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Seattle Times staff reporter Bob Condotta provides a running commentary on the Huskies.

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March 20, 2008 2:03 PM

Wallace update

Posted by Bob Condotta

Several of you have asked about the status of Artem Wallace.

There is nothing new official yet --- as soon as there is I will pass it along here.

However, I talked with UW coach Lorenzo Romar this morning for a season wrap-up story that will run later and he said he's confident Wallace will be able to play next season even if Wallace has suffered a tear of his ACL and not just a sprain.

"Even if it's serious, he could be back in six-eight months,'' Romar said. "Brandon Rush (of Kansas) tore his in May or June (actually, late May) and made it back. So I would anticipate Artem being back.''

Wallace said he was simply preparing to jump to block a shot when his knee buckled and he fell to the floor with 18:33 left in the first half.

"It just kind of buckled on me,'' he said. "I went to plant to take off and block a shot and the knee just felt like there was a snap of some sort. It was pretty painful. I was planting getting ready to take off and that's when it happened.''

He's scheduled to have an MRI today or sometime soon to determine the extent of the damage.

"You always want to be in there with your team and try to play but all I could do was try to stay on the bench and cheer for our guys,'' he said.

Wallace said he's never had any knee injuries before.

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Posted by Next Year

3:27 PM, Mar 20, 2008

Maybe they should consider medically redshirting Artem next season to clear a roster spot for an incoming freshman. Is that how that would work? Or would Artem still count as using up a scholarship?

Posted by Matt

3:32 PM, Mar 20, 2008

I was sitting courtside last night on that end and I'm pretty sure I heard that thing pop. Poor Artem, he was obviously in a lot of pain. A medical reshirt might be a good option if feasible (Next Year, I'm not sure how that works exactly).

Posted by CBI

3:40 PM, Mar 20, 2008

Kind of ironic that they played in the CBI to get better for next year and will actaully be worse off if they lost Wallace.

Posted by 206er

4:14 PM, Mar 20, 2008

i like the redshirt idea for artem. it would give him an opportunity for recovery and free up time for gant, breshers, mba, and wolf. i guess we should wiat for the diagnosis first.

p.s. i'm still so freaking embarrassed by what happened last night.

get well soon artem

Posted by john

5:00 PM, Mar 20, 2008

Clearing up time for Wolf is not a good idea. The guy has the slowest feet I have ever seen! He can't guard anybody and his rebounding is horrendous. Sure he can hit a 3 here and a 3 there, but he is not D 1 material. I had to laugh when Romar said that he can play in the NBA. It is going to suck to have Artem out, he has shown signs this year of his capabilities and he will be a more consistent play next season.

Posted by Bleh

5:49 PM, Mar 20, 2008

Even if Artem redshirts he will still occupy a scholarship, just because you are injured doesn't mean you stop going to classes haha

Posted by mattysimone

6:12 PM, Mar 20, 2008

uuuugghhhhh usc is killin me

Posted by Geno

6:30 PM, Mar 20, 2008

Looks like this blog is enjoying your day off. Just look at it this way guys - your team won't be killed in the NCAA Tourney. You can take solitude you were only embarrassed by, I mean Valpo. If you were in the NCAA Tourney millions more would know how much your team sucks.

Btw, how many saviors are due in next year?

Posted by Geno

7:25 PM, Mar 20, 2008

timothy...get real. Artem is an athlete student. He is not a professional He is at UW for scholastics – not money. If anything he might be able to sue for stupidity (his own of course) agreeing to play in this idiotic tourney which means nothing to anyone who wins it.

UW lost in more ways than one forking out $60K to the CBI organizers only to be humiliated. Guess who ends up laughing – everyone but UW.

Posted by SnohomishRick

7:50 PM, Mar 20, 2008

Since there is always a lot of Coug's on this site I would like to congratulate you on a great start to the tourney. That was quite a display of defense.

Posted by bleedin' purple

8:00 PM, Mar 20, 2008

I must admit I never thought I would agree with Geno on anything, but I agree completely that Timothy's speculation about a lawsuit is completely baseless.

Timothy, it's not only absurd to think that Wallace would consider suing the university for an injury that occurred during a game, but on top of that you threw out the "as many experts speculate" when describing the chances of the injury being career ending. Two questions... even if he tore a ligament in his knee, since it's quite common for players to return successfully following such an injury, do you realistically think it likely that it would actually end his career? second, what experts? please provide some evidence of this multitude of "experts" that are speculating that his injury is career ending when he hasn't even had an MRI yet...

Posted by Geno

8:07 PM, Mar 20, 2008

SnohomishRick...very classsy dude. This is a Seattle newspaper and a Husky blog but is it owned by the UW - hell no. Anyone can post here. This is not off limits to non-Huskies. You've just proved this point. Thanks a lot.

Now....I'm only hoping this great play holds out. They held Wintrop to what....5 pts with about three minutes left. Damn....sweet. I thought the Cougs were stagnant the 1st QTR and the game would grind on to the end. Great 2nd half.

Posted by get a life geno

8:29 PM, Mar 20, 2008

Geno --
Can you explain why you post here?
1) nobody likes you
2) this is a Husky blog, so nobody gives a crap about your coug b.s.
3) it's obnoxious
4) it adds nothing to the blog

Seriously, dude. What is your problem?

Bob -- any chance of just deleting every post Geno puts up until the guy just goes away forever?

Posted by geno = looooozer

8:37 PM, Mar 20, 2008

just another thought on geno.

Go away, geno. You, coug4life, and cougfan pretty much need to get girlfriends or something. It's just pathetic that you have nothing better to do than to bug folks on another teams blog.

By the way, did you get beat up a lot in school? Because you seem like the type who liked to keep bugging people and bugging people until they finally had enough and just popped you in the face. Perhaps this will enlighten you as to why you have probably spent half your life with a fat lip or black eye!

Posted by Coug It

8:43 PM, Mar 20, 2008

looks like the Cogs "Couged It" today eh?

Posted by Geno

8:46 PM, Mar 20, 2008

To all my fans.....sorry I don't post more than I do but to those that don’t like or care for me I have this to say to you – do you really think I give a rip what you think? Hell no!

Posted by Mr. Big

11:51 PM, Mar 20, 2008


Cougs got lucky in the 2nd half. What a motley crew they are. They won't get past the Irish, so they'll be right where the Huskies are in a few days--watching the games on their buddies TV. Now go get me a pizza. And don't forget your shinebox.

Posted by DawgMan

8:17 AM, Mar 21, 2008

Any chance you delete SnohomishRick's post about the cougidiots?
Seems like a loyal Dawg wouldn't stoop so low as to mention a a cougiidiot but SnohomishRick always seems to open his mouth at the wrong time.

Geno how many students that graduate in 2008 at cougieland will learn how to take the temperature of a horse?

Let's promote teh Dawg's and leave the other nine also fans out of this blog.

Posted by Geno

6:37 PM, Mar 21, 2008

DawgMan...please. Why would Bob do that before eradicating your stupid request first?

Now, be a good little Dog and go to sleep until next season...and keep your trap shut.

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