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Seattle Times staff reporter Bob Condotta provides a running commentary on the Huskies.

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April 11, 2008 10:51 AM

So what does Stanford do now?

Posted by Bob Condotta

Somewhat oddly, sounds as if no one there has a clue.

As Jon Wilner pointed out today, you would have thought that if things were so bad between Trent Johnson and the Stanford administration Johnson was thinking of leaving, that said administration would have at least some idea of what it wanted to do if Johnson, in fact, left.

Instead, sounds as if the folks at Stanford never thought Johnson would really leave and have no plan what to do now.

As a private institution, Stanford isn't compelled to release salary information. But it's thought Johnson was making only $600,000 or so, making him one of the lowest-paid coaches in the conference. He's thought to be making $1.2 million per at LSU, which isn't huge money anymore and one reason the LSU job wasn't quite as attractive to some coaches as it might seem from the outside.

Here's a fun take from Ray Ratto on the chaos in the Bay Area with Stanford having no coach and Cal having a coach who might wish he could be at Stanford, instead.

As for who coaches Stanford now, ESPN's Andy Katz mentioned Mark Few, Mike Brey and, you guessed it, Tony Bennett as possibilities. He also threw out Davidson's Bob McKillop and Tulsa's Doug Wojcik, whose claim to fame is leading his team to the CBI title (so take that, those of you who said that tournament was meaningless).

The San Francisco Chronicle mentions Randy Bennett, Mark Fox, Bill Grier and one wildcard --- Bob Knight. That would liven up those Tuesday morning Pac-10 coaches conference calls, that's for sure.

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Posted by MT Husky

11:18 AM, Apr 11, 2008

"whose claim to fame is leading his team to the CBI title (so take that, those of you who said that tournament was meaningless)."

A litle Friday morning humor coming from Bob...I like it...some interesting information and a good laugh...what more can you ask for from a Blog?


Posted by IBC2991

11:25 AM, Apr 11, 2008

The inclusion of Tony Bennett's name in these coaching rumor circles is becoming laughable.

Oklahoma State reached-out to him after Bill Self turned them down, Tony rejected their overture immediately; see link below.

When is the media going to figure-out Tony is quite happy at WSU right now and intends on staying in Pullman and continue to build the program?

Posted by Dave

11:27 AM, Apr 11, 2008

Our AD is better than the one at Stanford... and we don't even have an AD.

Imagine Bob Knight in the Bay area, how long would it take for his head to explode?

Posted by blackprince206

11:34 AM, Apr 11, 2008

How about offering Quin Snyder a job. I don't believe him when he says he wouldn't coach in college's just posturing so that, in the event he does return to college ball, his value (read: $$$/$alary leverage) doesn't diminish too greatly.

Boy...a few days later and maybe Montgomery could have taken his old job back...funny how timing can screw things up.

Posted by prince

11:54 AM, Apr 11, 2008

"When is the media going to figure-out Tony is quite happy at WSU right now and intends on staying in Pullman and continue to build the program?"

It's quite funny when cougars think their moderate success is going to last. I actally like it more now with ignorant coogs trolling the board than i did two years ago when they didn't know their school offered basketball as a sport.

Posted by bd

12:09 PM, Apr 11, 2008

Prince: you're sadly type-cast. Go find someone to give you a hug. Since you have such a big problem with "Coogs," what would you suggest - that we say it was just dumb luck and prepare ourselves for 2-25 years?
Most of the people on this board are analytical Huskies, Cougars and other-school PX fans who actually like keeping on league news and rumor. It's not a slam board - go somewhere else for that crap.

Posted by Coach

1:31 PM, Apr 11, 2008

Bob Knight, now that would boast the Pac 10.

Posted by Geno

3:02 PM, Apr 11, 2008

Its pretty funny how Romars name NEVER pops up for any coaching job. Why because hes a clown in disguise. Im pretty certain if the main attraction clown for Barnum & Bailey ever decides doing taxes for a living is better than clowning theyd most likely try to talk Romar into the job.

Posted by Martin

3:22 PM, Apr 11, 2008


You are apparently have only been living since 2006. Romar was rumored to be courted by several NBA teams, including your OK Sonics. He actually squashed any rumors early (unlike TB). He said recently, "when I took this job, I made it very clear that the University of Washington is the place where I wanted to be and that I was not interested in being anywhere else."

Check your facts before you say, "NEVER".

It is cyclical, just like when TB leaves for WISC next year, you will wonder why WSU "NEVER" wins at keeping coaches.

Posted by Geno

3:31 PM, Apr 11, 2008

MT Husky - don't you have a life outside this blog. It sure doesn't appear that way. Your name appears on EVERY SINGLE TOPIC I can thnk of. Pretty sad my friend.

Posted by Geno

3:33 PM, Apr 11, 2008

Martin...Romar is a clown. Just face facts and your life would be fuller.

Posted by MT Husky

3:57 PM, Apr 11, 2008

Geno my friend, I have absolutely NO life outside of this blog. Can you help me please? Thank you!!! I have to've kind of become a hero of mine.

Posted by Geno has been a fan for two whole years!

4:30 PM, Apr 11, 2008

The bandwagon is about to should jump now and save yourself the embarrassment later. Besides, don't you post on every topic like 10 times? Talk about no life.

Posted by grant

4:41 PM, Apr 11, 2008

Stanford is done for, at least as far as next year is concerned. No Lopez twins, no coach (don't forget Johnson was Pac-10 coach of the year), no Finger, and no chance to just plug in Monty now that he is at Cal...ouch!

Posted by TuBob Shakur

4:45 PM, Apr 11, 2008

Andy Katz's predictions and commentary aren't ever worth reading. Here's one of Katz's doozies that I've saved since 2002:

Brandon Roy
High School: Garfield (Seattle, Wash.) | Ht: 6-6
2001-02 Stats: 22.9 ppg | 10.4 rpg
Andy Katz's take: Roy is a reach to be a dominant player at Washington and wouldn't even be the first option on a team that has Doug Wrenn. The NBA? Please. Roy should be in JC if anything.

LOL, Katz.

Posted by TuBob Shakur

5:00 PM, Apr 11, 2008


I don't understand your point. Help me out. First, why do you think Coach Romar is a clown? Second, why would anyone mention Coach Romar as a candidate for any of the recent coaching vacancies? He's locked into a long-term contract which I understand has a big buyout clause, he's on record saying that he won't leave UW voluntarily, and he has a program that should improve dramatically next year -- particularly if IT qualifies. Contacting Romar would've just been a waste of everyone's time. I don't know that you can read more into it than that.

Posted by Romarville86

5:52 PM, Apr 11, 2008


Dont bother trying to reason with Geno. He is a complete moron and when he is proven wrong he just attacks the poster who out smarts him. He's so predicable. You dont hear coach K's name in any of these conversations either because (like Romar) he has a good contract and a good school that he can recruit players to without much difficulty. He's like guys that can't stop being homophobic, you know they're gay and he is on here trashing the dawgs so much you know he is a huge Lorenzo fan

Posted by Craig

1:31 AM, Apr 12, 2008

For someone who loves talking up their cougs so much, and then bashes another husky fan because he loves discussing husky sports.... there is only one word that describes you: hypocrite.

At any rate, I think Bob Knight is a real stretch for any coaching job as I have heard and read in many places that the recruiting aspect of coaching has become exhausting to him, and if he were to start over somewhere then he would have to put more time into it at first than just dole it off to assistants more as he did at Texas Tech.

Posted by Brian

9:29 AM, Apr 12, 2008

Let's see, TB turned down a kings ransom at IU, was not interested in the unlimited resources T Boone Pickens U and rejected overtures from his home state Marquette (who surely was willing to pay $1.5M or more) now comes a job that would actually likely require him taking a pay cut and limit his abilities to recruit some players that he sees worthy of a scholie? hmmm

Posted by old timer

11:20 AM, Apr 12, 2008

That was a pretty funny article. I'm looking for Cal to become a Pac 10 powerhouse.

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