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Seattle Times staff reporter Bob Condotta provides a running commentary on the Huskies.

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April 20, 2008 5:53 PM

Apparently nothing to Pondexter transfer story

Posted by Bob Condotta

There's apparently nothing to support a brief mention of UW forward Quincy Pondexter potentially transferring to UNLV in this story today in the Lexington Herald-Leader.

A person close to the UW program assured me tonight that "No, there's no truth to it'' and that Pondexter is not looking to leave.

Pondexter was on the court working out on Thursday and has given no indication he is thinking of transferring, having actually said just the opposite on several occasions this year, including just over a month ago when he insisted he would finish out his college career at UW.

The Huskies, in fact, have been attempting to schedule a game for next season at Fresno State, Pondexter's home town, though those plans have apparently fallen through.

The Huskies remain one over the scholarship limit for next season but I've been told the potential ways that may be solved do not involve Pondexter leaving.

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Posted by Mix

7:00 PM, Apr 20, 2008

Who the hell is Jerry Tipton from the Lexington Herald.... did he provide any sources on why a reporter in Kentucky would think that a Washington player would be transferring to UNLV?

PS: I would be really sad to see Qpon transfer, but there is no way in hell I could see it happening to UNLV, why would Q have an interest in a school in Nevada? Wouldn't make any sense... good to hear he's staying/

Posted by MT Husky

7:35 PM, Apr 20, 2008

I believe Huskies will be top 5 in the Pac 10 next year and I can provide numerous credible reasons to back up this assertion. However, several of them rely on QPon...if he were to leave Huskies will be back to the basement of the Pac-10. Even a rumor of him transferring concerns me. I hope there is absolutely nothing to this.

Bob, can you amplify on your comment regarding the potential ways Huskies can/will resolve being over the scholarship limit next season?

Posted by DrHoop

8:09 PM, Apr 20, 2008

There are three ways to meet the limit.
- An incoming freshman is not qualified
- Someone transfers out
- Someone agrees to pay their own way like Rochestie at WSU

Posted by MT Husky

8:22 PM, Apr 20, 2008

I guess I was hoping Bob might be able to provide more specifics. I recall that Tim Morris had said last year he would give up a scholarship if that were necessary.

Are there any players who have volunteered that? I'm not so much looking for the generic solutions to being over the this point I'm highly curious how specifically it might open up. What options does Romar even see available?

Posted by Bob Condotta

8:33 PM, Apr 20, 2008

To Montana Husky --- I actually want to stay away at the moment from specifics for a variety of reasons, mostly because it's all speculation and wouldn't be fair to start naming names on this stuff. I will say that they expect everyone to become eligible and nobody to transfer.

Posted by BigBallaJ

8:54 PM, Apr 20, 2008

If I had to guess, Joel Smith comes off of scholarship for his eight and final year at UW.

Posted by jed

8:55 PM, Apr 20, 2008

I could not see QP transferring. He has shown something that two others in his recruiting class have not; grit to steadily keep working at improving despite adversity at times. He has worked to improve all aspects of his game and is going to become a complete player; something he was not coming out of HS. He is in an idea situation here: playing in a top conference against top flight competition night in and night out for a coach and teammates who recognize his talent and want to help him fulfill his potential. He will get lots of quality playing time with opportunity to become a " go to" player at the end of games.

Sometimes transferring looks easier but often it is not the best route to choose for developing your game. While I do not wish anything but success for Perry, Nelson and Adrian Oliver I believe strongly they would have been better served staying here and working hard. Opportunities for significant playing time at their respective positions were there. Infact we are still looking for multi-talented perimeter players who will take this team to the next level. Playing like B. Roy in this league is tough. If you can do it here you can do it at the next level as B. Roy has shown.

I'm looking forward to seeing QP excel the next two years.

Posted by MT Husky

9:37 PM, Apr 20, 2008

Fair enough, thank you for the response Bob (although you misspelt my name, it's MT, not Montana).

Your additional comment that the plans are for EVERYONE to be eligible and NO ONE to transfer are what is of most interest and importance. I'm back to my naively optimistic form. Top 5 Pac-10 finish for the Huskies next season!

Posted by doug

9:52 PM, Apr 20, 2008

QP better be going otherwise IT isnt getting in and IT is a much greater talent than qunicy mcbust

Posted by grant

8:18 AM, Apr 21, 2008

Is Q a bust because he was asked to shoulder a ton of responsibility the moment he got here on a team lacking in senior leadership, or is he a bust because he has slowly developed his game over time instead of dominating right away? Have you been paying attention? Over the last few weeks of the season, Q really turned it on. He showed flashes in past games (20+ in a half @AZ) but he showed that he can be a force on a more consistent basis at the end of the season. If he keeps that up next year, he'll be an all Pac-10 selection. Doesn't sound like a bust to me. Keep praying IT doesn't qualify, because when he gets here, he is going to light up the scoreboard.

Posted by Splash

8:45 AM, Apr 21, 2008

Neither Thomas nor Turner has qualified yet, so it is still possible one of the two of them doesn't make it onto the team this year. I hope they both make it and someone gives up their scholarship--maybe Brockman? Who else on the team could afford to?

Posted by JackofallTrades

9:49 AM, Apr 21, 2008

You people are going to find out over the next 2+ years why someone would want to come to UNLV, mark these words. Most people don't have a clue how loaded UNLV is for the next 2 years.

And, by the way....UNLV isn't interested in QPon at all, and wouldn't take him if he begged us. We have our sights set much higher than that for our final available ride. Malcolm Thomas will transfer to UCLA or UNLV, wait, watch, and see for yourself.

Posted by Josh

10:03 AM, Apr 21, 2008

Who wants to set the odds on how much longer Lon Kruger stays at UNLV?

Posted by uwball05

11:37 AM, Apr 21, 2008

How about the odds of Romar as coach for us in the future? He is on the hot seat in my opinion.

Posted by gurghi

3:10 PM, Apr 21, 2008

Tipton is the UK beat writer. I work in sports at the HL. I'm not sure where he got this bit... I'll try and ask him, next time I see him. Sure seems unsubstantiated, surprised it got past a copy editor.

Posted by GO REBELS

2:24 PM, Apr 24, 2008

UNLV would destroy UW if they were to play in the next 4 years... and the odds of Kruger leaving UNLV? Id say A Million to One... He loves Las Vegas, the Runnin' Rebs are the "pro" team in Vegas (similar to USC football in LA)! Its pure excitement and he has the support of the entire community. Why start over AGAIN somewhere else... His legacy starts now

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