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Seattle Times staff reporter Bob Condotta provides a running commentary on the Huskies.

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March 18, 2008 1:09 PM


Posted by Bob Condotta

As others have pointed out, one mistake the CBI may have made in attempting to build a following was deciding to re-seed after the quarterfinal rounds.

That makes it impossible to do a bracket and follow it through to the end. Conjecture is the decision to re-seed was done for financial reasons --- heck, the whole tournament is being done for financial reasons, obviously --- with the four semi-finalists seeded based on who can best, or is willing, to host games and sell a few tickets.

So for now, we can only break down the CBI through the first two rounds. I'll do so region-by-region acknowledging that I know little more about teams like Brown or Ohio than I do, say, knitting.


Only in the CBI could the highest seed have the lowest RPI of the four teams in its region. But that's the case as UW is at 121, compared to 74 for Nevada, 80 for Houston and 97 for Valparaiso (in fact,UW's RPI is the third-worst of the 16 teams in the field).

But the Huskies will have the home court throughout, and if they can get past Valparaiso, should have a pretty healthy Jon Brockman from there. Nevada is a tough home team (11-3 this season) that should be able to get past a slumping Houston squad (losers of three of last four and five of last nine) to win its first-round game tonight. That would create a UW-Nevada quarterfinal game and the Huskies should be able to make it to the semis from there if the home court (sure to feature below-average crowds) proves to be any sort of edge.


By RPI, anyway, the weakest region in the field as all of the teams are at 109 or below --- Rider is 109, Richmond 120, Virginia 127 and Old Dominion 129.

Rider tied with Siena for the MAAC regular-season title led by forward Jason Thompson, who averages 12 rebounds a game (second in the nation just ahead of Brockman's 11.5.) It should beat ODU today.

Virginia fell hard after a 10-2 start to finish 15-15 and in Richmond, faces a long-time rival (this will be the 88th meeting between the two). That should make for an emotional game. But Virginia has the best player in guard Sean Singletary and should win tonight. Virginia should then be able to beat Rider to get out of this region.


Miami-Ohio, at 73, has the best RPI of any team in the tournament, due largely to wins over NCAA tourney teams Xavier and Mississippi State. But it opens at Tulsa against a team that won 10 of its last 13 games, so slot the Golden Hurricane through.

The other game is Utah at UTEP. Utah has lost six of its last eight after a promising start and probably won't be able to win a road game here. A UTEP-Tulsa game in the second round would be the fourth meeting this year between the two, UTEP winning two. Home court would figure to send UTEP through to the semis.


So this tournament almost had to have Bradley, which also played in the first-ever NIT, NCAA, National Campus Tournament (1951) and Commissioner's Classic (1974). The meeting with Cincy is a resurrection of an old rivalry that has been dormant since 1981, so it could be emotion-laden, as well. Despite a 13-18 record, Cincy has a 118 RPI. But Cincy lost its last six games and should be no match for Bradley, which won nine of its last 14, including a win at Drake.

Ohio and Brown may be one of the least-sexy post-season matchups in the history of college basketball other than the fact that Brown is coached by Craig Robinson, the brother-in-law of Barack Obama.

Ohio is 12-1 at home including wins over New Mexico State and Cornell --- which won the Ivy League, of which Brown finished second --- so the Bobcats should win this one. Figure Bradley from there.

So yes, that means I've got all four No. 1 seeds advancing to the semifinals.

But then when it comes to the CBI, you just never know what might happen, do you?

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Posted by

2:09 PM, Mar 18, 2008

The Meatball doesn't want to say I told ya so, but didn't I tell everyone preseason that Washington will not even get an invite to the NIT?

Looking forward to the NCAA...I could see my team getting on a roll the first weekend and beating Puke...and then losing in the Sweet 16. Very surprised about Oregon. Go Pack 10, GO!

Posted by Toby

2:27 PM, Mar 18, 2008

If you want more in-depth analysis on the CBI, this is a cool blog that has previews up for each game. Pretty funny, too.

Posted by Kristian

3:28 PM, Mar 18, 2008

I know ya'll might think its great because your team gets to keep playing. It is a great opportunity for the kids to keep the season going and gain some experience, however the post season is really about earning the right to keep playing. Thats the whole notion of it, and thats what everyone dreams of growing up, reaching the light at the end of the tunnel. Paying for a chance to be officially 98th best in the country doesn't seem glorious at all.... I would be embarrassed to be a part of the CBI

Posted by Hola

3:47 PM, Mar 18, 2008

embarrassed? embarrassed to keep playing basketball and to compete? dude, where is your perspective?

Posted by MT Husky

3:52 PM, Mar 18, 2008

Bob, you probably said this and I missed it but I just opened up the bracket and noticed that the championship is the best 2 out of 3. That is stinking hilarious.

Posted by Bob Condotta

3:57 PM, Mar 18, 2008

Maybe, but it's also one of the things coaches really like about it, that they could play as many as six more games and get that kind of experience.

Posted by MT Husky

4:04 PM, Mar 18, 2008

Oh, I agree, which is why I've been vocal in my support of Huskies participating...but when I tell my buddies that my beloved Huskies are in the CBI and they don't believe me that there is such a thing as a CBI I already am to then find out the championship is the best 2 out of 3 that just made it that much funnier.

Oh well...what the heck. Go Huskies!

Also, one of my co-workers printed off the bracket and completed it (I'm pretty certain he's mocking me) so I printed one off and completed it as well. Ummm...I do have Huskies winning it...but I also vowed to not brag nor even feel pride if/when they do.

Posted by patience

4:57 PM, Mar 18, 2008

hey meatball,

while on the subject of "I told ya so", you lost the bet you made about the dawgs winning less than 4 Pac 10 games and failed to pay up.

you really are alot like your hero Lute Olsen when it pertains to your total failure to keep your commitments.

Posted by bomberboy

5:39 PM, Mar 18, 2008

Bob, this is great, but what do yo mean "heck, the whole tournament is being done for financial reasonsi"??? What do you think is the reason for the NCAA tourney? If not moeny, then what....and don't worry about not knowing much about Brown or guess is you know as much bout them as you do about American, UMBC, Cornell, Miss Valley St.,Belmont, Mt St Mary, Winthrop, Siena,...I could go on forever....this is good stuff, just more hoops. No worse than most college bowl games and so on....I love all beats cleaning the garage!!!

Posted by A Fan Of Bob

5:43 PM, Mar 18, 2008

Excuse me while I laugh at this situation - the Huskies taking the DESPERATE ROUTE by going with the BBC.

Have fun...well, at at least as much fun as losers can have, Me, I ain't even going to bother wasting my time watching the 200th and 201st ranked teams duke it out.....I'm waiting for great college basketball....I'm waiting for Thursday.

Posted by Ziasudra

5:56 PM, Mar 18, 2008

To AFoB - why are you wasting your time on this website, if you distain the CBI so much? Aren't you being a little inconsistent? Why aren't you out cleaning the garage? On Thursday, you can go read and post the WSU blog. Did someone put a gun to your head and insist you read the UW (gasp!) blog? Why didn't you call the police instead of writing here?
I'm watching the Coppin St/Mt. St. Mary's game, #65 and #64 - I don't think either one could beat OSU - or the UW second team, for that matter. Until the NCAA gets rid of the automatic qualifiers, there will be 15 or so teams that are not in the top 64, probably not in the top 100.
Remember what Bob pointed out, it's about the $$$.

Posted by junkman

6:04 PM, Mar 18, 2008

Meatball, you're 2 big predictions were UW with 4 conference wins - and you said I was insane saying it would be 7-9 wins. The other was UA finishing 2nd in the Pac10 - way off on that one too. They folded down the stretch (4-8) because of lack of depth just as I predicted. Hope you're not a betting man cause you'd be broke. As for the big dance, one and done for UA who everyone knows shouldn't have been in to begin with (at least anyone who isn't a fan of UA). ASU got screwed and you know it.

Posted by wayupwaydown

6:10 PM, Mar 18, 2008

You gotta be kidding, two out of three?

This is wait, it is $60,000.


Posted by mattysimone

6:35 PM, Mar 18, 2008

wow great turn if we can get one last big push! we are up to 70. so everyone sign up!!! then go to fantasy, m tourney challenge

then join league and its "pac10 rules"
password is bobc

Posted by Tone

6:45 PM, Mar 18, 2008

First of all, whether you are in the NIT, CBI or NCAA, all teams, with the exception of one, will end being second best and few ever remember those teams. So, in that regard, if the Dawgs are playing in the CBI I only see an upside: more preparation for next year. In fact, it's ironic that U of A could lose this week after just one game and then the Dawgs could play several more games, if they keep winning. UCLA is the only Pac 10 team that may reach the Final 4 - all others will be home before then. The Pac 10 was a bit overrated this year in my book; good times within but they didn't fair so well against the "other top non-Pac 10" teams. ASU got screwed and Lute sent one of his retirement checks to the NCAA committee...they should not be in this one.

Posted by GenoIsMyIdol

7:09 PM, Mar 18, 2008

Tone, if 'The Pac 10 was a bit overrated this year in my book' as you say what does that say about the .500 HUSKIES??

I'll tell you my little friend - it makes them appear even worse than everyone thought they were.

CBI...have fun with your CBI. The CBI is man, oh so great....I never thought I would see UW stoop so low but they have. I just wanna laugh my head off....this is great!

Posted by GenoIsMyIdol

7:10 PM, Mar 18, 2008

And uh Tone....done group the CBI in the same sentence as the NCAA Tourney. It makes you look stupid.

Posted by PayClayBennett

8:05 PM, Mar 18, 2008

One and done - that will be "legacy" of the CBI, LOL.

3rd wheel on a 2-wheel bike basically....there is no room for a third wheel.

It's nice they get to play, but what does it mean? What if they lose in the first round of this tourney? How bad does that make them?

Anyway - I wish them luck, but I don't see 5000 fans there, unless there is nothing else to do....

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