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Seattle Times staff reporter Bob Condotta provides a running commentary on the Huskies.

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March 21, 2008 10:55 PM

A few tournament thoughts

Posted by Bob Condotta

As the headlines says....

--- I was at a party tonight watching some of the tournament and couldn't hear Billy Packer all that clearly (not that I'm complaining). But I saw each conference's tournament record flash on the screen at one point and could only guess at what he was saying --- Eastern basketball rules, etc. But the sad fact is that it ends up not being pretty for the Pac-10 in terms of making a case as the best conference in the country this year.

Here are the records of the six BCS schools after the first two days of the tournament

Big East 7-1
Big 12 5-1
ACC 3-1
Big Ten 3-1
SEC 3-3
Pac-10 3-3

And the Pac-10 lost all three games in which it faced teams from other BCS conferences --- Arizona against West Virginia, Oregon against Mississippi State and USC against Kansas State.

All were basically toss-up games. Still, those who will want to call the conference overrated now have plenty of ammunition, and it will be hard to argue, especially if one or two of the teams left stumble tomorrow.

I watched a lot of each of those losses and tried to come up with a common Pac-10-related reason as to why all three lost and really couldn't.

Oregon just seemed to fall prey to its own worst instincts, shooting a stunning 38 three-pointers out of 64 total attempts; Arizona, which never had any depth, ran out of gas (getting just eight minutes from its bench); USC, youthfully erratic all year, was so again, while also getting killed on the boards, something it hadn't been great at during the Pac-10 season, ranking sixth in rebounding. Both USC and Arizona shot more foul shots than their opponents, so the old theory that Pac-10 teams have trouble adjusting to games being called a little differently by neutral refs in the tournament didn't seem to apply (and Oregon's FT totals weren't much less than MSU's until the end when it fouled a lot).

But for a year when many touted the conference as being the best it has ever been, the post-season isn't off to a great start --- getting three into the Sweet 16 for a second straight year, however, would help.

--- Speaking of Arizona, here's a good overview of how the next month or so could be program-altering for the Wildcats depending on the decisions made by players and coaches alike.

--- John Canzano says Oregon simply blew it against Mississippi State and agrees that the Ducks shot way too many three-pointers. He also says Oregon State should give a call to Ken Bone.

--- Interesting story I missed the other day that Dennis Erickson bought 200 NIT tickets for students at Arizona State.

--- That Stanford loss to Siena doesn't look so bad anymore, does it?

--- Jon Wilner says Stanford will roll over Marquette tomorrow. I agree.

--- In fact, I'm going to stick with my pre-tournament bracket that all three of the Pac-10 teams left standing will reach the Sweet 16. WSU-Notre Dame is the trickiest to call. ND's size inside means Aron Baynes won't be able to dominate the way he did against Winthrop and will put more of a premium on WSU's backcourt (specifically Derrick Low) to play well all game, and not just for a half. But I think WSU's perimeter defense and overall experience (specifically, the three seniors --- ND has just one) will prove the difference in the end.

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Posted by Ziasudra

5:58 AM, Mar 22, 2008

I have watch very little of the tournament, but I saw the 2nd half of Oregon's yesterday. My impression? If I were the AD there, I'd fire Kent on the spot. They start the 2nd half with a 13 point lead, and shoot 12 straight 3 pointers (0 for 12), and lose ugly. Not a good game plan.
But I hope they keep Kent - easier to beat next year.

Posted by MT Husky

8:57 AM, Mar 22, 2008

Bob, thanks for doing this blog. I know that you've earned a lot of credibility in my eyes and so though you are not a columnist, because of your access to the Huskies, how closely you follow them and your insight I also value your opinions on issues. So though it might come across rude, I understand others trying to express their desire for more in-depth coverage from you and I think it is a compliment to the credibility you've established.

With that said, a couple other random comments:

Thanks for the contributor in the last thread who used the term 'ad hominem'. I had to look it up and now can hardly wait to use it in a conversation.

I found it interesting in that AZ article the comment on Budinger's defense. Watching that W Virginia game for the first time I had noticed Budinger's lousy defense. I had NEVER before noticed that. Has his defense always been that bad and I never before noticed?

I did tivo (and did not delete) the Husky/Valpraiso game and watched the 1st half last night. Three observations:

1) QP was phenomenal. Though some of his shots didn't go in, and a few passes weren't executed perfectly (not necessarily his fault in a few cases) - I was ecstatic with what he brought to the game. And I really don't understand the criticism that he doesn't play smart b-ball. I thought he played REALLY smart ball (great shot selection, great looks). I have not been this excited about any one player returning since B-Roy coming back his senior year. QPon will OWN the Pac-10 next year...I really believe this.

2) A few have commented on Dentmon's effort, steals and points in that game. Maybe...but his defense was atrocious. I challenge anyone to go back and watch that game and look at how many points Valpraiso scored as a result of defensive mistakes by Dentmon. He does not THINK when he is on defense. I haven't watched the 2nd half yet, but if he played the same way in the 2nd half I believe Huskies would have won if he hadn't been on the floor. His defense allows the other team to score WAY too many points, I don't care how many points he scores on the other end.

3) I liked what Holiday brought. He needs to learn to take it to the hoop stronger and finish, but I liked what he showed defensively and he seemed to make good decisions with the ball.

Huskies do have a lot of good young talent. If Romar can magically find a way to truly keep EVERYONE + the freshmen here for next season...AND...he puts the guys on the court who get the job done...Huskies will be a MUCH improved team next season.

Posted by justin

10:07 AM, Mar 22, 2008

Nice thoughts MT. Lots of people complain that QP hasn't become a star, but he has steadily developed all year. He deserves praise.

Meanwhile, I never thought I'd say Lorenzo should be more like Jerry Tarkanian, but here's a good quote from one of Bob's links:

"Ernie Kent can really recruit. I love the kids he brings in, but he's an awful game coach. I covered Bob Knight and Gene Keady as a beat reporter, and Jerry Tarkanian as a columnist, and Kent is cut from the Tark mold when it comes to game strategy. Except Tark recognized his shortcoming and usually made sure he had a really sharp game assistant beside him."

Lorenzo: please find another Ken Bone.

Posted by justin

10:18 AM, Mar 22, 2008

Just read last night's posts - Yow.

One comment on this distinction Bob and others draw between reporters and columnists. We expect reporters on other beats - business and politics, for example - to ask hard questions and dig for hard-to-get information. Why is your company failing? What about this item on your balance sheet that you're not talking about? How do you respond to voters concerns that you're not ....? Was it a mistake to fire so-and-so? Those are fair game from non-sports reporters.

Bob, I really appreciate all your work and I'm not trying to slam you. But I think sports reporters too often see themselves as a different breed, when in fact they have the right to ask the same hard questions that we expect from other reporters. If a business fails, we see feature stories from reporters on "What went wrong at WaMu." If 2 key recruits transfer, we see a story with Lorenzo explaining they were homesick, and we leave it at that. If Lorenzo says "We'll get better at free-throw shooting because we've been better in the past," It's totally fair to say: "But, lorenzo, if that was true then you wouldn't have had an off year this year - this year's performance proves that past success doesn't dictate future success." If he says the same thing about why we'll be a better team last year, it's fair to say: "But you said that last year, what's different this time?" Business and political reporters do this all this time.

In other words, reporters have a lot more leeway than you let on. In your defense, I know that you guys have a more delicate relationship with your sources since you spend so much time around them and interact with them long-term. But I think there's a middle ground.

Posted by Happy in Pullman

2:13 PM, Mar 22, 2008

My thoughts on Romar is this – anyone can hire a coach;

that doesn’t know the first thing about X’s and O’s,

that can’t ever admit it was his fault and not the players,

that doesn’t know the first thing about developing a player,

that continually recruits flashy players then lets them be individuals,

that doesn’t know how to talk to a 18…19 year old except for asking to ‘sign the Letter of Intent on the bottom line’,

that is comfortable knowing he is locked into a binding contract for the long term and has the why work hard attitude,

that, well, have I forgotten anything?

You smart Husky fans get the point. Except more of this. Romar didn’t recruit and players that turned this program around therefore he has no idea what kinds of players they were. His coaching style leads to players that don’t know how to play as a team…I hope he doesn’t realize this and turn things around.

Of course, this is only my humble opinion on why your team sucks and will continue to suck.

Very rudely yours,

Happy in Pullman

Posted by Bob Condotta

2:14 PM, Mar 22, 2008

Justin --- Those are all fair points. But to your specific example, the last three years under Lorenzo have been three of the top five FT shooting years in school history. The other two were close. This is the only bad one Lorenzo has had. So to your example we need to wait a year before we could say Romar is wrong. So when I ask about FTs and he says what he says about it, it's hard to argue with him. It's interesting that I'm continually criticized on the football board for being too hard on the team and here I'm too soft. Maybe there are different expectations for the two programs right now.

Posted by Happy in Pullman

2:18 PM, Mar 22, 2008

Let me correct one paragraph for you typing fingers are simply too fast sometimes to catch typo's:

You smart Husky fans get the point. Expect more of this. Romar didn’t recruit the players that turned this program around therefore he has no idea what kinds of players they were. His coaching style favors players that don’t know how to play as a team…I hope he doesn’t learn this and turn things around.

Posted by couger

4:00 PM, Mar 22, 2008

why is it that brock gets all the pub for all pac10 and stuff by no one mentions baynes? baynes has never lost to brock, dominates him inside and will have a long and productive NBA career as he is tall, athletic, can shoot and has the 2nd best outlet pass behind kevin love in pX

Posted by bobcondotasnewhaircut

4:26 PM, Mar 22, 2008

^^^Is it really that difficult to give examples for your opinions? Were you really taught to write like that in Pullman? Well at least you have a good basketball team because you didn't get a good education.

Romar's Xs and Os aren't the greatest, but he often gets them correct. Look at how UW played against UCLA. They shut down collison, which prevented Love from getting as much touches and thus shut him down indirectly. For the WSU game we lost, but the players were quoted as saying that the coaches scouted the game exactly as it happened; it was just that the players didn't execute.

Can't ever admit fault? There was a front page article on this website when Romar admitted the losses were his fault before the UCLA game.

Players not developing? Yeah, I guess Romar never had anything to do with those guards in the NBA nor how Brockman and Pondexter are becoming complete players.

He might have trouble talking to some of the players since some transferred, but I wasn't there in the locker room or practices like you apparently were so I don't know what he has been saying.

The long term contract thing made sense to me. It's not like we were a traditional powerhouse before, and we didn't want our coach to leave. Maybe you'll understand this better when you're coach goes East after this season. Also, please go tell successful professors that we should get rid of their tenure by this coug logic.

I'm sorry, bob, that I even wrote this because it recognizes his post, which was just useless and full of ignorant points.

Posted by Happy in Pullman

4:51 PM, Mar 22, 2008 is quite simple to respond to a simple person such as you appear to be to me (I’m sorry for you however) but really now, if your coach coached as well as you SAY he does why isn’t the Huskies more successful than well, the Snohomish Middle School bball team?

If Romar knows X’s and O’s he would know how to ADJUST AT HALFTIME but it is obvious he doesn’t.

If Romar communicates well with his players why do they BUMT INTO EACH OTHER during play and appear confused a lot of the times, only to pass out to Applehead for one of his many AIR BALLS.

If Romar was a ‘coach of his word’ he wouldn’t be coaching like he has no worries since he’s locked in his LONG TERM CONTRACT. For your information a lot of NFL, NBA, even pro baseball players take the ‘hell, I have a long term contract now and I’ve busted my butt for too long I think I will work like I did when I served hamburgers at Wendy’s and simply take it easy in the back room after the boss is gone’ attitude.

If Romar was so good why are there NO PLAYERS he recruited in the NBA. I see a few that Romar has ridden the backs of but didn’t personally recruit. Yeah, your coach is a winner. Keep him locked up for many many years. He will drive the Husky Bball program down eventually after he’s exposed as a fraud.

Posted by Happy in Pullman

4:57 PM, Mar 22, 2008


For you illiterates.

Posted by Happy in Pullman

5:21 PM, Mar 22, 2008

That's right...he "recruited" the GIMP Hawes....or rather ALLOWED him to attend UW. We all know the history of Hawe's family at UW so to say Romar recruited Hawes is a bit overstated.

One is how many years......

Posted by mattysimone

5:27 PM, Mar 22, 2008

wow wazzu is playin on all cylinders right now! hopefull stanford can pull it out also

Posted by Geno

5:45 PM, Mar 22, 2008

Wow....I'm having flashes of UW-WSU games this year with WSU embarrassing UW.

Gotta love it!

So much for Irish luck.

Posted by mattysimone

5:49 PM, Mar 22, 2008

geno why are you such a jack.......take the success with class you idiot

Posted by uw @ uva Lo

6:27 PM, Mar 22, 2008

well then Geno you're just as low as the few idiots who talked $hit to the cougs. I like how you think ... "they make fun of me, i make fun of them". You must have been the kid who brought the ball to the playground, got picked last, and then called it quits after getting your underwear all up in a bunch. Learn how to win with class and I'll try not to think about you when I will be cheering for the cougs next week.

Posted by K Dub

6:32 PM, Mar 22, 2008

Wow...Wazzu fans have a lot of class. You guys talk some trash considering this is the ONLY time in school history you've been to the dance in consecutive years.

Cougs played a great game against the Irish. Controlled the tempo and executed their game flawlessly. If UCLA does what they are supposed to do, PAC 10 will rectify this horrid start to the tourney.

Oh...and thanks for the comedy. You actually think the whiny b*tch Baynes is better than Brockman??? LOL Baynes is a solid contributor for WSU to be sure, but cmon, he gets a ton of help from a balanced lineup. Could you imagine him having to do what Brockman did this year in UW's lineup?

Posted by Bob Vance-Vance Refrigeration

6:45 PM, Mar 22, 2008

Assuming the Coug run is over, which iit isn't but let's just say it is...the difference between the Husky golden era and the Cougar golden era is one jump shot from Harmeling not going in against Vandy last year. So you can all stop acting like your back-to-back Sweet Sixteen's is such a big deal. I confess you were better than we are by one jump shot if we don't go any further and drop off the face of the Earth next year. Other than that you can all shut the hell up.

Posted by Geno

6:55 PM, Mar 22, 2008

What’s the matter Huskies….you still think your team is good. Such delusion.

As long as reality in ‘the Husky world’ isn’t reality the world is all good. You guys are losers….deal with it.

Posted by Geno

6:57 PM, Mar 22, 2008

Husky fans...wanna wake CBS. And as for Brockman being good....I bet ya he's at home watching the action all over the country right about now. And where is Baynes - damn, I bet ya he's in Denver smack dab in the middle of NCAA Tourney play.

No contest there.

What do you think....still dreaming?

Posted by Zag Fan

7:00 PM, Mar 22, 2008

You know one thing that I learned long ago is to act like you have been there before. Congrats Cougs on winning your game. Great accomplishment on making the sweet 16. You have now won 3 tournament games since 1982. Good luck with Carolina.

Posted by Geno

7:02 PM, Mar 22, 2008

Bob Vance-Vance Refrigeration....did you even finish grade school? You sound like a dope.

Assume this and assume Smart stuff.....

Posted by Geno

7:05 PM, Mar 22, 2008

Sorry Husky fans but fun time is over for me...gotta run out for dinner. So far it's Geno 5, Husky fans 0.

Later maybe?

Posted by MedinaTyee

7:09 PM, Mar 22, 2008

I'll bet Brockman never plays in the NBA.

He's a football player.

He dosen't have the quickness or ball handling to be a four, not the size or ability to be a five in the NBA.

Have you seen his 16 -18 foot jump shot? Hmmm.....guess not......he doesn't have one.

He's yeat.....on another bottom feeding Dawg team.

Posted by Dave "The Meatball" Armistead

7:24 PM, Mar 22, 2008

Meatball wantabee's, my 'Cats got royally hosed by the officiating crew. They were by far the most talented team in their bracket. I ask all you Meatball fans to contact the Pac-10 Commissioners (attn: Tom Hansen) and request a inquest into that Officiating Crew. They need to be reprimanded and suspended for a year.

Wait until next year though. I see us being a 1 or 2 seed and easily cruising into the Final Four again with Lute returning to the helm.

Posted by Dwight K. Schrute

7:45 PM, Mar 22, 2008

Well all you Huskies and Cats and Ducks and whoever else is reading this can keep talking about next year....the Cougs are still playing THIS year!

Posted by uh, Bob?

10:33 PM, Mar 22, 2008

Just an observation. This "Husky" blog is pretty much an idiot named Geno and a bunch of duck and/or coug fans coming in here to take kicks at Husky fans. Frankly, it's not even enjoyable to read, and I imagine a vast number of Husky fans who stop by here skim the posts, realize it's a bunch of obnoxious cougs (and some ducks), and then never come back.

Just a suggestion. If it's going to be a "Husky" blog, then maybe non-Husky posts should just be deleted. Or, if it's a "Husky Hate" blog, then name it appropriately. Because in reading this blog (and often times the football blog), it appears there are as many jerks from oregon and wazzu posting as there are Huskies. Which, in my opinion, kind of defeats the purpose of even having a "Husky blog."

I have been a fairly frequent reader and a poster here and there. But I'm about done. It just ends up being frustrating to read some boneheads from other schools just coming on here to try to cause trouble. (See Geno, coug4life, cougfan, etc. as examples)


Posted by MedinaTyee

10:53 PM, Mar 22, 2008

Dear Uh Bob,

Grow up! Some of us are Dawgs who are sick of the YMCA mentality you express! Our programs suck! Guess what....not everybody gets a trophy just for showing up! So, now you want Bob to be the man you can't be? Do you REALLY need Bob to make the mean people quit telling you the truth? Let me are a product of a home school setting? Did you mommy tell you that you're a winner no matter the score? Go away......

Posted by lassidawg

10:55 PM, Mar 22, 2008

Shockingly you don't see any Duck fans here after their performance on Friday.
By the way the coug fans are reacting you'd think that the Dawgs fans were on here saying the Cougs suck this year, it most be years and years of getting kicked around by everyone that is showing. I think most Dawg fans will admit the Cougs are a well coached senior led team that should have been disappointed with anything but a sweet 16 appearance. I think they will have a decent shot against UNC, and I hope they win, because that will be one step closer to Benett leaving for a major program.

Once again I would ask where the duck fans are, but I don't really care. Please keep Kent.

Posted by bomberboy

11:27 PM, Mar 22, 2008

I agree that a lot f of the posts here are fairly brainless...but that is the world we live in. Two great games tonight. I still like Stanford AND UCLA in the final four. Cougs have had a nice run but it ends against UNC. And take nothing away from wsu but Notre Dame looked HORRIBLE to me...REALLY SLOW! And if that big guy was Big East player of the year...well.he made Brockman look like DR J! Really, I know wsu's D makes some teams look bad, but just remmeber what most PAC-10 teams did against wsu then lok at ND. The were by far the worst non 15/16 seed in the tournament. They looked jsut north of Oregon St to me.

and as far as strength of the PAC-10...UCLA, Stanford and WSU lost 14 conference games between them. ND would not have beaten any of them...BrockmanBr

Posted by Ed Schrob

4:54 AM, Mar 23, 2008

Real Coug fans aren't here. The ones that troll here (Gena, MedinaTyee, happy in pullman etc), are your garden variety internet sociopaths who get their kicks acting tough on line. As you do on the streets when you meet these kinds of people, just ignore them and they will become some other blog's problem.

Posted by wazzumilkman

6:27 AM, Mar 23, 2008

....on on on for crinsom and in the west you know we'll all do our best ...go Cougs!

Posted by TuBob Shakur

9:03 AM, Mar 23, 2008

I disagree that the Pac-10's 3-3 record in the opening round speaks negatively of the Pac-10. In two of those three games, the Pac-10 team was the lower seed and was thereby implicitly projected to lose. USC's loss was the only loss that might make the conference look bad. Everything else has gone according to form.

Posted by sequimdawgbob

9:18 AM, Mar 23, 2008

"watched a lot of each of those losses and tried to come up with a common Pac-10-related reason as to why all three lost and really couldn't. " Bob, they all played higher seeds. Our winners all played lower seeds.

As of today i think we are 6-3, right. All our higher seeds won. The easy call was WSU and surprisingly the close ones were Stanford and UCLA.

The cougs look really good. The big guy for ND lost his cool, tried to do too much. I think WSU has a good chance in the next round.

Go Cougs! And especially, Go Huskies!

Posted by TuBob Shakur

9:19 AM, Mar 23, 2008

Happy in Pullman: I'm not sure why I'm wasting my time addressing your comments, but you might want to get your facts straight about Coach Romar:

1. He took over a team from Coach Bender that was absolutely abysmal and was in shambles. The players were bad, selfish, and had attitude problems. Coach Romar turned that around in record speed. He deserves credit for that.

2. Coach Romar did, in fact, recruit and/or develop all of the key players on his two Sweet 16 teams. Coach Romar is the coach who closed the deal with Brandon Roy (yes, "Brandon Roy," look it up), Bobby Jones, Jamaal Williams, Tre Simmons, Jon Brockman, Justin Dentmon, etc. Also, under Coach Romar, Will Conroy and Mike Jensen went from being horrible players to highly productive players. I also credit Coach Romar for developing Nate Robinson into a "player" from an "athlete."

In sum, it's simply moronic to suggest that Coach Romar somehow inherited his success at UW and to minimize Romar's success at UW. Frankly, if you want to talk about inherited success, you should look at your own basketball program. There's a much better argument that Tony Bennett inherited his success than that Coach Romar inherited his success. (I personally think Tony is a stud, and I wouln't personally MAKE that argument. But it is, in fact, a better argument.)


Posted by GenoIsMyIdol

10:06 AM, Mar 23, 2008

Hey Boobieboy...your 11:27 PM post cracks me up. Your team couldn't even get into the NIT and then LOST in the CBI and yet you feel the Huskies are good. Keep convincing yourself of this if it makes you feel better. The Cougars know where they are....the Huskies know where they are.....Brockman knows where he is. You're the only one lost.

Posted by GenoIsMyIdol

10:22 AM, Mar 23, 2008

Here is what the Cougars did to ND yesterday:

"They imposed their will on us," Irish coach Mike Brey said. "The first four minutes, we had the thing going up and down a little bit, but after that, we couldn't really get it moving."

It was the fewest points scored by the Irish in Brey's eight seasons, and the fewest in school history for an NCAA Tournament game. The Irish have not scored so few points overall in any game since a 52-42 loss to South Carolina on Feb. 4, 1984.

Huskies....are you paying attention. There might be hope for another CBI next year...just keep up the great work.

As for the CBI, hey look at it this way, at least your guys got in another game and practice. Romar kept stressing that and I agree. The more you play the better you become.

Repeat this all season and it'll happen - CBI CBI CBI CBI

Posted by GenoIsMyIdol

10:34 AM, Mar 23, 2008

If you read Jerry Brewer's column "Big man Luke Harangody stands in Cougars' way"

If you read Jerry Brewer's column yesterday in the Times you would have thought the Cougars wouldn’t have a chance against ND. Most of the column was focused on and I quote “Luke Harangody, the most unorthodox star in college basketball.”

A few things of what Jerry said was:
He punishes opponents with an incomparable package of skills. If you could teach a bull the quickstep, then you'd have another Harangody. His game includes deft hook shots, 18-foot jumpers, bruising post moves, wild dives to the floor and swift dribble drives. He uses both his strength and nimble feet to carry the Irish.
Harangody is sort of like Washington power forward Jon Brockman, only he's more skilled. He's sort of like UCLA power forward Kevin Love, only he's a lesser passer and a more versatile scorer.

*****Note: Did you read the above carefully Huskies - Harangody is sort of like Washington power forward Jon Brockman, only he's more skilled??

Focus too much on Harangody, and Notre Dame can burn you from long range. The Irish make an astounding 41.1 percent of their three-pointers. They have a 6-9 forward (Rob Kurz) who makes 40 percent of his treys, and a 6-11 big man (Luke Zeller) who makes 39 percent. No wonder they average 80 points.

"Teams have clamped him, tried to front him, tried to play behind him, tried to play all types of sagging defenses," Notre Dame guard Kyle McAlarney said. "At this point, one on one, he's kind of unstoppable. And even if you try something different, regardless of what you do, he's going to get his double-double."

Well if there is any poster here that doesn't know NCAA teams that well it is bomberboy. His post at 11:27 last night was way off target but was a nice display of stupidity at its finest.

Posted by DonJamesQuit

2:27 PM, Mar 23, 2008

Hey Ed Schrob -

Break time"s over.........get that headset back on and take some orders @ the drive up window.

Nice of your employers to give you access to wifi during your rest period.

So......are your serving work release, or is it an affirmative action program?

Do you work with Rick Finney? Oh, my mistake, his halfway house is in Arizona.

You couldn't gain admittance to my University of Washington on a bet.

Go away.................

Posted by Everett Dawg

2:33 PM, Mar 23, 2008

Bomberboy - " And take nothing away from wsu but Notre Dame looked HORRIBLE to me...REALLY SLOW!"

Wow....gee....what an ntelligent summary of the game. Hello Idiot but ND looked that way because of the Cougar defense??

Sheeezzzzzz....I hope you don't depend on your stupid game summary for your livelihood because quite frankly - YOU SUCK AT IT.

Posted by medinatyee is a $hithead

8:38 PM, Mar 23, 2008

Nice work Medina. Way to attack a Husky and defend ducks and cougs. What kind of a crap head are you? Honestly, it's clear that you're a coug or duck posing as a Husky. Only a duck or coug would side with people like Geno, coug4life, etc. and attack a Husky fan.
You're clearly not a Husky fan, and you're an @$$hole on top of that!

Posted by MedinaTyee

9:18 PM, Mar 23, 2008

Yeah, yeah......Have you seen my check book balance? That balance lets me dump on anybody I want......and you know it. It's Tyee members who run these programs. Not you wage earners better get used to it. If I feel that our programs suck then they do. Understand? Or do I need to talk slower? By the way, what's your zip code?

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