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Seattle Times staff reporter Bob Condotta provides a running commentary on the Huskies.

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April 2, 2008 3:19 PM

Wednesday afternoon notes

Posted by Bob Condotta

Just in case you caught CBI fever two weeks ago when the Huskies hosted their lone game in that tournament (and really, was it just two weeks ago?) here's a quick reminder that it could all end tonight if Tulsa can win at Bradley in game two of the three-game championship series. Here's more info.

--- This SF Chronicle story today maintains that Tony Bennett is still a candidate for the Cal job despite a lot of public pronouncements to the contrary. One reason that job is thought to hold a little more appeal than maybe it would seem on the surface is the ability to get special academic admits into school.

--- One Milwaukee columnist says Marquette should call Bennett, as well, noting his ties to the area.

--- The Elkins High team that included UW recruit Elston Turner Jr., was rated 43rd in the country in the final rankings by

--- UW recruit Scott Suggs is one of eight Missouri high school players nominated to be the state's Mr. Show-Me Basketball.

--- TV ratings for the NCAA tournament are down 7 percent so far. Stated reason is all the blowouts in what has been a rather dull tournament other than Davidson and a few other upsets. Will four No. 1 seeds, three of whom are among the most famous names in the history of the sport, lead to better ratings this weekend? You'd think.

--- One of you asked who might be a candidate for a UW assistant's job if Cameron Dollar leaves. Here's one possibility. Here's another.

All for now.

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Posted by boycott nike

4:26 PM, Apr 02, 2008

I'm hoping Romar considers someone with more seasoning.

Posted by dawginbrier

4:53 PM, Apr 02, 2008


Are the two possibilities speculation on your part, or something more?

Posted by mUj

5:46 PM, Apr 02, 2008

Boby Jones just got hired by Spurs for 10-day contract. I know it doesn't seem much, but all young players now, he resembles Bruce Bowen the most, without the dirty tricks. Of course couple seasons with Spurs can teach him to be a premier defender even in NBA. Let's hope that Spurs stick with him and turn him into the next Bruce Bowen!!

Posted by Coach

7:15 PM, Apr 02, 2008

Dollar leaving is a bad sign. A HC at Sac St is beneath the status of any assistant at one of the top Pac 10 programs. But, admittedly, an assistant at Oregon St. would likely be grateful for the HC job at Sac St. as those people are likely out of coaching altogether. So, what does Dollar know that we don't?

Posted by Dignan

8:20 PM, Apr 02, 2008

The reason why Dollar would be interested is that this gives him a chance to be a HEAD COACH at a D-1 school...the same reason Bone went to Portland State. Gotta show you can do it there before you go to a BCS type of conference.

I also hope that Romar is seriously looking at either one of these guys, we need someone with much more experience.

Posted by Bob Condotta

9:11 PM, Apr 02, 2008

Dawginbrier --- Just speculation on my part figuring that those are two guys who might be interested. As for Dollar, I wouldn't read anything more into this than than that it's an assistant wanting to be a head coach at the D-I level. Those are hard jobs to get no matter the school and Cameron has a lot of ties to California that I'm sure make him think he could be more successful there than other coaches have been.

Posted by no one cares about the CBI

9:20 PM, Apr 02, 2008

"Just in case you caught CBI fever"

no bob, that's just you

Posted by Splash

9:53 PM, Apr 02, 2008

I hope Dollar does indeed get the job in Sacramento. It would be a bold move for the ADs down there to go with Dollar, who is considered more of a high risk high reward type coach than the other JChead coaching candidates they're considering. At UW, Dollar is known as being a good recruiter--however I think what this program needs is a solid x's and o's coach, as Romar clearly isn't one. Recruiting is one of Romar's strengths, so losing Dollar's recruiting abilities isn't a major concern.

Posted by Charlie

7:37 AM, Apr 03, 2008


UW is one of the top Pac 10 teams? wierd, I thought they finished near the bottom of the league. I guess I'm missing something...

Posted by Josh

8:08 AM, Apr 03, 2008

I think TV ratings for the NCAA tournament are down 7 percent so far because advertising has increased 200%. IT'S RIDICULOUS!

Posted by grant

9:14 AM, Apr 03, 2008

The PI has an article about D'Agelo Casto seriously considering going to WSU once he academically qualifies. How hard were the Huskies pursuing him? It doesn't sound like we have much of a chance to get him, but how bad did we want him in the first place? He seems to have some question marks (academics, constant transferring, lack of rating by recruiting sites) but he is also a proven winner and an in state guy...
Do you have any info on him?

Posted by justin

10:08 AM, Apr 03, 2008

i agree that these candidates look way too green. if cameron leaves i'd like to see lorenzo hire a brainiac in-game strategy wizard. i think we need that more than we need an all-star recruiter.

Posted by Dave

10:16 AM, Apr 03, 2008

D'Angelo Casto is a great high school player, but I would be a little leery of a guy who went program-shopping in high school right after leading his team to a state championship, and has academic problems to boot. He is not the only 6'8" guy in the world who can run the floor, I think UW can afford to go for some other guys with fewer question marks.

Posted by Coach

5:23 PM, Apr 03, 2008

My point is that the Sac St. job is a significant step down for an assistant at a top Pac 10 program, but it is a step up if that assistant is at a near bottom Pac 10 program. If the UW ship was turning around, it would behoove Dollar to stay. But that is not how Dollar is acting and that is a telling signal as to the future direction of the UW program.

Posted by theRef

5:16 AM, Apr 04, 2008

Eric Bridgeland, who was a phenomenal coach at the University of Puget Sound, and who was the interim head coach at Pepperdine this season, is looking for a job and would be a great hire.

This guy can coach, recruit and motivate with the best of them.

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