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Seattle Times staff reporter Bob Condotta provides a running commentary on the Huskies.

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March 6, 2008 12:35 PM

CBI announces TV deal with FOX

Posted by Bob Condotta

Depending on how events unfold the next 10 days, Washington's best hope for a post-season berth may rest in the new College Basketball Invitational.

Getting a bid in that 16-team field, however, became a little more appetizing this week with the news that the CBI will be televised on Fox College Sports (read the details here). That also means that games will be on Fox Sports Net when there is schedule availability, and on DirecTV.

A TV deal obviously adds some credibility to the CBI as well as giving the participating teams some exposure in March. The sense I get is that the CBI is looking largely to invite teams like UW, those that are from major conferences with big fan bases that could provide some entertaining and interesting games for TV viewers.

UW coach Lorenzo Romar said this week he thought that the win over Cal assured that the Huskies will have a post-season this year. If it's the CBI, at least it won't be played in a vacuum.

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Posted by Cougfan

1:52 PM, Mar 06, 2008

condottarulz: ...and finally, Mallory, you cannot complain about NJIT bringing down the Huskies' RPI and that it's not Romar's fault for playing them, and then in the next breath saying that playing Syracuse and Texas A&M is the next best thing to playing Memphis and Illinois, UNLV, UVA and Houston when Romar had no hand in scheduling those two teams either. Your lack of being able to step back and be reasonable is laughable. What is it about SW Washington that is getting to your sense of logic? I know many Huskies and they seem to have received a much better education than you.

And how is it that both the Meatball and I can figure out who you are even though you have this masque?

Posted by SpellingBeeChamp

2:35 PM, Mar 06, 2008


Posted by Bob Condotta

3:15 PM, Mar 06, 2008

SpellingBee --- Whoops, thanks for the catch. Another reason to rue that we don't have spell check on this.

Posted by Fudazz

3:31 PM, Mar 06, 2008

It would be great for the dawgs to get into the CBI if they don't make the NIT. The younger guys on the team could really use the extra games and practices. Even at the CBI, the national exposure on TV would help. Throw in post season travel and playing on the road, if that comes about, and I think the whole thing is a big plus.

Posted by condottarulz

10:15 PM, Mar 06, 2008


I'm not quite sure I understand your point, since you seem to be having a tough time making it. But I think the only comment I made regarding NJIT was that its 0-29 record was not helping UW's RPI.

As for Romar's role in scheduling Syracuse, Texas A&M, or any other school for that matter, I'm pretty sure scheduling matters are handled by the AD, so save your breath on that one.

Speaking of scheduling matters, it occurs to me that WSU has only played two non conference games in the past 2 seasons against the other 5 power conferences--and neither was by choice. UW played 5 this season alone. If you don't think there is a difference in the talent level between these 6 conferences and the rest of the country (38 of the last 40 final four teams), I'd say you're having a difficult time being reasonable.

Keep making Pullman proud, buddy. You are making it very obvious why you attended WSU (and I am assuming you went to college).

Posted by mUj

10:23 PM, Mar 06, 2008

Just done watching Stanford - UCLA game. WOW, Stanford did get ROBBED big time at the end of the regulation time. That block was such an obvious non-call and yet the ref tout his whistle. I really couldn't sleep if I were Trent Johnson. Sigh... I guess Pac-10 is the best conference in the country in almost all aspects except refereeing.
Bob, does Pac-10 rate its referees and punish/reward its referee based on the decisions on the court?

Posted by junkman

10:27 PM, Mar 06, 2008

I was pretty ambivalent about who won the UCLA-Stanford game but that has to be one of the worst clutch calls I have ever seen on Collison's late shot. Ruined what was otherwise a great game. Trent Johnson had every right to be livid. Whoever made that call needs to be reprimanded. Got to feel bad for Stanford.

Posted by wayupwaydown

10:34 PM, Mar 06, 2008

That was a terrible call against Stanford. But they also put themselves in the position at the end by not milking the clock on a couple of possessions before the foul call. They played very stupid the last 2 minutes.

It appeared to me the ref that called the foul on the clean block was behind the players and was blocked out from seeing what happened.

I may be wrong, but he appeared to be out of position to make that call. Where were the other refs?

I have watched BB for over 40 years and I can't honestly remember referees that have been as consistently bad as the Pac Ten refs have been this year.

Posted by john

10:37 PM, Mar 06, 2008

Some serious home cooking at UCLA. Ref called a foul with 2.5 seconds left on a block that was all ball!

Posted by johnnycougar

8:55 AM, Mar 07, 2008

I thought the block was clean but the foul was for the contact as the shot went up. The Stanford guy left his feet (never do that!) and his hip bumped Collison's gut right before he blocked it. I don't think you'd see that get called everywhere, but by the rules it was a fair call. You could argue that Collison initiated contact but the Stanford guy was already in the air, and when the defender is in the air he's rarely going to get the benefit of the doubt. Too bad, it would have been refreshing to have someone other than UCLA as the champ.

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