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Seattle Times staff reporter Bob Condotta provides a running commentary on the Huskies.

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March 23, 2008 5:59 PM

Pac-10, Big East lead Sweet entries

Posted by Bob Condotta

The first weekend of the NCAA Tournament is complete, and the Pac-10 and Big East each have three teams remaining, the most of any conference.

The Big 12 and Big Ten each have two while the SEC, ACC, Southern, Sun Belt, Atlantic-10 and Conference USA each have one.

Other than the one-bid conferences that still have teams left, the Pac-10, Big 10 and Sun Belt are tied for the highest percentage of teams remaining --- Pac-10 has three of six, the Big 10 two of four and the Sun Belt one of two.

Here's a breakdown of the records by conference of those that had at least one team win a game (in order of percentage):

Conference USA 2-0, 1.000
Southern 2-0, 1.000
Big Ten 5-2, .714
Big East 10-5, .667
Pac-10 6-3, .667
Sun Belt 2-1, .667
Big 12, 7-4, .636
ACC 4-3, .571
Atlantic 10, 2-2, .500
Horizon, 1-1, .500
MAAC, 1-1, .500
SEC 4-5, .444
Mountain West 1-2, .333
West Coast Conference 1-3, .250

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Posted by Everett Dawg

6:27 PM, Mar 23, 2008

Bob...since the Huskies were in the CBI why no more on this tourney? I think Husky fans would love to know what happened to Velpo after they embarrassed UW. Come on…do your job and inform.

Posted by Bob Condotta

6:58 PM, Mar 23, 2008

Planning on it, but there haven't been any CBI games since then. Part of that tourney's philosophy is to not go against the NCAA games. Valpo plays tomorrow against Houston.

Posted by Everett Dawg

7:21 PM, Mar 23, 2008

Bob...thanks. Didn't know that (Part of that tourney's philosophy is to not go against the NCAA games.). Makes sense.

Posted by dreamweaver

8:29 PM, Mar 23, 2008

lolzorz s16 is something uw will enver see with romer as the coach hehehehe enjoy it suckers

Posted by Mr. Big

8:52 PM, Mar 23, 2008

Everett Dawg:

How about: Gee, I'm a brainless fool, sorry Bob?

Posted by

9:22 PM, Mar 23, 2008

I would like to see a way to weight this breakdown by seeding. The ACC doesn't look too bad at 4 and 3, but when you consider that Duke, a 2 seed beat a 15 seed by 1 point and lost to a 7 seed, and Clemson, a 5 seed, lost to a 12 seed, then the ACC certainly loses some more luster. And the WCC doesn't look as bad as their 1 and 3 record given San Diego"s upset of UConn and Gonzaga's loss to Davidson (giiven Davidson's upset of Georgetown).

Posted by setht

11:25 PM, Mar 23, 2008

WCC is still a weak conference!!!

ACC is definitely having a down year!

Posted by jherz13

12:01 AM, Mar 24, 2008

Hey Bob, great work as always!!!

Here's an idea...I know Bud Withers usually covers the Cougs, but how about you devote the week to the Cougs, not the Huskies.

Let me preface this by saying...
I'm a UW grad and fan of Husky athletics, but what is left to discuss?

Yes, I'm a UW grad, but this week, I'm a Cougar fan!

Go Cougs! How cool is this? The baby blue vs crimson. Tony Bennett vs Roy Williams.

The Cougars are for real with 3 seniors and 2 juniors anchoring their starting lineup. Hopefully all the childish in-state bickering stops between husky and cougar fans because I'm a Cougar fan all the way this week!

Posted by droz

6:20 AM, Mar 24, 2008

Bob, have you heard many grumblings on the way CBS handled the end of the Tennessee, Georgetown, and SD vs WKU games yesterday? I know I can't be the only one mad they completely failed to show the end of the Tennessee game, forget the fact they never even made an effort to point it out.

Posted by Cougfan

8:26 AM, Mar 24, 2008

Denver is a nice city. I am sure the likes of jason and tj have missed the Cougfan's posts. I was reading and keeping up on all the inane comments by many on here and I am glad to see we all still get along. Oh, and just a comment, researched it and the person--I believe it was Jason--that if you post on an "opponents" blog (although this is a Times blog) it means you have no life, no friends, no girlfriend, live with your parents. What is amazing is the amount of Carolina posters that have been on the last 14 hours. Geez, they must all be losers. And for that matter, all the Husky fans that continue to post their insight on Cougfan are in the same boat as all of us poor, lonely people.

Meatball: Sorry about the Cats loss. I thought they were going to win it! I really thought they were a legit Sweet 16 team if they were playing to their potentia. Unfortunately, WVU is on fire right now.

The only Pac 10 team that I really felt dropped the ball was SC. Although I picked KSU in most of my brackets, USC really was an embarrassment. It's too bad the PX could not have faired a little better in the opening round. 4-2 would have looked really good.

As for WSU--WOW! I read today that it was the lowest two game total for points allowed in almost forever. If any of you remember, I am sure tj does because he seems to remember everything I post, but can't seem to understand why I make comments I do, ie. not being convinced the Huskies could win on the road after Bob had wondered that same thing in his blog, I said I thought once the Cougs got to the tourney, teams who had not faced them would struggle with their style. All the people that think they underachieved are now probably hiding. I said at the beginning of the year they were a top 10-15 team and that is right where they are.

The chances of Wazzu winning on Thursday are not good--obviously. But after holding ND to 41 points, I give them a 1 in 30 chance of upsetting UNC. I don't see Baynes hanging with Hansborogh (sp?) at all and should see plenty of bench time due to fouls.

I guess we shall see. No matter the outcome, Coug fans should be holding their heads high

Posted by mattysimone

9:20 AM, Mar 24, 2008

I NEVER pull for wazzu, but in this case I must admit I would like to see the cougars beat NC. First for my reasoning is Everybody and there mother has NC in the championship ( I have them losing to KU) so It wouldn't hurt my feelings if the cougars busted a ton of brackets. Now if this was football I wouldn't care, I would have to pull for the other team. This is the cougars last shot for maybe a long time and especially if bennett packs up and leaves town. They definitely have there work cut out for them but if they play the way they have the first two rounds then it should be a great sweet sixteen match up! NCs high octane offense VS WSUs gritty D! A wsu Louisville regional final match up would be great o see! Ahhhh Louisville :( tore our hearts and number 1 seed right outta our chest. So as a true husky fan Id like to say only for this week GO COUGERS

PS. duck fans ID never say this for you, Id rather have by balls ripped off then pull for those #^$&**$*

Posted by tommydawg

9:37 AM, Mar 24, 2008

WSU this season is better than any season UW has ever had. just sayin...

Posted by Carlton

9:43 AM, Mar 24, 2008


You give us a 1 in 30 chance? NC is not going to be able to handle our D, just like the Irish. NC played in a weak conference and that has become clear based on the way the tourney has played out. Baynes does great against players under 6-10 and I expect the same this weekend. Have some faith in your team for once this season pal. Unless we crap the bed, I expect us to win this one. Cougs 77 NC 73.

Posted by Cougfan

10:26 AM, Mar 24, 2008

Carlton: To say I do not have faith in the Cougs is proposterous. I have picked them to win every game this year with the exception of their road games at UCLA, Stanford, and UofA; plus I picked UCLA at Beasly. I am a realist, though, and see a definite wall here. UNC has the talent, the history, the home court advantage. I am not blind to see that the mountain in front of us will be difficult to scale. Sorry that I am not blind to the limitations of this team. Can they beat UNC? Of course. If I were forced to put my life savings of $2.38 on either UNC or Wazzu I am sorry to say that I would make the smart decision and go with UNC. Hopefully, I would be broke and homeless after that bet.
With that said....GO COUGS!

ps matty: I know how you feel...I actually rooted for UW when they played UCONN in the Sweet 16. Was not easy to do.

Posted by dreamweaver

10:47 AM, Mar 24, 2008

WSU this season has a historic defense. It is an honor that we all are blessed to see the best defensive team in ncaa history in action. UNC = ND with faster guards but worse bigmen. WSU killed ND and will eat UNC alive. Roy is incapable of making adjustments similar to romar. The best bball coach in america will school em

Posted by GU fan in AZ

11:15 AM, Mar 24, 2008

It's always difficult to root for your rival. In this case though, I think it's different. Cougs are the only PNW representation now that GU underachieved AGAIN, Oregon blew it and Portland State took a dive.
It's easy for me to root for the Cougs though. As much as I'm not a fan of the school, this team has got to be one of the classiest teams in the tournament (excluding Baynes when he cries). Low, Weaver, Cowgill...all class act nice hard working kids. Bennett...beautiful coach and person.
I wish Bennett would come to GU and clean house of all the Few munchkins. What an underachieving bunch. Made me sick to watch them lose but I thought they would anyway. Few cannot coach the big time players. I see in the GU blog in the Spokesman Review that people are finally talking out against the lack of coaching skills Few has when it comes to motivating kids to play their best...with heart. I still think GU consults with Brockman on how to build a heart. Just wishful thinking. rant is over. Sorry DAWGS to go in to my loathing for Mark Few.

Posted by keep wfb on the bench

11:31 AM, Mar 24, 2008

How do you figure this? UW went to the Sweet 16 in back to back years as a number 1 and 4 seed. When they were a 4 seed, they took number 1 UCONN to overtime and should have won in regulation but suffered from some questionable officiating in the last couple minutes of regulation. If Wazzu were to upset UNC this week, you can then make your argument, but unitl then don't pull a Champ Kind and blurt out whatever pops up into your head.

On an unrelated note, I am officially a fan of Mississippi State. Kudos to knocking off them Duck Bas*ards.

Posted by keep wfb on the bench

11:34 AM, Mar 24, 2008

"WSU this season is better than any season UW has ever had. just sayin..."

Sorry forgot to include the quote I was responding to...

Posted by Carlton

11:40 AM, Mar 24, 2008

"UNC has the talent, the history, the home court advantage"

Let us not just play them then. You make me sick.

Posted by nick

11:41 AM, Mar 24, 2008

uw had 3 nba players on roster including an all star and mvp caliber player and wsu doesnt have ne thing. they are a bunch of slow white boys who are amongst the all tiem greats. best D ever, best tournament D ever and an excellent O to go along with it. UNC = and1 slop that wont win a game vs wsu

Posted by Cougfan

11:58 AM, Mar 24, 2008

Carlton: Instead of throwing up why don't you respond intelligently. Apparently if someone offers a differering point of view, you get angry and don't offer anything substantive. Let me help you out.

Why WSU will win:
1) They have played in on of the toughest conferences all year and against some big men, Love, the Lopez twins, Hill, Brockman, and because of this knowledge they will be able to contain Hansborough.

2) UNC cannot match up with the Wazzu guards especially Weaver. Because Weaver is so big and plays what could be the best defense of anyone in the country AND shows such great leadership.

3) WSU has won tough road games at Gonzaga, Baylor, ASU, USC, Oregon, and Washington proving that they can win. Although it is in Charlotte it is not a true road game. The other fans, sans the UNC fans, will be pulling for the Cougars to pull the upset.

4) Baynes plays very well against big men that he is bigger than. Since he has 2-3 inches on what woould probably be a more athletic Hansborough, Baynes bulk will help the Aussie dominate the smaller, but more athletic Tar Heel.

5) Cougars have taken care of the ball the last 3 halves they have played. If they keep it to 10 or fewer TO's they should be able to keep NC's possessions to a minimum and keep the score in their favor.

Now, Carlton, was that so difficult? Hope you feel better.

Posted by Carlton

12:22 PM, Mar 24, 2008


Quick recap. You made the comment we had a 1 and 30 chance. I responded with 3 points why I didn't agree. You responded with 3 points about why NC was unbeatable. Then for some reason you drafted your last response...backing what I have been saying all along. Not sure if you still think we have a 1 and 30 chance, or if you’re just now thinking over how silly you sounded earlier. You’re a "CougFan" who posts on UW's website we have a 1 and 30 chance to win a game. Maybe you sit the next couple plays out pal. Unless you just want to keep making points to prove the person you are disagreeing with right. I Again you make me sick.

Posted by Cougfan

12:59 PM, Mar 24, 2008

ok, 1 in 29

What I have done for you is give support to your arguments. Usually, if one wants to be taken seriously, they give reasons. You or I are not experts, and unless we give reasons instead of one line predictions nobody will understand your reasoning.

No I do not believe what I wrote. I was just helping you out. I believe that TH will dominate Baynes. Sorry that I have a different OPINION than you. I don't think WSU has faced an offense with the efficiency that UNC has. Sorry for having a different OPINION. I don't think the ACC is a "weak" conference. Are they down a bit? Certainly! Sorry I have a different OPINION than you!

Believe me, I would never be a pal with someone who refers to me as Pal unless they were Biff Loman--I am sure you will have to look up the literary reference.

And if you are getting sick because I am predicting UNC will win, don't go on the Cougar site. Some people are actually on the same page as I. You may have to get rushed to the hospital. If the Cougs win you can come blast me all you want.

Posted by Carlton

1:36 PM, Mar 24, 2008

My posts have nothing to do with your opinion on the outcome of the game. I just find it funny your name is Cougfan and you are adament about WSU losing on the UW website. Some Coug fan! Even if I did think that they would get beat I wouldn't hop on another teams website (a rival durning the season) and voice that I think we are going to get beat-let alone barley have a shot just because of who and where we are playing. Change your name and make that post if your so sold on our team losing. Maybe change your name to "Casual coug fan who looks for approval from other opposing fans". Until then don't be shocked when another Coug calls you out for making them sick-which you do.

Posted by Cougfan

2:07 PM, Mar 24, 2008

So what you are saying, Carlton, is if I have an opinion about my team losing, I should hide behind another name? That's quite manly. I have been giving my opinion on this site for multiple years. I am not going to change for your benefit. And I am not going to sacrifice my integrity to benefit you. Are you saying that unless one picks their team to win every time they play, that person is not a real fan? MT Husky has predicted the Huskies losing games this year--in fact I believe he picked WSU to beat UW--is he not a fan? The Meatball predicted his team would lose games this year--is he no longer a Cat fan?

Casual? Let's see...season tickets to FB; past season ticket holder in BB, but gave them up because the travel is too difficult week in and week out; went to Auburn; went to Wisconsin; go to AZ and Oregon every year; Denver...shall I go on??? GO to 2 of 3 baseball games when they are in Seattle; you are correct, Carlton, I am just a casual Cougfan.

My questions to you are: 1) Why are you such an angry person; 2) Why can I not post on a site that I have been a--to the dismay of many--frequent poster?

BTW I am against the war in Iraq and am not a fan of George I still an American?

Go see a doctor and get well!

Posted by Carlton

2:20 PM, Mar 24, 2008

I'm just glad when WSU wins I won't be sad because it busted my bracket. That is if you even had them making it out of Denver. I likely won't be posting on this site so you won't have to worry about anyone calling you out (and why would they, their fans of other teams) until the pre season rankings come out next year. I"m sure at that point you will be on here justifying why you think we won't do well in the conference because we are a young team or something similar. Have fun cheering for North Carolina Thursday.

Posted by Cougfan

6:59 AM, Mar 25, 2008

OMG I am sick!!!

Just got off of and besides someone saying the Cougs will win 81-20, only one other person has WSU winning. What a bunch of jerks!

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