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Seattle Times staff reporter Bob Condotta provides a running commentary on the Huskies.

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March 19, 2008 1:38 PM

More info on tonight's game

Posted by Bob Condotta

A few notes on how to see tonight's game:

--- First, a reader writes that for DirecTV subscribers the CBI games will be available live on Ch. 669, including tonight's UW game. He writes that DirecTV does not carry Fox College Sports but added this dedicated channel for this FCS exclusive tournament.

--- The game will also be shown delayed on FSN-Northwest at 11 p.m.

--- The CBI website says that all games will be available live on the internet. Here's a link with more info.

--- Finally, the CBI also has a good downloadable program of tonight's game that you can print and take with you.

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Posted by stink

2:08 PM, Mar 19, 2008

I have Dish Network and I don't think they have the Fox College Sports channel, but will it be on an alternate channel? ANyone that knows let me know.

Posted by Everett fan

2:23 PM, Mar 19, 2008

To lo@va I was able to watch one non-tv game on the internet, but I don't have the link at my fingertips (at work). I'll get it whenI get home, and post it here before tip-off, if someone doesn't do it between now and then.
PS what part of VA are you in? I grew up near Richmond, and went to VaTech.

Posted by hsky69

2:58 PM, Mar 19, 2008

I'm sure the game will be broadcast over good 'ol fashioned radio am950 KJR with Bob Rondeau too.

Posted by lo @ uva

3:15 PM, Mar 19, 2008

grad school at UVa right now ... very temporary. but one never forgets their undergrad :) especially when it was the broy, nate robinson age!

thx for providing the link .. i am checkin out bob's CBI link as i type.

Posted by Marcus

3:29 PM, Mar 19, 2008

Does anyone know if you have to have the direct tv sports package to get channel 669?

Posted by lo @ uva

3:39 PM, Mar 19, 2008

ugh you have to pay for the internet view ...

anyone willing to hold a webcam up to their tv set? :D

Posted by Ted Robinson

3:45 PM, Mar 19, 2008

Who holds the UW career record for rebounds and how many?
Can Brockman break that record next year?
He has 880 (7th all time UW). He could average 10 next year for 30 games for a total of 1200.

Posted by Dave " The Meatball" Armistead

4:11 PM, Mar 19, 2008

Junkman and Patience- Wanna call the meatball ouot? I already posted that I was wrong about the 4 wins for the Husky's. I gave you guys your kudos for 7 wins. My other prediction about us getting 2nd Place in the Pac-10 was Pre-Season and I admitted was going to be wrong a long time ago when Lute took his leave of absence. So in short, I've already addressed being wrong on those two fronts. I did however, forget to wish you guys good luck in the CBI....LOL, are you kidding me??? CBI has to be the biggest insult for Division 1 Basketball Programs. You guys really are just one year away!!!

Has reality set-in yet that the Meatball was right all along about the Husky program? Yeah, let Romar keep doing his thing. Great progress.

Patience- Your name could not be more appropriate of a Fan of Husky will need tons of it going foward as a Husky Faithful.

ASU got a dose of reality...Romar has the same afflicition...incapable of scheduling respectable Non-Conference games. They suffered for it in their RPI and SOS. It's the old adage of shooting one's self in the foot.

As for my CATS, I am picking them to lose to Xavier in the Sweet 16. When it happens, you will quietly shake your head and relish in my meatballness.

Oregon will win their first game, UCLA will lose to Xavier or UCONN, USC will lose 2nd round, Stanford will be in the Final 4, and WSU will be in the Sweet 16.

That is all for now, but how embarrasing will it be if you guys lose in the FBI company picnick tourney?

Love- Dave "The Meatball" Armistead

Posted by pattapit

4:44 PM, Mar 19, 2008

Am I the only one that doesn't want Brockman to play?

Obviously, it's better with him. BUT wouldn't it be better to have him all of next year instead of a tourney that means nothing?

If he isn't 100% and goes out there and hurts himself in "garbage" time, it will be unbearable. I am a die-hard, and I will be at the game tonight, but I really hope I don't see brockman's "alfalfa hair" (how he looks like he just got up from a nap in every game) I hope I see beautiful gelled, brockman hair while he's sitting in a suit on the sidelines.

Anybody? Bueler?

Posted by Tom

4:44 PM, Mar 19, 2008

And there's tickets still available I'm sure :)

Posted by Geno

5:10 PM, Mar 19, 2008



Husky basketball at its finest.

Come, one won't do it. Come all because the UW has invested $60K on this endeavor. You know this endeavor.....the endeavor that was a last resort to show case this fine basketball team.

You know this basketball team that has lost to WSU seven straight times now.

You know this basketball team that has been a laughing stock for the past three years now.

You know this basketball team that has locked up their coach to a ten year contract just a couple years ago so has no other options.

You know this basketball team that would love for you fans to show up and support this last ditch effort.

Come one….sorry, wrong again – come all. Come in droves. Come with your neighbors. Come with your family. Come with your postman or postwoman. Come with your milkman, hair dressor, landlord. Hell, grab the first guy and gal you see on the street and bring them. Grab ANYONE…just come. Support your UW because we need your money to break even on this bad idea.

Posted by pattapit

5:18 PM, Mar 19, 2008

Geno, this might be a problem in Pulman, but over here, we make more in endowment then it costs to run the school for a year. The UW has sooo much money without even selling off any of the land they own that this is laughable. Romar clearly wanted young players to get more experience in a tourney setting for next year when we are in it. This 60K is LAUGHABLE. it's more to see the team again and give them a little experience.

Posted by hsky69

5:46 PM, Mar 19, 2008

Hey Geno, so the Huskies have been laughing stocks for the past three years yeah? Is that right. These are the same Huskies that barely lost to Uconn 98 - 92 in the '06 Sweet 16? Those Huskies?

And let's see how Cowgill and Baynes hold up against Harangody in round two next week. I'm guessing not so well.

Posted by Geno

5:53 PM, Mar 19, 2008 clearly are not smart enough to see the sarcasm in my post but then what would you expect from fans of a losing college basketball team the year that some half-witted, dip stick wane be executive thought of the C….B….I. You know, the tourney for loser basketball teams.

Enjoy your tourney pattapit because I KNOW where the best teams are playing these coming couple of weeks.

As for WSU, it was a stepping stone for me in my career (went on to higher learning after my receiving my BS there) but I have such great memories of their professors, administrators, and the City of Pullman in general I will always be a supporter of the school. I grew up in the shadows of UW, left HS with a GPA that could have gotten me into most any school I wanted to attend but chose NOT to go the PLANTATION on the HILL. I knew WSU would be a temporary four years but they were great ones. Where I received my law degree is irrelevant but it certainly wasn’t from UW (it was from out of state).

Posted by Jmnor55

6:41 AM, Mar 20, 2008

What an EMBARASSMENT for the Purple and Gold!!!! Thank G-d for Gonzaga. BTW, I will NOT root for WSU.

Maybe the Huskies should relocate to the WAC!!

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