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Seattle Times staff reporter Bob Condotta provides a running commentary on the Huskies.

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May 13, 2008 9:59 AM

More on Mayo

Posted by Bob Condotta

As you might imagine, lots of second-day stories out there on the burgeoning O.J. Mayo mess at USC (and if you couldn't see that this day would eventually come you are as delusional as Paula Abdul).

Anyway, here are some of the better ones I found:

--- First is this commentary from our own Jerry Brewer who says USC should have known but didn't want to know, which in my opinion is a common trait of most college sports scandals.

--- Here's a straight news story from the Orange County Register that makes it clear that having a job in the USC compliance office these days is probably as much fun as being John McLaren.

--- Jeff Goodman of Fox Sports makes the good point that this is an issue larger than just USC. And think about it. Would you have not been excited a year ago if O.J. Mayo was coming to your school?

--- Scott Wolf of the LA Daily News wonders if Mayo was worth the trouble. I think the answer is easy --- no. USC could easily have been a first-round NCAA disappointment without him.

--- Finally, the LA Times has a good look at the last player who Rodney Guillory got his hooks into --- and it didn't turn out well for Fresno State, a precedent that might want to worry USC fans.

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Posted by MT Husky

11:05 AM, May 13, 2008

Another recent interesting article is Andy Katz’s.

This ties in with yesterday’s debate, is UW worse off with Suggs and IT rather than someone who intends to be one-and-done?

Unless these top recruits generate a high level of success in the NCAA tourney, what did the school gain? I think a program is better off with players like IT and Suggs for 3 or 4 years instead of a Michael Beasley for one year.

Sure, as Katz references in the article, there are exceptions perhaps like Kevin Love. But these days we’re quickly seeing that a program is taking a lot of risks as to the degree of success they’ll really have with O.J. Mayo type players.

I agree with Bob’s following (humorous) quote completely:

"Scott Wolf of the LA Daily News wonders if Mayo was worth the trouble. I think the answer is easy --- no. USC could easily have been a first-round NCAA disappointment without him."

On the previous thread, Matty, I agree that Suggs and IT could end up being spectacular. I watched some Derozen clips on and I see a bunch of incredibly athletic high-flying dunks and moves (which are very impressive, don’t get me wrong) that might be exciting. But Suggs appears to be a player who plays solid, smart, fundamental basketball and is more about winning than showing off. I am ecstatic about watching this kid play for the next several years. Honestly, as a fan and alum I am very happy with where Romar has this program (sans the past 2 seasons which I believe will prove to be anomalies) and stories like OJ Mayo make me appreciate all the more what Lorenzo brings and the direction UW b-ball is headed.

Posted by paul

12:14 PM, May 13, 2008

The first three links don't seem to work.

Posted by paul

12:15 PM, May 13, 2008

OOPS! Make that the first two links.

Posted by KK

3:42 PM, May 13, 2008

I am a recent UW grad now living in Los Angeles. I started a blog with some friends last week and there is some good stuff on the Mayo story in there.

Check it out:

We will soon transfer to just but as we are just getting started, the .blogspot is the link for now.

The stories "Hold the Mayo" written on May 11 and "David Stern should be blamed for putting too much Mayo on the hot dog, not Tim Floyd" written last night are both related to the Mayo developments. One written by me (a Husky) and the other written by another contributor on the blog (a Trojan). If you check it out, leave a comment letting me know what you think.

We will be writing about all sports on the Sports Toilet, but as all of us are fairly recent college graduates, there will be a heavy dose of college football and basketball. I will certainly be referring to this blog for material. Thanks Bob, for the constant Husky/Pac 10 updates.

Posted by UW FAN

3:54 PM, May 13, 2008

KK? You write for sportstoilet? I read tha everyday...My friend at work told me about it, good stuff, I hate OJ too

Posted by Dave " The Meatball" Armistead

11:34 AM, May 14, 2008

DeMar Rozan will be an Arizona Wildcat

Posted by mattysimone

11:38 AM, May 14, 2008


Yeah I like his recruits too. I think suggs will be another B-roy and Isiah another Nate but at a higher level. Breshers is being compared to a mini barkley and then also turner if he makes grades....lets not forget his bloodlines. Then we have gant who looks like the happiest kid in the world and holiday who showed some great Bjones style D. Im more than excited about next year and with all the departures in the Pac the dawgs should be more than competitive. I Hate to say it but if they dont make the Tourney next year then there are NO EXCUSES. On siva its a lottery for him and I think at the moment we have the least amount of ping pong balls in the container........If the Dawgs land him then Dollar gets a fat raise and inked to be the successor in my book,remember he did steal overton away from usc, I bet they wish they kept him instead of OJ :)

Posted by MT Husky

11:54 AM, May 14, 2008

Did you have lunch with Derozan too Meatball?

I don't see anywhere that he's ever shown any interest in UA, sounds like ASU has a better chance of landig him if he leaves then the Wildcats do.

I also saw where all 4 Final Four teams have already been contacting him.

Unless you have some insider info it doesn't appear UA is even on the radar.

Posted by mattysimone

12:11 PM, May 14, 2008

meat is either gonna look like a god or a jack........haha which will it be

Posted by MT Husky

12:25 PM, May 14, 2008

Meatball, I did a little research on your claim that Derozan will become a Wildcat. I presume you are basing this that apparently he and Jennings are tight.

But even if there is reason there for Derozan to go to UA, doesn't that put Wildcats over the scholarship limit if Buddnger goes?

First, I highly doubt Derozan would splite to UA when he's shown greater interest in other schools (like UCLA and ASU), but even if that were to happen, would you rather have him or Buddinger next year?

Can't have both it doesn't appear.

Posted by Husky19

1:12 PM, May 14, 2008

Right after the OJ Mayo/Carmelo Anthony ticket benefit came out, I wrote that I thought that Floyd had finally sold his soul.

It has come true. To win at all costs he allowed Mayo to ruin his program all the time sucking up to this kid. He took the blame for the ticket incident and lost all credibility and respect from his peers and players.

He treated OJ special, how would you feel if you were Taj Gibson (an awesome player in my opinion) any other Trojan B-Ball player with OJ getting so much freedom. Throw in Davon Jefferson and Floyd sold out. Jefferson also ran Floyd albeit not to the same level of OJ but nonetheless he still owned Floyd. He is now known as a coach that will allow players to do anything, that is why Demar wants to go there.

How we so appreciate Romar and Ty Willingham for that matter!

Posted by Dave " The Meatball" Armistead

3:13 PM, May 14, 2008

The Rozan comment is obviously more hope than anything else, but if USC gets immediate sanctions (which is highly unlikely because it takes the NCAA 1-2 years to do full investigations) then I think it's obvious that Arizona would be his #1 choice. Yes, a key reason would be his relationship with
Jennings, but 3 other factors also stand out if USC did in fact receive sanctions in the next 2 months:

1) He said the main factor of de-committing would be that he wanted to play for a team where he knows he'll get NCAA Tourney Exposure. What team can guarantee that type of exposure more than the 24 Straight Tourney appearances by the University of Arizona? Plus, all the national TV exposure and Top SOS we play will give him plenty of compeititon.

2) Arizona still is considered a Top Notch school for guards and Arizona is currently short in the guard department. Actually, Arizona at this point does not have a TRUE SG. Other than Nic Wise and his incoming friend Brandon Jennings, the Wildcats have room for him to play immediately. Even if Budinger stays the Cats have an extra scholarship to offer as Mohamada Tanagara graduated early, so the Scholarship is there.

3) Chase Budinger primarily plays Small Forward and would not be a threat to playing minutes for Rozan. A lineup of Jennings, Rozan, Budinger, Horne, and Hill would truly be devastating

4) He wants to be close to home. Kansas, Memphis, and UNC are no where near home. UCLA has the only SG recruit rated higher than Rozan coming in Holiday, so it's highly unlikely that he wants to compete for minutes. Plus the UCLA slow down basketball is not his style, and would put handcuffs on his game. The Arizona wide open run and gun game will fit him perfectly.

CAL and Stanford are close to home, but both are rebuilding and will likely not make the NCAA tourney. ASU has potential to make the NCAA tourney, but return a Star player who plays the same position as Rozan. Thus, Arizona again is the likely choice.

5) "Midnight" Lute Olson has precedence in scooping star players from other Universities when other programs struggle with legal issues at the last minute (Andre Iguodola anyone??).

6) Lute Olson as a coach still has produced the most NBA Players and 1st round draft picks, so the NBA link will play a factor. My guess is that Lute hasn't offerred the remaining scholarship to anyone yet as he may be hoping (or knows) that Rozan will be available.

Anyways, the above exercise will likely prove to be a waste of time and space, but the small chance that USC does get sanctioned and Rozan is allowed to decommit, Arizona is the obvious hands down choice.

Posted by Dave " The Meatball" Armistead

3:16 PM, May 14, 2008

oops. 6 reasons...

Posted by MT Husky

3:29 PM, May 14, 2008

A very well argued statement Meatball. Unfortunately (for you), I still haven't seen anything to indicate Derozan has ever had any interest in AZ so my bet would be if he does de-commit he goes to UCLA or ASU (my understanding those were his top 2 choices after USC).

Like you said, this probably proves to be a superfluous discussion, but I'm easily drawn into supposition debates so it was fun anyways.

FYI, IT & Suggs will still prove to be better recruits for the UW program.

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