

10:41 AM, May 30, 2008

Yea I saw the thing on C.J. Wilcox, he looks nice, but honestly we don't need another guard/wing that's not named Abdul Gaddy of Avery Bradley.

Posted by espy

11:32 AM, May 30, 2008

Why don't these guys ever, ever, EVER consider WSU? We are world class, centrally located, and face to face.

Gaddy and Bradley are going to Oregon by the way. Jonathon Stewart part II.

Posted by SnohomishRick

11:45 AM, May 30, 2008

Hey Meat, Tough break losing Gaddy. Does that change your projections for the future of the program and your hope to return to the top?

Posted by Brandon

11:47 AM, May 30, 2008

"Why don't these guys ever, ever, EVER consider WSU? We are world class, centrally located, and face to face."

...uhh. Yeah centrally located in the middle of NOWHERE. And you guys' education stinks.

Posted by Brandon

11:49 AM, May 30, 2008



Posted by Cod

12:43 PM, May 30, 2008

Suggs will be a 3 at UW. Most likely so will Turner.

Gaddy could be in the mix from day one. SO will Avery if they come.

Posted by Scott

1:16 PM, May 30, 2008

Another thing that is exciting is the fact that all those guards will be competing in practice every day. See here some old quotes from Brandon Roy.

"Reporter: Bobby Jones... What kind of player was he like to play and practice against?

Brandon Roy: For me that was a pleasure for me to have. Bobby Jones is 6-7, he can guard point guards and small forwards. Just his ability to make me change shots, and cut me offit helped make me a better player. So when I go up against other players now in games and workouts, guys who are trying to shut me down, I went up against one of the best players in the country so I know that it cant get much harder than that. Playing against him definitely helped prepare me because we played together all summer, he pushed me and I pushed him, so I think that helped me a lot. Everybody says that Bobby is doing great from what I hear. He seems to be playing his best basketball at the best time of his life, so I am definitely happy for him."

I think they both pushed each other and have made them what they are today. These guys could get the same sort of benefit.

Posted by Dave " The Meatball" Armistead

4:09 PM, May 30, 2008

Rick- The Gaddy decommitt today obviously is a short-term disappointment, but in no way does it shut the door on UofA. Bayless decomitted last year, only to end up our starting point guard. It's pretty easy to jump ship when your perception is shaped by uniformed media. All I am worried about right now is getting Jennings, Wise, and Budinger on the team this year. When that happens, and my Cats go deep in the NCAA tourney next year, all of those "stability" questions will be answered and the Top Recruits like Gaddy will be knocking down our door again.

Did anyone consider the fact that over the last 20 years, the only club to really challenge Duke or North Carolina year in and year out was Arizona, and that the Media has always held Arizona in a negative light? The media has jumped at the first sign of disarray and would love for nothing more than an Arizona collapse. This meatball is sorry to disappoint though, as my Cats will scrape back to the top in no time. Our success on the court has always spoken for itself, and most of the nation has been against us anyways, so Lute will relish in the comeback.

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