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Seattle Times staff reporter Bob Condotta provides a running commentary on the Huskies.

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March 9, 2008 3:39 PM

Brockman questionable

Posted by Bob Condotta

That's the official word today on UW forward Jon Brockman for Washington's game Wednesday against Cal in the first round of the Pac-10 tournament.

Brockman suffered an injury to his left ankle late in Saturday's loss at WSU. He was examined further today and the diagnosis remains that it is a sprain. But Brockman declared it "a pretty good sprain'' and said he couldn't put any weight on it after the game Saturday.

Brockman said that he would try to play as long as it was just a sprain and nothing more serious.

Still, it seems unlikely he would be anywhere near 100 percent, which could be a severe blow to the Huskies.

Brockman entered the WSU game scoring 24 percent of UW's points this season (17.6) and grabbing 33 precent of their individual rebounds (11.6) --- Washington also has 106 team rebounds for the season.

Cal also has some injury concerns as senior center DeVon Hardin sat out the UCLA game Saturday with a left hip flexor. Oddly, the Bears have seemed to almost thrive without Hardin, sweeping the Washington schools on the road earlier this year when he was out with an illness and then almost winning at UCLA Saturday.

Brockman pointed out that the Huskies have played well when he took rests the last few games --- he played just 23 minutes in the win at Cal.

But it's not something anyone in purple and gold really wanted to put to a test for a whole game right now.

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Posted by SnohomishRick

5:41 PM, Mar 09, 2008

Cougfan, Congratulations on a hard fought victory. I didn't think we had a chance but they kept trying to prove me wrong. It was one of the better played games in the Pac-10 this year. Good luck in the Big Dance.

Posted by MedinaTyee

5:49 PM, Mar 09, 2008

"A blow to the Huskies?"

They already blow!

Gee, they might miss the "no-name" tournament?

Losing Brockman? Big deal!

They're already bottom feeders in the Pac-10, they suck!

Brockman seems like a nice young man, but he's not really a basketball player, he's a tight end.

In any top tier D1 program Brockman would be a 7-8 - 9 option off the bench at best.

Get a grip Bob!

Posted by Chris

6:06 PM, Mar 09, 2008

I was at the game yesterday and I was dissapointed to see Brockman get hurt. I was glad to see my Cougs win, at the same time I can't stop loving Jon Brockman. That kid is the most talented player I have seen in a long time. I sure wish we had him. Get better Brockman and hope you have a speedy recovery and good luck to the Dawgs in the Pac X tourney. UW will be a force to be reckoned with next season, although the talent on that team I am surprised the Huskies struggled this season.

Posted by mattysimone

6:09 PM, Mar 09, 2008

coach k and dickie v have said dukes only missing piece is his no. 1 recruit that he didnt land...jon brockman.......your a jack Mtyee!! !

Posted by MedinaTyee

6:16 PM, Mar 09, 2008

Keep smoking the weed mattysimone!

So, they give you access to wireless during your break at McDonalds?

Keep making excuses for poor performance and you'll be stuck working that order counter for a long, long time.

I guess my generation has a higher standard?

Posted by Coug in Paradise

7:12 PM, Mar 09, 2008

I'm a die-hard Coug, but you have to be a moron not to love Jon Brockman. He starts at any school in America, end of discussion. Yeah, nobody needs a guy who rebounds, plays defense with passion and has a nifty offensive game, to boot. If you do not love Jon Brockman's game, you don't love basketball.

Posted by FillNite

8:39 PM, Mar 09, 2008

Agree with Coug in Paradise. I'm a Duck fan. Nonetheless, Jon Brockman gets my kudos, every week, home or away. He's a stud that gives 140%, home or away. Great player, great kid. I hope he is well for the PAC10 tourney.

Posted by Napolean Kaufman

9:59 PM, Mar 09, 2008

Medina Tyee...7th 8th or 9th option??? Really? I would love to hear what Roy Williams, Coach K, Ben Howland, and John Calipari have to say about your educated comment. Brockman made the top 25 list for the Wooden Award and turned down schools like Duke and UCLA. He averages double doubles and leads the Pac 10 in rebounding. He is a player of the year candidate in the toughest conference in America. He has established an outside shot and has some nifty moves around the hoop. He has single handily kept UW in some tight games this year that they wouldnt have otherwise been in. So if he plays for Duke, UNC, Kansas, UCLA you really think he is a 7th option? Really? Unfortunately your comments reflect your lack of basketball knowledge.

Posted by Pivo

10:12 PM, Mar 09, 2008

I thought Brockman was indestructible, like The Terminator.
He normally gives 150 percent in a game, so if his injury hinders him and he'll only be able to give 100 percent, that's okay by me.
Pondexter's play in the second half was inspiring, Dentmon heading toward the basket in his patented "No direction known, like a complete unknown" style, tripping and handing the ball to a Cougar in the closing minutes less so.

Posted by 206er

10:23 PM, Mar 09, 2008

still wouldn't be suprised to see brock make a triumphant return. he's a warrior

Posted by Bill P

11:28 PM, Mar 09, 2008

Brockman goes all out and gives 160% every night for the Dawgs. He is the best thing that ever happened to UW. Too bad his eligibility is wasting away without team success but not his fault.

Posted by JugHead

12:46 AM, Mar 10, 2008

Do I hear 170% ? Anyone? Going once, going twice, sold! Brockman plays at 160%.

Posted by OSUBeaverGods

1:57 AM, Mar 10, 2008

It's unfortunate that Brockman is still mentally shaken up from the Beavers rolling through the Husky practice.

When the Beavers get tough, everyone gets to talking. Mention is made of the Sea Bass Don and the manner in which he dominates the Universities of the Pac 10.

The Sea Bass Don holds so much clout that members of the Beaver basketball team choose to call him on a regular basis to get his permission to "stunt 101" on opposing teams.

Holler at a playa when you see him in the street. Romar recently gave me a call and paid homage to the Sea Bass Don. He hollered at a playa, although in this particular instance he didn't see me in the street.

Straight majestic, holdin' court with a harem of dime piece ho's. They all want a piece, but this can be problematic because jealousy runs rampant. Violent envy of the Sea Bass Don can be seen behind close doors all over the Pac 10.

In the words of Chris Webber, on his ill fated musical debut:

"Gansta Gangsta, tell me how you do it".

Sea Bass forever, and certainly at the moment.

Posted by Cougfan

8:45 AM, Mar 10, 2008

Where to start...first, let me say that I cannot believe the amount of hate that is on this board. I am first to stand up and say I rarely, if ever, root for the Huskies, but for people to be so venomous toward a fellow human being over an athletic event or program is, to me, unbelievable. I love playing the rivalry game myself, my best friend is a UW grad and avid Husky--unfortunately for him he has to sit next to me for all the BB and FB games played in Seattle--and we give each other crap all the time, but come on folks. Oh well, just want to tell all of you that when you attack me it just makes me want to post even more. Before I get to the game, I would like to set the record straight on a few things.

First, WSU does have a blog. It is on the Spokesman Review website. For BB it does not get nearly the hits that the Husky site does for obvious reasons. #1, Zag BB is still the hot ticket in Spokane; #2 we are talking about a significantly smaller market. Also, gets a lot of action and, sorry to tell you, there are many Husky fans that come on the Cougar board. And why would Bob Condotta have a Cougar blog when he is the beat reproter for the Huskies. Some inane reasoning. Furthermore, this is a SEATTLE TIMES blog. I know for a fact that Bob welcomes input from a variety of points of view. Quit thinking that you OWN the city of Seattle and all its businesses.

Implying that if one attends WSU that their future is restricted to farming or working in fast food--or as somebody pigeon-holed me--working at WALMART, is ludicrous. Although WSU does not have the academic rep that UW has, the last 2 presidents have been very good at building the program there. It is a much more highly regarded institution than when I attended, although I feel the program I completed there has definitely contributed to what I deem a fairly comfortable lifestyle. And to denegrate people who work in the fast food industry as lesser people is unfortunate. Sometimes single mothers or kids whose home lives are horrendous, are working at those places so they can better their lives. And although I am a very vocal Democrat and would never shop at Walmart because of the way they abuse their workers, I do have a very good friend that works there. Believe me, he is a much better person than many of you, I am sure.

Snohomishrick, I appreciate the congrats from you and the others. I will say that I felt horrible when Brockman went down for two reasons. First, the guy is an absolute stud. I was appalled at the comment a Coug made mocking his injury and laughing about getting helped onto the plane. Very classless to say the least. Second, when we beat the Huskies I want it to be with your full team at full strength.

The game itself was incredible. Unfortunately for me, I sat through the entire regulation period and then could not watch the overtimes--I was attending a fundraising event and was already late. However, I was on the phone the entire time with a Spokane friend and he was giving me the play-by-play. Washington played their butts off and really had so many chances to win. I think that the experience and the calm of the senior group for WSU really pulled through--with a little help from TR hitting some clutch 3's--and I hate to say this, but the better team did win.

As for the post that the result of the Cougars eeking out a win over Washington looms ominous for WSU is what I consider a very uneducated comment. Does that mean UCLA's close win over Cal predicts eminent defeat for the Bruins in the first or second round? Beating a team 7 straght times is not an easy task and doing it to a rival is not make it any easier. A win is a win is a win. What looms more ominous is that fact that WSU struggles against teams with more athleticism. I can see WSU winning 1 or 2 games in the tournament and after that it will be a heuculean task to advance. However, the posts that say they would rather not even be in the tournament than to go out in the first or second round, is moronic. Every program in the nation aspires to get to the tournament. If someone two year ago would have told me WSU would make the NCAA's two years in a row and lost 1st round games I would have taken it in a second. Although the expectations have exceeded that, I will not hang my head if we are knocked out of the NCAA's in 1st or second round.

As for WSU falling back to the bottom of the PX, I really don't think that is something that will happen in the next few years. Don't get me wrong, I do not believe we will be contending for a title, but our recruiting has been much better and the future looks bright for WSU BB. And the talk about TB leaving for Indiana...well, I don't think it's going to happen. Someone posted yesterday that they are in the know about his decision making, but I really doubt it. I don't see him leaving for Indiana, only to coach at Wisconsin 6 or 7 years down the road. He seems happy at WSU for the time being and I really think (hope) he is going to stay. If he leaves I know that Coug fans will not be as hateful toward him as many Huskies were toward Hawes--who was blamed previously for the Huskies poor season.

I apologize for my "column" this morning, but I obviously have the time. I am really looking forward to the hate that is about to be flung at me after I post. But, at least I feel better. Never knew

Posted by Cougfan

8:47 AM, Mar 10, 2008

Bob's blog could be so cathartic for me.

ps You have to admit it was a bit amusing that the Huskies had to fly back in the Horizon plane painted in all its COugar glory :)

Posted by wayupwaydown

9:54 AM, Mar 10, 2008


Congrats on the Cougs win and great season. The Huskies just can't seem to get over the hump in tight games like this. I really like the way the Cougs play though. Weaver is my favorite player in the Pac Ten.

I am excited about the Huskies play of late though. It gives me hope for next year. I felt they played about as well as they could against the Cougs. They are playing much more consistently and staying in games as of late.

I also thought it was funny that the Huskies had to fly on the Coug plane. I would pay for a picture of them walking up to it. You gotta think that was no accident. Is a Coug Grad scheduling the planes and flights for Horizon?

I am really down about Brockman's injury, but maybe it will help the team in the long run. Other may decide to step up their game and in the long view that may help them for next year. I would love to see QP and Amaning break out.

One last thing. Ignore the haters. They are just trying to push your butons. By responding to it, they are winning. That is what they want you to do.

Posted by Cougfan

10:02 AM, Mar 10, 2008

I know! I have enough self-confidence to be able to handle it. I just don't like the hate!

Posted by MT Husky

10:35 AM, Mar 10, 2008

First, I agree with you 100% on the first paragraph of your thesis (which I enjoyed and use that term in jest). One of my best friends loves the Cougs as much as I love the Huskies and we share a mutual love and appreciation for the game of basketball, particularly college (and football).

Second, the one thing you didnít mention is when any of us make our identity or worth in how our respective teams/schools perform then we have deeper issues that need to be addressed. Címon people, you are neither more nor less important because we got our butts kicked by the Cougs or visa-versa.

Third, I enjoy and look forward to your posts. The angry and aggressive whiners are a vocal minority.

Fourth, I am a very vocal RepublicanÖso if a fellow Coug/Democrat can get along on this board with a Husky/Republican than good golly ANYONE should be able to get along!

Fifth, I hope Cougs represent the Pac-10 well in the tourney.

Posted by Gabe

12:56 PM, Mar 10, 2008

i knwo it wasnt a question but i guess this means brockman will be back next year. didnt the same thing happen to brandon roy and he decided to stay?

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