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Seattle Times staff reporter Bob Condotta provides a running commentary on the Huskies.

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March 11, 2008 8:35 AM

Tuesday links, notes

Posted by Bob Condotta

On to the links:

--- I wrote today about Quincy Pondexter, who has quietly played some of the best basketball of his UW career the last three games. It's a story I might not have written if not for the injury to Jon Brockman, which makes it that much more vital for Pondexter to continue on this track in the Pac-10 tournament. There have admittedly been lots of instances in the last year where it has seemed like Pondexter has been ready to turn a corner. But UW coach Lorenzo Romar seems to believe this one may be for real. One thing that didn't make it into the story was Romar's lauding of Pondexter's work ethic of late. As I talked with Romar, Pondexter was out on the court before practice going through an intense session with assistant Paul Fortier. "He's just working his butt off right now,'' Romar said of Pondexter. "He comes out here every day, before and after practice.'' Romar said that's a dedication he hasn't seen from Pondexter previously. He also noted the way Pondexter rebounded from a shaky first half Saturday against the Cougars. Pondexter had no points, two rebounds, two fouls and two turnovers in the first half, but finished with 12 points, five rebounds and two steals before fouling out (on what was a pretty suspect call with 56 seconds left that might have done as much as anything to turn the direction of the game). "Last year, he wouldn't have come back from that first half,'' Romar said. "This year, maybe in the beginning of the year he wouldn't have. But he came back and was a factor. If you win that game, you've got to point to Quincy Pondexter.''

--- Also in our paper today is this column from Jerry Brewer, who says UW's problems are in the backcourt. Jerry also has more here in his Extra Points blog. Jerry leads off his column with a reference to the last possession of regulation where Justin Dentmon dribbled the ball off his leg. I've heard some questions why the Huskies didn't call time out there (they had one left when they got the ball with 14 seconds remaining when Robbie Cowgill missed a free throw after scoring a tying basket). Romar said later the Huskies wanted to be aggressive at that point, especially with their guards, since WSU's Taylor Rochestie had four fouls. In fact, Rochestie picked up his fourth with 4:51 left in regulation but then played the final 13:33 of the game without getting his fifth.

--- The Daily Californian reports that Cal center DeVon Hardin, who missed the UCLA game with a hip flexor, is expected to play against the Huskies. Also included in that story are some notes on the UCLA loss and the observation that the Bears had an especially intense practice Monday as a result.


--- With Lute Olson back in the fold, Kevin O'Neill says he doesn't know what he'll do next season.

--- The LA Daily News says LSU has contacted USC coach Tim Floyd, who has lived and worked previously in Louisiana. I'd think Floyd stays put.

--- Good story on O.J. Mayo in the LA Times.

--- Jon Wilner's College Hotline has a good assessment of the last weekend in Bay Area hoops with some interesting insights into Cal.

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Posted by Don Z

9:42 AM, Mar 11, 2008

Hi Bob:

Can you comment on how Brockman was not considered for PAC-10 player of the year or why he did not make the first-team All-PAC-10. Didn't he average a Double-Double for the season?

Posted by Jake

9:57 AM, Mar 11, 2008

I agree about Pondexter. He did a great job of making up for his mistakes Satruday; he would flub, then get a big steal or rebound. Very mature. I also agree about the call that make Pondexter sit out all of the OT periods. His arms got tangled with another player, and it was just one of those scenarios where the ref basically has to flip a proverbial coin to decide who to call it on. Should have been a no-call.

Posted by Ziasudra

10:30 AM, Mar 11, 2008

It seems that someone posted an opinion on Friday, that the refs would prefer WSU to win, to increase their standing with the NCAA. It seems like that opinion was insightful, to say the least.
This a broken record. But the officiating plays it over and over.

Posted by johnnycougar

10:36 AM, Mar 11, 2008

You know (Jake), that's one thing I've been noticing the last couple seasons. That play (and many many others) should have been a no-call, but Pac 10 refs almost never make no-calls. If someone goes down, there's always a foul called, one way or the other. When I watch Big East or SEC games there is a lot more contact allowed. Also, on charges / blocks, if the defender was sort of established but not quite, or if the ballhandler kind of made contact but not much, the refs let the play go. I wish we'd see more of that here, as charges / blocks are often the most disputed calls for fans. Non-calls in those situations would help everyone, and keep the best players on the floor.

Posted by mattysimone

10:49 AM, Mar 11, 2008

somebody asked who was in he tourney bracket so far. so this is the list. go to tourney challenge and league is Pac10Rules and password is bobc. al these big talkers on here and only 7 to sign up so far..where are you bob?

johnnycougar, J. Yeager
Bobby C rules, W. Jameson
Bushnell 1, J. Bushnell
Splash, R. Sonnenfeld
Simmons 1, M. Simmons
Dann 1, R. Dann
uw @ uva, L. Battistelli

Posted by Cougfan

11:02 AM, Mar 11, 2008

I thought I was in the group and am not! I will try again. Don't worry, I will be there.

Posted by Dave " The Meatball" Armistead

12:01 PM, Mar 11, 2008

Don't think that the Meatball has forgotten about all of you! Was in court most of last week and didn't get a chance to note my disappointment in my Cats faltering at Oregon. Oh well, LUTE IS COMING BACK FOLKS! Now that our future is secure for the short run, my CATS can now focus on trouncing OSU tomorrow. With a strong showing, my CATS will have punched their ticket to the dance with a #10 Seed. If they can get hot and win the Pac-10 tourney (and hopefully avoid Oregon and their unconscious 3-point shooting vs my Cats) then we might be looking at a #5 seed. We shall see, but with Lute back for next year everything looks a bit more sunny.

The Meatball also heard Jerryd Bayless in an interview make a slip of the tongue and state " we are glad to have Coacho Olson back, and look forward to next year"....he then tried to back track a bit and state that he hasn't decided what he will do next year, but this Meatball thinks he will stay and play for the man he has adored all his life and team up with his buddy Brandon Jennings.

You guys all think the Meatball is crazy from time to time but I want to make 2 predictions. First off, I want to wish all of those Pac-10 teams that will be playing Post-Season tournaments the best of luck and represent the Pac-10 well with some deep tourney runs. Now for the predictions...

1) My Wildcats will be playing in the 2nd or 3rd round of this years NCAA Tourney. I know that it sounds like a bit of a cop out by not sticking to one projection, but I could really see us winning our 1st game, and coming out flat in our second game and losing...or I could see us making it to the second weekend, but then falling flat on our faces...this is the roller coaster that I have come to expect of this years version of Cardiac Cats.

2) With the Return of Bayless, Budinger, and Hill next year, my Wildcats will be ranked in the Pre-Season Top 5 and will remain in the Top 10 of both polls the entire year.

As for your Husky's, next year will be the telling year for Romar's future...I for one think he will be asked to step down...

Posted by wayupwaydown

12:07 PM, Mar 11, 2008

I am in the pool mattty. It took awhile. There is another public goup called "The Pac 10 Rules" and a few may have registered there by mistake. It took me a bit to find your private group.

Posted by Cougfan

12:23 PM, Mar 11, 2008

I believe I am now registered--in both!

Meatball, are you in on our brackets?

So who won the case? You or Geno?

Posted by jackncoke

12:52 PM, Mar 11, 2008

I give Coach Romar kudos for taking the blame, but what is he going to do about it? Coaching wins close games, as does free-throw shooting - and the latter is a good litmus test for coaching quality. The "Columns" article on Brandon Roy was very illuminating. Coach said he knew "from Day 1" that Roy was the man. Well then why wasn't he the team captain and go-to guy during his Sophomore, Junior and Senior years? Last year we had to go to Hawes every chance we got - good strategy for most games, but not every game (Stanford, WSU). This year we have to go to Brockman every chance we get - I love Brockman, but he is 6'6" - he can't dominate games against good centers (WSU, Stanford, others). If I were Quincy Pondexter's parents, I would seriously consider having him transfer. He is by far the most versatile, talented, and athletic player we have, but he is so screwed up mentally that he looks lost on the court. He scored 20 pts in one half AT Arizona last year and we can't figure out how to use his talents properly?!? That is just plain sad. The guards are lost because the coaches are lost. Dentmon scores 20 and we beat UCLA - you'd think that would clue us in to maybe having different strategies for different opponents. Oh yeah, and how many times in the last 5 years have we gotten out to 20 point leads and then blown them or almost blown them? This is due to the other coaches making half-time adjustments while we keep forcing it inside to Hawes/Brockman. So again - what is going to be done about these issues?!?

Posted by Go Dawgs Go

6:42 PM, Mar 11, 2008

Matty I just signed up a few minutes ago. There are 14 now entered. Great idea.

Posted by mattysimone

7:22 PM, Mar 11, 2008

yep up to 14! yeah sorry there may be one space in it. Tell all your friends lets get up over a 100 in this thing!!! go to fantasy then tourney challenge. you have to click join league and its Pac10 Rules ( not the pac10 rules) and password is bobc and you should see a few familiar names, im m simmons. where is bob , geno and meatball? if you click on the names you can go to profile and leave comments!!!

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