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Seattle Times staff reporter Bob Condotta provides a running commentary on the Huskies.

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March 4, 2008 4:43 PM

Latest NIT-ology includes Huskies

Posted by Bob Condotta

There's a general feeling at UW that the win at Cal Saturday went a long way toward securing a post-season bid of some sort, as it assured the Huskies will finish the regular season with at least a .500 record.

And the latest from NIT-ology appears to give some evidence to that assertion as it includes the Huskies, giving them a No. 7 seed in the bracket of 32 teams.

Here's a link to the proposed bracket.

Interesting to note as well that NIT-ology supposes that seven Pac-10 teams will get NCAA bids, including Oregon.

The wildcard aspect to the NIT is that the tournament must take regular-season conference champions that don't get into the NCAA tournament, which was one of the factors in keeping the Huskies out last season.

But UW officials feel more confident about chances at getting into the NIT this year due to the strength of the Pac-10 and what is apparently going to be a bit more of a push by the conference to get their teams in the secondary tournaments.

But if UW is left out of the NIT, there is a third alternative this year in the new CBI. The CBI will include 16 teams and while it says it will compete for the NIT for schools, seems more likely it will get the next 16 after the NIT picks its field.

Still, it means 16 more post-season opportunities, and much greater of a chance for the Huskies to get into something this year.

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Posted by 206er

5:31 PM, Mar 04, 2008

kinda sad, but that's better than i think many expected. i really think any kind of post-season tournament play will really go a long way with getting the young guys ready for next year.

Posted by dawgs for life

6:18 PM, Mar 04, 2008

We're holding a 5-on-5 coed at Denny Field on the weekend of March 28th that the Huskies are invited to.

Posted by Geno

6:18 PM, Mar 04, 2008

Bob, you crack me up. You are riding this ridiculous notion that the Huskies may be NIT worthy thing to the end aren't you?

OK, let me help since their 'nomination' into the LESSER of the post season tourneys is really a matter of odds. I say if the sun rises precisely at the point in eastern Washington that is shaded only 25 minutes a day on any given year but only during the 4th to 5th day of any sunny day at that point and which coincides with the lunar eclipse of the sun and earth which also happens to coincide with the exact moment that the position of the planet Jupiter is in-line with the 60 degree angle between the sun and planet mars and which also at that very moment there is a new eruption on planet Jupiter at precisely 2:39 AM THEN AND ONLY THEN will there be enough odds of a Husky post-season.

Got that BOB?? Are we clear now on what has to happen in order for me and anyone else see the god-awful Husky team in post season?

Oh…almost forgot – the volcano eruption on Jupiter has GOT to be on the south end of the planet with respect to our vision and NOT on the north end.

OK....I'm laughed out now...time to head home to a good meal.

Posted by dawgs for life

6:18 PM, Mar 04, 2008

coed tournament***

Posted by mike

6:39 PM, Mar 04, 2008

Geno I will be laughing when the Cougs don't make it out of the first weekend AGAIN. Yeah you're going to the tourney but not making it out of the first round is a joke.

Posted by Keone

6:40 PM, Mar 04, 2008

What I want to know is how has Cal been locked in to the NIT, now at No. 4 seed, and Oregon is still projected as NCAA tourney team?? Cal is 9th in Pac-10, just beaten on their court by Huskies. Oregon has been playing poorly and closes season with the Arizona schools at home, both tough games. Regardless of whether Huskies lose to Cougs this week (to finish 7-11 in conference), why are those teams ahead of Huskies in post season prospects? Inflated RPI?

Posted by Boise

6:55 PM, Mar 04, 2008

I see visions of Bennett coaching a team in the sweet 16, next season, at IU....

Posted by condottarulz

10:47 PM, Mar 04, 2008


In sizing up the post-season prospects for the Pac-10 teams, see if you can answer a few questions I have.

1. First, how can anyone consider Arizona or Oregon solidly in the tournament? Let's say AZ and Oregon both split their final two games and UW beats WSU. All 3 schools would end up 8-10 in Pac-10 play and would likely have split with each other all the way around (assuming AZ gets its split by beating OSU and losing to Oregon). Yet, as of today, one team is a 7 seed in the NIT and the other two are in the NCAA? That doesn't seem right. If that scenario plays out, I think the Pac-10 will only get 5 teams in the tournament(assuming ASU can finish 9-9; if not, you'd have 4 teams all 8-10 and you can't give the Pac-10 only four bids this year so I have no idea what you'd do in that case).

2. Second, if overall record is supposed to be any kind of "tie-breaker" the ultimate result is UW is being penalized for going to NYC and losing two games against quality opponents (Syracuse and Texas A&M). UW would finish 17-14, AZ 17-13 (against D-1 opponents) and Oregon 17-13. Basically, the round robin format of the preseason NIT gave the Huskies a road game against Syracuse, which they lost, and are now being penalized for losing.

3. Finally, if RPI is to be considered any type of tie breaker, please explain the following:

Arizona's RPI is 24, Oregon's is 59 and UW's 104.

I understand AZ's RPI is high because they played (and lost) to both Memphis (RPI = 2) and Kansas (8). They also lost to Virginia (110). Outside of that, AZ's only significant non-conference wins came against UNLV (27) and Texas A&M (47) and Illiois (132).

Out of conference, Oregon lost to Saint Mary's (33), Nebraska (101), and Oakland (172) and beat Kansas State (42) and Utah (107, and a UW common opponent).

UW lost to Pitt (26) Texas A&M (42), Syracuse (58; in New York) and Oklahoma St. (73; 12-2 at home). All quality opponents from major conferences. The problem is they have no good non-conference wins. UW's best non-conference win came against Portland St. (94) followed by Utah (107)--and having NJIT (NCAA record 0-29) on the schedule is not helping either--but at least we can say we dealt them their second worse loss of the year (41 points).

The point is: Arizona is getting way too much RPI mileage out of losing to Kansas and Memphis and Oregon is getting way too much for losing to Saint Mary's. Both AZ and Oregon have lost to teams with +100 RPIs this year (Oregon has accomplished this "feat" twice). UW has not lost to anyone that bad. But, despite AZ and Oregon having nearly equal conference and overall records as UW, they enjoy RPIs which are 80 and 45 places higher, respectively.

It boils down to this: (1) Oregon looks better on paper good beacuase Saint Marys' RPI is protected by the "cocoon" known as the WCC and (2) is overtime win at Kansas State really worth 45 RPI places? Really?

It doesn't make any sense. The RPI is a self-fulfiling prophecy that is severely flawed. I am sick and tired of it.

Posted by Btown

8:53 AM, Mar 05, 2008

The Onion shows exactly how I feel about the NIT...

Posted by mukdawg

10:00 AM, Mar 05, 2008

Hey - didn't NITology give us a 7 seed last year also? I wonder if Romar is going to get his guys ready to practice and lacing up there shoes while they are watching the NIT selection show? If I were Romar, I would make an agreement right now with CBI - if you take us right now, we will skip the NIT for your tournament and snub the NIT like they did to us last year.

Posted by Cougfan

10:02 AM, Mar 05, 2008

condottarulz (Mallory): Your arguments are at best flawed and at the least childish. You are arguing your point using subjective words, most specifically "quality." What you consider a quality opponent might not be to someone else. I do not consider Ok State a quality opponent, and even if it were, losing the way they did does not substantiate anything. Syracuse is a name, but it was not a tourney team last year and will be fortunate to get in this year.

Arizona played Memphis w/o arguably their best player and lost 3 other games w/o him (Bayless). I do not know how you can ignore AZ's win over Houston either--that is a qualtity win. The Huskies did not beat any quality on the road. Yes, I realize the UW beat UCLA and AZ at home and WAZZU lost to them both times, but we are not talking WSU now.

What other system do you want the committee to use? You list the RPI's in your rant but offer no other alternative except for the "it's not fair" argument. No one in their right mind can compare Az's schedule to UW's. You can only contrast it.

I do consider Oregon to be a long shot, in fact they probably won't get in.

Not won "expert" has UW on the bubble. Almost all of them have Arizona either in or on the bubble, and some are considering Oregon. These people have a lot more experience than any of us, and when the brackets come out the most deserving teams will get in--UW will not be one of them unless they make the tournament!!! Yes there will be one or two that can make an argument, but that's life.

Posted by Cougfan

10:03 AM, Mar 05, 2008

"one" sorry, did not proof...there might be others

Posted by Cougfan

10:13 AM, Mar 05, 2008

Whoops--If they win the PX tourney

Posted by condottarulz

11:59 AM, Mar 05, 2008


Thanks for your not-on-point but typical WSU fan response. If you don't think playing opponents from the other 5 power (BCS) conferences constitutes "quality" competition, take a look at WSU's record against those conferences in the last couple of years. A grand total of 1 win in two years (Baylor). Have fun watching the Cougs lose in second round again.

The point is that Oregon shouldn't even be in the NCAA discussion and AZ only is because they have lost to some good teams.

Posted by Cougfan

12:13 PM, Mar 05, 2008

condottarulz: well, since I discussed each point you made then I guess you were off topic. Yes, a typical Cougar response. You got me. You are more intelligent than I am. You obviously know more than: 1) the committee; 2) Bob Condotta (who knows the Huskies don't deserve a bid); 3) Joe Lunardi; 4) Dick Vitale; shall I go on. Even most Husky fans are smart enough to realize that this isn't their year. I posed a question that you have no answer to: What system, if not the RPI, should the committee use?

By the way, you might be playing the bottom of the major conferences, but too bad you are too chicken shit to play Gonzaga.

I will enjoy watching the Cougars win or lose. They will be in the tournament and you will be crying! Nice try belittling a team that is playing where you want to be; childish.

I suddenly want Oregon to make the field.

Posted by B

12:44 PM, Mar 05, 2008

Well there could be quite the shake up so it is pointless to discuss any of this now with the games that are coming up. Look at the schedule. At most I see Oregon winning 1 of 2 against the Arizona schools and even though they are at home I could easily see them losing both.

UW will beat WSU this weekend

If oregon loses to ASU but beats Arizona that would make it a 3 way tie. In the Event of a 3 way tie UW gets the Tie Breaker because of their win over UCLA which neither of those teams have done. UW has split with both teams so neither has a head to head advantage.

When it's all said and done UW could be the 6 seed heading into the pac-10 tournament. To be realistic Arizona because of their strength of schedule will be the only team to get in to the tourney out of those three unless Oregon sweeps the Arizona schools.

Oregon will have a tough time getting in as will UW. If Zona has a poor showing in the tournament and doesn't win at Oregon they could be on the verge of not making it.

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