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Seattle Times staff reporter Bob Condotta provides a running commentary on the Huskies.

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March 9, 2008 10:39 AM

The day after, WSU edition

Posted by Bob Condotta

A few Sunday morning notes:

--- There may be an update on Jon Brockman at some point today. When/if we get one I'll pass it along here.

--- By losing yesterday, the Huskies fell out of a chance to play Oregon State in the first round of the Pac-10 tournament and will instead face Cal in the first round in the 8-9 game. And then it would be UCLA in the second round. Tough duty anyway, much tougher if Brockman can't go.

--- Cal may be coming off an even tougher loss than the Huskies, the controversial defeat to UCLA Saturday. The Pac-10 coordinator of officials, Bill McCabe, said the shot that won the game for UCLA might have been illegal. But he also said it was a judgment call. San Francisco Chronicle columnist Ray Ratto said the game is further proof that the Pac-10 needs to do something about its officials.

--- Vince Grippi of the Spokesman-Review said yesterday's game was "a classic'' and also provides lots of links to coverage of the game.

--- Someone asked for final stats of the game, so here's a link that includes a breakdown of the turnovers.The main offenders were Venoy Overton (five) and Brockman (four). Brockman admitted later he was a little too amped up early, trying to do too much, when he committed a few turnovers in the first moments of the game. Overton committed a few while trying to push the pace, something that was a priority for the Huskies to be as aggressive as possible. The trick is to do that while still taking care of the ball, obviously. And the Cougars, despite their defensive prowess, aren't a team that always forces a lot of turnovers since they don't really pressure much. WSU hadn't forced more than 19 in a game all season and no more than 17 in any Pac-10 game. UW had 18 turnovers at the end of regulation, and then four more in the overtimes.

--- O.J. Mayo said he might actually return next season, but think I'll believe that when I see it.

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Posted by UW athletics

11:47 AM, Mar 09, 2008

I'm looking at the football program, both basketball programs, the failed stadium project, etc. and I can safely say that UW athletics are broken. We're finishing last or near last in the big (money) sports, and we've pretty much become the joke of the pac10. I do not envy the next AD. They are walking into a complete disaster of a program at this point. Hedges and Gerberding completely destroyed UW athletics and Turner did nothing more than scatter the broken parts around! What a pathetic time for UW athletics.

Posted by Geno

12:03 PM, Mar 09, 2008

BOB - In your game story you said "WSU led much of the second half, but UW held the Cougars to just one field goal in the final 6:32 of regulation to regain the lead."

Did you actually watch the game? I did and I saw a three pointer by Low at 4:37 and a lay-up by Cowgill at 0:14. That, my writing friend is TWO field goals in FOUR minutes - actually one THREE-POINTER and ONE field goal.

Wow, you once again reminded me why I read ESPN and CBS Sports to get my sports info and not your write-ups because if anything - your are consistently incorrect and non-factual.

Posted by Geno

12:05 PM, Mar 09, 2008

Almost forgot to mention, in between the time that WSU made ONLY one field goal according to you you forgot to mention that WSU made FIVE FREE THROWS because of the hacking by UW on lay-ups....lay-ups Bob....lay-ups. I know, the Ladies of Seattle hate to give up a 'gimme'...right? They would much rather be a THUG and HACK.

Posted by FloridaHusky

12:34 PM, Mar 09, 2008

The "barely" double-overtime win for the Cougars was ominous for WSU in the tournament. They are not playing that well. That they had to struggle to beat one of the worst teams in the league was telling. The Huskies have some physical presence on the floor, but their fundamentals and strategy is terrible. Twenty-two turnovers this late in the season continues the sloppy play that has characterized Romar's teams the last two years. I believe players win and lose games -- not coaches. But this Husky teams misses so many easy ones, turns the ball over in crucial situation (hello Justin Dentmon), can't shoot from outside, and usually appears like a gym rat team that was just pulled together. And the Cougars are highly rated? If they can't handle Washington any easier than that, they don't have a chance in the Big Dance.

Posted by MT Husky

12:50 PM, Mar 09, 2008

Thank you Spanaway Dave and Bob for that link to the stats. A few other comments I’ve been thinking about as I reflect on the game:

1) Overton’s consistent ability to not only see the open man but to place the ball right where he needs to for them to score along with his tenacious defense sure makes it easy to forgive those 5 TO’s. Not to excuse the TO’s but it is a lot easier to not be angry at a freshman who does so many good things even when he makes mistakes than it is a Junior who takes foolish shots and has defensive lapses. I want to avoid trashing any Husky players but I was very impressed by the majority of the Huskies last night but find it interesting that the freshmen and sophomores have shown more progression in decision making and leadership than a couple of the Juniors. I also think it should be noted that maybe on the stat sheet Overton only had 6 assists, but really his passing created the opportunity for scoring beyond just those 6 assists. His ability to drive opens up so much as well as his pressure defense helps prevent the opposing offense to set up comfortably in their offense (which, wouldn’t you agree is one of the things Huskies have most improved at this season? Earlier in the season it seemed teams were consistently able to do whatever they wanted offensively where Huskies have become much more disruptive on defense…and I really credit Overton for that)

2) Though he didn’t do a lot, I did feel Wolfinger continued to at least play solid while on the floor. One time he fouled Baynes did come as a result of slow defensive footwork, but that was the only time that I noticed and mostly I thought he was pretty solid defensively and I feel like he makes good decisions offensively.

3) Also a quiet night by Wallace but I thought he did a lot of small things well that really contributed toward a solid defensive night by the Huskies.

4) Interesting that Smith came in for a few minutes early in the game and then never was seen again. I wonder what was up with that.

5) In the previous thread I commented that MBA is so close to being great…but what I was more trying to express was he is so close to being able to dominate down low. You can really see him becoming a dominant presence in the paint down the road.

6) I also felt Morris had his best all-around game he’s had in quite some time. A ton of effort and a lot of good decisions.

Posted by M

1:25 PM, Mar 09, 2008


One thing I haven't seen mentioned anywhere is when Josh Ship hit the ball out of bounds with .8 seconds left.

It looked an awful lot like he punched the ball, which would be a technical.

Posted by dawgmaster

1:35 PM, Mar 09, 2008

Fire Romar. 3 straight failing seasons of inept basketball. People give ty crap for 3 mediocre seasons but he had no talent and romar has insane talent and has finished 9th the last 3 years! get him a ticket back to compton asap!!! sue him for his contract extension money he is stealing from uw!

Posted by cougdave

2:11 PM, Mar 09, 2008


I wanted to thank you for all of the work you do on your blog. Being a coug fan, it is kind of weird always checking a UW fan site, but you do great work. I actually get a lot of my coug news from you and appreciate your unbiased coverage of the Pac-10. Do you have any thoughts on how far WSU can make it in the tournament?

Posted by boise

2:41 PM, Mar 09, 2008

Geno, you are a bottom feeder. Hiding behind a name on an opponent's blog, claiming to be a big time attorney, nowhere to be found when your team isn't winning, first to talk trash and puff out your (likely very small) chest when it is. It takes all of the CougDave's, CougFan's, and even Meatball! to make up for your crap. I know all of your claims to success are lies, people like you DO NOT succeed in real life. You are too stupid, disrespectful, and weak to survive.

Posted by Geno has no value

2:53 PM, Mar 09, 2008

Geno's stupidity beats even Coug 4 Life and Seattle Duck. Congrats Geno! It wasn't easy, but you took the prize for biggest idiot to post on here!

Posted by johnnycougar

2:57 PM, Mar 09, 2008

To all the Huskies who are trying to take consolation in the fact that the Cougs "barely beat a bad team" shame on you. First of all, you are diminishing the great effort by your own team. Your boys put it all on the floor, unfortunately for you they came up just short. Isn't it a better perspective to think that UW came together and played above themselves in forcing a good team into double OT on the road? Second, your logic is faulty. Hmm, I guess since UCLA actually lost to UW they must be REALLY worried about their tournament chances. Pathetic, first round exit for them for sure.

To some extent, it's true, the Cougs didn't play particularly well. However, we showed our resiliency in spite of being outworked on the boards and ground out a tough W in a rivarly game. It was a heck of a game from both teams, so don't diminish your own players' accomplishments just to spite WSU.

Posted by duponthusky

3:00 PM, Mar 09, 2008

Cougdave go start your own blog and take geno with you the only reason you guys check this blog is because nobody has even started a blog for you guys. And the reason there is no coug blog is because your program over there does not matter. ESPN, Pac 10, and the entire Seattle area could care less about what you guys do over there in Pullman. And guess what, that will never change. Why don't you guys start shopping around for a new basketball coach for when Bennett leaves. Everytime a coach starts at WSU they will always be looking for that bigger and better job. Nobody wants to stay at WSU and you can't blame them. So here is some advice for you, Geno, and all of your little worthless coug fans, go start your own blog. JV university

Posted by Brad

3:14 PM, Mar 09, 2008

Bob-- thanks for the continued coverage this year. Was out surfing and see Brockman finally made the 2009 board. Although it was the last pick of the 2nd round.....just hope he is ready for the pac 10 tourney or at least NIT/CCB.

Posted by Coug4Life

3:25 PM, Mar 09, 2008

Wow, I can't believe what a bunch of whiny little bithces you Husky fans are. So you lost in double overtime to your rival for the 7th straight time and had to ride home on the Coug plane. So there will no underclassmen in your entire university next year who will remember what it is like to beat the Cougs in basketball. So you have no shot at any post-season play and only have one more game (loss) left in your season. So your big recruit can't get a qualifying score on the SAT. So you can't get the welfare department to pay for your football stadium. So your athletic department is in a shambles with no light at the end of the tunnel. There is no need to cry. Deal with it.

Posted by duponthusky

3:46 PM, Mar 09, 2008

No but at least our football stadium holds more than 35,000 and us Huskies would rather get up for a UCLA or Arizona than WSU. Who cares if we beat WSU. We only care if we can beat a program that actually has won in the past and is winning currently. WE DON"T CARE ABOUT THE COUGARS. You guys are a waist of time. WSU does not matter, we could care less if you guys decided to join the WAC. This blog is a good example of why you guys don't matter, you don't even have your own blog. Look how quick Bob is in starting a Coug blog, oh wait he covers Husky sports and could care less about Cougar sports. Why don't you coug fans talk trash like you have won before. Is this your year to give UCLA a run for the pac 10 title? If so than why did you guys choke and end up tied for third. This is your best year and that is the best you guys can finish. Now you know why we don't care about the Cougars. Your best is tied for 3rd.

Posted by Bob Condotta

4:02 PM, Mar 09, 2008

As a clarification, I meant to write one FG until the shot by Cowgill that tied it. In that span, WSU went 1-5 with four turnovers, so I think the overall point that the Huskies played good defense there to get the lead back is valid.

Posted by Trevor

4:28 PM, Mar 09, 2008

No doubt about it. Pac-10 Refs are TERRIBLE.

Posted by mattysimone

4:47 PM, Mar 09, 2008


Geno reality is your the jack! you have no idea what your talking about, your just trying to use your strong arm lawyer tactic......PLEASE! Ill run circles around you guy! So by saying the u of poor lute beat themselves is either a uneducated comment or another lie by a lawyer. I was at the UofPOORLUTE game and the dub just plain out took them back to the woodshed and punked them. we shot the same percent EXCEPT poorlute .412 from 3 to our .188 They had double the assists as us. So how could that be that we won? oh yeah back to the woodshed!!! straight played D and smothered them into 17 turnovers! Almost made the cry baby bayless shed a tear a few times! so how again was it that they beat themselves? NO FURTHER QUESTIONS COUNSELOR, but you do have a little something on your face haha GL to coach bennett at Indiana, you have a long great future for next year for the cougs.....yeah I think we all know ow thats gonna go :) GO DAWGS

Posted by dawgies

5:00 PM, Mar 09, 2008

Enough moral victories, I would just like a few real ones in a close game! We are the biggest chokers. How does Jon miss sitting right under the hoop with 25 seconds left? Choke, choke, choke...

Without Jon against Cal this season will come to a merciful end...

Geno -- Bennett is so gone. When Indiana throws 2X what Wazzu scrapped together...

Posted by UtahDawg

5:07 PM, Mar 09, 2008

Wow, even Bob is responding to the trolls now. Must....fight.....urge.

Please don't feed them--(him, actually).

Posted by JugHead

5:07 PM, Mar 09, 2008

Note to Huskies: Everyone outside of UW doesn't necessarily make every decision in their lives based on money. Just wanted to throw that out there.

Posted by Geno

5:27 PM, Mar 09, 2008

Mr. dawgies (although I prefer DOGGIES....sorry but I simply cannot stoop to the gawd awful spelling you are taught at UW) - just because your school was stupid enough to sign Romar to the ridiculous TEN YEAR CONTRACT doesn't make every school as stupid. Romar signed that contract as soon as he could because he didn't want anyone to know he was a fraud....that he truly doesn't know what the hell he's doing....that he really is a stup.....that he really doesn't know how to coach, how to communicate with youngsters, that he doesn't know the first real thing about X's and O's, that he was lucky his first few years as a Big Time coach and personally knows that his time as a PAC-10 coach was limited if not for UW, that....well, you get the point.

Bottom line Doggie – you are stuck with Romar…I am happy for you. Bennett is nothing like Romar. Bennett is the ‘real deal’. He knows X’s and O’s. He knows how to communicate. He knows how to recruit and how to convince his recruits that they will be the best they can be – unlike the frauds Romar signs. Bennett has a true love for college basketball and lives for the moments…unlike Romar who only lives for the paychecks once a month. While Bennett is just as happy engaging with his players flipping burgers during a team Bar-B-Q Romar would just as soon make up some excuse to his players why he can’t make it.

Bennett will leave WSU some day but that day is far off in the future….maybe the same day Romar quits coaching because UW will tire of him and his relentless losses.

Posted by Geno

5:36 PM, Mar 09, 2008

BOB - although I knew what you meant it would be helpful to you and your newspaper if you had every article you wrote PROOF READ FOR ERRORS, CONSISTENCY, AND FACT. Then and only then will your earn credibility in your profession. Until then I will stick with ESPN and CBS Sports. At least there I know that every team is equal and all facts disposed are accurate.

Posted by Bill P

5:39 PM, Mar 09, 2008


Posted by mike

5:57 PM, Mar 09, 2008

"Until then I will stick with ESPN and CBS Sports. At least there I know that every team is equal and all facts disposed are accurate."

And yet, Geno, you still put in about four or five posts an hour here. You should get out a little more, when i was your age (i'm assuming you are about 13, much older and i would be REALLY worried about you) i sure wasn't spending countless hours in front of a tv/computer.

On a more important note, I know we are all not into the "moral victories", but great effort by the Huskies. They easily could have folded the tent during the three game road trip but instead played their best basketball of the season. Romar is the right man for the job, and anyone who thinks otherwise is seriously fooling themselves and hasn't watched UW basketball for very long. When the dust settles next year with all the NBA early entries, the Dawgs will be one of the top three in the pac-10.

Posted by Bob Condotta

7:56 PM, Mar 09, 2008

Geno --- What facts have I not "disposed'' of correctly, anyway?

Posted by Bill P

8:01 PM, Mar 09, 2008

If you want to "dispose" of something, could start with banning Geno from this site. He adds nothing to the dialogue and is only here to cause trouble. Other blogs do not allow this type of useless discourse, why do you?

Posted by coug4life is a moron

8:30 PM, Mar 09, 2008

coug4life --

Your crap hole university will always be second rate. UW is down right now, but in the long run (and you know this to be true) UW will dominate WSU as it has for about a century. So, take your attitude and shove it where the sun don't shine. cougs are dorks. The only thing cougs do well is drinking and keeping the toilets clean at my office building. Heck, you guys might be doing both (drinking and cleaning my toilets) at the same time for all I know.

Posted by Coug4Life

9:18 PM, Mar 09, 2008

A few years back I might have agreed that UW would eventually work it's way back up towards the top of the conference. Lately, I am becoming more and more convinced that you will continue to find a way to stay in the cellar. You are showing some serious stamina in your quest to suck. How you manage to still play like a bunch of little bitches in both sports is beyond me. Somehow you take what appear to be good recruits and dress them in purple and teach them to play like punks. How do your coaches always find a way to bring out the inner pussy in these kids? It is really quite astounding. Every year it seems that you might have the ability to suck a little less, you somehow manage to keep the string going. Next year will be no different. You will look at your roster and the experience they gained this year and think that they have a chance to amount to something and then they will go out and lay an egg every game and then the talk will be about the NEXT year and the NEXT kid, and the NEXT class. You realize that you only have about 50 of these next years after you graduate and then you are dead. Time's a wastin'.

Posted by bomberboy

10:44 PM, Mar 09, 2008 is true, my daughter and other class of 2008 UW grads will not have ever experienced a hoops win over the cougs...but they WILL remember back to back Sweet 16 appearences and during their four years NEVER losing at home to UCLA....neither of which have the cougs even come close to...I salute the cougs sesons but back to back PAC-10 finishes of second and fourth aren't really headline grabbers outside of the northwest....nice two years...but get a grip...

Posted by Coug4Life

11:18 PM, Mar 09, 2008

Nice of you to downgrade us to fourth when we are tied for third with a team we least fight fair you jackass.

Posted by boise

8:55 AM, Mar 10, 2008

Geno, anyone can go through anything that someone else has done and find minor errors in spelling, etc. It's not that impressive and you're not some amazing factual store. The fact that you probably spent an afternoon reading all of Bob's blog entries and then checking them against the box score is amazingly petty. You add no value, lack class, and are unable to make a contribution. I don't remember who wrote this awhile back, but it fits... "For general ineptitude, you are sentenced to being a Coug4Life."

Posted by 206dogg

9:49 AM, Mar 10, 2008

Romar NEEDS to be fired. If TW is under so much heat, then it is only fair for Bonnar Romar to be in the same hot seat. His x's and o's are ridiculous.

Either Romar is in the big dance (I say sweet 16 at least) or he's fired. He was only good in the early part of coaching at UW b/c he was coaching athletes he didn't recruit.

Posted by Tom R.

2:05 PM, Mar 10, 2008

This is really a fun blog. I'm a Cougar fan, but appreciate the competitive and spirited blog battles of the supporters of both schools.

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