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Seattle Times staff reporter Bob Condotta provides a running commentary on the Huskies.

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March 6, 2008 10:22 PM

Standings update

Posted by Bob Condotta

First, here are the updated conference standings:

UCLA 15-2
Stanford 13-4
WSU 10-7
USC 10-7
ASU 8-9
Arizona 8-9
Oregon 8-9
Washington 7-10
Cal 6-11
Oregon State 0-17

What I messed up earlier and am fixing now is that Cal could still win at UCLA Saturday. So, if the Bears do that, and Cal and UW tie (if the Huskies lose to the Cougs), the Bears will get the tiebreaker on UW due to having beaten the Cougars and/or USC. (The next tiebreaker after head-to-head is record vs. teams occupying the highest position in the standings. Both teams would have beaten UCLA once and been swept by Stanford. Cal, however, has wins over both USC and WSU, the teams tied for third at the moment.)

Otherwise, if Cal loses to UCLA, the Huskies are assured of no worse than eighth place in the Pac-10 (which doesn't mean much in terms of the Pac-10 as UW and Cal will play each other if they finish eighth and ninth, no matter the order. The higher-seeded team, however, gets to wear home uniforms).

The only way now that UW can finish any higher than eighth is by beating Washington State Saturday.

But if the Huskies beat the Cougars, there are some scenarios in play.

As you can see, Arizona, Oregon and ASU are all a game ahead of the Huskies.

Since Arizona and Oregon play Saturday one is assured of winning (something even Pac-10 officials probably can't screw up), so one of those two teams will finish ahead of UW, meaning the best the Huskies can do in any circumstance is sixth.

Since ASU plays at Oregon State and is almost certain to beat the Beavers, it's realistically now a huge longshot to finish any better than seventh.

But, if UW were to win and ASU and Oregon were to lose Saturday, the Huskies would finish sixth thanks to having beaten UCLA (since UW, ASU and Oregon all split with each other, the tiebreaker of wins against teams occupying the highest position in the final standings comes into play. UW gets the nod there due to its win over the Bruins).

That scenario wouldn't hold if Oregon beats Arizona. If UW, Arizona and ASU all finish tied the Sun Devils get the nod since they swept the Wildcats this year. In a scenario where UW, Arizona and ASU all tie, ASU would be sixth, the Huskies finish seventh and Arizona eighth due to UW's win over the Bruins.

If ASU beats Oregon State, the Huskies can finish no better than seventh no matter what they do. But if ASU and UW both win, the Huskies would indeed get seventh, and the loser of the Oregon-Arizona game would fall to eighth, again due to UW's win over UCLA.

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Posted by mUj

10:52 PM, Mar 06, 2008

WOW, Stanford did get ROBBED big time at the end of the regulation time. That block was such an obvious non-call and yet the ref tout his whistle. I really couldn't sleep if I were Trent Johnson. Sigh... I guess Pac-10 is the best conference in the country in almost all aspects except refereeing.
Bob, does Pac-10 rate its referees and punish/reward its referee based on the decisions on the court?

Posted by Bob Condotta

11:14 PM, Mar 06, 2008

MUJ --- The Pac-10 does grade and rate its refs, and that definitely seemed like a bad call, especially when we've all seen so many late-game situations deemed as "letting them play'' and nothing called at all. The officials were a regular Pac-10 crew of Bobby McRoy, Kevin Brill and Milt Stowe (though to be accurate, they don't work all year in the same crew but are switched up regularly). I would assume this will be a call that gets a lot of attention.

Posted by Dawg Pack!

11:17 PM, Mar 06, 2008

man big game sat vs cougs. if win virtually assures 2nd round game in px tourney vs stanford which i think would be easier than ucla, even though we beat them this year.

Posted by MT Husky

7:58 AM, Mar 07, 2008

Didn’t nearly every pre-season projection have Huskies finishing 9th in the Pac-10 with 4 wins at best?

After a season of frustrations, disappointments and obstacles (putrid losses like to Oklahoma State, Tim Morris thrown to the lions for the UCLA Facegate, Oregon State challenging UW to fisticuffs, Adrian Oliver leaving, etc.) that could/would have caused a lot of teams to fold Huskies rebounded admirably.

There has been definite progression in the younger players this seasson, the apparent lack of chemistry in January appears to be resolved, good wins vs. UCLA, AZ and nearly vs. Stanford on the road. And if Huskies can top it off with a win vs. WSU tomorrow I personally consider the season a success. They will finished with 8 wins and 6th or 7th place in the Pac-10 (not stellar mind you, but better than anyone projected) and finished with a huge win on the road against a top ranked team playing their last home game of the season.

And I believe it will happen!

UW 71 – WSU 68


1) Expectations are on WSU; senior night, final home game, …pressure to perform will have adverse effect

2) WSU has won the last 6 meetings…Huskies are due for a win vs. Cougs

3) Huskies are playing their best b-ball of the season right now

4) Improved play of MBA and Wolfinger give Huskies better down-low presence from last game

5) Improved play of Overton and Dentmon give Huskies better back-court play from last game

6) QP is due a big game

7) Brockman is due an even bigger game

8) Huskies had 14 Turnovers and shot 38.5% last time…they’ll do better on Saturday!

Go Huskies!!!

I believe!!!

Posted by wayupwaydown

8:16 AM, Mar 07, 2008

Mt Husky,

I believe too! I believe you are nuts.

Just kidding.

But I don't see the Huskies beating the Cougs on Senior day in Pullman with so much emotion on the Cougs side.

Posted by PayClayBennett

8:26 AM, Mar 07, 2008

Ummmm, yeah Bob. Hope you got that memorized dude - what a mess, LOL. Huskies need a P10 tounrey championship period - that's all I know :-

Posted by Steve in Mill City, OR

8:56 AM, Mar 07, 2008

STANFORD WRONGED!!! That was a horrible call with 2.5 seconds left last night. The thing that bothers me is that the ref with the bad or no angle at all made the call. That seems to happen a lot. The guy was directly behind Collison on the sideline half way between the half court line and the baseline. He couldn't have possibly gotten a good look at that. Definitely some home brewin' going on there. On the other hand, the Cardinal could have done some better things down the stretch to get themselves out of that scenario. They had three bad possessions in a row in the final three minutes. Two where Brook Lopez took very off balanced shots and one where Goods drove the land way early in the shot clock and got rejected. Still, the Cardinal outplayed the Bruins for much of the game and deserved better.

The Bruins look bad sometimes, but they are rock solid because they can play lock-down half court 'D' and execute the half-court sets - and that's what it really takes to go far in the tourney. I will be surprised if they don't make the Final Four again. With a great coach, Love, Collison and A'Moute and the cast of others - they have the horses to get there again.

In fact, I believe any Pac-10 team in the tourney will be tough match-ups for people. This is as deep (one through nine) as I've ever seen the conference. Very impressive. I'm afraid the Cougs may be the most likely candidate (besides Arizona - if they make it) for an early upset. As much as I like their disciplined style and their guys, I don't believe they have enough inside presence both offensively and defensively to go very far. I'm am very unimpressed with Baynes. He has bad hands, is slow and doesn't finish with any consistency. Very much a concern. At least last year they had that shot blocking fool (forget the name) to help out. I think a Sweet 16 would be a success for the Cougs.

On another note, I hope that Ken Bone and the PSU Vikings can back up their impressive regular season and win the Big Sky Tournament Championship and make it to the Big Dance for the first time in school history.

Posted by MT Husky

9:13 AM, Mar 07, 2008

That was funny Wayup, I like it.

Yeah...maybe I am nuts, but I stand by my prediction.

Sunday morning standings:
Huskies 8-10
WSU 10-8

Posted by MT Husky

9:33 AM, Mar 07, 2008

Steve in Mill City - I presume you noticed PSU's win on the road here in Montana against a good Montana Grizzly team - 108 to 56.

If Romar isn't the coach for the Huskies in the next few year's I hope Bone is his replacement.

Posted by Clept

10:23 AM, Mar 07, 2008

Stanford didn't get robbed of anything. Hill traveled and then charged to put them up by 2 anyway and then if you watch the replay of the foul at the end it was technically a foul since Hill made body contact which moved Collison back. Stanford got a ton of calls in the game like the obvious to everyone double dribble that was missed after which Stanford scored.

Posted by OD

6:58 PM, Mar 07, 2008


It's interesting that you arrived at that conclusion. B/c most people (myself included) thought that it wasn't a foul. And basketball has an aspect of "contact" to it. And the foulee in question said afterward:

"That was block," said Collison. "That was a complete block. We were fortunate to get a foul called. I heard it was a make-up [call]."

It was a bad call. So was the intentional foul in OT when the kid was off balance so the grab looked much worse than it was. I don't feel sorry for Stanford, but they were robbed.


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