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Husky Men's Basketball Blog

Seattle Times staff reporter Bob Condotta provides a running commentary on the Huskies.

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March 16, 2008 5:55 PM

NIT Field unveiled at 6

Posted by Bob Condotta

The NIT will unveil its field at 6 p.m. on ESPN2.

Once that happens, and UW is not named (as is expected), the CBI field will be announced shortly after.

UW is expected to be part of the CBI, Husky officials saying last week they would participate.

So we should have official news of UW and the CBI shortly.

In the meantime, here's where you can view the NIT field.

UPDATE --- Cal got a 4 seed and will play New Mexico in a first round game.

ASU rececived a 1 seed in the NIT and will play Alabama State.

UW didn't receive a bid so expect a CBI announcement soon.

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*Required Field

Posted by Boy Howdy

6:07 PM, Mar 16, 2008

When's the WGAS field announced? :)

Posted by Boy Howdy

6:20 PM, Mar 16, 2008

With all these freaking post-season tournaments, is Oregon State also awaiting an invitation? I mean, it's like anticipating a call from the Bowl selection committee or something!

I'm just sayin'....

Posted by Chris Miller

6:22 PM, Mar 16, 2008


Posted by Hallerlakedawg

6:44 PM, Mar 16, 2008

Bob, any update on the CBI for the dawgs?

Posted by Stupid Cougs

6:49 PM, Mar 16, 2008

My prediction was that the Cougs would finish 3rd or 4th in the conference and Dawgs would get 7-9 conference wins. I was right. Next year I predict Cougs will get 5 wins and Dawgs will get 10-11.
Face it Coug losers, this is your last run for the next 10-20 years - enjoy it!

Posted by Hutch

6:59 PM, Mar 16, 2008

yep GO DAWGS, until they go deep in a NCAA tourney, they have no reason to talk. Same goes for football, until they win a Rose Bowl or other BCS game, they continue to have no reason to talk. They have owned us recently head to head in basketball and football, but what good does that do if you don't have a great finish to your season?

Posted by Wonderin'

7:00 PM, Mar 16, 2008

Please instruct me, all you cougar fans, gu fans, ou fans, etc. Since you hate the Huskies, why do watch them in the first place? Why do you spend all your spare time reading about them? Why do you torture your souls thinking up terrible things to say about them? Have you no enjoyment with your favorite team? Why are you here in the first place? (and, in the last place?)
Can you explain why you now much about the team if you hate to watch them, and read about them?

Posted by Coug alum

7:13 PM, Mar 16, 2008

And we'll be great as long as Tony Bennett is our coach....... oh wait, Tony Bennett won't be here very long. So I come here to see whats up with Dawgs postseason chances because to do respect my rival, and I see a bunch of my schools fans acting like complete idiots. Very sad!

Posted by for Bob C. to read

7:15 PM, Mar 16, 2008

This "Husky" blog is simply not worth reading as a Husky fan due to all of the non-Huskies posting here. Just look at this thread. It is made up primarily of idiot coug fans coming on here to cause trouble. I've seen folks like geno, coug4life, cougfan, and others who post here as much or more than any other bloggers. Why exactly are the majority of posts on a HUSKY blog coming from idiots who aren't husky fans?! It is the same thing on the football blog, but there some duck fans join the mix.
Is it possible to just start deleting the idiot posters who are clearly not Husky fans and who are only interested in stiring the pot?
When these guys come on here and make their stupid comments it just turns every thread into an insult-fest back and forth. It's obnoxious.
Anyway, I'd like to keep reading the HUSKY football and basketball blogs. However, if it just continues to be full of obnoxious cougar and ducks fans, then I really can't see any point.
Would you please start deleting (or blocking if possible) posts from non-Huskies. Because frankly, I think most Husky fans don't really give a crap what cougars and ducks think. Unlike their fans (who are obsessed with UW), we don't really give a rip what they are doing. Clearly they're jealous or something... I don't know. But, whatever the case, we're on here to enjoy other Husky bloggers and to get up to the minute news and information. We're not interested in hearing 14 year old cougar fans coming on here to prove what morons they can be!
Again, could you just start deleting the cougar and duck fan posts (and any other schools) as soon as they appear? Maybe this will convince them to simply leave if every time they post it just gets deleted. Otherwise, I'm afraid your blog is going to be completely hijacked by cougars and ducks, because no Husky fans want to come here to read this idiotic crap posted by non-Huskies who are here only to make trouble.

Posted by Reality - Not Fantasy

7:31 PM, Mar 16, 2008

I know....if UW joins the same league as PORTLAND STATE they might have a chance. What do you think so? Portland State went to the NCAA Tourney and the Huskies are certainly better than them....just as any Husky.

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