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Seattle Times staff reporter Bob Condotta provides a running commentary on the Huskies.

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March 8, 2008 11:23 PM

WSU post-game

Posted by Bob Condotta

So this is the kind of day it was for the Huskies.

After playing their hearts out, and getting their hearts ripped out, they showed up to the Pullman airport only to find they were getting one of those new Horizon planes painted in the colors and logos of the Northwest Pac-10 schools. And guess which one the Huskies got? Yep, the Cougar plane.

But on a night when the Huskies seemed to lose a lot --- a game, and maybe their leader ---- it also felt like they gained a lot, as well. (Here's my game story which has a lot of the nuts and bolts of what happened in the game so I won't repeat a lot of that here).

Sure, it was a seventh straight defeat to rival Washington State, a record for this series. And I know that causes a lot of frustration among a lot of you out there.

And no doubt, the other harsh reality is that the Huskies finish at 7-11 in Pac-10 play, their worst record since the 2002-03 season, Lorenzo Romar's first, and in eighth place (also the worst since that season).

But you also had to like a lot of what you saw tonight.

I thought this might have been the grittiest performance by a Husky team since the Brandon Roy days considering the opponent, the venue and the Senior Day setting.

UW dominated the boards, 47-29, and came right back every time it seemed the Cougars were on the verge of pulling away.

Quincy Pondexter battled back from a scoreless first half to score 12 in the second and power a UW comeback; Venoy Overton kept aggressively pushing the ball and finished with six assists; and Ryan Appleby finally find some open looks against the Cougars and finished with 16 points.

"We battled for the whole time,'' said Overton. "We never gave up."

That's not something that could always be said the last two years, and I know that can sound like moral victory kind of stuff.

But it's also something that's too often been an issue for this group of players, one they appear to be solving given the way the last half of the Pac-10 season has gone. Of the last eight games, only the loss at Oregon and the home defeat to Arizona State have had tinges of the bad moments of the last two years.

"We are getting to the point now where we are coming into games and everyone is ready to play,'' said UW forward Jon Brockman. "I think we are playing our best basketball right now.''

Unfortunately, UW may have to go on without Brockman for the immediate future. Playing back the tape of what he said afterward and his comments sounded a little worse. He said of the ankle that "it turned about all the way over that it could.''

He also called it "a pretty good sprain'' and said it's worse than anything he has had in college.

Romar said it may take 48 hours to really assess the damage, though Brockman will see doctors again Sunday for further examination. But Romar also pointed out that such sprains routinely hold guys out two weeks.

So this could mean Brockman is done for the season, or at least nowhere near 100 percent for the rest of the season. Here's more on Brockman's injury from our notebook.

Surely he would have felt a little better had the Huskies pulled this one out, and it seemed several times like all the Huskies needed was one more play. Maybe if Matthew Bryan-Amaning, who continues to emerge, had made that shot with just under a minute left in regulation. Or maybe if UW had made a few more free throws in the first overtime --- UW was pretty good most of the game, going 14-20. But Overton and Brockman each went 1-2 in the last 2:13 of the first OT, points that proved critical.

Or maybe if UW hadn't lost a season-high 22 turnovers, which Romar said "probably cost us the game.''

I'm sure some of you also rue that UW was called for 26 fouls and had two guys fouled out compared to WSU's 19 fouls. But for the record, no one on the UW side complained much about the officiating. Overton said a foul probably could have been called on his drive to the hoop at the end of the first overtime but that "I'm not complaning about it. That was a smart play. One player showed his hands to the ref and the other player kind of got his hands in there.''

As Brockman said: "They are a great basketball team and we gave them a couple of opportunities we shouldn't have given them. But both teams really fought hard tonight.''

The question now will be whether the Huskies can take that fight with them to Los Angeles if they have to play without Brockman.

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Posted by 2tite4U FoSho

12:23 AM, Mar 09, 2008


2tite is in da hous

Posted by tripper

1:22 AM, Mar 09, 2008

You know what is going to be awesome? When wazzu sucks next year. And the year after that. I can't wait. Cuz everyone out there knows its coming.

Posted by OSUbeaverGods

1:31 AM, Mar 09, 2008

Good to see that Brockman is contributing to the PAC 10 in a legitimate manner.

The plight of the Beaver basketball team is negative. Its difficult for my community to deal with the negative energy being batted around by all the haters in the area.

With this in mind, I am becoming more important to my town with each passing day. As a celebrated member of the Corvallis community, my esteemed title of Seas Bass has caused everyone (particularly females) to think about me constantly. I take this good will in stride, never allowing my amazing persona to get the best of me.

Often being referred to as the Hung Sea Bass Don has caused me to have a marked and massive effect upon innocent bystanders as soon as I enter the Beaver basketball arena. "Use it or lose it" they tell me, but I have found that they are truly confused. A thug derelict be actin' bugged, the young women find their legs shuddering and shaking as I roll tough through the stands.

True that.

Posted by OSUBeavGods

3:01 AM, Mar 09, 2008

Holla Back

As Brockman said: "They are a great basketball team and we gave them a couple of opportunities we should have given them. But both teams really fought hard tonight.''

"Should have" given them??

It's clear the BeavGods parkinglot pimpin' outside the Husky hotel has still got him shaken up. We should tone our solid new generation pimpin' down a bit before teams can no longer even compete on our level.

Stop drinkin' the haterade and admit the Beavs have got the PAC 10 sown up for next year.

So tough, so gansta, rollin' through yo practice without half-steppin'.

Holla at a playa when you see him in the street.

Posted by Quincy P, son!

3:20 AM, Mar 09, 2008

In other Husky news... B-Roy and Nate head to head

Posted by Quincy P, son!

3:40 AM, Mar 09, 2008

Nate Robinson is good...

From last nights game:

From some other game:

Posted by MT Husky

7:30 AM, Mar 09, 2008


Easily your best post game recap of the season. Excellent insight and points.

I agree with you that we want to avoid the "but it was a moral victory" trap but I also agree with you that what the Huskies showed gave a lot of legit hope for the future.

Just slightly better execution and they had it won at the end of regulation AND the 1st overtime. I have every confidence next season they will execute.

Overton looked gives me so much excitement to think of him at the helm for 3 more years.

MBA is 'so close' to being great - you can see that he ALMOST has those low post moves/shots figured out.

QPon did more in the 2nd half than what showed up on the stat sheet - he was terrific. If he hadn't committed that last foul I am confident Huskies would have won...unfortunately he did and a sub had to come in.

Speaking of, I trust at some point the stats showing the turnovers will be available Bob?

Posted by Dawg66

7:41 AM, Mar 09, 2008

The Huskies haven't won an overtime game in either football or basketball since March 2005!

Posted by wazzumilkman

9:10 AM, Mar 09, 2008

Saw Brockman go down in Beasly Colliseum. He looked like he was really in pain. I hope he recovers well. I also hope that he doesn't try to play too soon and risk furthur injury. This guy is a basketball stud and it would be a shame trying to play too soon on an injury like that and ending up with long term damage. But then I guess it up to the Docs......Brockman is a Husky that even Cougar Fans respect. Seven is such a great number!!!!!

Posted by wazzumilkman

9:19 AM, Mar 09, 2008

Did anyone get a picture of the Huskies boarding the plane with the cougar Logo? I would think both team's fans would want to see that...obviously for different reasons. :>)

Posted by Spanaaway Dave

9:33 AM, Mar 09, 2008

Posted by Geno

10:08 AM, Mar 09, 2008 I've been reading a few articles on the great Cougar win last night and something is glaringly obvious to me once again – the Cougars have been oh so much better basketball players than the Huskies have been the past few years it is actually quite hilarious. How the Huskies beat both UCLA and Arizona this year is beyond me because in all honestly – THEY STINK.

Last night the Cougars TRIED to lose the game and give one to the Dogs but nooooooooo…the Huskies, being the crappy team that they truly are, couldn’t take it. I saw oh so many fouls the Cougars should have gotten but didn’t and even that didn’t help the Lassies from Seattle. The Huskies simply tripped over their own high heels more than they care to admit and now they cry….as ladies do so I shouldn’t be cruel or mean here…I really should lend a shoulder for them to cry on instead.

On another note, Bennett isn’t going anywhere. Although Bennett is a good coach he also has shown to be a great recruiter. The team will start many who played much this year already so WSU should continue their winning ways. Baynes, Rochestie, Harmeling, Kprivica, and Forrest will all be starters next year and they’ve have convinced me that they are much better players than the squad Romar will present. So here’s looking to next year already because as of last night this year is already dead for you Husky fans!

By the way, I am already looking through the web for pictures of Husky players boarding the Cougar plane....that has got to be the ultimate slap in the face don't you think? Did Brockman board lying down on a stretcher…does anyone know?

Posted by mattysimone

10:09 AM, Mar 09, 2008

Great game! really excited to see what we can do next year with the new guys! Looks as if the huskies have turned that corner.....lets see if they can go down to LA and get atleast two wins!!! GL to Bennett at Indiana....hes a first class coach!

Posted by 206er

11:03 AM, Mar 09, 2008

well fought game by our dawgs. the skill margin between the huskies and cougars is clearly diminishing. every time we play them i think we get a little closer and next time we face off they will be without those valuable seniors. as disappointed as i am that the huskies didn't pull this one out, i'm equally impressed in the passion and dedication toward improvement. lets hope there are no relapses in la. this year i always feel like the huskies make progress and then forget everything they've learned the next game. what's the deal with holiday? is he injured? i thought he would've matched up nicely with weaver.

Posted by Jason

2:30 PM, Mar 09, 2008

You sound bitter Tripper. I like the sound of that. "Bitter Tripper" ROFL

Posted by lassidawg

5:45 PM, Mar 09, 2008

Keep dreaming about Bennett staying, because if IU comes calling just say adios. I see two guys on their roster that get any significant playing time that will retun next year. They will have a tough time replacing Weaver and Low. The Dawgs still haven't found their defensive stopper since Jones left, and I doubt that they Cougs have their do everything guy waiting in the wings, because he would hav ebeen playing more this year. The jury is out on how successful this season has been for the Cougs, because if they lose in the first or second round of the tourney will it really be that much better than the Dawgs, given the expectations at he beginning of the season. I like this Coug team just not their fans, I hope they make the Sweet 16 then we can say good bye to Bennett.

Posted by CougFan05

12:59 AM, Mar 10, 2008

I think why they stopped play is that WSU didn't have the advantage unlike the Rochestie incident. The refs only stop action if the team doesn't have the advantage, WSU pushed the ball, but UW got back and they got into their set, so the refs stopped play.

I felt horrible for him, I'm a Coug, but I love Brockman. He plays with all heart and emotion and you admire that. Classy move by Dick to see how he was doing. Did he get a chance to talk to him or not?

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