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Times reporter Bob Condotta keeps the news coming about the Montlake Dawgs.

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August 13, 2008 11:05 AM

Youth movement at receiver

Posted by Bob Condotta

That was the headline to my main Husky story today, which you can find here.

One thing the story attempted to dissect is why the Huskies are so young at receiver.

One reason is the coaching change from Keith Gilbertson to Tyrone Willingham after the 2004 season that resulted in a truncated recruiting class in 2005.

Another is the famous "seven-receiver'' class of 2003, which meant that the Huskies felt they were deep at the spot for a few years and didn't need to hit it heavily in recruiting.

The upshot is that UW didn't sign any receivers in 2004 (Gilbertson's lone full class) and just one in 2005 (JC transfer Marlon Wood). UW also brought in transfer Chancellor Young in 2005 but he was declared academically ineligible the following summer and didn't return until this year.

The Huskies signed two in 2006, but again one was a JC transfer (Marcel Reece). So the end result is that UW has just one recruited receiver on its current roster from the classes of 2004 to 2006 --- D'Andre Goodwin.

UW has signed seven the past two years, attempting to make up for the void, and tried to bring in a JC transfer this year, Carl Moore, who instead signed at Florida. Moore is apparently doing pretty well there, cited in this story as one of the three most improved players on the team by coach Urban Meyer.

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Posted by hungry

11:37 AM, Aug 13, 2008

sure could use some pizza right about now

Posted by husky1225

11:48 AM, Aug 13, 2008

Without Shaw, down to 6 career receptions at WR. Fewest ever, entering a season. And Boyles can't learn the plays. Great.

Posted by Coach James

11:59 AM, Aug 13, 2008

Is it too early for me to start spinning in my grave?

Posted by boondawg

12:04 PM, Aug 13, 2008

You can only spin in your grave if you're in one.

Posted by Formerly Guest

12:07 PM, Aug 13, 2008

Husky 1225,

Boyles has 4 years to play. College football is complex. I would leave him alone. Hopefully at some point he is not overwhelmed with the playbook.

Remember, they had to simplify a lot of stuff for Jake last year and it was his 2nd year in the program. He was really hurt by not coming from a very sophisticated HS in terms of passing plays. Boyles may also come from a program with a simplistic passing game.

Posted by itwillbealaugheron8/30

12:11 PM, Aug 13, 2008

Locker has a hammy issue, no experience at reciever going against a very good secondary in a VERY hostile environment...

Maybe UW can hire Riley away from OSU.

Posted by hmmm

12:11 PM, Aug 13, 2008

So we have the worst receiving corps in the pac ten going up against the best secondary in the pac ten. On their field.


Posted by Optimistic Huksy

12:11 PM, Aug 13, 2008

Man, I am seriously dreading 8/31. After a schlacking by our bitter rivals, Husky Nation will once again be divided, arguing about Ty, the state of the program, etc. Sucks.

Posted by Reality Check

12:14 PM, Aug 13, 2008

FG --

I came in w/ Denny Green as coach and graduated when Walsh was there.

Posted by bomberboy

12:20 PM, Aug 13, 2008

C'mon guys, just enjoy the games. I have no idea which games will come out good or bad but the Dawgs will win 5-6 games and Ty will be canned. Ty would have to win 8 games to actually get an extension. And the UW will be looked at as another loser program, firing coaches every 3-5 years, ya know , like Ole Miss....used to be good but now stinksy

Posted by dawgpack

12:31 PM, Aug 13, 2008

hunger- If you want some awesome pizza and are in the u district, go to Piccolo's on Roosevelt and about 52nd right across from Dante's. Also they have the best calzones I've ever had.

Posted by Reality Check

12:32 PM, Aug 13, 2008

Positive hypothetical... I'm just trying to seek out anything to keep myself from being too despondent about Husky football these last few years...

Assuming you are right, and we get killed (again) August 30th. Here's my "optimistic" scenario for the season and future. Stay with me, because it's short term pain for long term gain.

If UW wins only 3 - 5 games, then we all know Ty is gone. I can't imagine a scenario where he stays after his 4th losing season in a row.

Now the naysayers will all say this will lead to turmoil and disaster. But I have a different take. I believe it could be a final wake up call to the UW. Under Gerberding UW athletics were an annoyance to him. He was a jealous little man who couldn't handle James being the big man on campus. We all know how that played out when Gerberding & Hedges teamed up with the pac10 and NCAA to take James out at the knees.

But unlike Gerberding, I sincerely believe that Emmertt has two big things going for him. First, he's a true Husky and cares about the athletics program. Second, I think he realizes that UW athletics (football in particular) are at a critical crossroads. The program is in serious jeopardy of completely falling into the abyss -- fans walking away, stadium not getting done, etc. So I think a failure on the field could elevate the importance and focus on the athletic dept's problems to new heights. In summary, another disaster on the football field this year will almost certainly make getting things fixed front and center once and for all. It seems like we've been seeing 90% lip service (mostly Ty and Turner's "commitment to excellence" talk) but very little as far as results. I believe another losing season will force a change for the better and maybe change the culture of losing in the AD.

Add to this the way the roster for '09 and '10 looks, and I think Husky football could be about 1 year away from being special and fun again.

So in short, my plan for 2008? Just gut it out and pray for a miracle. But if it's another stinker, I sincerely believe that positive changes will be coming.

Posted by Dawg Dude

12:38 PM, Aug 13, 2008

I don't think its remotely fair to call them the worst receiving corp in the pac 10. No ones seen them in a college game before. Are they unproven...yes. Are they the most inexperienced...definitely. But you can't accurately coin them the worst until they get a chance to play.

Posted by Go Morgan Go!

12:40 PM, Aug 13, 2008

As anyone entertained the idea of Morgan Rosborough switching to receiver? He seems to have similar athletic ability to the rest of the receiving core.

He may be the only guy that will be able to keep Patrick Chung from making 44 tackles.... providing uw actually gets to run that many.

Posted by mfsthorn

12:40 PM, Aug 13, 2008


Something for you in re: to possible success this season. One of the (many) advantages of being a DirecTV customer is that the 'Big10 Network' is part of the basic package (not so with Comcast I've been told).

Recently BTN has been showing a lot of 'The Big 10s Greatest Games' -- a popular game has been last year's Illinois-Ohio State game.

Illinois got off to a kinda shaky start, before they began pulling things together. At one point they lost a game (to Iowa I believe) during which Zook pulled 'Juice' Williams.

Anyway, the reason I bring that game up (which was the 11th game of the season) is that a large number of freshman played an integral role in the Illini's upset.

So, while the youth and inexperience doesn't bode well for early in the season, it may allow for greater in-season improvement and for more wins down the road.

Posted by Reality Check

12:41 PM, Aug 13, 2008

And before someone jumps on me with both feet...

For the 1,000th time.....

NO, I am not rooting for the Huskies to loose this year. I hope they go 13-0 and win the national title. And I'll be at the games cheering them on, win or lose.

All I'm saying is that IF this year is another train wreck, then I sincerely do see positive things not too far into the future.

Posted by Reality Check

12:42 PM, Aug 13, 2008

lose, not loose... typo

Posted by Reality Check

12:43 PM, Aug 13, 2008

mfsthorn --

I think that's very valid. I think the schedule also favors a little better back half of the season. I just hope the attitude of "here we go again" doesn't set in if this team starts off 2-3 or something.

Posted by mfsthorn

12:46 PM, Aug 13, 2008

Posted by Reality Check

12:42 PM, Aug 13, 2008

"lose, not loose... typo"

That's ok RC - I'm not sure most people would have noticed based on the number of posts starting with:

"I'm so sick of loosing ..."


"We'll never win because TW is a looser ..."

Posted by NC Husky

12:46 PM, Aug 13, 2008

Reality Check

NIce post but this IS the year. We have the talent with youth at the positions where youth can make a difference: RB and WR.

We will surprise a lot of teams this year. Although I think the biggest surprise will be our own. We are a proud program with a ton of tradition!

So we need a special name for this season. You know, a moniker..... I know the naysayers are already jumping on this.. So let the Dawg Fans Speak! We have had the Dawg Father, Purple Reign, Who let the Dawgs out etc.......

Come on fellow blogsters, come up with something we can use as our battle cry....

"Do you know who the Dawgs are now!"

Posted by old timer

12:54 PM, Aug 13, 2008

I kind of felt like the Huskies were focusing on offensive linemen in the years when not very many wide receivers were recruited. On the bright side, didn't Paul Skansi & Anthony Allen start as freshmen? I seem to remember them putting a pretty good scare into a real good USC defense.

Posted by Jason

12:57 PM, Aug 13, 2008

The Fightin' Donatells?

Posted by depitts

1:06 PM, Aug 13, 2008

RC -

Not bad. I hope whatever happens, we are heading for better times. Like some people I have heard, I am not hoping the Huskies do poorly this year just so we can get rid of Ty. I don't really care if Ty is coach, or Micky Mouse as long as we win. I have been around football for a long time and I really believe Ty was the right person at the time. He may not be the long term solution, but one thing for certain...No one worries about any rule violations with him there. After NewWeasel, that is huge.

Posted by onewoodwacker

1:09 PM, Aug 13, 2008

To All -

Just a reminder to all Husky faithful - we still have 17 days before the opener at Whoregon. In football - 2 1/2 weeks is a long long time. Don't fret until we know who's in the starting line-up on game day.

Step up to the plate and continue to talk trash to the Whoregon Yuks - they have earned it.

In the meantime we will have to start calling our All-American QB - "Jake the Rake" - as he will be handing rakes out at the end of the game so all the quack faithful can scrap up the duck shit left on the Not-So-Hotsen Stadium floor of from UO's crappy, embarassing, lack-luster, quitter type play. Ducks Suck!!

I predict this - we WILL run your undersized duck asses into the ground - you will be humiliated on National TV - end of story!

Go Dawgs.

Posted by kirkland duck

1:14 PM, Aug 13, 2008


You sound pretty cocky for someone who's team is terrible, and has lost the past 4 years in a row! Spare me the record the past 100 years. I watch ESPN, not the History Channel...

Posted by Mikey

1:15 PM, Aug 13, 2008

onewoodwacker, you crack me up! The Dawgs are going to get smoked! I'm guessing something like 48-21. Oregon will roll up 300+ yards on the ground, and Costa will work out the kinks, going for around 200 yards and a TD or two. Locker will get his, but this game won't be close.

Posted by Jason

1:21 PM, Aug 13, 2008

"Costa will work out the kinks."

Considering you got shutout when Dixon went down, I would be worried about your offense this year. Especially since the best player on the field will be wearing #10 in Purple and Gold.

Posted by kirkland duck

1:27 PM, Aug 13, 2008

Jason: You are not a smart person. At UCLA we were on our 4th string qb. The mistake the Ducks made was to not get enough reps for the guys deep on the chart. There also was only a few days to prepare and get over the shock of losing our heisman hopeful.

Things are much different now. Smarten up!

Posted by Jason

1:31 PM, Aug 13, 2008

Considering I got a college acceptance letter from Oregon without ever applying...and then got a degree from the UW Business School, I think I am a smart person.

I'm saying that without Dixon, the ducks couldn't even partake in an AFLAC commercial.

Posted by kirkland duck

1:35 PM, Aug 13, 2008


Congrats on the degree. Just work on the football IQ a bit and you will be golden. Maybe give it some thought next time...

Posted by Jason

1:38 PM, Aug 13, 2008

Not sure how my post shows bad 'football IQ.' However you look at it, the ducks struggled without Dixon, what makes you think they will do anything without him this year?

Costa is as quick as Dixon? Please.

Posted by kirkland duck

1:44 PM, Aug 13, 2008

Jason: In these trying economic times, I hope you appreciate this free education...

LAST year we did struggle withoug Dixon, no question. Keep in mind there was absolutely no depth behind him. Costa was out, Roper was gimping and the other guys had almost no reps. Why, I'm not so sure. And we had like 6 days to prepare.

Well now we have had 6 MONTHS to prepare. Guys are healthy, guys have been added to the roster like 5 star JC qb Masoli, as well as adding a couple of studs Harper and Thomas. Please don't forget Roper is still there and is capable of handling things. He might not light it up, but he will at least keep things moving if need be.

So last year was nothing like this year. There is your tuitionless education for the day. Drink it in.

Posted by Jason

1:48 PM, Aug 13, 2008

The capable Justin Roper that went 1-5 with an interception and 2 sacks against UCLA last year?

See you on the 30th.

Posted by kirkland duck

1:55 PM, Aug 13, 2008

The capable Roper that won the bowl game against USF. Remember, I said CAPABLE. And he has had 6 months more to prepare. And he is only the backup. Unlike the Huskies, our starter can jog.

Posted by Jason

1:56 PM, Aug 13, 2008

Exhibit A.


Posted by MelloDawg

2:07 PM, Aug 13, 2008


So let's see, if Ty goes 5-7, that will put him at 16-32 for his 4 year term here. If we fire him, suddenly WE are the ones who are impatient and injustified? Who cares what the nation thinks of us? I'd be willing to bet you a modest sum of money that no one would crucify us for firing him.

Heck, I'll bet that the bulk of the national media wouldn't have criticized us for firing him LAST year. It's no secret how hot of a seat Ty is on, have you not been following the publications which preview UW?

Newsflash for you: UW would not be a loser institution if we fired Ty Willingham after this year, UW would be a loser instititution if we CONTINUE TO LOSE FOOTBALL GAMES. Pretty safe bet of that with Ty at the helm.

Posted by Reality Check

2:42 PM, Aug 13, 2008

OneWoodWacker --

Nice work there, man!

It's funny that within minutes after posting that the lurking yucks all jumped in with both webbed feet.

I for one find it amusing that ducks have nothing better to do with their time than to lurk on big brother's blog. Do you think usc fans bother coming by here? Answer -- no. Because they have a real program and don't feel like they have to run at the mouths to prove something.

You duck (i.e. slaves to phil night) losers are amusing.

Finally... best quote ever on this blog as provided a few days back by a yuck fan.

"We (the ducks) are the new USC"

I love that I can get a laugh out of that one everytime I think of it!!!

Posted by kirkland duck

2:52 PM, Aug 13, 2008

Fellas: Duck fans have as much right to be here as anybody. This has been brought up many times, but for some reason some folks just don't understand that. We are playing you the first week of the season and it is a massive rivalry game. Would USC consider it one? Probably not.

So just enjoy the attention. I would worry more about the loudmouth Duck fans that will be coming in here to talk trash starting on 8/31/08. So be nice to them now, or this blog will explode with a combo of Duck fans rubbing it in your face, mixed with all the negative Husky talk and fire Ty chatter.

Posted by Husky19

2:59 PM, Aug 13, 2008


There is no way oregon rolls up 300 yards rushing on UW this year.

Similar argument from your fellow duck fan (kirkland duck), the huskies are totally different this year than last year.

While I believe your running game will be the strength of the ducks, I truly don't think you all appreciate what you had in J Stewart. He was a stud, a man among boys, a 1st round draft pick.

Being as unbiased as possible, I really don't think that JJ is a NFL player and with Blount, that is yet to be seen. He may be as good as a Corey Dillon, coming from a JC, but he may not.

As far as the depth behind Costa this year, yeah oregon does have a lot of qbs. The Roper kid may be the starter after the first 3 games. He may run the offense better, even though Costa is a better fit with his ability to run.

I think the point that Jason was making was that Dixon, like stewart, was a stud. Not to say that these players can't be replaced, but they also don't come around every year. To say that Costa and JJ/Blount is better or has the potential to be as good as Dixon/Stewart is kind of ridiculous. These were once in a decade type players.

I expect Kelly to get them ready but UW will have a better defense, know a little more about Kelly's offense and will go up against a qb and rb that is not the same caliber as last year.

Looks to me like a good game.

Huskies win 9-10 games this year! What do you say there Mello!

Posted by Husky19

3:04 PM, Aug 13, 2008


Ducks have every right to be on this blog, I have no problem with that. It's just interesting how concerned they all are by actually being on this blog. Think about it, if UW was not a threat, would it even matter? So obviously, the ducks (as confident as they are) are concerned that the dawgs maybe better this year than last.

Also, imagine how duck-less this blog will be on Aug 31 if UW wins...

Posted by Reality Check

3:05 PM, Aug 13, 2008


If the yucks do win the game, I won't have anything to do with the blog for a while. Because as you say, the classless ducks will be quackin' it up big time.

As for Ty as compared to DJ, there's one HUGE difference. James won. I think a coaching style (loud, quiet, brash, conservative, whatever) is pretty much accepted by the fan base if they win. Ty seems like a really good man. But it's win or leave time. All of the other stuff is just noise.

In some other news, there was an interesting interview with Dick Baird earlier today on KJR. He was very complimentary of Ronnie Fouch, saying he completed something like 18 passes in a row at one point. He also went on about how the guys are really taking to him in a positive way.

So... good news/bad news

Good -- Fouch is looking good and the team seems to like him
Bad -- It almost felt a little bit like Baird was trying to pave the way for "Ronnie might be starting" ... maybe I'm reading into it too much, but he was really singing the praises of Fouch and kind of laying it on a bit thick

(Of course he was also quick to say that Locker actually threw the ball a little today -- didn't practice, but did toss the pumpkin.)

Posted by Husky19

3:08 PM, Aug 13, 2008

Locker vs Fouch.

Ok, Locker is just one of those players that don't come around often (like J Stewart).

Fouch is a good player can is more than capable of leading the dawgs to a pac-10 championship.

But bottom line, Jake is the real deal, no comparison. He will lead UW to 9-10 wins this year.

Posted by Sam

3:10 PM, Aug 13, 2008

Husky19, we will see. I remember before last year, everyone thought Dixon's start (and Ducks hyping him for the Heisman early on) was a total fluke. I remember all of the comments from Beavers/Huskies about "how can a guy go from that bad (end of 2006) to a Heisman candidate", etc, etc. If you watched JJ a lot last year, you'd agree with many Duck fans that he may very well be as talented as Stewart, just in a different way. Costa is a sophmore, he has tons of potential, who knows yet whether or not Chip Kelly can work his magic with him. So when you say "To say that Costa and JJ/Blount is better or has the potential to be as good as Dixon/Stewart is kind of ridiculous.", it's not ridiculous. They're certainly not "better", but they do have the "potential".

Posted by Reality Check

3:16 PM, Aug 13, 2008

Most people agree that the biggest improvement at any level of sports generally happens from year 1 to year 2.

If that is indeed the case with Locker, then the rest of the pac10 should be sporting some wet panties right about now!

Posted by kirkland duck

3:49 PM, Aug 13, 2008

Husky19: I think that Duck fans ARE concerned. Myself included, but I'm a little pessimistic anyway by nature. But scared or not, you will get a lot of quacking in here. I live in kirkland, work in bellevue, and for all I know, some of you guys are in the same building typing on this blog.

The point is, it is fun to have this forum to discuss this and that. This seems like the first real year of being able to do that. I like it. There are plenty of Husky fans on Duck blogs. Believe it. I think the number of Ducks on here will drop after week two. Myself included. So just put up with it (or enjoy it) for another couple weeks, and it will be over. Sadly.

Posted by Husky19

5:06 PM, Aug 13, 2008

Kirkland D,

I enjoy the ducks on this blog for 2 reasons.

1. Some actually have good input and as much of a
UW fan as I am, I also enjoy college football.

2. It validates that the dawgs are getting better. Again if UW was a 35 point underdog, there would not be as many duck fans lurking.

To Sam,

Good point, maybe ridiculous was not the right word. I do not think that the combo of Costa/JJ will be all that great. I think Roper/Blount may be better but that is yet to be seen. Also great point about Dixon, while he did show signs of being really good, it wasn't until Chip took him under his wing, did he really improve but he had a lot of experience before Chip came around. However, there is hope for the duck fans that Costa will end up being really good.

This is why I really like the fact that the dawgs are taking on the ducks early in the season. Most coaches will tell you that defenses are usually ahead of the offense during fall camp. Coming into the first game of the season, one would believe that Costa will only improve as the season goes one (since this is his first real season as the starter). However this starts with the assumption that he is NOT his best at the first game of the season. With a new RB in JJ or even newer in Blount (I expect blocking breakdowns with him), the qb will have to do a lot more than what Dixon was asked. Difference is Dixon was that good.

Jake will only get better but he is already starting on a higher level than Costa or Roper.

Posted by onewoodwacker

10:33 PM, Aug 13, 2008

Kirkland Duck -

Who's cocky? I'm talking trash - big difference. Besides, if I have to hear one more person on the blog complain about how Ty needs to be fired I'll puke. So what choice do I have - trash talk Ty or trash talk the Ducks? Pretty easy choice from my perspective.

Posted by Kurosawa

8:12 AM, Aug 14, 2008

In reality, there were eight players in the 2003 class who ended up at WR: Chambers, Daniels, Ellis, Russo, Shackelford, Smith, Whithorne, and Williams. Ellis and Russo were recruited at CB and RB, respectively, before being moved to WR.

Trying to bring JCs in a UW has proven to be a crapshoot.

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