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Seattle Times staff reporter Bob Condotta provides a running commentary on the Huskies.

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March 1, 2008 1:41 PM

Cal game thread

Posted by Bob Condotta

HUSKIES HANG ON --- Huskies get a big win here to assure they will not finish the regular season with a losing record. UW is now 3-5 in Pac-10 road games. Final is UW 87, Cal 84. More later.

HELPS HAVING TWO THREE-POINT SHOOTERS --- UW has made nine three-pointers, which is their second-most in Pac-10 play other than the 13 against Oregon State when Appleby made nine by himself. Wolfinger has four and Appleby four.

GAME SLOWS TO A CRAWL --- Suddenly, after all that scoring, neither team can hit a bucket. At the 3:42 mark, neither team has scored in the last three-and-a-half minutes.

CAREER-HIGH FOR WOLFINGER ---- He has 14 points, besting the 12 he had at Stanford the other night. He's hit 10-15 shots in the two games (5-5 today) and 5-9 three-pointers (3-3 today).

UW UP 63-57 WITH 11:50 TO PLAY --- A lot of weird numbers in this one so far and the strangest may be Brockman with just two rebounds. He's still on the bench with four fouls having picked up two offensive fouls in the opening four minutes of the second half.

UW PILING UP THE FOULS --- Huskies drew their ninth foul of the second half with more than 14 minutes to go, and fouls and free throws loom large in this one.

BROCKMAN OUT WITH FOUR FOULS --- At the 16:07 mark. UW will have to get some quality minutes out of MBA and Wolfinger now. Each played well in the first half, with MBA playing good defense to help hold Ryan Anderson to just four points and only three shots. But Anderson looks more aggressive to start the second half with four points already.

UW JUST ONE TURNOVER IN FIRST HALF --- Which was also a huge key to the 49 points at halftime. But UW already has three to start the second half.

UW UP 49-44 AT HALFTIME --- This was old-time UW basketball in the first half as the Huskies scored 49 points, including 16 in the last 4:16. After a little drought early, UW has hit 20-37 shots, including 6-8 three-pointers. It's the most points UW has had at the half all year, topping the 48 at Oregon State two weeks ago.

Bad news is Cal has been almost as hot, hitting 15-28 shots to stay in it.

HUSKIES FIGHT BACK --- Cal led this one 22-15 and it looked like the Huskies were on their way to one of their fallback games. But then the Huskies came back, going on an 18-5 run to take the lead. Appleby hit a long three and Dentmon had five points. It's nonw 35-29 UW with 3:30 left in the first half.

CAL OUTBOARDING HUSKIES EARLY --- Bears have a 15-8 edge with nine minutes to go in the first half, which may be a bad omen for UW.

CHRISTOPHER LABORING --- Patrick Christopher is trying to play for Cal but he seems noticably slowed with his hip injury suffered Thursday night. He was guarding Quincy Pondexter and QP called for the ball a few times but was only able to get off one shot against him so far, which he missed.

CAL SHOOTING WELL EARLY --- Bears are 5-9 and have a 10-8 lead at the first time out.

HAWES IN THE HOUSE --- Among those sitting in the UW section behind the Husky bench is Spencer Hawes, now plying his trade in nearby Sacramento.

SIVA HASN'T COMMITTED ANYWHERE --- One of you asked about a report in another paper that Franklin's Peyton Siva has committed to play Louisville. Simply put, he hasn't. In fact, as we reported earlier this week, Siva has added Texas to the list if schools he is considering, and the Longhorns are thought to be a serious player in this.

THOMAS, BRESHERS SEASONS OVER --- Start the game thread with news on two future Huskies.

First, Tyreese Breshers and Price High were hammered by Jrue Holiday and Campbell Hall in a sectional final game today. Read about it here.

Second, Isaiah Thomas and South Kent were beaten handily last night by Brewster Academy.

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Posted by mike

3:30 PM, Mar 01, 2008

maybe hawes can suit up and play for us haha.

Posted by Joe

3:47 PM, Mar 01, 2008

These FSN guys are horrible, anyone could sit down in front of a microphone and do as well as them.

Posted by mike

3:51 PM, Mar 01, 2008

high scoring game so far appleby is on fire.

Posted by Craig

3:59 PM, Mar 01, 2008

The camera work by FSN is the most awful basketball coverage I've seen in some time, I feel like I'm sitting in row triple z. If it isn't the full court shot from the rafters, I have to watch a close up of the ref's backside from the baseline for an entire play.

Posted by mike

4:19 PM, Mar 01, 2008

hardin needs to stop acting and play the game he acts like he's never played inside before. these stupid refs fall for it too.

Posted by fish93

4:21 PM, Mar 01, 2008

Those two fouls on Brockman were horrible. Refs need to let them play.

Posted by junkman

4:21 PM, Mar 01, 2008

I just started watching since halftime. These refs should not be allowed to referee any teams over 8 years old. Just pathetic - both ways. Bright side is we don't have AW and Brock bricking free throws the rest of the game. At this rate Cal may shoot 30 free throws in the 2nd half.

Posted by mike

4:22 PM, Mar 01, 2008

does wolfinger want to block some shots i mean come on he's 7 feet don't let him score after you foul him.

Posted by mike

4:24 PM, Mar 01, 2008

wow we're the worst free throw shooting team in the country they just said it on air. LOL. if only we could make some more we'd be way better record wise.

Posted by idahojohn

4:25 PM, Mar 01, 2008

Game announcers and refs are bush league.. both need to go back to grade school or middle school level

Posted by ace

4:33 PM, Mar 01, 2008

is this even an FSN broadcast? or is this stolen from Kal Public Access channel 6?

How hard is it to pronounce Romar?

Posted by mike

4:36 PM, Mar 01, 2008

this is encouraging we need to learn to play without brockman for the pac 10 tourney so when it comes tourney time we have more scorers then brockman and appleby.

Posted by fish93

4:36 PM, Mar 01, 2008

Where the heck has Wolfinger been all year.

Posted by fish93

4:39 PM, Mar 01, 2008

That looked like it hurt.

Posted by crazy uw dawgs

4:41 PM, Mar 01, 2008

THIS IS HILARIOUS. i dont know what happened but WOLFINGER is now my fav player. romar has pulled off a damn miracle and i know he has a long long long ways to go but he looks damn good, and technically he could petition for a 6th yr, so he could be a freshman this year( for thos that dont know as k bob about his situation). ANYWAY i just wanted to comment on how good we WILL BE NEXT YEAR, with onlylosing morris and appleby and AMANING and WOLFINGER coming on, should be interesting... to say the least

Posted by idahojohn

4:42 PM, Mar 01, 2008

w/o the refs, Uw would be ahead by 15 .. Cal has no defense

Posted by G

4:46 PM, Mar 01, 2008


Posted by mike

4:48 PM, Mar 01, 2008

G you could not coach any team to the tourney unless it was in the WCC because that conference is weak and I know I went to univ of portland and watched that horrible conference.

Posted by fish93

4:50 PM, Mar 01, 2008

Is it just me but besides the players, don't you feel like your watching a brodcast from like the mid-90. The graphics and broadcast are just horrible.

Posted by here we go gain

4:54 PM, Mar 01, 2008

i disagree mike. i have coached in high school and some of the stuff i see just seems obsurd for college level athletics

Posted by mike

4:59 PM, Mar 01, 2008

sorry but this is pac-10 ball and not only that but the best conference in the land. some average joe isn't going to come in here and coach a team to the tourney. i don't think you can compare hs to college they are way different.

Posted by Spanaway Dave

5:04 PM, Mar 01, 2008

So who saw this coming? According to gametrakker, Overton has 4 reb, Appleby 3, Brockman 3, and Wallace 2. Q-pon has 7.

Posted by mike

5:05 PM, Mar 01, 2008

brockman was in foul trouble at the beginning of the 2nd half thats why brockman only has 3.

Posted by bellingham husky

5:13 PM, Mar 01, 2008

nice job dawgs, I like these guys a lot and am happy to see them get a good win

Posted by Skip

5:14 PM, Mar 01, 2008

Sorry Joel Smith: Wolfinger has just locked up that last scholarship.

Posted by Spanaway Dave

5:15 PM, Mar 01, 2008

I saw that, and Brock came up with another really big one right at the end. I was just watching the stats and had one of those "who'd a thunk it" moments when I saw that Appleby and Overton had more rebounds between them than did Brock and Artem.

It would just seem nearly impossible that it could happen for any reason yet still allow The Dawgs come away with the W.

Regardless ... it was so cool to see Q-pon, MBA, and Wolf playing like they did. Awesome!!

Posted by tom ross

5:16 PM, Mar 01, 2008

I have to agree with the 'where has Wolfinger been?' comment. I have no idea why Coach Romar would not play him, at least to force the opposing centers to play defense on their counterpart instead of helping out on everyone else. I thought, from the beginning of the season, that we would sink or swim based on our center play (or lack of same) and it has never seemed more clear than the past few games. IF, and it is a huge 'if' Wolfinger can get it somewhat together next year, then BMA can play forward (a better fit) and it is hard to imagine any team being able to defend both he and Brockman at the same time. We'll see. Next year's group (and I'm not counting Thomas as being part of it at this point) has a lot of guys who can create shots and are good perimter players. That's good, but not where our gap is.

Posted by Tone

5:29 PM, Mar 01, 2008

This team can be real solid next year and create some problems. I think we will be deeper than this year's squad, more athletic and bigger (Gant, Breshers) and should have some decent shooters, and especially if Thomas gets qualified and is on board. We should be back to the real Dawgs of 3-4 years ago. The potential is there...

Good win today on the road...we were just a few missed free throws from sweeping these schools. Stanford is overrated in my book.

Posted by fudazz

5:48 PM, Mar 01, 2008

I wouldn't get too high on Wolfinger just yet. I was really happy to see his productivity on offense, but he has such slow foot speed he is constantly out of position on defense and for rebounding. He has a long way to go before he's going to worry the opposition very much.

Great win, but let's not lose site of who they were playing.

Posted by I like us next year

5:56 PM, Mar 01, 2008

Man what an interesting team this year. 3-5 on the road in the Pac 10 through 8 isn't all that bad. Think if they make some free throws in other games...WSU (home), Cal (home), Stanford (road); could've been more interesting down the stretch here. Oh well, woulda shoulda coulda.

Having said that, I do fell optomistic about this team next year. With some solid shooters coming in and only losing Apples and Morris, things could be good. Emphasis on COULD BE.

One thing that is good is the 3 wins on the road; although thats not too many, it's more than last year! And all the experience we have coming back, hopefully 5 or 6 next year.


Posted by mattysimone

6:10 PM, Mar 01, 2008

yeah somebody was going to be the weakest link...smith then wallace then it was wolf.....but if IT gets his scores I now think we have went full circle and its back to joel smith. Maybe he will find a way to pay for school....we need wolf for the 6-10 plus guys and hes showing now that he can do it. wallace is the brock style banger that comes in on brocks guy to let him do his thing. ever notice how its either wolf or wallace for about 18-20 minutes, its one or the other never both sorry joel.

Posted by EricD

6:18 PM, Mar 01, 2008

Bryan-Amaning (sp) is going to be a stud next year. The Huskies were much the better team today and controlled throughout. Free throw shooting made it close. This team will as deep as any other in the Pac-10, and watch for the big man to emerge.

Posted by bomberboy

6:22 PM, Mar 01, 2008

yes...this was a nice win...but missing free throws is what this team is dont satart on "if we makes some free throws"...IF Brandon Roy was still on the team.....if we could play a little D....

Posted by Hutch

6:48 PM, Mar 01, 2008

When is the last time we only had 6 turnovers in a game? Is that the least in the Romar era?

But obvilously the main story remains to be "if only we could shoot freethrows..."

Posted by mike

7:29 PM, Mar 01, 2008

guys it isn't over yet...we still have the pac 10 tourney lets hope wolfinger Qpon and others can keep this up.

Posted by raindawg

7:40 PM, Mar 01, 2008

Gutty win Huskies. Who would have thought, out rebounded and with as many free-throws shot in this game that the Dawgs would come out with the W. Not this old timer.

Posted by M

7:49 PM, Mar 01, 2008

Is wolfinger allergic to rebounds? He makes Spencer Hawes look like Brockman when it comes to rebounding.

0 rebounds for the second game in a row in which he has played 16 minutes or more. You know those players that do all the little things that help you win games? Wolf and Smith are 2 guys that do all the little things wrong and lose games for you.

Not to take anything away from his perfect offensive shooting game today, but don't get too excited about his future considering how huge of a defensive liability he is.
All that negativity being said, Wolf did an amazing job of stepping up and taking shots, as Joel has done in a game or 2.

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