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Seattle Times staff reporter Bob Condotta provides a running commentary on the Huskies.

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March 29, 2008 10:22 AM

Coaching carousel continues

Posted by Bob Condotta

Lots of coaching news out there today, some of it involving Huskies past and present:

--- First, here's the updated Sacramento Bee story on the coaching search at Sac State. Husky assistant Cameron Dollar will be one of three interviewed for the job, something I also wrote about for today here. With interviews expected to last through next Thursday, this obviously won't be decided for a week or so.

--- The rumors Tony Bennett's future seem to change by the minute. Vince Grippi has a good roundup of all the Bennett-related material here. Most interesting may be this story from the San Francisco Chronicle that says could be a serious candidate for the Cal job. You'll note a lot of these stories point out that Bennett's sister, Kathi, coached at Indiana. Few of them point out that association didn't end so well and I've heard that history could play a role in whether Bennett would be interested.

--- Paul Buker of the Oregonian has this update on the OSU coaching search, reporting that multiple sources have told him the Beavers may have given Randy Bennett a lower-than-expected offer to become the new coach at Oregon State. If so, that could lead to the school turning to former UW assistant Ken Bone who is now at Portland State.

--- Brooks Hatch of the Corvallis Gazette-Times has his own thoughts on the OSU coaching search. He also throws out a scenario I've before --- if the WSU job comes open, Bone could be a candidate for that, as well. WSU AD Jim Sterk was an associate AD at Seattle Pacific when Bone was hired as head coach there.

--- Finally, Lute Olson talked about his reasons for taking a leave of absence this season. The Arizona Republic has this report here
and here's the original ESPN story.

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Posted by Keone

1:37 PM, Mar 29, 2008

Bob, would you provide information/analysis regarding who you believe are the main Husky recruiting targets for the '09 class? I know Franklin's Peyton Siva is likely at top of the list, (and Tony Wroten for the following year) but who do you believe are the other kids instate and out of state on Romar's list? Anyone else on this blog care to comment as well? Thanks.

Posted by ace

1:49 PM, Mar 29, 2008

Avery Bradley would be a huge pick well as Josh Smith.

Posted by grant

2:42 PM, Mar 29, 2008

Wroten is only a freshmen this year, so he is a few classes down the road. Smith is a sophomore. Both would be huge additions when the time comes. Right now Siva is the main target for the '09 class.
Bob, any word on who else we're targeting besides Siva? I hope at least one big man, if not two, since the '08 class is guard heavy, and Brockman and Wallace will be gone. What is up with Casto? When I first heard of him he seemed solid, but then the whole Franklin transfer/un-transfer back to Ferris happened. Is he a head case? Why did we wait until after the state tourney to contact him? Seems like Gonzaga has the advantage, both geographic and time wise.
Anybody know anything?

Posted by Everett Dawg

3:15 PM, Mar 29, 2008

What's this....Husky fans can watch the VELPO team beat UW over and over again?? I see yet another REPLAY of this humiliating win over UW is on TV again. OK, I give up....I know that UW sucked at Basketball this year....that UW sucked at Basketball the past few years....that UW sucked at Football past few years.....that UW basically sucks.

Any other questions??

Posted by Svend

3:30 PM, Mar 29, 2008

Watching the tournament has make me wonder whether Coach Romar has a system or a vision that he attempts to build on (such as the Prices) or whether he is a purely situational coach who does the best with what he can get. I'd be interesting to know what more knowledgeable people think about this. Two seasons ago (now) he changed everything that had been successful to accommodate a big man who was simply serving out his year before going on to the NCAA. This year things seemed not to jell until the end, when coach threw in everything he had on the bench at other teams. I like the guy a lot, but it's hard to see where he is going. He inherited B-Roy and the rest of that terrific group. And the free throw fiasco bespeaks total lack of discipline by the coaching staff and by the players. How can he live with that. Looking forward to '08 though. One way or another, it'll be fun.

Posted by Craig

4:08 PM, Mar 29, 2008

Gary Parrish at Sportsline is reporting that the job at IU is basically Bennett's if he wants it and that its been communicated through 3rd parties that Bennett will give indication of his intent to IU within the next 24hrs.

Posted by Bob Condotta

4:39 PM, Mar 29, 2008

On 2009 recruiting --- Assuming all goes as planned, UW will have four scholarships, losing Dentmon, Smith, Brockman and Wallace. They will likely try to spread out those scholarships similarly --- two perimeter guys, two big guys. Siva is obviously a top target. They reportedly also have an offer out to Greg Smith, a 6-8 center from Fresno. Other players they are thought to have offers out to include Avery Bradley, the guard from Bellermaine Prep and Michael Snaer, a guard from Moreno Valley, Calif. This is a quiet time in recruiting right now so not much going on. But April tends to be a busy time and there could be a commitment or two coming then.

Posted by Everett Dawg

5:06 PM, Mar 29, 2008

I personally would much rather see Romar out then Bennett out. Romar brings nothing to the table while Bennett is a great coach.

Please God....kiick Romar out on his, his big ugly behind.

May the PAC-10 BBall Gods keep Bennett in place....I would much rather see the whimps Huskies lose to Bennett than to some Homer Simpson.

Posted by MT Husky

5:42 PM, Mar 29, 2008

Thanks for those responses regarding the recruiting.

What is your opinion/experience on the accuracy of

Their recruiting page for the Huskies lists the following players (in order of ESPNís evaluation, best to worst):
Jerry Brown III
Shawn Kemp Jr.
Brendan Lane
Colin Borchert
Avery Bradley
Darius Morris.

You mentioned two of those. Also, when you click on the name it lists the schools the player is considering 1 through 5. It doesnít state this but Iím making the assumption it is their understanding as the order the player has the schools prioritized. They list UW #1 for Siva and Bradley but lower on the rest.

Again, based on your experience how accurate do you consider this?

Posted by condottarulz

7:04 PM, Mar 29, 2008


Romar did not "inherit" Bobby Jones, Tre Simmons, Jamal Williams, John Brockman or Justin Dentmon--all of whom were part of that "terrific group" that should have made the final four in '06. Yes, Robinson and Roy were there (so was Conroy--as a walk-on) when Romar arrived, but they were a bumbling group of losers finishing 9th or 10 in the conference. Romar completely turned it around. Give the guy some credit. If there is any criticism to be levied on Lo-Ro, its an apparent failure to gauge the heart of players like Nelson Perry and Oliver.

Posted by Everett Dawg

7:17 PM, Mar 29, 2008

condottarulz...."Yes, Robinson and Roy were there (so was Conroy--as a walk-on) when Romar arrived, but they were a bumbling group of losers finishing 9th or 10 in the conference. Romar completely turned it around. "...

Romar isn't a coach that could untie his own shoe laces. Surely what Roy and Robinson did were pretty much on their own. They could have developed into the great basketball players they are if a monkey was coach.

Thinking of it Ė a monkey is coach.

Posted by mattysimone

7:43 PM, Mar 29, 2008

I think siva is a long shot for the dawgs....Id bet on Louisville or now that lutes back maybe zona. he thinks hes a one and done anyway and unless your name is wroten or smith im not really interested in a one and done type of player. If siva really thinks he is a one and done then he has issues...isnt her only like 6-1? haha good luck i the nba. Im calling the wild card player of then century....a Kid from down south with skills.....Not even on the radar yet because of a bad coach the last two years. He is one of my friends little brother and the kid is he truth. his name is garin peyton. other than that I like the name shawn kemp JR unfortunately not many of the big hitters have the dawgs on there list yet

Posted by Dwight K. Schrute

8:08 PM, Mar 29, 2008

Romar needs to go. Let's recap his last three games of the year.

3. Lost to cross-state rival WSU, a team UW has historically dominated, for the 7th straight time.

2. Lost to 9th seeded California, which has since fired their coach, in the Pac-10 tournament.

1. Paid $60,000 for the right to lose a home game to Valpo, who was the 6th seed in the Horizon League tournament, which went on to lose to the team who lost to one of the teams that will play for the CBI title.

Turn out the lights, the party's over for LoRo!

Posted by Everett Dawg

8:21 PM, Mar 29, 2008

Hey THIS IS IT...the Cougars lost to the eventual NCAA Champs....fact it idiot.

Posted by Everett Dawg

8:25 PM, Mar 29, 2008

mattysimone...have you been feed your dinner tonight? You sound like a complete dope when you haven't eaten.

Please, do Husky Nation a favor and stop posting. I would be surprised, considering your english, if you've even graduated high school.

Posted by condottarulz

8:36 PM, Mar 29, 2008

Everett Dawg,

How many UW games have you attended in the last 4 years? Well, I've probably been to 75 or 80 and I can tell you that the job Romar has done goes a lot further than just walking into Hec Ed and rolling out the ball for Roy and Robinson. And, no, what Robinson and Roy did was not "surely pretty much" on their own. By that logic Arizona, with Bayless and Budinger, would have won 30 games and made the sweet 16 this year. Your ignorance is really unbecoming.

Posted by Romarville86

9:17 PM, Mar 29, 2008

Everett dawg is obviously a 12 year old coug that is crying over Tony leaving. Need a kleenex buddy? Entering this past season Romar had the most wins of any coach in the last 4 years with 93 and is a class act. He put 3 player in the first round of the draft in consecutive years and of coarse our program took a hit just like any other would other that duke ucla or UNC. WSU will always be a stepping stone program just ask Marv Harshman, Kelvin Sampson, Mike Price and if Tony has left town yet for bloomington ask him.

Posted by Everett Dawg

12:02 PM, Mar 30, 2008

Yes Romarville86, WSU might be 'a stepping stone' for successful coaches making waves but then again, this isn't all that bad.

Think about it idiot, while the coaches are 'making waves' WSU is winning. And all while UW is losing and locking up their coaches to long-term contracts.

Which would you prefer? Personally, I would prefer the can have the later. This pretty much sums up your UW education Ė in other words YOU ARE NOT TOO BRIGHT.

Posted by Everett Dawg

12:05 PM, Mar 30, 2008

meant "latter" - not "later".

Posted by mattysimone

7:08 PM, Mar 30, 2008

Everett dawg.....whats your problem? I said nothing to you......I see nothing wrong with my last post. Yes I did go was very hard though since I went to high school in new zealand and had a beach 5 minutes from my classroom haha. keep talking smack after all you are the one from the armpit haha!!! nice try guy, now go back to cleaning the snohomish HS bathrooms you janitor! dang it bob I really wish I could tee off on this stroke but it will just get sure all of you know what I would like to say

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